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    Play steel guitar in a band. Army 1970-72, coached club/rec/high school soccer, played in Branson.
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  1. Dennis Detweiler

    Stromberg BX One Barrel

    Will a Stromberg BX one barrel carb fit a 201 intake manifold?
  2. Dennis Detweiler

    Scarebird Conversion (ex. 7 pass.) ?

    After much research my Plymouth P8 4 dr sedan is 5 passenger and not considered a limo 7 passenger. Bolt pattern is 4.5. So, the Scarebird kit will work. The limo could seat 3 in front and 4 in the rear and had larger rear doors with a slightly longer wheel base. I assume it had a heavier suspension and spindles.
  3. Dennis Detweiler

    Scarebird Conversion (ex. 7 pass.) ?

    I emailed Scarebird and I got the same question back, "Is your car a 7 passenger?" I assume I can order a Scarebird kit and it will work. I looked at the Rusty Hope website. It sounds like his kit involves drilling, tapping and possibly machining for proper bearing fit.
  4. Dennis Detweiler

    Scarebird Conversion (ex. 7 pass.) ?

    I sent the question to Scarebird this morning and waiting for a reply. The above info makes sense. I hadn't thought about the limo. My sedan would be a tight fit with 7 passengers, but doable. lol
  5. Dennis Detweiler

    Scarebird Conversion (ex. 7 pass.) ?

    I want to convert my 39 4 door Plymouth Sedan to front discs. The Scarebird kit shows 39 - 45 (ex. 7 pass.). Does this mean their kit won't work on my sedan?
  6. Dennis Detweiler

    39 Plymouth Heater Wiring

    I picked up a NOS heater fan motor (not original replacement). The housing is smaller, but I can adapt it. The fan control has a low, medium and high rheostat. Does the rheostat have resistors to control the speed of the motor? If so, I should probably run an ohms test on the 3 speed settings to make sure it's still functional? The original motor has two wires coming out of it. I assume one is ground. The replacement motor has one wire. I assume I have to ground the motor housing on it?
  7. Dennis Detweiler

    Lead Additive

    I was always told that lead kept the valves from eventually burning and that the only option was stainless valves with unleaded?
  8. Dennis Detweiler

    39 heater motor?

    I can see by the photos that the wires need attention. The seller stated that they need replaced. I may be able to slide some heat shrink tubing down into each wire and not have to open the motor. The insulation on my old motor was bare on both wires down into the motor. Plus half of the wire strands were broken. Someone had taped it up, but it likely shorted out and the reason it was disconnected. I'm just going ahead and taking a chance on this replacement motor on ebay. The seller has perfect feedback. He also stated that he tested it and it runs.
  9. Dennis Detweiler

    39 heater motor?

    The brushes are shot. Probably two chances of finding a new set, slim and fat. There's a used motor on ebay that looks identical, but has a different rear mount. I could probably grind off the rivets, remove it and put mine on it? Mine bolts on.
  10. Dennis Detweiler

    39 heater motor?

    The heater motor wiring wasn't connected when I bought the car. I pulled the motor and it won't run by connecting it to the battery. It has two wired coming out of the housing that were missing insulation. Maybe it shorted out and someone just disconnected it. I pulled the housing and spliced new wires. I connected it to the battery post and it's lifeless. I tried switching + and - and still nothing. Tried grounding the motor casing and nothing. It doesn't smell burnt. The brushes look to be making contact with the armature. Any guesses or direction? It spins freely.
  11. Dennis Detweiler

    butt connectors / whats the deal, pickle :)

    I would guess, the quality of wire would have some effect on a crimp also. Some of the Chinese wire that is carried at local auto parts stores would be questionable? On a similar subject, I have been a musician for over 50years. Most amplifiers have molex connectors connecting one circuit board to the next or a reverb section to a board, etc. 90% of the problems that eventually develop after several years of use is the connectors loosen and have to be disconnected, re-crimp the female pins, lubed and reconnected. The same happens to the plug in style pins on the power transistors. removing the molex connectors and soldering the boards together would solve the problem, but would be a time consuming expense to pull a circuit board for repairs. Crimps and molex connections are much quicker and keeps the cost down.
  12. Dennis Detweiler

    butt connectors / whats the deal, pickle :)

    What I was saying is, not to crimp. Just solder. Crimping wouldn't work well on a pre-soldered wire. Crimping vs soldering is kind of similar to bolting two pieces of metal together as apposed to welding them together. The previous wiring job that the previous owner did on my 39 was all crimp. A few crimps fell apart from a weak crimp (probably was arching) and a few fell apart from crimping through the wire (too tight). My experience, solder is the most reliable connection. I always remove the plastic colored insulator, solder, then heat shrink. It's a slower process, but much more secure and reliable.
  13. Dennis Detweiler

    butt connectors / whats the deal, pickle :)

    I soldered all of my connectors. I used the new bullet connectors, but stripped the wire to fit all the way to the end of the bullet, then ran solder all the way through the bullet to make it solid. Use a wire stripper set for the proper wire size to eliminate cutting through the strands. Also pre-solder the bare end before inserting it into any connector. Then heat the connector with a soldering gun and melt more solder into the joint. You'll have a good solid joint. After seeing all of the previous crimp connectors on my project, I would never use them without solder.
  14. Dennis Detweiler

    butt connectors / whats the deal, pickle :)

    I just finished rewiring my 39. Someone used crimp connectors on everything (new to old wires). A few of them came loose easily with a slight tug. I gutted all of it and ran new wires. When necessary, I removed the plastic insulators from a few new crimp connectors and soldered the barrels onto the wires. Then used shrink tubing to insulate. I also added two fuse panels and separated the components with individual fuses. One fuse panel is hot all the time and the other works from the ignition switch. I also added high and low beam relays. Also, a horn relay. Plus, an electric fuel pump for priming and backup. The only original wires remaining are the dash lights, which were in good condition. I used new Autozone bullet connectors on the headlight switch and they seem to fit perfectly.
  15. Dennis Detweiler

    Speedometer goes no higher than 15mph

    My 39 Plymouth speedometer will go to 15mph and stops there. Is this an easy fix?

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