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  1. keithb7

    Big Jim's fender skirts

    I ordered a visor and wheel skirts about 3 weeks ago. Be about another month or so until I see them. They build the pieces once the order is placed and your VISA clears. I look forward to seeing the quality of these parts. I have heard good things, so I went for it.
  2. keithb7

    53 Chrysler More Door

    I laughed at Knuckleharley's comment. I too have been gob-smacked later at home by all the things I over looked with the "I want this!" problem!
  3. keithb7

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    Does one cut and bend their own gas line, similar to a brake line? Except that end as shown at the tank fitting seems odd. I've never replaced one of these old gas lines. I am wondering where one may source the gas line. Thanks.
  4. keithb7

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    I sure am interested in what fixes this. I have had similar instances where I show gas in the tank, but ran out. Fixing the fuel pick up tube flopping around in my tank, I thought solved my problem too. Until 2 weeks ago when I again ran out of fuel with a 1/4 reading on the fuel gauge. I have yet to fill the tank right up and see how much it takes. My fuel cap rubber seal is old and dry. Sloshing fuel will leak out if my tank is over 3/4 full. A new fuel cap is on the way now. Soon enough I will fill mine up and see. @busycoupe, if there were a pin-hole in the fuel line where it goes over the axle arch, would if not drip fuel when left sitting parked? This is new and interesting info.
  5. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    That's odd. What about all the other pics I have been posting? Ok? Just the last batch is a problem? I tried re-posting the pics. Are they showing up now? Thanks.
  6. keithb7

    Adjusting brakes so hub fits

    On the front wheel you can start with the arrow on each anchor mounting bolt point toward each respective cylinder. On the rear brakes, the two arrows are to point toward each other. This will place the shoes closest together and allow the drum the be reinstalled. However, several adjustments are to be made. There is a special tool that not many of us own. It greatly aides brake shoe alignment. The rest of us do the best with multiple adjustments and feel. If you do a quick search you may find a lot of information on this site about proper brake adjustments.
  7. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    150 Miles of all hi-way driving today. My car performed pretty well. Finally I am developing some seat time at hi-way speeds. Well, higher than town speeds anyway for this old 6 cylinder. My car is definitely most comfortable at about 55 mph. I will go faster but feels like it's labouring a little to hard for my liking. A good mix of 2 lane and four lane driving today with plenty of elevation gains and drops. I did notice that when I pulled off the hi-way the car wound not idle. It would just die. It would start up right away again and run just fine while under throttle. It was having nothing to do with idling. It happened multiple times today and I had lots of time to think it through. One might jump right into the carb thinking the idle circuit needs to be looked at. Or fuel delivery. When you stop and think things through a little sometimes it can be something so simple. The last stall occurred as I pulled up to my garage at home. I got out popped the hood. I thought about the idle screw backing right out maybe. Perhaps it needed adjustment. This what I found: My throttle shaft has walked to the left. See the throttle screw at the bottom? It's supposed to be contacting the cast, carb throttle body. Weird how it moved to the left as shown in the photo. No idle set screw action going on here. Full closure of the throttle valve. I will get in there and see what allowed this to happen and address it. Today's little cruise involved a couple of local friends. One fellow was in his 1955 Ford Crownline. V8 three on tree. The other friend was in is 1995 Jaguar XJS V12. Was great day for a cruise. This was taken from my drivers seat. Jag is in front of me here. Here is my friend's 1955 Ford Crownline. I won't lie, we looked great travelling down the hi-ways together. Similar body styling but his car was a paltry 17 ft or so long. My Chyrsler is about 19 ft long.
  8. keithb7

    Master cylinder rebuild

    Have a read here. I had a few hiccups going through my master cylinder.
  9. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    I pulled both rear drums off for an inspection last night. About 500 miles on my brakes now since they were done. Plenty of use as I go down the big hill each drive. Looks good. No concerns. I got into the front left brake this morning before the honey-do list was presented. I could hear the occasional squeaking again last night. (From the brakes not my Wife ) I wanted to have another look. I cannot see any reason for concern. I cleaned up all brake dust with a little brake-clean. I made a minor adjustment. All looks good. I'll try and get to the FR drum within a few days to inspect. There is about 1800 miles on the engine since I did the valve grind last June. If I recall number 5 &6 valves were in the worst shape. This morning I blew some air in around the spark plug holes then removed them all. I was pretty happy with what I saw. Maybe I am just used to looking at dark two stroke plugs. All my '53 plugs looked light and respectable to me. This hole #6. It had been a dead hole for a long time previous to me fixing it. After a quick clean up with a wire brush I put them back in.
  10. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    Real nice warm evening for a walk along the river with some ice cream. We parked downtown and walked to the river for waffle cones. My wife and I. In the driveway. Ready to head in the garage for the night. I am thinking I'll go try another hi-way adventure on Sunday. Test the car again with plenty of fuel in the tank this time. A local store had car covers at 40% off. I got the biggest, longest one they had. For a 19 ft car. Just barely fit. I hate the dust that settles on the car, just from sitting in the garage.
  11. keithb7

    Meadowbrook Project

    I bought a vintage one, scissor type off Ebay. Worked perfect.
  12. keithb7

    Wi-Fi Security Cam In My Garage

    It was on sale. It seems like a reputable company. I had been thinking about trying one out so I made the decision the spot to buy. It turned out well.
  13. I must admit when I bought the D-link DCS-936L wi-fi cam, on sale for $65 I was skeptical. I took it home, plugged it in, downloaded the app. Got it connected to my home wireless home internet. Loaded the app on my iphone and got to tweaking the settings. It works really well. Any movement that is picked up in my garage, I get a notice on my iphone. Instantly. It starts recording clips and saves them on it’s micro SD card. I can flip on the view and see live, whats going on in my garage. Middle of the night, someone decides to come in, ding ding. I’m on my way. Out for dinner? In Mexico? Yup. Call the neighbour. It can be triggered to record from movement or sound. 70% sensitivity yields me no false readings. It also records video and sound. I’m impressed by it. However I’m more impressed at how often my wife is in my tool box helping herself. And putting everything back! Never again will ai think twice about investing more money in tools. They seem to get 10X the use I thought I was giving them. For those savvy enough, I recommend this low priced security cam. The night vision is B&W and offers very good clear images and video in total darkness. 720 dpi camera. I figured likely this cam for the price, would be retuned after a week of false alarms and a glitchy app. Nope. It’s a keeper. My old Chrysler safely at home.
  14. keithb7

    Cooling System Techie Talk

    I don’t know. The Chrysler engineers of the time have a pretty darn good reputation. I’d give them the benefit of doubt. The Ny’r and Imperial had shrouds. Bigger rads too. V8 Vs flat 6. Different fan blades. Etc. I doubt they just slammed rads in and rolled the dice till they got it right.
  15. keithb7

    Meadowbrook Project

    I had ruled out brake booster as I figured the Master Cylinder was down under the floor boards.

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