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  1. I Have a Screw Loose - What's it For?

    They are to prove everyone has a screw loose somewhere.
  2. Anyone know the torque...

    Your my kind of guy, Don! That is pretty much what I did.
  3. Anyone know the torque...

    for a 1950 B2D differential housing cover? And a more comprehensive shop manual? I have the typical shop manual and there are a lot of information holes.
  4. No Idle, etc

    Thanks for the info. Time to go copper!
  5. No Idle, etc

    Completely off topic: did you make or purchase the copper tubing going to and from your oil filter? the PO of my truck did a half assed job with hydraulic hose I would love to change out.
  6. Four speed transmission parts

    Nice and clean. That will good in your truck. That year is synch, correct?
  7. Gasket v. Gasket Maker

    Excellent. I was not sure which one to use. I will get some tomorrow and hopefully not be leaking on the driveway.
  8. Gasket v. Gasket Maker

    Great. Thanks for info. I have made gaskets before but never used gasket maker. I think I will give it a try.
  9. Gasket v. Gasket Maker

    Hey Gang, rear axle housing cover is leaking at the bottom bolt. A paper gasket is in place right now. I am having trouble finding an exact replacement (although I probably can with a little more looking). Does anyone use gasket maker like RTV to create a gasket. I never have before, but this seems like an easy way to go.
  10. Need help with my 1954 truck?!

    Check out the For Sale listings in this forum. Look at:B series truck parts for sale Ggdadd1951 may have some stuff or be able to help. As far as SBC engine, it will be easier to mate Dodge to Dodge and you will get the support here you are going to need/want. Lastly, the hunt is half the fun!
  11. new whitewalls on wires on my 47

    Thanks for the engine pic. This truck is dazzling!! I would like to meet up sometime, but would be a little embarrassed to park next to you.
  12. new whitewalls on wires on my 47

    Hey Kendall, would you mind posting a picture of your engine?
  13. Tire Info!

    In regards to Cooper tires: just one man's experience - I put a set on my wife's car because that was what the store carried in the size. They were HOORRRIBLE. Worrying about safe handling, I changed them out six months later. One bad experience doesn't necessarily mean there all bad though.
  14. Photos of my B2B 4th try

    Great truck. Love the door graphic and the history.
  15. Help With Battery And Charging Info.. And More

    Is this a Dodge specific manual or just general. I have the shop manual that leaves a lot of information holes. Any thoughts on a good manual?