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  1. James G

    Bellhousing to transmission gasket

    I just used this same gasket on my 48 P15.
  2. James G

    No reverse or first gear

    Got the transmission back in today. I now have first and reverse, Yaaaa! Went out cruising around for about 4 hours
  3. James G

    No reverse or first gear

    Located the part I need. Should be here tomorrow. Hardest part about working on an old car is waiting for your parts to come!
  4. James G

    No reverse or first gear

    Just a quick follow up. We found that the Gearshift Selector Cam and Shaft inside the gear case housing is broken. Now I'm trying to locate one. Can anyone provide a part number for this and/or tell me where to find one?
  5. James G

    No reverse or first gear

    Well, I bit the bullet today and pulled the transmission out. I took it to a local transmission shop that has a guy familiar with these transmissions. The first thing he said when he moved the selector lever is it's disconnected inside. Hopefully he gets a chance to look at it tomorrow and I'll give you an update soon.
  6. James G

    No reverse or first gear

    So, today I disconnected the selector rod near the steering column and then climbed under the car. I moved the selector lever back and forth and moved the gear selector back and forth and tried it each time in what I thought was either first gear or reverse. Still no change. As a matter of fact when I would move the selector lever back and forth it didn't feel like it was doing anything. There was absolutely no resistance on it what so ever. I believe something is broken or worn inside the gear casing. Not sure I want to tackle taking that apart or farm it out to a real mechanic.
  7. James G

    No reverse or first gear

    pflaming, that's awesome! Thanks for sharing that photo. I've heard of guys doing this. Yes, I've checked those two phillips screws on the steering column and they are tight. Of course I couldn't be lucky as to just tighten a couple of screws, lol.
  8. James G

    No reverse or first gear

    Thanks Donald, I'll check those things out tomorrow. I didn't have first or reverse before doing the motor mounts hoping that would fix it. I was thinking about doing exactly like you said, disconnecting the selector rod and trying to get reverse that way. I'll let you know how it goes.
  9. James G

    No reverse or first gear

    1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe. Flathead 6 cyl. I have no first gear or reverse. First acts like third and reverse acts like second. I replaced the motor mounts and the selector rod rubber bushing. I have also adjusted the selector rod in and out in small intervals multiple times but there is never a hint of first or reverse. What else can I do or need to look at? Thanks, James

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