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  1. Kris Bolstad

    Side View Mirror Brackets for '51 to '53 Trucks

    Driver side bracket and lower/outer arm are original to '48 BID. Passenger side bracket was on truck at purchase. Two sets of brackets and arms came in an open box. Part number matches. Lower/outer and upper/inner arms are same length as original Set screw/nut and pinch ring are the same. Tapered bottom end and brackets are different. No date on box to know when changes were made.
  2. Kris Bolstad

    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    Eddie's not afraid to work. Municipal dump to get rid of some brush this morning. Next stop was a yard of mulch. Few pounds in the bed sure rode nice. Liked it so much went back for a second load later. Stopped by rover's resort on way home to do step #4 on a batch of merlot wine we've got cooking and pick up some empties to clean for bottling. Hit Home Deport later for a couple bags of top soil, but that was wimpy so no photo. minor league ballgame on the 802 sounded good during that trip.
  3. See Merle's "Pilot - House Friends" post from August ’17 for background. Last summer/fall, between a couple of trips to the clinic for follow up care, Eddie enjoyed sun on his face and good asphalt under his toes – at most 50 miles. In early November a clogged artery (idle tube) and another bum knee (rear wheel cylinder this time) stopped him in his tracks again. It’s pretty clear discharge from the nursing home was premature – but it was fun. With winter approaching and a list of ailments to address, I exercised power of attorney privileges and stuck him in rehab for more treatment. Eddie got out today! Highlights of an 8 month rehab stint: · Shedding a few pounds of crud from under-carriage and a decent cleaning under the hood and inside the cab Prepped and painted cab floor; added sound insulation to most of the cab; and re-covered seat · Refurbished original parking lights and replaced 60’s era front turn signals with 40’s era Arrow brand signals · New tail lights (including passenger side addition) and rear LED turns · Installed restored 802 radio and 40’s era speaker; plus a hide-away antenna · Complete wiring harness; tachometer added; temp gauge and choke cable repaired; NOS dimmer and panel light switches; and speedo cable · Rear brakes – re-sleeved cylinders, drums shaved and shoes re-lined · Carb cleaning/adjustments; fuel filter; and a few other mechanical tweaks; · Other miscellaneous quality of life items. · (New windshield and painting visor are on to-do list) Eddie won’t win a street fight at a car/truck show, but he is a solid old-codger with an attitude. Hopefully we’ll get some work done and have a little fun before he demands time off for bingo (or another breakdown). A BIG shout out to Merle for his guidance and help. Thanks to B1BKeven and ggdad1951 for their contributions. And thanks to forum members for sharing hundreds of pages of insights and ideas.
  4. Kris Bolstad

    Installing Original Dome Light Into New Interior

    Attached photo may help.
  5. I shared a bit of history last summer – Pilot-House Friends thread that Merle initiated. See that if you’re interested. Following a brief burst of life after 35 years of sitting, the truck has been laid up since early Nov ’17 with rear brake cylinder leak. (Hindsight is clear: all cylinders should have been replaced right from the get-go. Mistake one was not doing that. Mistake two was not replacing rears when fronts were done. Lesson learned). A few other things needed attention so I spent the winter addressing those. I’m close to ready for a reveal and will share more soon. Merle stopped by this morning to provide a bit of education and share his talents (and tools). Cylinders replaced in short order – goes quick when you know what you’re doing. Will be getting shoes relined and drums cleaned up this week. I’m anxious to get the truck back on the road. Several projects are hanging that need the truck and I want to drive it again!!!!!!
  6. Kris Bolstad

    Identity & Outside Extension Arm

    Thanks guys for input so far. Brent .... yep, I looked at VPW. What they have is close. Fall back plan is use one of theirs. Ideally I'm looking to match the drivers side. Todd .... Zeb's in Tigerton is on my hit list to visit. can't recall where i saw it, but reportedly has good inventory of dodge parts. Owner said no extension arm, but I don't think we were on same page with part description. a walk through the yard may yield a surprise.
  7. I changed my screen name from Winston B1D to my real name. I've been looking for an outside mirror extension arm and bracket without success. Are these readily available and i need to search under more rocks or different rocks? Reading through old threads its pretty clear some parts/accessories are hard to come by. Wondering if i'm just not calling/searching the right places or if this is a hard to find accessory. I'll put a listing in the classifieds if someone has one to sell.
  8. Kris Bolstad

    Pilot-House Friends

    Shared a bit of history and photos end of August. Truck was laid up at the time with hopes of having it going again for my Dad's visit. New wheel cylinders on the front, tires for the back and all tires balanced. Running pretty good - 50 mph per gps unit with pedal to spare. And it stops. See above post for shot of Dad back in 1980. Few additional photos for kicks and whistles
  9. Kris Bolstad

    Pilot-House Friends

    Yes, its a fulton.
  10. Kris Bolstad

    Pilot-House Friends

    Plan was to hang in the weeds a bit longer. Excursion and chatting with Merle (plus many forum posts) made it clear that this a “safe place” for even non-mechanics like me to be part of. Merle, I greatly appreciate your insights and offer to help. We’ve all got our history with these trucks - the stories shared have been fun to read. My history goes back a bit. I like the story, but its long - read as much of it as you want. The truck is a B1D – based on serial # it’s probably a late ’48 production date. It’s a custom cab model. Original owner is unknown. A farmer in Millervile MN bought it in 1960 and used it until he retired and sold the truck and farm equipment at auction in 1978 (photo). Note the green grain bin sides. If the title transfer is reflective of true cost, my Dad paid $300 and drove it back to Minneapolis. The plan was for me to use it and someday we’d “do something” with it. In 1979 I blew the motor coming home from work. I’d been taking the side streets to avoid rush-hour freeway traffic, but one night I worked pretty late and figured what the heck. Bad decision! With just the one (dim) tail light I didn’t want to be putzing along when everyone else was doing 65 mph plus, especially going through “spaghetti junction”. Motor couldn’t take it. Lesson learned! Truck sat in grandma’s garage until August 1980. I had gone to college, but Dad had a few bucks and had a rebuilt motor put in. (Photo of Dad). During the early 80’s Dad played with it and I used it for summer jobs. Tank sediment clogged the fuel pump a few times requiring repair, but overall it ran good. The brakes had “gone soft” and life events happen so the truck sat in grandma’s garage from the mid-80’s until 2003. In 2003 my wife’s job got transferred. For 20 years I looked at that truck virtually every week while taking care of grandma’s house and grand plans to “do something” with it never faded. I didn’t want to walk away from it. When we found a house with a 4-car tandem garage I smiled. We’re taking that sucker with us. A friend with mechanic skills and old cars helped me out. With a battery, points and condenser, a bit of fresh gas, oil in the cylinders, and a few sprays of ether that sucker fired right up. Ran for a few minutes – smoke billowing out of garage as the oil burned off – but then died. Sediment again! Moving company was being paid by the job and wasn’t thrilled to haul it from grandma’s and then from our house to Appleton, but they did it. (Photo). Life events happen. The truck sat again. (Photo). Fast forward to October 2016. Not having mechanical skills or tools, the plan was for a local shop to work on the truck. Only thing I had to do was put on spare tire so it could be hauled to the shop. A 3’ breaker bar in the hands of a novice is bad! (photo). Lesson learned …. read AND understand the shop manual – left hand threads. Took a couple of months to find a hub and then I waited until it got warm for the next step. In June it saw daylight for the first time in 14 years (photo). $2,000 in parts and $1,500 labor, the shop got it to run, steer and stop. A neighborhood tavern was my first stop with a friend (photo). Original color is green so I used graffiti remover to remove the farmer painted black. It looks a lot better (photo). Front tires were toast so I got new ones for the front and spare ($200 each – ouch!). Had I known how bad they were I would not have been driving it the little bit I did. Radials on front and bias-ply on the back doesn’t work. So plan is new back tires. BTW ….. I got left and right tires swapped out without a problem. When you’re old and have been sitting in a chair a long time, even a short walk around the block can be bad for the body. Same goes for the truck. Wheel cylinder leak plus some other items has the truck laid up for a bit. Hopefully I can get it drive-able by October when my Dad comes to visit. He’s happy that “do something” is finally happening and is excited to go for a ride.

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