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  1. Need help

    I chose the explorer 8.8 out of a 2002. Upgrade to rear disc (already have front) also makes working on brakes cheaper and easier. Gear is 3.73 so I can get freeway speed without the little 6 banger screaming. Its going in this weekend. Also moves the E brake to the axle instead of the drive shaft. The brake tool is spendy and for what it costs you can buy the rear, spring pads, replace the seals, calipers, rotors, brake pads and ebrake shoes and still have enough to take the better half out for a nice dinner to celebrate.
  2. Picture request

  3. Picture request

    Here are the pix

    I posted this question in a new thread bit never got a response. Those that have done the 8.8 swap with disc brakes here is my question. the outside frame width is 48 1/4 wide..same as the springs. The distance between the calipers is around 46 with the banjo bolt being the narrowest point. Has any one had issues with clearance between the calipers and the frame with range of motion? Especially with a 2 or 3" drop thanks
  5. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    It's paint..if I get tired of it I can strip it and spend forever polishing stainless. So far I've lost 2 caps. A third decided to depart at 50mph or so. The last one I think is going to be a Christmas tree ornament. Went to So cal speed shop to see what I could get get in the way of hubcaps and got a set of moon discs..for now.
  6. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    I've already got the car. I smack my head damn near every time I get in or out of the thing now. I chop the top on it probably get whacked in the face. I'm just gonna lower it. Go from there.
  7. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Goal..sweet stance..sweet chop..ugly skirts. Stolen from google
  8. 8.8 swap into 48 p15

    So I went out and acquired an 8.8 rear axle out of an 02 explorer sport. 3.55 gears and disc brakes. Upon preliminary measurements the spring width and frame width is 48.25". The distance between the calipers, especially the banjo bolts, is a bit under 47". According you public school math that means a portion of the calipers will be inside between the frame and spring. My question has to do with lowering the rear. Goal is somewhere in the 2-3" range. Who has done this swap and are there any interference issues with range of spring travel between caliper and frame with this drop. Thanks. Dave
  9. vapor lock

    Do you have fuel to the carbs..if yes it isn't vapor lock. If you can hear it boiling in the carb most likely percolation. When you look down into the carb is fuel spilling into the intake? Does you're intake still have a heat exchanger of some sort? Hard to see on the pic. Can be the float isn't completely closing off the needle and seat. How does it start after Hot? Does it shoot out smoke, do you have to floor it to dire up? What temp does the motor run. Are you running a high percentage ethanol blend. Lots of variables. A phenolic spacer may help. A heat shield between the ext and int manifolds may help. Check the condition of the carb if it's a fairly new problem. Kinda need a little more info to pinpoint the root cause.
  10. Show your tools.

    The essential..and then sometimes I gotta break out the big guns
  11. Score 1 for the fatboy

    I talked to Earl a couple weeks ago and he is not having anything cast for the near future. EBay parts are either scarce or non existent. Been on the hunt there. Looked at almost every city on Craigslist too. That's actually where I found the engines. The LA area has some stuff but mostly core engines and 1 built engine with all the fancy goodies for 4 grand. I'm pretty handy with a tig so fabbing up an intake and exhaust won't be a problem. I've been making sheetmetal intakes for 20 yrs on my big block motors. Amazing that it's 300 plus for an intake and 5 or 600 for split exhaust. I can build both for less than 125 in material and a few hours on the bridgeport. The valve covers they still make. The head is gonna be my hard score. A trip to Pomona might be in order. That is a sweet looking ride.
  12. Properly Using A Propane Torch

    Don Coatney is right. Don't waste a penny on propane, get MAPP gas. If that don't work oxy/acetylene is the next answer. I use it all the time, just let the metal cool down naturally don't pour water on it. Also another trick with MAPP gas is to pour warm soapy water on the offending nut or bolt. Sometimes that might help if you don't have access to an O/A setup.
  13. Score 1 for the fatboy

    So, one day sitting around with nothing better to do and undecided to start checking Craigslist. Not locally but all over. Found a guy with a small stash of 23" motors. Since I'm new to this old Plymouth thing I figured I'd snatch me up a spare engine. So for a Benjamin I got a 1954 218. Bet this guy though I was off my meds when I called him in the Midwest about his Craigslist ad from Las Vegas. Needless to say I have friends all over the country, one swung by dropped off a hundy, loaded up my score, and delivered it to me this week. From what I have seen, the same thing I bought back east fetches at least 5 bills out here on the west beach. Now..i got a spare engine, gonna rebuild it. Feel more comfortable knowing I've had my hands inside an engine than leave it chance with someone else's work. Now I need to source an aluminum head. Either score an intake or make one..I was reading a thread on a 39 with a homemade job set up for 3..i just need 2. That tuning thing thing is a pain. And I'm going to make headers. Because 6 or 700 bucks a whack is nuts. 40 bucks in tube a mandrel bender and a little bit of welding is a better way to go i think. Plus I'll have the only set. Maybe mill up some valve covers. Got an old Bridgeport and a new lathe. Gotta start making stuff. P.S. if someone has a head for a 23" or knows of one..for a fee decent price PM me. And if you are looking for an engine and live in tornado alley I might be able to help.
  14. So this is what being fired feels like

    Happened to me back in January. I had been looking for something new and had a few offers. Even one to move back to Baltimore. Passed on all them. Th an a guy builds a motor and screws up. Since it was the biggest customer the company has, they wanted a head. I offered up mine. Since I couldn't pull the trigger to quit, might as well let them force me. Got unemployment and everything. As soon as I let out I was available offers poured in with 13 and 14 bucks an hour more. Went out and celebrated the night I got fired. Been 6 months at the new job got 2 raises already almost 20 bucks an hour more than I made at the dealership..sometimes getting fired is the best thing that can happen.
  15. So..now I got a Plymouth

    I actually did own one. A 48 stylemaster deluxe coupe..thing was a tank. Had a 216/3 spd. Went like hell though. Run all day 75 or 80 mph. Bone stock original except for the tires were radials. This is definitely slower but I'm old enough now I should slow down.