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  1. Hickory

    Kickdown on carb

    So kiethb7 pic looks like what I'm looking for, so the two wires are on the same bullet Conn. Right in to the center pin. Does nothing go to what looks like a male spade on the retainer plate?
  2. Hickory

    Kickdown on carb

    Does anyone have a good pic of the wiring on the carb. I have the schematic but there was no wires hooked up when I got the car and want to see how they went
  3. Hickory

    My first classic

    31,000 actually.
  4. Hickory

    My first classic

    Is there a way to tell if the milage has rolled over, the p.o. said the 37,000 was original
  5. Hickory

    My first classic

    Good oil psi and it's charging. Alot of relief the last couple of days.
  6. Hickory

    My first classic

    It's going back together. I made smoke as I call it. Every time I fire up an engine for the first time it's called making smoke. And I made smoke.
  7. Hickory

    influence of high octane...?

    95 and 98 octane, wow. The highest near me is the 93
  8. Hickory

    1949 Plymouth Super Deluxe 4dr Sedan Parts

    how about a working radio
  9. Hickory

    My first classic

    I painted the firewall and frame before putting in the engine so I wouldn't have to wrap it back up later. At first I felt the blue was a little light, but I think I like it.tried to stay close to the original color as the wife told me too. But I have crossed the idea to her about painting the roof white to go with the mist blue body.
  10. Hickory

    My first classic

    I spoke to soon, I'm still getting upload error 200. Nothing to do with pic siZe
  11. Hickory

    My first classic

    I have figured out the pic posting issue. I knew it wasn't the pic size issue. I believe it was because I cancelled my wifi and was trying to upload with data
  12. Hickory

    My first classic

    So I have been buisy but haven't been posting much so here are some updates
  13. Hickory

    Starter Solenoid 1949 Chry Windsor

    I am too rewiring the engine bay. I too have questions about the wires on the horn relay. I have a schematic but when the terminals on the relay aren't marked its a guessing game. On the pic above I believe #1 is the horn button and #4 is power from the starter, so that would leave #2&3 for horn feed and ignition. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Which is which.

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