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    Play steel guitar in a band. Army 1970-72, coached club/rec/high school soccer, played in Branson.
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  1. Dennis Detweiler

    Speedometer Dial Is Tilted

    It looks like the back of the disc has 4 spokes to support it. The photos might be a little deceiving. It looks to me like the spokes are bent like someone sat on it or dropped the whole thing on it's face. The disc has some scratches on it. I went ahead and tried to push down on the high part and bend it flat again, but it just springs back to a tilt. I'd have to remove it and use needle nose pliers on it? Getting it off might be a challenge?
  2. Dennis Detweiler

    Speedometer Dial Is Tilted

  3. Dennis Detweiler

    Speedometer Dial Is Tilted

    I posted a few months ago that my speedometer won't go past 15mph. I took it out of the dash and it looks like it's been worked on before. Someone made a cardboard (cereal box?) outer gasket. The dial is tilted. Not sure yet if the shaft is bent or the dial is bent at the axis. I'm thinking, that, possibly, the dial is accurate to 15mph and hanging up on the bezel at that point? The dial moves freely with a slight push and returns to zero and bounces a little. Can I just push down on the high point of the tilted dial to a more level position or is this risking more damage? Now that it's removed from the dash, can I test that it moves past 15mph using a drill and piece of speedometer cable? I'm assuming the drill would have to be set for reverse? Thoughts?
  4. Dennis Detweiler

    disc brake conversion flex hose placement

    My brake line bracket connection at the frame is right behind the bumper bracket. The hose goes backwards from there to the calipers ( a little more distance). Mine looks like the original stock position for the brake line. I see no other brake line bracket mounting holes to show that it has been repositioned. However, I like the position of your bracket as being closer to the spindle and less movement of the hose when turning. I could probably move mine, which would require cutting and re-flaring. Is your hose positioned between the shock and vertical steering knuckle arm? The rotor is hiding it in both photos. Looks like whiskey for brake fluid?
  5. Dennis Detweiler

    disc brake conversion flex hose placement

    Finished installing a scarebird disc brake conversion on my 39 Plymouth. I ran the flex hoses between the shocks and the steering knuckle support. Using the optional 2 inches longer 17inch hoses. The 15 inch ones were stretched too much on the outward turn. The hoses want to rub against the sway bar on an inward turn. Also, when turning, the hose rubs along the shock. Is this all normal? Do I need to add a spring(s) or brackets somewhere along the hose to keep it away from the suspension?
  6. Dennis Detweiler

    Oil bypass line size?

    I'm in the middle of installing a bypass filter kit and have the option of 3/16 or 1/4 oil line connections. Which one is best? The bypass filter has a tiny hole (approx. 1/16") for pressure regulated flow. The 3/16 line looks like it would have enough oil flow to and from the filter? Plus, 3/16 is easier to bend.
  7. Dennis Detweiler

    Speedometer repair

    I posted several months ago about my 1939 speedometer stalling at 15mph. I got some good replies and will soon be removing it from the dash to clean and lube it. One reply stated that it is likely that the magnets need to be re-magnetized. If cleaning and lube doesn't work, is there somewhere to send the magnets to have it re-magnetized? Can I do it myself?
  8. Dennis Detweiler

    Oil Filter Kit?

    Ok, that is what was confusing me. The relief valve is the restrictor and is built into the engine. So, can a full flow filter be used instead of a by-pass filter if the engine already has the relief/restrictor valve? Or, is the internal flow of the full flow filter and by-pass filter different?
  9. Dennis Detweiler

    Oil Filter Kit?

    Does the original oil canister and filter have a restrictor in it? I don't see one in any diagram?
  10. Dennis Detweiler

    Oil Filter Kit?

    Thanks for all the info. My 39 sedan isn't a show car, but is in good condition. It's a daily driver and a good rally car, so I'm not concerned about originality. I like bones44 setup. By the way, I'm in Solon, Iowa. I'm a 69 years old musician and good friends with Tom Pickett sr and jr in Bluegrass, Iowa.
  11. Dennis Detweiler

    Oil Filter Kit?

    Why is a flow restrictor required? Is a restrictor also used with the original oil filter? This modification sounds like the route I should take.
  12. Dennis Detweiler

    Oil Filter Kit?

    My 39 Plymouth has no oil filter. Is there an oil filter kit (generic) that can be used? Something smaller than the original big canister?
  13. Dennis Detweiler

    10 Inch Wiper Blades

    Thanks for the replies and info!
  14. Dennis Detweiler

    10 Inch Wiper Blades

    Where do you buy your 10 inch Trico wiper blades?
  15. Dennis Detweiler

    Battery relocation 39 Plymouth .

    I have a 39. The battery box was 90% rusted out. I bought a generic battery tray and mounted it on the inner fender driver's side with no issues. Much easier to check the cells, clean posts and remove when needed.

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