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  1. Valve guides, Spitfire

    Valve guides are in. I am told I may have to ream guides to achieve adequate clearance between stem and guide?? Is this true? Guides came from Rock Auto and appears I have approx. .0003 endplay on stem with no oil in guide or on stems. I have questions about charging system, light switches and wiring. I would like to change to 12 volt and found an informative video which will help. My question is, can I use existing light switches, if so should I install a relay as well. Wiring under dash appears pretty good, wiring under hood not so good, need to inspect wiring under chassis. Also have a good source for a more modern fuse box and could completely re-wire but would like some advice and input if possible. I did look back at many previous 6 & 12 volt posts but didn't find anything on re-using the current switches or if they will work out at 12V. My first choice would be to use as much as I can that exist and go through everything as needed. Thanks, Doug
  2. Valve guides, Spitfire

    Don, do you still own and ride the BSA?
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    Great find, great picture & thank you for sharing, excited for you, good job getting it bought and home!
  14. Valve guides, Spitfire

    water is hot & Honey is happy, and if Honey is happy, and you don't tell her I was pretending I'm good!