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  1. 1950 plymouth sweeper clips

    Thanks. I thought about that solution but it is difficult to put the riveter in the correct position. I'll try to see if I can
  2. 1950 plymouth sweeper clips

    Thanks. I dont like the glue solution. I will try yours. I wonder why those clips are not for sale?. Thanks again
  3. Hello. I have a 1950 plymouth deluxe business coupe P19. I need the window sweeper clips. Do you know where could I find it? Thanks Raul Attached pics of a broken one
  4. Vent wind glass seal

    Thanks a lot
  5. Vent wind glass seal

    This one?
  6. Vent wind glass seal

    Hello. I have a 1950 Plymouth business coupe deluxe P19. Where could I find the seal between the triangular glass and the channel on my vent wind?. I can't find information about it. Thanks Raul
  7. P19 front fender

    Thanks a lot. Now I have an idea to build a brace. Thanks.
  8. P19 front fender

    I can see also a hole on the inner shield. Heading to the body. Maybe a missing stud there?
  9. P19 front fender

    Hello. I have a 1950 Plymouth business coupe deluxe P19. I want to know if there's a rubber, support, stud or bracket that join the front fender and the inner shield at the bottom. Or the inner shield and the body. Just to avoid movement. The previous owner doesn't know. Thanks Raul