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  1. keithb7

    Best slide hammer?

    The original axle and bearing was certainly stubborn and required more effort to pull out. I guess the old bearing cone gets corroded and held in place. It was a lot harder to pull than the one I recorded in the video above. The video showed pulling the axle, with the new bearing installed. I was pulling it a few times to set up shims and measure end play. It indeed did come out really easy.
  2. keithb7

    Best slide hammer?

    @Bobby198412 I decided to record a few of the other axle procedures that I learned from members here along the way. This was my first time going into the axle as well. Here is an outer grease seal video if you are interested: https://youtu.be/E4FiF6h5mtQ
  3. keithb7

    Best slide hammer?

    Here is what @Dodgeb4ya suggested and it worked well for me. No harm done. https://youtu.be/UOni7Udv7jU
  4. keithb7

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    Did as you suggested @Dodgeb4ya. Re-measured. Still zero clearance. Added back in a .005 shim on one side only. Tightened up and gave the axles another rap with a hammer. Now I have about .0025 to .003 end play thou on each axle. Seems like I am there. Reassembling the rest now. Thanks again.
  5. keithb7

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    Thanks Dodge. I will give the axles a dead blow, re-check clearances and report back.
  6. keithb7

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    Shimming has been a learning experience. Using the same shims I removed, I get about .010 end play. On each axle. Too much. Spec is 3-8 thou. I read that I am to remove equal amounts of shim stock on each side of the axle. The smallest shims I have are .005 each. So I remove one each from each side. Upon re-assembly I get zero clearance. Makes sense as the math adds up. I have no more shims. Am I ok to finish up the install at 0.000 clearance, then once everything settles in place, I'll likely gain a couple thou clearance? I could re-check it in a week or so, see how things settle in? Keith
  7. keithb7

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    New Made in the USA Timken bearngs and seals finally arrived. Bearings are now installed on the axles. I rounded up a piece of round stock to use as a seal installer. My plan is tomorrow I will be pushing all this back together. Hopefully, fingers crossed I will be cruising by that evening.
  8. keithb7

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    I won't disagree. I seem to suffer from "not being able to pay someone to fix something that I can learn to do". A Every time I do a new job I learn more, and 9 times out of 10 I save more than enough money to pay for any tools needed. The next time I put the tools to use again, then it really feels good. The experience to me, is invaluable. I know this is not everyone's mantra. There are times when I look around at all the vehicles, mechanical toys with engines, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed whackers, and more around here, I second guess what the heck l I am doing. Trying to keep everything maintained and well serviced. I get 'er done. It keeps me out of trouble while my neighbours hit the gym and buy a new car every 5 years. LOL. I digress, it makes me happy.
  9. keithb7

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    The ultra rare vintage professional mechanic...That would draw people in with old carbureted cars for sure. Folks with plenty of cash to spend. What is the hourly dealer shop rate these days in those parts? I'll guess $140/hr. Its about that around here. So I, like so many others turn the wrenches as much as possible. Finding this site has been an invaluable source of info and support. The DeSoto does look real nice. Glad to see it's being taken care of.
  10. keithb7

    How many seals do I need for a passenger rear axle

    No, the rear differential stays as is. The order of events goes like this: Jack up car. Remove Wheel Remove Axle nut Remove drum using drum puller Remove axle shaft key way Remove brake assy Disconnect Wheel Cylinder brake line. Remove brake backing plate nuts Remove backing plate. Place drum on axle shaft without key way in place. Thread axle nut on a few turns. Use drum hub as a dead blow-hammer to pull out axle and bearing assy. Place axle assambly on the ground. Use 2 finger attachment on slide hammer and pull out inner axle seal. There is nothing keeping the axle in the diff. It will slide out with a little effort. It does not have to be lined up a certain way when re-installed. Just slide it back in. Seal installer or some other type of tool will be needed to install seals. Perhaps a proper sized socket will work.
  11. HI folks, I do love the old Mopars. I own a '53 Chrysler and cherish it. My wife keeps hinting at me that she likes the old pick ups. That's a big opportunity in my opinion, to get another old Mopar! I asked her to pick out what she likes, based on internet photos. I told her to search old Dodge truck, or Fargo truck. I see a pattern of red truck photos coming back to me with headlight pods on the big round fenders. Side step rails and pop-out windows. Yes!!! She also likes the patina look, but not required. If I were ready with more space I'd be all over it right now to find one to purchase. I like stock. I like the flat heads and I am pretty comfortable working on them. I know little about Mopar truck offerings, but have been doing research in an effort to be educated when the time is right. I see that there was a relatively short run of Plymouth trucks. I assume quite rare these days. Meaning $$$$? Also parts like chrome and trim especially, may be hard to find? I have a few questions: I like the look of the 1939 to 1947 era Dodge 1/2T truck. What series is that? WC? Is that one series across that span? Looking at internet photos it appears so. What exactly does the Pilot House series mean? Is this just the 5 window cabs? Was this is special order cab? What years? No hurry something like this would certainly do just fine. Appreciate the info. Thanks, Keith
  12. keithb7

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    No problem Worden. I understand your frustrations over losing summer driving time in the old car. I too am down now as I await new wheel bearings and seals to arrive. Been a week now. I'm getting ants in my pants. I could have ordered local and paid twice or more, than the on-line order I placed. It's odd as sometimes I order on-line and the parts arrive in 2 business days. This order, so far has been a full week. I guess this is part of the charm of owning these old cars. The anticipation of parts arriving.
  13. keithb7

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    See text here taken from service manual. Here it addresses that big rear plug.
  14. keithb7

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Worden are you referring to item #6, large rear plug fitting? See the seal at #19. That seals it. I read in a factory manual that this plug is not serviceable. It is factory sealed. I am not sure that there is a seal readily available for it. Is this your original master cylinder leaking, that you re-sealed? Or did you buy a whole new cylinder assembly? - K
  15. keithb7


    There are some instructions here. I got great results while checking valve clearances with engine running. http://p15-d24.com/topic/642-adjusting-valves/

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