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  1. Hickory

    Damn dizzy

    Engine is a c45 Chrysler long block. I wrote da dizzy fo a topic but auto corrected to damn dizzy..... Ha
  2. Hickory

    Damn dizzy

    The PO apparently just through a spring in there that was way to long out of something else. I'm assuming that one broke or something. My car has a stumble on acceleration and I know that the springs aren't right and I replaced the vacuum pod and would like to tune it all in
  3. Hickory

    Damn dizzy

    Where can I get shims for the vacuum advance, and spring set for the fly weights.
  4. I to would assemble and fire it up. What if you had an issue and had to send it back to the machine shop. It may be another year to get it back. So that's 2 years, and carry the one. That's to long..
  5. So searching all over the web it appears the most common set up on this master is the port furthest from the booster is for the front brakes. I have it hooked up backwards on my car.
  6. What all was done to it. I just used break in oil primed the oil pump ran it up to temp a couple of times, rechecked head torque and then drove it normally. I didn't change the cam tho, and that may need more attention if done, but not sure on that.
  7. Same size ports.
  8. Equal size Chambers. I'm trying to get a picture
  9. I have a question on master cylinders. I bought one on line and now went to install a year later and have no paperwork. I don't believe any came with it. It's a 4 port style and resembles an old impala unit. It's a drum to drum, drum disk, disk disk universal. I'm not sure which port is primary and secondary. I've called and scoured on line and seems front and rear options are out there. I'm not sure it even mater's on this until. Any ideas would be great.
  10. I don't even know what to say. That sucks. If you had insurance how would you have been compensated on such a rare unreplaceable object?
  11. Did this problem get resolved, I believeThe valves may be open if the timing chain is done wrong or the valve adjustment is wrong. With #6 @ tdc either #6 or #1 should have closed valves. I would check the valve adjustment
  12. What about the rear, what have you done back there. I want to do both front and rearshock/sway bar work. At highway speeds my car kinda feels like a sail boat rocking and swaying.
  13. Make sure the oil tube from side to side is in correct or it will rub on the crankshaft.
  14. Bags, tags and coffee cans. Lots of pictures. Shop manual at your side. I like to photo copy pages often used so the greasy fingerprints don't ruin the manual. I also like to laminate a page with torque specs and adjustment procedures.
  15. My vehicle did the same thing, a previous owner put the wrong fluid in the fluid drive torque converter.
  16. Boy I love the look of that car. I own a 4 door Royal and called it sexy, with the comment of a 4 door being sexy came with a 2 door vs 4 door appearance discussion. Your car looks like a 4 door with only 2. I love it.
  17. Quick question, could you wire one in a 49 royal to bypass the vacuum switch on the carburator instead of flooring the pedal. On a car that didn't come with the magic button of course.
  18. It's not a Dodge but a very interesting jeep
  19. There was a 51 Cranbrook that left before I got a pic
  20. Nice Dodge brother's car at today's show
  21. Hickory

    White top

    I was thinking about a small thin silver pinstripe at the windshield bottom on the a post
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