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  1. To goop or not to goop that is the question

    Same for me - I recently used Permatex ultra black to seal the pan. No leaks.
  2. Help !! truck shipping

    Geez Torqzar, you are right down I95. It should not be a challenge to get that truck shipped in.
  3. Help !! truck shipping

    I recently used Montway. Not bad service, price and they stuck to their quoted price. The biggest time challenge I have seen is if you live off the beaten path. If your near a major city, it should be quick. https://www.montway.com/
  4. Floorboards - How Do These Two Panels Come Out?

    Thanks for the picture. this answered a question for me as well. P/O performed some unique fabrication I can repair now.
  5. My original CARTER fuel pump.

    Good looking truck! I like the wheel color. Do you see many old dodges in Brazil?
  6. 46 WC Disc brake conversion

    You may want to review your employment practices, that cat looks disgruntled!
  7. New (to me) Truck

    Fab work looks great. Which Hobart are you using?
  8. Merrry Christmas

    Merry Christmas from John, Regina and Harley Dean!
  9. Spin on oil filter conversion. 218 ci engine.

    Great point. These engines were made for, and work very well with the bypass system.
  10. Spin on oil filter conversion. 218 ci engine.

    Spin on filter conversion is quite easy, with parts readily available. There are several threads on this forum that will help you make the conversion. Just search "spin on filter" Good luck! http://www.mooneyesusa.com/product-p/mpf200.htm 1949 Dodge B1-D......or What have i gotten myself into????? MBFowler replied to Darkrider's topic in Mopar Flathead Truck Forum ...GRAVELY L model tractors used to use a bracket to replace the sealed canister typefilter to allow you to use aspin -on type. That can be remotely plumbed and either mounted in the same location as the canister you have. If it's mounted to the head like the original, you can use fixed tubing, but...
  11. Show us your Christmas trucks

    OK, the Dean family is stealing this idea next year. Great Christmas card!
  12. Idea for grill :)

    Someone needs to put air in those tires and run something over.
  13. Pilothouse spotted locally

    Excellent info. Thanks for clearing that up Merle. That is what I get for reading books.
  14. Need transmission info

    Just sent you a PM
  15. Pilothouse spotted locally

    Thanks for the info. The Dodge history book I have stated 50 had painted bars ( Korean war rationing?). I wonder if yours was a late 49 titled in 50?