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  1. tom61

    Where to buy a Desoto s11 starter

    Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. The part number on my stgarter is MAW 4025, however this may not be the original starter. The one I currently have is the square solenoid type, that doesn't require a push button. I think it may not be the original because there is a push button on the dash. Anyway, I would be happy with a manual type starter. Thanks for recomending Bernabaum, I will check it
  2. tom61

    Where to buy a Desoto s11 starter

    When I bought the De Soto, it also came with a starter push button, although it wasn't installed on the instrument panel. Would you be able to tell me the starting motor number for the round type starter and also the push button starter?
  3. tom61

    Where to buy a Desoto s11 starter

    yeah, the one on my Desoto is indeed a square type solenoid. I know the solenoid is in good condition, I'm pretty certain it is the coils that have worn out. I have no problem using a starter with a round solenoid. So dodgeb4ya, It must be that the MAX-4050 which you kindly highlighted on your picture is the round type starter? dPollo, I am in Oshawa, Ontario. Thanks once again everyone for your comments and inputs.
  4. tom61

    Where to buy a Desoto s11 starter

    The part number I got is straight from the red tab on the starter itself. The Solenoid is mounted piggy back on the starter. The s11 Desoto I have does have fluid drive. I some time ago I had opened up the starter and the solenoid and brushes were in good condition. Im thinking it's the coils that have shorted out somewhere. Here in Canada, the quote I got for repairing an old 6volt generator cost more than buying a rebuilt one. For my 63 Rambler, I had been able to buy a new starter from rockauto and carid, but unfortunately they don't have the starter for the Desoto...... Thanks once again for all your inputs.
  5. tom61

    Where to buy a Desoto s11 starter

    I might give it a try again, but They'll likely tell me to order a replacement
  6. Does anyone know where I might find a remanufactured starter for an S11 Desoto? Autop lite number is: MAW 4025 Thanks guys
  7. tom61

    Autolite part #

    I have a S11 Desoto (1947) and the starter auto lite number is MAW 4025. By any chance, does anyone know where I can buy one? I had originally bought antique starters from rock auto but they don't have this one at the moment.
  8. tom61

    1947 DeSoto Wiring Diagram

    Is the 'carburetor anti stall' the same as the electric thermostatic coil? My 1947 s11 Desoto came with a rochester single barrel 1BBL carburetor (from a 1978 chevy or gmc truck).

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