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  1. Kip41

    1941 Plymouth pt125

    I received a copy of the build card and was wandering if anybody could help me decode it Thanks
  2. Kip41

    Rear main seal

    I would like to replace the rear main seal on my v6 flathead I have never done one before are they hard to do and where is the best place to get one?
  3. Kip41

    Flathead six

    Thanks I will check that out I did measure the block it is a 23 1/2". There are some numbers on top of the motor (1311810-5) By the rear driver side do they identify the motor or are they just part numbers thanks.
  4. Kip41

    Flathead six

    If that is the case is there other numbers somewhere on the motor that would help identify what the motor is.
  5. Kip41

    Flathead six

    The number I gave is the number that is located in the spot Showen in the picture I add a picture of my number sorry if it is hard to read thanks.
  6. Kip41

    Flathead six

    I recently purchased a 1941 pt-125 Plymouth truck and I am trying to find out what motor is in it. It is a flat head six I'm guessing the block is about 23" and the number on the block is 4374 UTAH can anyone help thanks

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