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  1. Watash

    Fuel Gauge Voltage

    Thanks to all responses.
  2. Watash

    Fuel Gauge Voltage

    I read the fine print. Mine is not for trucks but looks identical to the old one. I think car and truck must have different ohms. I may try a variable resister to see if I can real it in.
  3. Watash

    Fuel Gauge Voltage

    Thanks I'll give this a try tomorrow.
  4. Watash

    Fuel Gauge Voltage

    Okay here I go again. I have a 52 B3B converted to 12 volt. Coming off of a voltage resister, I have 7.25 volts going to the left terminal on the gauge (facing the back of the gauge) and the gauge ground is good. I ran a new 16 ga wire from the right terminal of the gauge to the terminal on the sending unit. The sending unit is new and identical to the one I removed only with a better float. Sending unit ground is good. Voltage at the sending unit terminal is 3.7 volts. Tank is approximately half full but the gauge stays pegged on full. I removed one lead from the gauge and checked the resistance between terminals. It measured 25 ohms and should be okay. The only explanation I can come up with is the new sending unit must be bad. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  5. Watash

    Fuel Gauge Voltage

    A thought just occurred to me. Does the gauge itself have to be insulated or should it be grounded as well?
  6. Watash

    Fuel Gauge Voltage

    I have to jump in here. My gauge is pegged at full after installing a new sending unit. I think the ground is good and the lead is good. I check continuity from the lead disconnected to frame and it was good. I am at a loss as what to do next.
  7. Watash

    gauge and sending unit questions

    Thanks for all the info. I just installed a new sender and the gauge went from completely empty (not moving at all) to completely full (still not moving at all). I am thinking the wire from the tank to the gauge must be grounded. That's my next project.
  8. As it turns out, my radiator was replaced back in 1994. It looks good but must not be original equipment. This explains the metric size. Mine does not have the hood on the radiator. I just need to figure out what it came out of.
  9. The old one is plastic and started seeping.
  10. I can't believe it but the old one fits a 10mm x 1.5 nut. Standard petcocks don't come in this size. Go figure...
  11. Anyone know where to find a petcock for radiator drain?
  12. I just purchased the Pilothouse in the avatar and someone back up the way changed the grille. I would love to put it back to original complete with turn signal lights. Anyone out there that can help?
  13. Thanks to all for quick responses. I am stocking up just in case!!
  14. Tried the grease and the hammer. I think it is going to stay put.

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