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  1. What would you do??

    Good to here, sounded like it was quite bad, but sure looks better now.
  2. What would you do??

    Great story Joe, thank you for sharing and congratulations! I too am new here as well as a new old truck owner, fun stuff!! I do hope you wore a mask while cleaning that cab out..
  3. Valves, springs and guides... (oh my)

    So no heat!? I was worried about using a bfh... Think I will keep the heating and cooling going and give the bfh some consideration... Thanks Brent, your input is helpful. I'm so excited to get these huggers out I can hardly stand it, bUT trying to be cautious...
  4. Valves, springs and guides... (oh my)

    Hi, I am working on a 235, and trying to get guides out. I have used an air chisel like Brent did in his video but have not been able to free one yet. One question is, should it require heating the block and cooling the guide possibly?? I used an infrared light which did bring the chamber area up significantly, I then put an ice cube on guide and let it melt, then pushed away to no avail. I noticed in the manual which was provided to this thread they use a hammer and pilot type tool. I'm concerned, and don't want to break or wreck anything. I did machine down a blunt tool from my air chisel for a good fit. My plan was to build up the o.d. of the chisel bit to totally cover the o.d. of top of guide if I was able to budge them loose to avoid breaking top off of guide. I was also thinking of using an air saw to cut the guide down the side being it appears to be of cast thinking it would cut rather easy to relieve the guide for easier removal. Anyone willing to mentor, I am all yours.. Thank you, Doug
  5. How to keep the mice away?

    Hi, I use drywall quick set 45 powder and cereal, like wheat checks, oatmeal etc. Apparently upon consumption it hardens in the arteries and they go for water and leave the area of concern. I use trays or cut off milk jugs with small ingress holes and set in vehicle or under shelves in work areas etc. inexpensive and seems effective, hope this helps.
  6. Valve guides, Spitfire

    Hello there.. To anyone interested my progress is a bit slow but moving forward. Valves out, one keeper dropped into oil pan, excited to remove pan in search of it being I will be able to scope out the lower end. Springs are a bit difficult to remove with guides in, I have pulled one, wondering if there is a simple procedure I am overlooking in removing. Getting ready to attempt to push guides out but apprehensive. The two center lower exhaust manifold bolts broke, and as luck would have it I then broke an easy out off in the first one I attempted to extract. Tried welding washer, then nut, etc. to no avail even after pre heating stud but couldn't get enough penetration into stud which nuts just kept breaking off. Lack of welding skills most probable issue... I was very very lucky I got the hole on center and drilled all the way through the stud. This was a trick I learned as a kid working on big trucks. I was able to take an air chisel and drive the broken portion of the easy-out through the stud then start over.. The bad is, the piece is still in the water jacket but I will try to recover it. De mounted 3 tires and re-mounted with decent used ones we picked up which had nice new tubes and flaps. Have four total, they were off an industrial air compressor with most of life being stationary where tires have started to dry rot and have the typical Michelin sidewall cracking, but flaps and tubes like new. Fun thing was I was able to have my oldest son at 16 change two of them after I showed him how. After 37 years I can still knock one apart in record time and fortunate enough to have my Dad's tire hammer and pry bars. If anyone wants a lesson I have one more to change... Thanks much to the several gentlemen who reached out in messages with tips and advice on the valve project. I have spent quite a bit of time researching the site and snooping around, appreciate the plethora of shared knowledge. So sorry to anyone currently affected by the many disasters currently going on. Very Truly, Doug.
  7. Valve guides, Spitfire

    Thanks Brent, I keep looking at the guides hoping it will be that easy while preparing for valve seat, deck and stud work and sure I may be bugging you again before I get into the guides. Wishing I hadn't got rid of an old engine manual I had as a kid while wondering what the specs are for the valve guide wear. not all of them appear bad, but if they slide in and out nicely like the video I'll do them all. Thank you Matt, my Dad was a hard working guy who just did his best to raise 6 of us. I was fortunate to have him as long as we did. We love the look of the old pyle as well, and hope to really enjoy it in the near future.
  8. Valve guides, Spitfire

    I am located 90 miles north of Grand Rapids near Lake Michigan Don. I tried to message you however it states you do not receive private messages.
  9. Valve guides, Spitfire

    Excellent pictures. Regarding the special exhaust tool, was this designed to be used with the air hammer or was it used to install guides or both? And you indicated the video with the threaded rod procedure did not work for you.. Was this because guides were too tight? Bad news is, our numbers appear to of been ground off the boss, I read that this often happened if block was rebuilt?? One problem I am having is getting the valves to pop out of spring keeper cups. I will take a second look at the pad and make certain. Also will take pictures of engine and add to post. I have trouble posting pictures through google and have to use explorer, however when I click on my profile explorer closes the page for whatever reason in which I then have to log back in..So I will keep trying. Gentleman, I can't thank you enough for your help. On a side note, and not to get all sappy and crap but, this truck has kind of became special for me. I grew up working for my Father as a teen in his trucking business, we had gravel trains and did most of the maintenance work ourselves in which my brother and I learned much through the years working for my Dad and our mechanic. We got out of the business years ago, after many years of hard work and my Dad having his first heart attack. My Dad recently turned 86, my wife, myself and children took a vacation and found the truck last summer and got it home about a month ago on a handshake deal. We then had a party a few weeks ago after purchasing it in which we invited a few of my Dad's old friends sons he knew back in the day so he could visit with them being they also grew up in the business. We had the truck parked out in our field with old company decals which we placed on the doors and had planned to let him know we intended to keep his legacy alive and knew he would get a kick out of the truck and seeing some of his buds son's. Unfortunately his health prevented him from being there and unable to see the truck, however I was able to show him a picture while in the hospital. So, after my Dad passing a couple weeks ago, our Dodge truck has become kind of special being I am able to have my two boys help me tinker on it which is sparking many memories of working with my Dad and all his bitching while I was thinking of girls instead of breaking down tires... He taught us much and I am grateful. Being able to come to this forum for advice and help is nice. Thanks again, Very Truly Doug.
  10. Valve guides, Spitfire

    This is a picture of the truck.
  11. Valve guides, Spitfire

    First of all, thank you much for your replies gentleman. I am new to the vintage Chryslers but excited to better understand things and move forward with my project. It is a 25" head, and I did see Brents video while snooping around a week or so ago. I guess I thought somewhere I read that in this engine they weren't replaceable so that is very good news for sure. I have to hand it to Brent, that was a very creative idea in the guide removal and thank you much for posting. Wondering, how much pressure it takes to push guide out and where to purchase guides? When we purchased the truck a valve was stuck in which I figured as long as I had removed the head I might as well do the valves and as long as I tossed a keeper down into the pan I figure I might as well pull the pan as well!!
  12. Valve guides, Spitfire

    Hi, my name is Doug and I am new here. We recently purchased a 1945 truck with flathead Spitfire engine. After a bit of research and reading, it appears the spitfire has non-replaceable valve guides. Short of knurling guides, can anyone advise us as to whether or not a valve guide seal is available or used in this application? Thanks much for any help. Very Truly Doug.