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  1. Does anyone have any leads on where I might find a connecting rod for a 1937 Dodge MC 1/2 ton with a 218ci engine? The mopar part number is 666741. I'm trying to replace a rod that had a spun bearing - my understanding is that it isn't a good practice to try to reuse a rod after it has spun a bearing.
  2. I am working on a 1937 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup with a 218ci 6-cylinder. The engine number stamped on my block is: T38-8085. The engine spun the #2 rod bearing and cracked the crankshaft. I have located a crankshaft and set of rods out of a 1953 Dodge B4B with a 218 ci engine, and I am hoping to use this crank as a replacement. The B4B engine is stamped with T306*I57323*. Unfortunately, I do not have the crankshaft casting numbers readily available. My question is, are these crankshafts interchangeable? Or can this only be determined from the crankshaft casting numbers?

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