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  1. I'd be concerned with the generator keeping up with the amps the compressors pull
  2. Thank you. I've tried. My phone does not like this page for some reason. Thank you very much. All dash cluster lights or run a resistor to it? Swapping polarity on cables meaning just reverse them? Putting the 6v pos on the 12v neg? I do have the power windows but not seat. Yes. It is a 52 crown imperial. 6v 331 hemi. Gyromatic trans. Etc etc thank you for the info
  3. Only reason i thought that adding a stand alone 12v for radio and compressors is because i heard/read that it's expensive to do. I still can't find exactly what i need to do to convert whole car to a 12v neg ground system
  4. i am totally clueless when it comes to this 6v stuff. Whole new world. What exactly do i need to do to convert to a 12v alternator system? I have power windows and all the little bells and whistles. The factory radio is no concern and will be disconnected. I will be putting an aftermarket in the glove box. Do i just put 12-6v resistors in the gauges, wiper motor and power windows? I also heard something about the distributor.
  5. Sedan. Power everything so lots of resistors. I've searched on converting it to 12v but the search engine on here doesn't like my phone and doesn't give me any results.
  6. I have a 1952 crown imperial with the 6v system. I want to run air ride and a small stereo in it. I don't want to run all new electrical. Could i run a single wire 12v alternator to an accessory 12v battery in tree trunk to run the compressor without repercussions
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