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  1. Fuelling multiple carbs

    I see companies like rock auto sell a whole new pump. Are they worth while or am I best to get a seal kit for the one I have?
  2. Fuelling multiple carbs

    For those of you who have dual or even triple carbs, are you running the factory fuel pump or have you upgraded to electric? My fuel pump is starting to seep fuel out and I'm wondering if it's worth replacing as I am planning on upgrading the manifold shortly. Thanks
  3. Which carburetor?

    Cheers Andy. What external oil filter is that? Looks cool
  4. Topping up gearbox oil

    Thanks just what I wanted to hear. To be fair it probably doesn't matter what I put in it as it all dribbles out pretty quickly haha
  5. Topping up gearbox oil

    Can someone please tell me where to top up the gearbox oil on my 52 cranbrook 3 speed? And do I fill to the top? My trans has got quite a leak so I figured I better top it up again. (I know I should fix the leak haha I'll get to that another day)
  6. Which carburetor?

    Cheers Andy, was hoping to find a match for the one I have so I can order a dual carb manifold. I suppose I could find 2 holden carbs if that is easier
  7. Rear end swap issues

    Yeah mate I'm a fair way away haha. Cheers for the offer tho
  8. Rear end swap issues

    Yep not a happy chap. To be fair maybe I tried to cut some costs and sent the shaft through my friends work (who is a truck engineer) to a company they use for their custom truck drive shafts. Lesson learned I guess
  9. Rear end swap issues

    So I got pissed off and went and picked my driveshaft up today. They basically handed me back some scrap metal. Looks like I'm getting a whole new shaft made up. Grrr
  10. Which carburetor?

    Can anyone tell me what carb I would have on my 52 Cranbrook? I know it's a Carter but is it an el-1? I have found another for sale locally that looks the same but the numbers stamped into it are different. Thanks
  11. Rear end swap issues

    The driveshaft hasn't been put in the car yet it's still in the shop trying to be balanced. They are suggesting putting a slip yoke up front but they are saying that it will be expensive to do. To the tune of around $500 just for the slip yoke
  12. Rear end swap issues

    Not entirely sure. As far as I'm aware they have chopped the rear section off the original driveshaft and welded the rear section of the Cherokee shaft on. I would assume that's the most common way?
  13. Rear end swap issues

    My thoughts exactly!
  14. Rear end swap issues

    They have done the welding. I sent them both shafts
  15. Rear end swap issues

    Hey guys, I am part way through swapping a Cherokee rear end into my 52 Cranbrook. Doing the diff swap was a piece of cake but I an having major issues with the driveshaft company. I have had the rear of the Cherokee shaft welded onto the Plymouth shaft and they don't seem to be able to balance it. They are blaming the front of the Plymouth shaft saying it's a CV coupling? Any one else had this issue? Any suggestions?