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  1. Head bolts

    Okay thanks
  2. Head bolts

    My friend has a set of used sbc head bolts that he says are in really good shape that he’ll just give to me. Think they’d be safe to use or is it kinda a new or nothing sort of thing?
  3. Head bolts

  4. Head bolts

    Hey guys, I’ve been looking around for some head bolts for my 230 engine and I can’t seem to find very many options as far as head bolts go, so I just wanted to ask what you all use and where you get them?
  5. 46 WC Disc brake conversion

    That looks good man, I actually emailed the fella from Rusty Hope and decided that’s the kit I’m gonna use.
  6. 46 WC Disc brake conversion

    That’s okay, I think I figured out what I’m gonna do.
  7. 46 WC Disc brake conversion

    What all went in to installing pne of the Rusty Hope kits? Im not against getting one of them but the scarebird kit just seems more conplete and easier to install.
  8. 46 WC Disc brake conversion

    Is there anyway I could see a pic of how you have that set up?
  9. Hey folks, I'm wanting to do a front disc brake conversion on my WC 1/2 ton truck using this kit https://scarebird.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=64&product_id=134 I was just curious to see if anyone else has used this kit, and also I need to figure out a way to boost the brakes. I know a lot of guys use the Rusty Hope kit, but this one already has the brackets and I'm terrible at fabbing anything so I'm willing to pay extra to have that already out of the way. My main concern is figuring out how to boost the brakes, so any help there in HIGH detail would be wonderful. I've never driven anything that has drum brakes all the way around so I don't know how bad they are at stopping, but if converting to disc wouldn't make much of a difference I'm open to just leaving the drum brakes, but I doubt they're that great hence there being conversion kits.
  10. Hey folks I was just curious if the numbers cast below the starter on my engine mean anything? From what I can tell they are 1484928 35. The serial number on this engine was filed off, and it looks like someone tried to file this number a bit too, so I'm just trying to figure out as much as I can about this thing before I start tearing into it.
  11. How to tell the year of engine

    For some crazy reason those numbers were filed off. The engine isn’t original to the truck, this used to be my great grandpa’s work truck and the original engine blew. Since there’s not much room between the radiator and the crank bolt, I’ll have to wait till I get the dog house off so that I can turn the engine and measure the stroke. There’s an old rebuild tag on the engine that says its been bored .040 over so I’m hoping it turns out being a 236 instead of a 222.
  12. How to tell the year of engine

    Yes but what I was meaning was if it is a 230, then the only difference it would make if it had another 230’s head on it, the the compression. Im just bringing that up cause I’m not sure what year the block is, but the head is a 54. I’ve got the dog house unbolted and ready to remove on the truck, once its off I can see more about the block.
  13. How to tell the year of engine

    It may have been, but from what I’ve seen, if this engine is a 230. Supposedly the only differences in those were the heads. There’s a plate under the distributor but it says 6 5 7. So I don’t think that would be the date because its ont the mm/dd/yy format.
  14. How to tell the year of engine

    So according to the head, that engine was made 02/01/1954. Thank you so much for your help!
  15. How to tell the year of engine

    Do you know where it should say on the block?