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  1. Electric cooling fans

    Good info. I have been thinking about running an electric fan purely for the noise issues of the mechanical fan
  2. Is this repairable?

    Yep, I'm going to modify the one I have to fit the centre over the new one. Should look ok. I'm going to pull the steering wheel off and give it a respray while I'm at it. Any advice for pulling the wheel? Is it just a matter of undoing the nut in the centre and giving it a yank?
  3. Is this repairable?

    Damn haha this is the one I just bought
  4. Is this repairable?

    I pick it up tomorrow so hopefully I can make it work somehow other wise I'm back to the epoxy plan and I have some $20 wall art....
  5. Is this repairable?

    Well hopefully. The listing says it's for a 49-50 but looks identical to mine (52)
  6. Is this repairable?

    Never mind you wouldn't believe it there was one listed on our NZ version of eBay called trade me. So for $20 the problem is fixed haha
  7. Is this repairable?

    Problem is I'm in New Zealand so pretty rare over here. I have seen there's a few on eBay but I have never tried to buy anything off there
  8. Is this repairable?

    Thanks guys will give the epoxy a go. Will try and reinforce from behind. Next question maybe even dumber, how does it come off? Is it screwed on from behind?
  9. Is this repairable?

    Damn. Any suggestions? Braze? Jbweld?
  10. Is this repairable?

  11. Is this repairable?

    Does anyone know if the horn ring can be welded? Mine has broken where it meets the middle
  12. Cheap split headers for 218/230

    Maybe slightly off topic but has anyone who has used the rusty hope type bolt on manifold split,. Does it give the sound we are all looking for? My car is right hand drive so as far as I can see all the available headers will hit the steering box. Cheers guys
  13. Rear end swap

    Yep. Join together where the brake lines join. So it should be fine to just cut them off at the drums? There is a rubber grommet going into the drum
  14. Rear end swap

    First question. The Cherokee diff has what appears to be wires coming from the drums (not the handbrake cables) are these abs wires? Can I just cut them off or what is the best option for them?
  15. Rear end swap

    Hey guys, I'm about to embark on a rear end swap for my 52. I have just bought a 94 Cherokee diff LSD 3.55. Has anyone documented there swap so I have something to follow? Any help appreciated cheers