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  1. 1947 Chrysler modern rim substitutions?

    I was all set for summit but jegs price couldn't be beat. Plus summit was out till mid Jan for tires. To the are coming from mfr direct. I originally wanted to get the crager 69 series wheel but not available thru summit for some reason. They look identical to the US wheel. And cheaper by about 10 bucks. Saved 50 on set of 5. And the spider caps are 20 bucks a piece cheaper. Plus the tires were 199. So saved 28 per. Enough to buy a spare and rim almost for same money. I kinda wanted to keep my original hubcaps but lost 2 and a 3rd took off but I found it. Though it's beat to hell. Now it's time to find a shop to take some metal out of the A B and C pillars so I bump my head more than I already do.
  2. 1947 Chrysler modern rim substitutions?

    The tires on there now at Mickey Thompson sportsman 2 size 26x7.10x15. 26" tall and somewhere around 7.25" wide. The tires I'm replacing them with are BFG silvertown 775x15. Those run about 5" tread 7.75" cross section. These are about 29.5" tall. Also have a 4 1/8" white wall. Looked at radials but none as tall as I want nor with the wide white wall. The 29s fill the front wheel well opening better. Plan B for tires is the Goodyear super cushion 710x15. 1/2" shorter tire. But according to jegs my tires ship Dec 26. If I don't get them then I will order the Goodyear.
  3. 1947 Chrysler modern rim substitutions?

    I have 15×5 wheel vintiques rally wheels. 2.5" backspace. The hubcap is fastened to an OEM rally wheel cap cut down and modified to hold it. I don't advise going that route for hubcap mounting but no issues with clearance or fitment and clears disc brakes. Rim also fits on ford 8.8 axle with discs and clears calipers. I ordered a set of U.S. wheel series 68 smoothies but they haven't arrived yet.
  4. Exhaust(ed)

    For the guys with dual exhaust. I'm in the process of fabbing up a set of headers. And I've gotten to the part of pipe size and mufflers. As of now I'm running vintage 1948 pipe and muffler. It sounds like a hi performance sewing machine. Looking for input on exhaust pipe size so I can build past the primary pipes. 2 or 2 1/2" and good sounding mufflers. As of now I'm set for 1 1/2" primary hot rolled .125" wall for primary tube into a v band collector. Since I'm fairly new to flat motors I'm open to suggestions. Good sound is what I'm looking for. Intake is a 2 carb Fenton. Cam is stock grind. Might have a Fenton head on lock if we can agree on price. Thanks.
  5. Disk brakes need a booster? 1940 chrysler

    Yes you will need a proportioning valve to set front and rear bias even in a 4 disc system. For disc you will need a 2lb residual pressure valve and for the drums a 10lb. I have to pump mine too. Just waiting to get everything in and then shouldn't have anymore issues. It stops fine, I'd just like to feel brake pressure at the top rather than feel it closer to the floor.
  6. Disk brakes need a booster? 1940 chrysler

    I have a front disc conversion on my 48. Hooked up straight to the existing lines. There is an adjustable proportioning valve in line. The previous owner did not install residual pressure valve for the front so a quick pump is needed to get brakes. I am in the process of putting in an explorer 8.8 with discs as well. It would hook to the existing lines as well as need a residual pressure valve. I am looking to replace the mc with a dual reservoir unit. I have no inclination towards using a power booster. This isn't the first car I've had with manual disc brakes. For time and money I'd consider the upgrade for the front and swap rear with a disc unit. Benefits are better gear ratio, updated braking hardware, an ebrake not mounted to the drive shaft, lower maintenance cost and better driveability. Save the fabrication to mount a dual chamber MC. Just my 2 pennies Dave
  7. Pay Pal question

    No the center gasket has 5 holes and doesn't give the shape for the mounting flange. 4 are exhaust and the center for intake. Amazing how hard it is to find one and when you do they want 400 bucks for one.
  8. Pay Pal question

    Item #2 on your list says ext and int manifolds complete. I'm looking for an exh manifold to use as a pattern to make a set of headers. Is one for sale or available as a loaner. What I need is the mounting flange shape. Thanks Dave.
  9. Need help

    I chose the explorer 8.8 out of a 2002. Upgrade to rear disc (already have front) also makes working on brakes cheaper and easier. Gear is 3.73 so I can get freeway speed without the little 6 banger screaming. Its going in this weekend. Also moves the E brake to the axle instead of the drive shaft. The brake tool is spendy and for what it costs you can buy the rear, spring pads, replace the seals, calipers, rotors, brake pads and ebrake shoes and still have enough to take the better half out for a nice dinner to celebrate.
  10. Picture request

  11. Picture request

    Here are the pix

    I posted this question in a new thread bit never got a response. Those that have done the 8.8 swap with disc brakes here is my question. the outside frame width is 48 1/4 wide..same as the springs. The distance between the calipers is around 46 with the banjo bolt being the narrowest point. Has any one had issues with clearance between the calipers and the frame with range of motion? Especially with a 2 or 3" drop thanks
  13. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    It's paint..if I get tired of it I can strip it and spend forever polishing stainless. So far I've lost 2 caps. A third decided to depart at 50mph or so. The last one I think is going to be a Christmas tree ornament. Went to So cal speed shop to see what I could get get in the way of hubcaps and got a set of moon discs..for now.
  14. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    I've already got the car. I smack my head damn near every time I get in or out of the thing now. I chop the top on it probably get whacked in the face. I'm just gonna lower it. Go from there.
  15. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Goal..sweet stance..sweet chop..ugly skirts. Stolen from google