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  1. Hickory

    Engine Rebuilding Gotchas...

    Make sure the oil tube from side to side is in correct or it will rub on the crankshaft.
  2. Hickory

    Engine Rebuilding Gotchas...

    Bags, tags and coffee cans. Lots of pictures. Shop manual at your side. I like to photo copy pages often used so the greasy fingerprints don't ruin the manual. I also like to laminate a page with torque specs and adjustment procedures.
  3. Hickory

    Engine dies

    My vehicle did the same thing, a previous owner put the wrong fluid in the fluid drive torque converter.
  4. Hickory

    1951 Coronet Coupe

    Boy I love the look of that car. I own a 4 door Royal and called it sexy, with the comment of a 4 door being sexy came with a 2 door vs 4 door appearance discussion. Your car looks like a 4 door with only 2. I love it.
  5. Hickory

    What is this button used for?

    Quick question, could you wire one in a 49 royal to bypass the vacuum switch on the carburator instead of flooring the pedal. On a car that didn't come with the magic button of course.
  6. Hickory

    Car show in Cornwall ny

    Nice Dodge brother's car at today's show
  7. Hickory

    Car show in Cornwall ny

    It's not a Dodge but a very interesting jeep
  8. Hickory

    Car show in Cornwall ny

    And a red express
  9. Hickory

    Car show in Cornwall ny

    There was a 51 Cranbrook that left before I got a pic
  10. Hickory

    White top

    So I'm going to paint my car a light blue similar to the original color. But I'm thinking to paint the roof white. I was thinking painting from dripedge up leaving the door surrounds blue. I see that Adam h painted from the trim at the body line up which was my other thought. I'm checking to see what you guys think looks better.
  11. Hickory

    White top

    I was thinking about a small thin silver pinstripe at the windshield bottom on the a post
  12. Hickory

    White top

    If I could afford a nice Fulton visor then maybe up top would be better. I think I'm going to go from the vent up the a pillars and around the doors to the gutter but include the gutter.
  13. Hickory

    White top

    So I laid out my idea for the cowl. No comments on prep work I'm not done there just getting ideas. I think using the vent for the line then the pinstripe won't look to buisy up there.
  14. Hickory

    White top

    I think I'm leaning towards at the drip edge and leaving the complete door blue. Maybe do the whole cowling white. Not sure yet. Are there other members with pics besides adam h and his wonderful job.
  15. Hickory

    White top

  16. Hickory

    White top

    Around the rear would be easy on my car since there is trim. I see the issue on the front. That I will have to tackle when I get there. The biggest decision is do I stop at the dripedge above the doors and leave the complete door blue or do I carry it down to the trim below the window
  17. Hickory

    White top

    This is the blue I'm choosing, with an article white
  18. Hickory

    Inside door trim

    So some time ago I member posted his own experience using stain and paint to have the appearance of wood on his window surrounds but I can't find the topic, does anyone have the link. I would like to try this. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Hickory

    Inside door trim

    That is a great job. It wasn't the one I was looking for but it will help. The thread I'm thinking of has an older gentleman that and I think his grandchild helping in a video. Withen the last year. I searched in the search section and went through 56 Paige's of threads with no avail
  20. Hickory

    Found out today what I am NOT doing with my 50 Dodge

    In the past 5 months, and a full time job, I have had time to rebuild the engine, tranny, new rear brakes, a homemade disk brake conversion with dual master and lines. I've done a complete rewire and alot of body work. Being very resourceful I've have done it all for about $2k. All while taking care of 3 kids. I think you should go to a regular garage for drivability issues and some other tinkering maybe yourself. Then enjoy the vehicle. Anything is possible if your set to do it.
  21. Hickory

    My first classic

    So, I have been lurking around since I bought a 49 Chrysler royal back in August. I bought this car for it's beautiful lines, it's condition being upstate New York is nothing but rust, and lastly it's steel of a price. We have been on the fence of a classy chassis or a muscle car. So instead of deciding we got two prodjects, the 49 royal and a 69 Camaro. So now the Chrysler story starts.
  22. Hickory

    My first classic

    I have got the oil leaks under control. Today I made the trip to another car show. Free BBQ causing a large outcome. With 300 plus cars entered you would hope for a better list of awards. Very enjoyable show and meet many people.
  23. Hickory

    Fulton visor? No thanks!

    I don't know about harmfull microwaves but I'd like to see a kurege coffee maker
  24. Hickory

    First outing

    So on my first outing I have fairly large oil leaks by cork gaskets, I hate cork and never had good luck with them. Are there any tricks I should try? Valve covers and oil pan mainly. Secondly I am using way to much fuel, what should I look for. Wasn't it a fueling plunger with three rods that may cause this. To all I have meet at the Nationals it's been a ball.

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