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    Retired, dad, car bufff, motorcyclist, and walker.
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  1. Vacuum Wiper Motor Help...

    Beautiful car! Don’t know much about the wipers, going to have to ticker with mine this Spring.
  2. Pulling the engine

    On a 40 Chrysler the manual says to pull the front clip. Was easy to do. And I did pull the trans first, that’s a heavy little 3sp......
  3. Help picking a motor for my 1940 chrysler

    That’s about 600 miles and sounds like a great trip. Just may do!
  4. Help picking a motor for my 1940 chrysler

    My 40, 241 flathead is in machine shop now. Pistons, crank ground, 2 new rod, valve guides, and machine work will be 3,500 to 4,000 when finished. It hurts to pay that much but I want to drive it long distances worry free. My other 40 Chrysler might get the v8, auto, a/c treatment.
  5. New guy

    Very nice sedan! My new toy 40 Windsor is being delivered today. Can't wait to start playing with it.
  6. New guy

    Thanks, everybody! I will keep all posted on how it works out. Having issues loaded more photos for some reason.
  7. New guy

  8. New guy

    Hello all ! Just found this forum and happy I did. Browsing around it looks like a wealth of information is here about the mopar flathead 6. I just purchased 1940 Chrysler Windsor that won't be delivered until Tuesday. Can't wait to start tinkering with it. Got it at a fire sale price because it has what sounds like a rod knock. Hoping for an easy fix but will deal with whatever it needs to make it reliable. So I will be here picking your's all brains on things I find. Cosmetically exterior and interior is good to go on this. Happy to be driving a cool ride in the near future. I named the car Jolly after the Jolly Green Giant