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  1. BobDeSoto

    oil Recommmendations

    I use straight 30W non detergent in 1951 Desoto
  2. BobDeSoto

    Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    Took my driver's test in Dad's 1950 DeSoto. Cop asked me how long I'd been driving already!
  3. BobDeSoto

    Wire harness

    got one from YNZ - looks great. Tip Toe transmission is a DeSoto thing. Two speed transmission with high and low range (= four speed). Low range is seldom used. Usually you drive with the high range. Once in gear you don't need to use the clutch. Press the gas and go, when you are at about 20 mph let up on the gas and it shifts into high. When you come to a stop sign you only have to use the brake, even when you're stopped. When the light changes - repeat
  4. BobDeSoto

    Wire harness

    I am working on the tip toe transmission in a 1951 DeSoto. Where can I get a new wiring harness?
  5. BobDeSoto

    Tip Toe Transmission

    1951 Desoto with fluid drive and tip toe transmission. Transmission makes a rattly sound when it shifts from low to high and then it slips out of high at about 35 MPH.

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