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    24 love working on cars own a 48 dodge
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    West milton ohio
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    Cars cars and tools
  1. Need help

    Ok so if i put a explorer rear end in will i need to change anything else? Gears..... Also does anyone know if they make seat cover and replacement carpet?
  2. Need help

    On my 48 deluxe i want a better speed to travel highway. What can i do to help? And im looking for oem seat covercovers door panel materals
  3. Help headlights

    Referring to the wires off the breaklight switch
  4. Help headlights

    Thank you I will give this a try yes I have multimeter to check power, I picked this car up cheap needs some love 14k original miles I always have loved old cars hate all the fancy stuff in cars now.
  5. Help headlights

    What wire do I connect to fused wire off break light switch? I'm new to these old cars and being 24 years old I'm not familiar with them thanks for the help
  6. Help headlights

    On my 48 deluxe dodge my headlights do not work but I have right turn signals and the license light stays on along with my tail lights any help where to track grounds? My break lights do not work as well