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  1. Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    Hi..l also find myself looking at P15 D24 almost daily and l am not a big internet guy..I first heard of this site only a few months ago from Charlie at Rusty Hope. My first car was a 1934 Plymouth which l inherited from my Grandma in 1964..She drove it, my mother learned to drive in it, as well as my wife.My dad and me fixed it up (restored is not the correct word) and l drove the car through high school and college..We still have it. We are planning a cross country trip this spring and hope to visit Charlie in Davenport Fla.. l am a member of various forums and have found this one to be not only the most helpful but the most interesting as well...Tom PS my birthday is 12-10--48
  2. Have my Dodge D14 4 dr on eBay and craigslist...l have it at $4150..218 with original transmission Ford Ranger 3:07 rear..
  3. Vacuum wiper conversion??

    Here is electric wiper conversion on my 40 Dodge D14. I had posted previously that a rear wiper motor from a Chevy s-10 worked well in my 55 Ford...this motor is a better fit for my Dodge..it is a 02 Mitsubishi Montero. Same cost...$20 for the motor at pick ur part..about $10 at hardware store...choose whatever switch you like...it is only on or off ... stock linkage and arms...sweep can be changed by shortening or lengthening the wiper motor arm
  4. Thanks Guys & Best Wishes for the New Year

    17 year old eyes Andy...even though l am a very new member l know exactly what you are talking about....just not nearly as articulate as you are ...Happy New Year to you as well!! Tom
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone...very thankful for blessings!
  6. A different Xmas Poem for all

    Thank you!!
  7. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Hi Kridgleyud...l have been following your build thread with much interest as l have the same car under construction as well. Mine, however, looks to be coming from much further back than yours. It does have a good running stock engine and a fairly straight rust free body..so l do have something to work with. And, like you, l am interested in keeping it mostly stock but with some upgrades to make it a safe and dependable driver...highway friendly rear end, disc brakes, seat belts, electric wipers, etc. l can sympathize with the noise of power tools and neighbors and in my case grandkids.. l see from your profile we share common interests besides our old cars...fishing, beer (l Like Beer) Tom T Hall... and you are way back east...cold winters! Keep us posted...important to get out of the cave and share! Appreciate it!
  8. V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    Smoke started pourin' out of the back when l started to gain on that Cadillac
  9. Try laura@springsnthings.com
  10. dashboard help please

    Hi...You might want to have a look at the post "1940 Dodge Instrument panel "...there are many replies with a lot of great ideas and information Tom
  11. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Here are more photos of instrument swap in my 40 Dodge...in response to Knuckleharleys request to see gauges mounted in dash....here it is in rough form... And to Andydodges request for picture of the back side...l put the picture on the Dodge cluster and the Tbird cluster because the Tbird cluster has the wire terminals labeled... l must say l am mildly amazed at the attention this thread has received ...and the idea of swapping in parts from other cars, whether dash gauges or an engine or anything really...l suppose we all draw our own lines between restore or replace.. l heard a man say that he looks out the windshield of his vintage car with 17 year old eyes... When we get behind the wheel of our vintage car we feel young again..but we don't live in 1955 any more...like the man said its no fun driving an old dog of a car that can't keep up with the pack ...but making them faster and stronger was always what we were about anyway wasn't it? Thanks to everyone who replied to my post..keep smilin'!
  12. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Thanks so much Bryan...l want to post some more pictures but my pictures are to big? I can only get one per post...need some more coaching!
  13. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Hi...l surely appreciate the interest and helpful ideas....Bryan ...Michaels is a great idea they have some very interesting stuff...and the clear plastic sheet for speedo ....you have me thinking... l am missing the surrounding ring with the lines on it that point to the numbers. Also the capillary tube for the temp gauge is broken...l repaired one once ...it worked for awhile.. The original gauges look so cool and you are looking at them all the time And when l drive the car l want to feel like l'm driving my old car! Again thanks for the great information ! Tom