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  1. Dennis Detweiler

    suggested master cylinder conversion 1939

    I settled on the Scarebird mount and the Wilwood 7563 master. The original master mounts in front of the brake/clutch pedals. Hopefully, I'll be able to bolt the adapter mount to the original frame location and still line up with the brake pedal, but doubtful. If not, I'll have to make some modifications.
  2. Dennis Detweiler

    Horn Relay or Switch

  3. Dennis Detweiler

    Horn Relay or Switch

    I'd rather have too many fuses than not enough. I've seen too many cars short out and wires burn. Sometimes the whole car. A fuse block with everything on separate fuses is easier to narrow down a specific electrical problem if a fuse blows. It also keeps components like a radio from being completely destroyed. Mark, the photo of your old wires is why I gutted mine and installed all new wiring. Fire trap. After I purchased my 39, drove it home and had a good look at the wiring, I was lucky it didn't burst into flames on the way home. I also soldered all of my terminals onto the new wires. New wires, individual fuses, no crimps, no worries. all lights are bright, horn is loud, radio works good.
  4. Dennis Detweiler

    Horn Relay or Switch

    I bought the modern 4 post electronic 6v relays on ebay.
  5. Dennis Detweiler

    Horn Relay or Switch

    I rewired my 39 Plymouth from scratch by making a schematic first. I don't understand the 4 prong switch on your schematic? My "relay" is 4 prong, but a modern relay. #86 to horn button, #87 to horn, #85 to fuse panel, #30 to B on voltage regulator which also goes to the battery and incorporates a 20A fuse between the voltage regulator (B) and the relay terminal (30). My horn works without the ignition turned on, as does all cars. I upgraded my whole re-wire project using two fuse panels (one is hot and the other works only with the ignition), utilizing 11 fuses (separate circuits). I also used 8, 10, 12 and 14 guage wires, depending on the load required. I also used two separate relays for the headlights (high beam and low beam). The original 39 schematic only had a fuse on the light switch and a fuse on the horn.
  6. Dennis Detweiler

    1K or 2K Enamel Over Rustoleum Auto Primer

    As an old and former auto body and paint repairman, it's usually advisable to use the same brand of paint and primer for proper adhesion. I'm not sure about the modern day Rustoleum products, but years ago they contained fish oil which is also a rust inhibitor, but also required a similar base for a top coat. Possibly fisheye eliminator added to the finish coat would suffice? Maybe the ingredients has changed over the decades and it won't make any difference. An up-to-date auto body repairman should know. A sealer over the primer before top coat may also be advisable. .
  7. Dennis Detweiler

    Disc Brakes

    Will a 1 inch bore dual master work well with a disc front conversion and stock drum rear?
  8. Dennis Detweiler

    Installing door weatherstrip

    I found a youtube video that showed a proven method. Apply 3m black weatherstrip adhesive to the door and brush it out with a 1/4 inch artist brush and let it tack up. Then, brush a second coat over the same area and apply the weatherstrip. It will tack onto the door with very little slipping or movement. The video suggested applying it to the weatherstripping in the same manner before applying the weatherstripping to the door. I found it to be too messy and just applied the two coats of adhesive to the door with great results. I only applied it 3 feet at a time so it wouldn't dry out before making all the way around the door. Worked great!
  9. Dennis Detweiler

    Disc Brakes

    I installed a Scarebird brake kit on my 39 Plymouth. Bolted on with no problems. However, my car already had 15 inch wheels on it with radial tires. The spindles are one inch wider spacing. My rear end is stock, but already had wheel adapters. My next and final project is to install a dual master kit from from Wilwood 260-7563 which has remote reservoirs, 1 inch bore and line connections on the bottom of the master. I'm looking at Scarebird master adapter which looks like I'll be able to drill and mount to the original master mount. This master adapter is made to mount the Wilwood master. I should be able to keep the original brake pedal.
  10. Dennis Detweiler

    Change a 39 Ply Business Coupe (P8) to a floor shift

    I bought a boot for my 39 from Bernbaum.
  11. Dennis Detweiler

    Change a 39 Ply Business Coupe (P8) to a floor shift

    I already did this to my 39 because of a worn cable end and not enough left to make it adjustable to shift into 1st and reverse. You have the parts correct. All that's needed is the top shifter and the proper plates. You got it. I've been debating whether to remove the column shifter or just leave it intact and fix it into the reverse/2nd gear position. I don't know what option it could be used for?
  12. Dennis Detweiler

    suggested master cylinder conversion 1939

    I've been reading several previous posts concerning brands of adapters, brand and model M/C's, installation and function reviews. I have a Scarebird front disc brake conversion on my 39 Plymouth. It uses Chevy S-10 calipers. Scarebird makes a universal M/C adapter which looks like it can be positioned and drilled out to mount in place of my original M/C. Scarebird recommends using a Wilwood 260-7563 M/C kit which has a 1 inch bore which may be a Corvette M/C, but I have to look into it a little more? The Wilwood M/C kit includes the remote fillers. Summit and a few others carry this same kit. So, my next question; has anyone used the Scarebird adapter along with the Wilwood 260-7563 M/C kit on a 39 or another year that had the identical frame and floor pedal setup? This M/C has ports on the bottom.
  13. Dennis Detweiler

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    It's been a toss-up for mounting the weatherstripping on the trunk lid vs body channel. I couldn't find a logical position with this weatherstripping design to mount it on the lid. However, it did pinch into the body channel nicely. I used weatherstipping adhesive on the outside edge of the channel to keep water from getting under the stripping and to hold it into the channel. The lid closes snuggly.
  14. Dennis Detweiler

    suggested master cylinder conversion 1939

    After digging around on the internet the only master cylinder conversion kit I can find for a 39 is ECI kit #EC441 which includes the master cylinder for $295.00.
  15. Dennis Detweiler

    suggested master cylinder conversion 1939

    I already installed a front disc conversion on my 39 P-8. Now considering a dual master to compliment it and get better brake response. I checked ECI, but having trouble using the site. does anyone have a suggestion?

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