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  1. '37 P4 Touring

    What oil to use?

    I don't use multi-viscosity oil in my engine, I use Shell Rotella T straight 30 weight.
  2. '37 P4 Touring

    New here and I have a general question about '37 Dodge Flat 6's

    My 1937 P4 car engine is 201 cubic inches.
  3. '37 P4 Touring


    Do you really drive much in rain? I removed my wipers and use Rainex.
  4. '37 P4 Touring

    What type paint to choose for 48 DeSoto?

    I used PPG's Omni paint since the paint code I wanted was not available in PPG first line. I did not like that so I called PPG and talked to them about it. Their answer was that Omni is fine but use their best clear coat which I did. Other factors are how the car is used and what kind of weather it is exposed to. Does it sit out in all weather or garaged. The premium clear coat gives the best UV protection. PM me with your email address and I will send you the part number of the clear coat and send pics of my car. Base coat / clear coat is what I like since it is beautiful when color sanded. These cars were shiny when built so make them shiny now unless you are a hard core Patina purist. Good luck on your paint! Jim
  5. '37 P4 Touring

    going to a 318

    What kind of car will the 318 be going into? Jim
  6. '37 P4 Touring

    Gas Tank Ground

    You can add some grounds to be sure you are grounded. I added one at one of the sender mount screws to the trunk floor where the sender cover screws on and another at the tank outlet to the frame. For this one I used a tight fitting clamp and heavy wire to the frame. Now there is no question as to a good ground. You need to ensure the battery has a good ground also. I replaced both battery cables and added a heavy ground wire from the transmission to the frame. Good grounds eliminate a lot of problems on these old cars. I would take care of the grounds before tackling the sending unit. Good Luck, Jim
  7. '37 P4 Touring

    Help getting help...

    You can't change the capillary tube from one instrument to another. Once in a while on Ebay you can find a new one. Maybe you can find an instrument repair shop that has that capability. Good luck
  8. '37 P4 Touring

    I need some opinions

    Egge in California will have it all. If not, they will make it. My machine shop got the parts for my engine from them. Here is a link: http://www.egge.com/about.shtml Good Luck, Jim in Columbia
  9. '37 P4 Touring

    Small Victory

    Good, are you going to overhaul it yourself? I had mine done recently and it was expensive. Bored oversize, new valves and guides. If I can help let me know, I've been through a lot with my engine and a spare I found to use while mine was in for overhaul.
  10. '37 P4 Touring

    Chrysler shuts down! O/T

    Not to worry. Bush gave them 17.4 Billion today and next month Obama will kick in whatever else is needed. Congress voted themselves a nice raise today too. Automakers will have it good for a while, no need to compete, does not matter if we bought their cars or not, they still got our money. What a crock.
  11. '37 P4 Touring

    backfiring and missing on acceleration

    Need more information to help you. For instance, has it been sitting up for years, has it just been overhauled, how old is the fuel, what have you checked so far?
  12. '37 P4 Touring

    Last minute headliner advice

    Gnordlie, How did the installation go on your headliner?
  13. '37 P4 Touring

    Generator Amperage

    Tom, Won't make a particle of difference. The regulator maintains voltage. You are better off than you friend with a 40 amp.generator since your battery will charge faster and you could add more equipment or devices if there were any 6 volt devices available. I have two 6 volt cars and there isn't much out there for accessories. Jim Skinner
  14. '37 P4 Touring

    Last minute headliner advice

    I am working on my headliner and when I get to that point I will attach the front first, then the rear, and finally the sides. Also I am running some extra electrical wires from the front to the trunk area while I have good access in case they are ever needed. The factory installed the headliners wet. The installers came to the line with the headliner in a bucket of water. I will not attempt that as I know I won't be nearly as fast as someone who installed them everyday. Wouldn't it be fun to watch the pros install them back in the day at the factory?
  15. '37 P4 Touring

    To Silicone Brake Fluid Or Not?

    I have used silicone DOT 5 for 10 years in 5 or 6 cars. It is a good choice and will not attack your paint like DOT 3. It will not attack the rubber components. I have DOT 5 in my '37 Ply. and '66 VW.

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