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  1. Hickory

    My first classic

    So I thank the forum.member who helped supply me with a hard to buy part. With that I have re marked the top dead center on the balancer. It was off 7 deg. From the original spot. Intalled and torqued the head and ran a fuel line. Engine is almost done.
  2. Hickory

    My first classic

    The wiring in the dash is almost done besides all of the bulbs and the field gauge. It already looks more neat. For the bulbs I have new buttons on the way. I may still paint the needles.
  3. Hickory

    Valve spring cup

    Thank you anyway, at least your garage is clean.
  4. Hickory

    My first classic

    So I removed everything and disassemble the dash head. Clean and polished, sanded dash and painted, then wrapped the ugly black dash pad with a reddish brown upholstery. Now doing the rewire
  5. Hickory

    My first classic

    It's been a little while since I posted, while waiting for parts I started some wiring and dash rehab
  6. Hickory

    49 or 50

    Dear she'll ny where is the pick n pull with a classic section, ours in Syracuse just have rotted out Malibu's impallas and every other common junk cars out there
  7. Hickory

    Valve spring cup

  8. Hickory

    Valve spring cup

  9. Hickory

    Valve spring cup

    I am wondering if anyone has a source for valve spring cups. Someone has lost one of mine during a clean out of the machine shop. I.found mine.mixed in a pile of valve parts that were on their way to scrap. Any help would be great.
  10. Hickory

    My first classic

    So I have ran across another issue. Some how a valve spring cup has been misplaced. I'm looking for a place to buy one or if anyone has one on a junk engine, I really could use one. On the rear main seal I reinstalled it correctly and thank you for seeing my stupidity. I guess I'm just use to modern diesel engines.
  11. Hickory

    My first classic

    But like I had said it's not due to pic size that is a different notice

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