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  1. So if I order any individual wires from a place like Rhode Island Wiring..the "strickers" are not black or white tracing..solid red cloth covered wire will have the white strickers, solid yellow wires will have black strickers..etc? A lot to learn.
  2. Under the hood most of the wire is dry rotted and about 1/2 insulation is gone. Plan was to splice (solder and heat shrink) where some of the wires come into the hood area if needed. And fully replace between voltage regulator, solenoid, etc under the hood.
  3. I have a new shop manual for my D24, and a laminated wiring diagram from ClassicCarWiring. Neither indicate the wiring gauges. And from pics under the dash the color codes don't seem correct (pic doesn't show a blue wire to ignition switch). I'm planning (one of these months) to rewire under the hood and to the headlights, with splices to the wires coming from inside at point out of the firewall. Does anybody have a full diagram showing wire gauges, at least for under the hood? Not many solid colored wires as in chart. Supposedly blue, brown yellow & red solid colors..
  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Yours!
  5. D24 Door lock Re-Key

    I contacted Rfurtado1 on Ebay that sells 1199B key blanks for $8-$10 and will cut them according to code for about $ 13. I wrote to him that I didn't have the code, and if he could use pin heights from the lock to cut a key. Good news...his response. "Hello Bryan, Yes, I can do that for you. I would need the measurements of the five bottom pins (the ones that go into the lock cylinder itself). List them 1 through 5, #1 being the pin closest to the opening of the lock. Measurements will be in .001ths. Thanks, Bob" So that saves $35 from ordering the build card from Fiat-Chrysler...
  6. Ignition lock question 48 Dodge ?

    And a slight pisser..the ignition key that I bought on Ebay is not the same profile as my door lock. Won't even fit the door lock without pins in it. According to ILCO lock site, 1199B and 1199G were supposed to be the same profile. Guess the ignition is something else. Edit: Found the correct profiles: 1199B & 1199G are different
  7. Ignition lock question 48 Dodge ?

    Figured out what was wrong. The new lock cylinder I bought had the tab end broke off. I switched it with my old tab, ignition switch works. But I still don't know how the tab & contact interact. New tab with top broke off. Old tab
  8. Ignition lock question 48 Dodge ?

    Anyone know how the inside of the ignition switch works? I see a brass tab, but don't know how it works with the new lock cylinder.
  9. D24 Door lock Re-Key

    Here's the theory behind it.. https://www.kwikset.com/customer-support/how-to-center/rekey-instructions-pin-and-tumbler.aspx
  10. D24 Door lock Re-Key

    More on the lost keys saga - Well, after playing with my ignition lock and taking it apart, I decided to take a door lock apart. Have viewed a few YouTube videos concerning re-keying locks. I didn't want to pay $ 190 - 240 on Ebay buying an ignition and door lock set. So I bought a $ 17 ignition lock and key, and will attempt to re-key the door locks to match the ignition. Took the driver door lock off, cleaned it up, noted position of shaft. End of the shaft looks like a Superman emblem, so I noted the top of the "emblem" lines up with the long metal rectangle on the lock. The shaft is held on by a tab on the end of the lock. You have to drive it out from the bottom with a very small punch or screwdriver. Tried to pick the lock and was unsuccessful (I picked the old ignition lock). Maybe a pin was stuck or just a bad day. I remembered about the metal rectangle cover from a video, so i took a jewelers screwdriver and banged it in the thin seam, and carefully pried the cover up. Then I removed the springs, and CAREFUL NOT TO TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN. If you do, the pins fall out and they roll forever on the floor. I put my thumb over the holes, only exposing one pin at a time, and rapped on the side until the pin fell out. Then I set each it order on the table, one at a time. The upper pins might not be so important, they look the same size, but wasn't sure. Sometimes a lower pin tries to fall out, if it does, place it in the same position on the table, across from the upper pin. From video I saw, if you're matching to a new key, the order doesn't matter, but I'm overly careful. I embedded the pins in cardboard..for the old ignition lock I bumped the table, and pins went all over the place. I was more careful with this door lock. Another day I'll have to remove the stainless steel face, to be able to pull the core out. Supposedly from videos I've watched, when I get the new ignition key & lock, I can insert the key in the door lock, and arrange (several times) the different height pins until they are flush with the body, so the key will turn.
  11. Ignition lock question 48 Dodge ?

    Called the only one in town..he had never done an older car lock. Rate was $30 an hour.
  12. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Maybe if you could find a plastic food dish of correct dimensions, cut center out, and find some kind of decal for graduated marks. Just guessing. https://www.redbubble.com/people/cescia-jean/works/26177960-neon-car-speedometer?grid_pos=4&p=sticker&rbs=90553fe3-6bf2-438b-a1bc-e6487e09759b&ref=shop_grid
  13. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Open pictures with Microsoft paint and resize them to 60%, save them on computer with "original name - small"
  14. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    https://www.homedepot.com/p/Dremel-Circle-Cutter-Attachment-3-4-in-to-12-in-Diameter-678-01/202713389?keyword=dremel+hole+cutter Used this before..can only cut a circle once since it uses a nail in the center of the material as a guide. Works great and is cheap.