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  1. help with motor type

    Vintage Power Wagons is amazing - thanks so much for the4 help thanks doug
  2. help with motor type

    we are leaving the block alone for now - managed to get plugs out so new head gasket and give it a try how about parts like the thermo housing - called local used places and they just laughed - NAPA no help - anyone online that has those kind of pieces for sale?? thanks again - we are a lamp making company so none of us have much experience in this restoration stuff
  3. help with motor type

    it does turn so I'll tell the guys working on it - so far finding more of the parts then I thought - carb is the only real hang up - need the pump jet so back to see what Mike has thanks doug.
  4. help with motor type

    thanks - we are dropping the bottom end so can measure then -
  5. help with motor type

    pretty much what I'm doing - thanks
  6. help with motor type

    thanks - will wait till we get into it to measure but looks like I can order most parts knowing its one of the 2 -
  7. help with motor type

    the 218/230 same motor with different stroke then ? where should I look for plug to check stroke ? thanks
  8. help with motor type

    found the number - T336-34973 - that mean anything to you guys? thanks doug
  9. we are not restorers but boss wants us to find parts for his 1954 Dodge panel truck - so glad to find site - numbers on head are DN 4.39.54 and 15544674-8 - what motor is this? so far no Pre-VIN number found but maybe when we get rust off some - is it on fame someplace ? suggestions on where to get mostly engine parts?? Carburetor gas M25 DTG1 - who can sell us rebuild parts thanks and sorry for being a newbie - but boss wants to get it running