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  1. 49roadster

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    Is this a '41 or '42?
  2. 49roadster

    What is this button used for?

    It never did for me. It is just the same as if you floor the gas. It drops from 4th 3rd.
  3. 49roadster

    What is this button used for?

    It kicks down the tranny.
  4. 49roadster

    Oil strainer pipe in my 230 bottom.

    Should be a 5/16 bolt holding it. I am thinking you mean the crankcase vent pipe on right rear of the block.
  5. 49roadster

    1950 Wayfarer Oil Filter

    Yes, they were an add on for the Wayfarer.
  6. 49roadster

    1948 dodge club coupe straight 6 harmonic balancer?

    Wayfarer no damper, Coronet has damper.
  7. 49roadster

    39 dodge business coupe taillights

    The business coupe my not be the same as others for that year.
  8. 49roadster

    Philco Mopar Radios

    My parts books show Mopar 603 or 803 for 1949.
  9. 49roadster

    Rear Bumper Support Brackets

    Not the same part number.
  10. 49roadster

    What is this part called ??

    That is the proper location on a 49 Dodge or Plymouth.
  11. 49roadster

    Hood Emblem Paint

    I have seen some Wayfarers with the emblem however if you check a parts book for the 49 Dodge it shows the emblem only for the D30. And as to the Dodge letters, yes the belong on the hood.
  12. 49roadster

    Hood Emblem Paint

    just as an aside, the d29 cars did not have this emblem
  13. 49roadster

    1951 dodge wayfarer

    If you have a 51 wayfarer it is a D-41
  14. 49roadster

    1949 plymouth bellhousing mount questions

    The 51 Dodge had fluid drive the 49 Plymouth did not. I don't think the transmission is going to fit either.
  15. 49roadster

    I'm going to contact these fellas.

    The sill plates for my 49 dodge wayfarer were $322 in 1998. The price does not look out of line

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