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  1. dashboard help please

    Hi...You might want to have a look at the post "1940 Dodge Instrument panel "...there are many replies with a lot of great ideas and information Tom
  2. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Here are more photos of instrument swap in my 40 Dodge...in response to Knuckleharleys request to see gauges mounted in dash....here it is in rough form... And to Andydodges request for picture of the back side...l put the picture on the Dodge cluster and the Tbird cluster because the Tbird cluster has the wire terminals labeled... l must say l am mildly amazed at the attention this thread has received ...and the idea of swapping in parts from other cars, whether dash gauges or an engine or anything really...l suppose we all draw our own lines between restore or replace.. l heard a man say that he looks out the windshield of his vintage car with 17 year old eyes... When we get behind the wheel of our vintage car we feel young again..but we don't live in 1955 any more...like the man said its no fun driving an old dog of a car that can't keep up with the pack ...but making them faster and stronger was always what we were about anyway wasn't it? Thanks to everyone who replied to my post..keep smilin'!
  3. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Thanks so much Bryan...l want to post some more pictures but my pictures are to big? I can only get one per post...need some more coaching!
  4. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Hi...l surely appreciate the interest and helpful ideas....Bryan ...Michaels is a great idea they have some very interesting stuff...and the clear plastic sheet for speedo ....you have me thinking... l am missing the surrounding ring with the lines on it that point to the numbers. Also the capillary tube for the temp gauge is broken...l repaired one once ...it worked for awhile.. The original gauges look so cool and you are looking at them all the time And when l drive the car l want to feel like l'm driving my old car! Again thanks for the great information ! Tom
  5. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Yes l have pictures...l will post ... and to the question about 39, as l am relatively new to vintage mopars l am not sure...can you send a picture...much appreciated!! and about the 40 Chrysler, see above, but l would think they would be similar enough to figure something out
  6. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Hi...The picture was taken in my garage this morning... Perhaps you have some advice where to look for a nice set...my searches in the usual places have been unsuccessful or beyond my budget... Thanks Tom
  7. More 40 Dodge gauges

    Here are more pictures of previous post
  8. Hi...My Dodge D14 project had a badly deteriorated gauge panel, no speedometer. After researching the solution..restoration, replacement, etc through the usual channels l came across this. l had the complete instrument panel from a 93 Thunderbird left over from a previous project... A little trimming with the dremel .. Senders are all available at local parts store and install easily in flathead 6 engine Minimal expense and satisfactory gauges...obviously not original but fit nicely in original location
  9. V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    Hi...after reading your post and the various reactions my question for you is : I would like to know what do you not like about your flathead 6? l have done many engine swaps in my time...some worked out well and some did not...but always in the interest of upgrading... More power, better acceleration, better gas mileage, parts availability... All that being said...l have a 1934 Plymouth all stock with exception of 3.73 ford rear end...the acceleration is what you would expect from the stock engine and the car cruises easily at hi way speeds. My current project is a 1940 Dodge D14.It has the original engine and transmission in stock form and runs well. I put a 3.08 ford rear end and the car cruises easily just as the 34 does... As a younger man l saw things a little differently....l have thought about an engine swap but have left the car as is... So to repeat my question...what does your flathead 6 not do that you want it to Also if you sell your engine l would be interested...although l am a long way from St Louis Thanks...Tom

    Rear end from 93 Ford Ranger in my 1940 D14 ... Moved spring pads outboard to 46 1/2 inches used 1/2 inch wheel spacers with 15” Ford wheels new brake lines to install stock rear brake hose and brass tee custom made driveshaft....stock transmission to Ranger pinion flange stock shock mounts Works perfect!
  11. Yes l did this conversion on my 55 Ford...works great...one speed...l am going to to do this on my 40 Dodge project... will post pictures....
  12. Heating/AC for p15

    Hi...to avoid the cost of hot rod aftermarket heat/ac kits...look on eBay for under dash heat/ac combo...they are brand new less than $100. You must do the plumbing and mounting yourself but it is not difficult l have one in my 55 Ford Wagon and it works great Best of luck...love your 4 door...l am working on a 40 4 door...
  13. Disc brake conversion

    the advantages of disc over drum need not be revisited, just like the man said about seat belts.. Rusty hope conversion with my home built master cylinder using Chevrolet manual disc brake cylinder...ECI unit looks good too...works perfect.. Relocate upper shock mounts while you're in there...helps a lot...
  14. Vacuum wiper conversion??

    I posted a reply to an earlier wiper question which you may find helpful..to avoid cost of electric wiper conversion kits get a rear wiper motor from an s-10 blazer...cost $12.00 at local pickapart...it is a back and for the motor with about the same sweep as you need...a trip to hardware store for some bracket material and some creative fabrication and your all set...12 volt and only one speed...mount your switch wherever you want..