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  1. Iowaboy

    Wheel cylinder kit

    I have used new front wheel brake cylinders, brake shoes, and a master cylinder rebuild kit from Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts for my 50 B2B. They worked well, and they standby their quality.
  2. The Bernbaum catalog lists the same differential carrier gasket for the Desoto as the Dodge trucks so this confirms the bolt pattern is compatible on both. I’ll get the Desoto differential and see how complicated it looks like to swap the side gears. My differential is 4:1 ratio. Don’t know what the Desoto differential is until I get it up in the air enough to look. The Desoto had a Hemi V8 with a Powerflight trans, can anyone predict what the ratio might be? Thanks for the help.
  3. Were your 55 axles the same spline count as the 54 Plymouth? In other words, did you have to change axles to use the Plymouth 3rd member in your truck? Thanks for answering.
  4. I have found a 54 Desoto in a towing yard near my home. The v8, trans, grill, and hood are gone. The bumpers and all interior is there, its a 2dr sedan. He will sell me the rear end. What I would like to know is will the third member bolt into my 1/2 ton 50 dodge pickup? I'll try to upload a pic of the Desoto.
  5. How do i measure the rim width? The rims are 17.5 inches in diameter. The measurement from edge to edge in width is 5 5/8 inches. Where the tire bead would set inside the rim it measures 4 1/2 inches. The bolt circle measures 4 1/2 inches. The tires that are on the truck are 6:50-16. I got two spare rims with the truck and they match the rims already on the front. So what width do you call these rims? 4.5 or 5.5 inches?
  6. My truck has a large Pegasus decal (Mobiloil symbol) on the driver's door. It is very old but has good color and looks cool. My kids think i should protect it. How would you guys do this? Could i use a liquid laquer and apply with a very small brush just to the decal, not to the door paint?
  7. Iowaboy

    Original ignition key found

    I'm trying to post a photo. Not much luck so far.
  8. I have a 50 B2b from the original owner(my father-in-law). So i poured the oil out of the oil bath air cleaner to replace it. Lying in the oil was an ignition key with a key tag. I fits the truck perfectly in the passenger door and ignition. The key i had been using is brass and looks original as it has identical border design, however it is so worn that it hangs up in the ignition and won't work in the door at all. The key I found in the air cleaner is steel, not brass. So is it original? don't know. I have included a picture. It has a tag with a number and the same name (Hurd) as the key. The tag is labeled "Record and detach" ????. Not sure why. Is there, or was there, a data base somewhere that an ignition key could be reproduced if i have this number? At the dealership?
  9. I am going to rebuild the master cylinder. I have a kit from Bernbaum. My MC discharge line comes out from the outlet on the bottom of the MC barrel. The existing outlet fitting that is screwed into the bottom has always leaked slightly; it appears from the threads, I think!. I have tried to fix it many times. I bought a new fitting; it leaked. I tried pipe tape( using the solvent resistant tape) it still leaked. I would like to relocate the discharge line to the outlet at the end of piston barrel. It looks like there is room there to screw in an outlet fitting. The Shop Manual also states that this is the outlet for the MC. Is there a preferred location for the outlet? I'm hoping that the new location won't leak. Thanks for the replies. Iowaboy.
  10. Iowaboy

    38 RC pickup, carb issue

    I wonder if I can buy a 6 volt electric fuel pump?
  11. So I didn’t see an answer to your question yet. Will a rear end from 48 Desoto car fit a truck? Or will the third member fit the truck housing? I mean fit a half ton 47-50 pickup?
  12. Iowaboy

    Lighter placement for 48-50 truck

    My 50 B2B does not have a radio, but, in the panel that covers the opening in the dash, is mounted a lighter. It appears to be original. I will get a photo of that side of the dash.
  13. Iowaboy

    B1B Rear axle Brake Line Routing

    I know it has been a year; did you get your wheel cylinder fixed? I am presently having the same problem with a wheel cylinder on the front passenger wheel, it is also a new Bernbaum WC. I called Bernbaum and they sent me another, and it leaks also. VERY Frustrated. I have removed that drum and WC seven times, still have a slight leak. Have tried new copper crush washers also. The leak is so small I can’t tell where it’s coming from, I have to wait until a drop of BF forms on the underside of the backing plate. Hopefully, you will see this reply. My truck is a B2B. iowaboy.

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