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  1. Hello, Looking for a source or part number for an oil filter for my '38 chrysler royal, canister type The motor is a 241.5 parts store didn't have a listing, but I'm used to that. Also wondering if I should be running a lead additive in the fuel? I never have in any of my other classics and they have been fine, just wondering what you guys are doing with your old flat 6's.... Thanks ~Dbolt
  2. Dbolter

    oil filter & lead additive question?

    Well I guess this is the Part number answer to my question.....
  3. Dbolter

    Optima 6v battery

    The only thing better than a 6V optima........ TWO....... $ 170 on amazon today.... got mine last year for $125/Battery .... other than the look of the battery ..... I'm glad i got mine .... The 6V fleet farm batteries failed like clock work every 2 years.... Car fired right up after its 6 month slumber sitting in storage..... Good Luck ~dbolt
  4. Hello, I have a 1938 Chrysler with a rumble seat and roll down rear window. {going into the trunk area} The rear window regulator that rolls down the glass has a stop in it that leaves the glass sticking up about 3~4 inches above the bottom of the window channel when it's all the way down. So my question is does your rear roll down window do the same, or roll down out of sight? I took mine apart drilled out the stop and made a new one so it can roll down that extra few inches because it bugged me sticking up. Thanks For any replies ~d.b.o.l.t.
  5. Dbolter

    1938 chrysler hubcaps...

    Hello, Does anybody have a line on a set of four Chrysler Hubcaps for a 1938 chrysler? I am interested in putting a set together perhaps you have one hanging on you wall that you would part with? Also interested in general info as far as what years would work differences in 35' 36' 37' 38' 39' 40' ect..... Many Thanks d.b.o.l.t.e.r.
  6. Dbolter

    Vacuum Wiper Motor Help...

    Gentleman, I am looking into my Windshield Wiper Motor on my 1938 Chrysler Royal. Best case I will get my original unit rebuilt... Its a Trico unit vacuum model... Any recommendations on a rebuilder? Many Thanks in advance ~d.b.o.l.t.e.r.
  7. Dbolter

    Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    wow thanks for pointing out the window drainage! I never would have thought of that on my own without driving through a rain storm at least..... My car is missing the tray/ drain hose.... If anybody has one in their parts pile I would be interested in purchasing... Many Thanks for the replies! Very helpful. ~d.b.o.l.t.
  8. Dbolter

    Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    HA! we keep the Beer in the rumble seat and the passengers pass it up to us....
  9. Dbolter

    Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    Thanks for the reply. You never know what mods previous owners have made over the last 80 years.....
  10. Dbolter

    Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    Here are a few more photos... So anyone else out there with a rear roll down window?
  11. Hello I am coming up short finding a replacement radiator cap for my '38 Chrysler.... I know I am just not looking in the right place.... Nothing on eBay, and andy bernbaum doesn't carry it. One year only deal?/? Orderded one from Vintage American Parts, and it is not correct.... Any Thoughts Gentleman? Thanks ~dbolt
  12. Dbolter

    Replacement Radiator Cap Source

    Thanks for the replies... I wasn't aware of the R1 thing. Have a sweet weekend! ~dbolt
  13. Dbolter

    1954 dodge kingsway business mans coupe

    Nice Restoration Robert!! I also like your Sweptline truck in the background!!

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