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  1. kansascoronetguy

    HELP!!! Rebuilding Steering Gear

    Any ideas a power steering set up?
  2. kansascoronetguy

    HELP!!! Rebuilding Steering Gear

    Gregarious... I thengasjet not to worries I think I can use some gasket maker but aren’t the shims spring loaded or something, I really don’t know if it’s just a steel shim then I will cut the patter
  3. kansascoronetguy

    HELP!!! Rebuilding Steering Gear

    Hello All I am starting to rebuild my steering box from my 50 Coronet and I cannot find any shims, gaskets, or worm drive bearings... does anyone have any cross reference part numbers or where i can find them without having to pay more than just replacing it with a rack and pinion set
  4. kansascoronetguy

    50 Coronet Upbuild

    Doing some electrical work now, My tail light/ Turn and license plate harness
  5. kansascoronetguy

    Front Suspension

    I really appreciate it too.... Everyone on this website is awesome to help out with questions and advice
  6. kansascoronetguy

    Front Suspension

    yeah waiting on a delivery of nuts
  7. kansascoronetguy

    Front Suspension

    man this post got a little out of control real fast hahaha
  8. kansascoronetguy

    Front Suspension

    andy i have all 4 pins and 3 of the nuts, i was hoping to find one plus a couple spares if someone had them or if they new where to get some....
  9. kansascoronetguy

    Swap 1950 Chrysler 6 to a 340

    it looks like he extended his his control arm and welded it
  10. kansascoronetguy

    Front Suspension

    Does anyone know where i can get just the nuts for the Outer Control arm Pins? I really do not want to spend the money for a complete kit of bushings and pins when all i need is the Nut
  11. kansascoronetguy

    50 Coronet Upbuild

  12. kansascoronetguy

    50 Coronet Upbuild

    Thanks WLdavis... I want it to Pop out even if someone looks under the car
  13. kansascoronetguy

    50 Coronet Upbuild

    I really dont with 3 kids under 12 and sports, but its something to relax to and it had to be done sat in a farm for 20 + years so at the very least it needed to be stripped and cleaned but since it was broken down i figured i might as well make it something i like and can drive daily if i wanted to
  14. kansascoronetguy

    50 Coronet Upbuild

    yeah 10 bolt off a Camaro
  15. kansascoronetguy

    50 Coronet Upbuild


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