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    1937 Chrysler Royal C16

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    I live in new Zealand
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  1. Steve Goodman

    Where does this fit?

    Auctually Andydodge thats a mistake on my part, its not GM but mopar.
  2. Steve Goodman

    Where does this fit?

    Its quite a rare car in NZ as it was imported direct from the USA and first driven on the 10th November 1937. NZ cars are usually Canadian GM bodies with different frontends, chrome, badges etc etc, and they are smaller in the body than this one.
  3. Steve Goodman

    Where does this fit?

    Thanks Jerry Roberts and Don Coatney, it looks like you have solved it for me. I did try it round the fuel pump, but not that way. Something else to clean up and refit.
  4. Steve Goodman

    Where does this fit?

  5. Steve Goodman

    Where does this fit?

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me where the curved cover thing in the photo fits on my 37. I cant find a place to bolt it anywhere on the engine (i never removed it from the car originally). That said i dont run the original 6V generator as i have converted my car to 12V, so cant try it over the generator. My car is a 1937 that i have restored. It has 79K original miles. My father was the second owner and i have the first owners original handbooks etc. Thanks for your help

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