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  1. What are your thoughts on the Master Brake rebuild kits that are sold on ebay? Good, No good, crap OR decent, doable or ok? What are your recommendations on what vendor is reputable to get this stuff?I'm getting ready to rebuild the entire brake system and would prefer to buy new brake parts rather than to rebuild anything as the car had been sitting for years and most of the brake system is old and shot. Thanks for your time and input. Jesse
  2. Joeys41

    Mopar Engine Identification

    Thank you very much for all the replies. I will check the stroke today and see what I come up with. All the answers make perfect sense. Thanks again.
  3. Joeys41

    Mopar Engine Identification

    Hello all, I've recently purchased a Mopar 6 cylinder Flathead and I'm trying to identify specifically what it is. The normally stamped numbers on the flat surface of the engine right below the head seem to be hand stamp there and not from the factory. I bought the engine and it had a white paper tag attached with a string on it that read Chrysler industrial engine. However there are no markings on the engine to corroborate the authenticity of the tag. I'll attach photos so that folks can see what I'm talking about. The head measures 23 in and I have not checked the stroke as of yet. I thought normally industrial engines would be stamped with IND or would have a metal tag attached below the exhaust manifolds someplace forward on the engine. I'm trying to make sure that this engine will be okay to install in my 41 special Deluxe sedan. Thanks Jesse
  4. Joeys41

    New to Plymouth Forum with questions

    Thanks. Truly appreciate it.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm Jesse from Salinas Ca. I'm a newbie with regard to the Plymouth car area. I recently purchased a 1941 Plymouth which I think is a P12. Reason I say I think is because there was no engine that was in the car when I bought it. I have found the Serial Number as well as the body number. Are these the numbers that I need to positively Identify the model and year of car and where it was manufactured as well as body and interior colors etc? The numbers are as follows: Serial Number: 3274255 Body Number: ALA 300 5665 Thanks a million for your help and I'm sure all help in the future as I want to go as original as I possibly can with this project. Jesse

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