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  1. R&D Dodge

    $450 to Paint a Set of Wheels?!

    Delfleet is an excellent product. This product is very similar to the old Imron polyurethane products. Keep it off your skin and wear good mask... Instead of getting to worked up about the pressure at the comp. etc, paint your garbage can first. I use an old Sata Jet and typically go by sound and flow. I always paint something, usually it is my garbage can. I test the flow and how much I can apply prior to it sagging etc. HS is a high solids paint, I found that trying to lay down the traditional tack coat, then following up with two additional coats left me with much more orange peel, which is typical if premature evaporation of thinner occurs, or low air pressure at cap when using this product. I had much better results applying a heavy coat, then applying a second coat and cranked up the air until it flowed better. It does not flow like an acrylic or other single stage products such as Sikkens or thin as heck Dupont and waterbase coatings. it is a very good quality high solids paint, you can cut it by adding additional esx 520 as well, but I dont. I like this product but have heard much negative about it. I painted a 75 Land Cruiser and I used more pressure than 35 psi, I set my stuff at the recommended psi but struggled when I first started. The wetter you can get it just before it runs.. the better it lays down.. The Epox you are using is also an industrial coating typically used as a bare metal prep. It is not intended as a sanding primer, wet sanding works best to avoid clogging if you want to sand. A sanding primer is typically used after epoxy sealing for light filling and fairing. The Delfleet is an excellent choice as opposed to base / clear being the price of good paint has tripled in price as of recent, unless one is looking to achieve show quality finish. IMHO... Years ago I used a lot of Imron which was also a high solids paint and grew to like it much more than acrylics and synthetics. It is much cheaper than base / clear two stage and strong as heck. We use to paint our double bottom semis. Stone hits to the fibreglass would actually dent the surface, acrylic would flake right off as would lacquer. Take your time and experiment prior to painting is what I would try. Also, the day I picked up a trouble light and started painting while holding a light to see the "flip" was the day the jobs started coming around. Good luck to you!
  2. R&D Dodge

    Valve guides, Spitfire

    Valve guides are in. I am told I may have to ream guides to achieve adequate clearance between stem and guide?? Is this true? Guides came from Rock Auto and appears I have approx. .0003 endplay on stem with no oil in guide or on stems. I have questions about charging system, light switches and wiring. I would like to change to 12 volt and found an informative video which will help. My question is, can I use existing light switches, if so should I install a relay as well. Wiring under dash appears pretty good, wiring under hood not so good, need to inspect wiring under chassis. Also have a good source for a more modern fuse box and could completely re-wire but would like some advice and input if possible. I did look back at many previous 6 & 12 volt posts but didn't find anything on re-using the current switches or if they will work out at 12V. My first choice would be to use as much as I can that exist and go through everything as needed. Thanks, Doug
  3. R&D Dodge

    Valve guides, Spitfire

    Don, do you still own and ride the BSA?
  4. R&D Dodge

    Adam, Kyle, Anna

  5. R&D Dodge

    Kobi "Blockhead"

  6. R&D Dodge

    packing for 11 hour trip

  7. R&D Dodge

    cleaning parts

  8. R&D Dodge

    wish there were two or three..

  9. R&D Dodge


  10. R&D Dodge

    broken studs

  11. R&D Dodge


  12. R&D Dodge

    pulled off trailer

  13. R&D Dodge

    Home from trip

  14. R&D Dodge

    What would you do??

    Great find, great picture & thank you for sharing, excited for you, good job getting it bought and home!

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