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  1. Hickory

    49 royal

    what body does the royal share from the other lines of cars. when looking for a headliner the Coronet seams to be the same, would the carpet be the same? I guess knowing the shared bodies may help when ordering parts since it seams harder to find royal parts.
  2. I had a pop up there all weekend, not the most comfortable sleeping weather.
  3. can not make that show, we are hiking in ellenville this weekend
  4. my car and family were there. this is a before and after pic. just 16 months into the transformation
  5. my toe inn was a little off, driving at 65 and rims made for bias and wammo. broken rim. my junk yard down the road had a rim for a 52 imperial right on the shelf.
  6. I have a camper on site. I guess I'm all in😁. but I work in the heat and live 15 miles down the road. this year will be the first time I get to do nationals after dark. they are suppose to play a drive inn style movie after fireworks.
  7. rim flex, it's real.....
  8. every time sparky saw me and my 49 royal he would tell me he wants to buy my car. he was a great man
  9. areait's a shame that sparky passed away, he hosted the rock a Billy area.
  10. I believe I meet you last year 51cambridge
  11. the Nationals are approaching fast, I will be there with my 49 royal. hope to see some other forum members there.
  12. how tight are the fenders mounted on bottom, maybe they are flexing while driving down the road and bowing outward. kinda like the checks of a running basset hound.
  13. Hickory

    Damn dizzy

    Engine is a c45 Chrysler long block. I wrote da dizzy fo a topic but auto corrected to damn dizzy..... Ha
  14. Hickory

    Damn dizzy

    The PO apparently just through a spring in there that was way to long out of something else. I'm assuming that one broke or something. My car has a stumble on acceleration and I know that the springs aren't right and I replaced the vacuum pod and would like to tune it all in
  15. Hickory

    Damn dizzy

    Where can I get shims for the vacuum advance, and spring set for the fly weights.
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