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  1. Antifreeze and your car

    Anti-Freeze. Ah yes. Such a small, yet very important part of our cars. It should be in your cooling system yes, however not ignored. Anti-freeze also degrades over time and should not be ignored. A good flush and re-fill should be part of your car's maintenance schedule. Scale, corrosion and rust are often major contributors to overheating problems. Not just old cars either. Even new cars are susceptible, if you own one long enough. This winter a friend's son was complaining that his late-90's car had little to no interior heat. It would take very long to even slightly warm up. Barely enough to get the ice off the windshield. I was visiting at the time and said, lets go outside and take a look. Under the hood I found the heater control valve. He worked the controls and I watched it move. It was working. His blower fan was working too. So next I said lets pop the rad cap and take a look. I found the brownest crappy thick sludge in there. He had no idea. He had never looked in there. I suggested he drain it and flush it several times with water. Then finally end with new proper 50-50 mixed coolant. Like most kids today, he took it to a garage and $400 for a shop to do it. I shook my head.... He works for near minimum wage. Then pays top dollar for a mechanic at his car's dealership to do something he could have easily done himself. Maybe it's just me. I just don't get it. But he's happy. He has heat now!
  2. Great Books That Feature Our Cars

    Well, I was at a large book store yesterday. They had all these books about Supercars. Or Million dollar cars. Muscle cars. You name it. I glanced through several of them looking for Mopars from my favourite era. No such articles existed. I had only visited 1 book store, however quickly surmised that maybe there are too few of us old Mopar fans, and we're all here. Not popular enough I guess to publish a coffee table book. I then headed over the the large magazine section. Thumbed through the latest Hemmings. In the Chrysler section there were a few listings from our era. Boy those 40's Town & Country convertibles sure attract a high dollar. There were a few ads but not many. I think half the book was Corvette ads. I then saw a special publication on Vintage American cars. It featured storys from each decade starting in the 1940's. The magazine had over 50 original car ads printed in the book. It was interesting. Inside the cover, the first car ad was a 1954 New Yorker with the original chrome spoke wheels you mentioned to me earlier in the week, @Plymouthy Adams. It was then I realized, you were bang on once again with your knowledge. This post is awfully quiet so I'll assume there are few if any published books of our cars. Maybe someone will put one together some day. Are we a rare breed? A small pocket of the vintage car industry? I like to come here to see the photos and hear the stories of other vintage Mopar owners. My own car? Well I can open the garage door and look at it any time. Looking at other cars is fun too.
  3. I was wondering if there are any great Vintage Mopar books that you would recommend. Say 1935 to 1955-ish era. Coffee table photo books or any other. I am interested in some reading and photos. Thanks.
  4. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Jay is! Here's a good one to watch. https://youtu.be/gd5qq9e3apk?t=835
  5. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Driven regularly in fine weather, spring , summer and fall. All stock powertrain. 265 CI 25” engine. Detroit built car. Fluid torque drive with engine fed torque converter. Which means about 3.5 gallons of engine oil at each service. Stock windshield wipers are not too great for steady rain. Rain-X helps me there. Ample power. Handles good with radial tires. Stops pretty darn fine too. A pleasure to drive and a head turner. My 1953 Windsor Deluxe.
  6. Brake drum max inside diameter??

    How’s the job progressing Worden? Any updates?
  7. 265 motor

  8. 265 motor

    Could be a Canadian thing Fargo. My car VIN plates tells me it was made in Detroit. However the engine could have easily been swapped out at a later time. Here in Canada a previous owner could have swapped in a Canadian engine. Or my VIN was changed? Who knows.
  9. 265 motor

    I wonder why my 1953 C60 stamped 25" 265 engine does not have the cool red "Spitefire" logo.
  10. Rims

    Speaking of Rims, I was thinking about what type of aftermarket rims migh have been popular in the year of my car, 1953? My stock rims with full hub cabs are cool but wondering all what would have been an upgrade stock option on higher end models. Where chrome spokes available at the time? I am interested in something period correct. For example, is this stock? Or aftermarket of the times? Period correct?
  11. Brake drum max inside diameter??

    I checked 3 different Mopar manuals that I have from the era. Nothing mentioned about drum max wear limit in any of them.
  12. We and the Windsor 2018

    For peace of mind, I jacked up front end today after I got home. I have put 60 miles on the car now since I completed my brakes. I wanted to inspect cylinders for any possible leaks. With all the talk about Chinese rubber seals lately I think I may be developing a little paranoia. All good behind the front drums. All all visible connections dry throughout.
  13. We and the Windsor 2018

    I took the Ol' Emerald out for a Shamrock shake on this fine St. Patrick's Day. I visited a friend who I recently made in my local vintage car club. Toured his shop and property. Lots of neat stuff to see there. A good resource if needed in the future too. He's got multiple vintage cars and trucks. He has a real knack for digging up original low milage cars. Seen here is is 1975 F250 and 1964 Oldsmobile. Both are survivors. Original with exceptionally clean interiors. He's working on an old Essex 1929. Looking mighty fine too. Stopped on the way home to enjoy the sun and the view for a minute.
  14. We and the Windsor 2018

    Wow. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. That means a lot to me. I am very lucky to own it. I am honored to be its caretaker. To keep it looking great and share it with anyone who’s interested. This world needs more great old Mopars on the roads.
  15. Me and the Meadowbrook

    A puller and a big sledge? Lol. Oh and ear plugs. Safety glasses. Maybe a riot helmet. Good to see your son helping. Those are great times. My sons were the same. One hung on and still helps out a bit. The other met girls, cars, and beer. Lol.