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  1. keithb7

    Me and the B-1-D

    Oh boy! What a truck. Very nice find. I want to come hang out at your place and fix Mopar stuff. In an old wood barn. 😊
  2. keithb7

    Ecodiesel Files

    You own a ‘48 Dodge? Nice truck! I love the split 2 piece hood! I have an old Mopar truck stuck in my head too. Maybe someday. I would love to own one. If the right one comes along, at the right price...
  3. keithb7

    Got a lot of money......?

    880 Million invested in it! Holy Moly. Mrs. Anna Dodge would have bought it!
  4. keithb7

    54 desoto

    Agree with John. A compression test is great start. I tend to start with the basics and go from there. Fuel Delivery, compression & spark at the right time is basically what the engine needs to run. That seems to be happening for the most part, as the engine will run. Albeit not smooth. Then I take each of the three basic things and strip down further to dig in and try to uncover underlying issues. Poor compression in some cylinders? Why? Valve sealing issues? Which cylinder? Valve lash settings? Sticking valve? Cylinder head sealing? Head gasket? Piston rings? Etc. Metered fuel delivery, not likely here. Yet consider Carb condition Air leaks? Fuel quality? Fuel pump pressure? Fuel filter used? Condition of filter? Clean fuel jets? Air flow? Float settings? Fuel tank and pick up screen condition? Choke functioning? Etc..On and on. Spark delivered at the right time is a prime suspect here. However, I would definitely be digging in looking for more clues to confirm. Further troubleshooting can get pretty extensive here. Checking for spark at each plug is an easy start. Pull cap and rotor to inspect & clean. File or replace points? Set dwell. Age of condenser? Condition and gap of the plugs? Coil wire and all related wiring condition? Clean contacts? Etc...
  5. keithb7

    Help ID-ing Mopar Transmission

    I wanted to document what I learned, and post a video for others to learn from on You Tube. This video was done from memory, based on what I learned here from @Dodgeb4ya and from reading through my shop manuals. I learned a lot here about these M6 transmissions. I realize there are other good learning sources courtesy of the Mopar Master Mechanic series. They are great. This was my way of explaining the workings of the tranny in simple stripped down terms. Maybe not 100% accurate in my word choices, as it was on the fly. No script, no editing. You Tube seems to be the Go-To place these days for most young people looking to learn about new things. So I thought it best to share my learnings there. Hopefully a future generation of Mopar finds something useful in my video. Thanks again Dodgeb4ya. Your help is much appreciated. I am not done yet with this tranny. I still want to get the countershaft out. However other projects have taken priority. I will get back to this tranny at a later date. Cheers, Keith https://youtu.be/DtqjLNEOpqc
  6. keithb7

    The story of the Dodge Ram hood ornament

    Dodge Brothers were instrumental in early car engineering. They did a ton of great work. They took some risks and made some great investments. They deserve a ton of credit!
  7. keithb7

    Help ID-ing Mopar Transmission

    Got it. I got a bigger, longer pry bar so I could get more leverage. It was almost out, but still hung up. I figured, I already broke the rotor. So what's one more tap from the back end with a drift? That did it. That oil pump is a cool simple eccentric design. It works well. Low pressure, it gets the job done. Looking at the photo you can see a notch in the inner centre of the rotor. This is for a small pin that is set into the transmission main shaft going through the pump centre, and out to the drive shaft to the diff. The car moving, is turning the driveshaft, which turns the tranny main shaft, which in turns this oil pump. This pump provides pressure for the hydraulic shift piston action. Neat stuff... This next pic shows the oil passages on the back side of the pump. Neat castings here. Here you can see a good full shot of the main shaft. 1st and 3rd gear are on here. The last biggest on to the left end, is reverse. Of note, is the worm/spiral cuts seen in the main shaft toward the left just past the rear main support bearing. These cuts, mate with a gear and turns the speedometer cable drive. Depending on the car, factors such kilometers or miles on speedometer, or stock tire size, different sized matching speedo drive gears are used. This tranny was used in many Mopar applications. Last pic of the day, here are my work conditions and my '53 in hibernation over the Canadian winter.
  8. keithb7

    Help ID-ing Mopar Transmission

    Yes, Dodge, I have been prying on that little oval slot opening. That is why that one side is slightly lifted up in the image above that I posted. Thanks for the reply. That assures me. Now that I know there is no special tool or procedure I will try getting creative and prying up both sides of the retainer somehow.
  9. keithb7

    Just saw total disregard for other's property

    When I bought my '53 Chrysler in 2017 i was new to the car show scene. I started attending shows. At one of my first car shows I saw a woman in shorts and a top, sprawl herself out on the hood of a restored vintage 68 Corvette. For a photo opp. Her significant other took a couple photos, while she tried to pose like a model. I was shocked. Being new to all this, I looked on in horror and said nothing. I should have spoke up now that I think back. The car owner was not in site and missed the charades. Unbelievable but indeed true.
  10. keithb7

    Help ID-ing Mopar Transmission

    Holiday season has passed, and all the house guests have been here and gone. Now I am getting back to this transmission learning project. I have pulled the main shaft from the rear housing. Output seat, retainer and bearing. The bearing feels rough. Not surprising. Here is how the rear housing looks, apart. Seal, bearing and clip seen here too. I am stumped trying to pull the pump out. The mainshaft bearing retainer plate is fastened to rear housing with 4 bolts. This retainer plate doubles as the pump housing end plate. I removed the four bolts, but can't seem to find a way to get the retainer cover off. I referenced 3 manuals that I have. All just say "remove 4 bolts. Remove bearing retainer, inner and outer oil pump rotors. Well I tried and I got a little rammie. I tried a drift and a small hammer, going in from the output end of the housing. There is little to nothing to push forward from the back side. I accidentally put my drift on the pump rotor and I split the rotor. My bad. As this is a spare tranny for me, and a learning experience, this is not devastating to me. I hate breaking up any old parts though. They don't make any new ones. I am learning though! So I come back here to ask for tips. Seen here is the rear housing. Pump side. You can see I have the retainer plate out a little on the left side. Tips to get the pump plate off are appreciated. Thx. Keith
  11. keithb7

    The story of the Dodge Ram hood ornament

    I heard a rumor, maybe someone could elaborate. Brand new Ram trucks don’t have Dodge emblems on them anywhere. Is that true? In any advertising I’ve seen over the past years I’ve been looking for visuals, and listening for the Dodge marquee. Nothing. I heard somewhere that for every truck or car that the Chrysler group manufactured with “Dodge” on it, they had to pay a fee to the heirs of the Dodge Brothers fortune. That the RAM name become infamous and the Dodge name was dropped as it was no longer needed for marketing. Plus the Chrysler group saved considerable expense every year. Not true? I don’t know. I know a little bit about the Dodge Bros fortune. I believe a large part of it was lost in squalor after the DB’s wives passed. Anna Dodge had a granddaughter that kept coming back to the well and going in deep. One example only, of several is my understanding. So where there any heirs left to claim the Dodge royalties, paid by Chrysler? Did Walter P pay upfront, a one-time fee for everything? To the bankers group that paid out the DB’s wives when they initially sold out? Internet Folklore? The Modern RAM theory?
  12. This 1948 Desoto Sedan is local for me. "100% Original", the ad reads. $12,000 Canadian works out to about $8,988 US funds.
  13. keithb7

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Merry Christmas Worden. Keep up the good work training your kids on the old Mopars! Great progress appears to be being made. Your boxer in the car is classic!
  14. keithb7

    A Mopar Family Christmas

    From our driveway to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my Mopar friends here. Thank you for all the support this year!
  15. keithb7

    Got a non vehicle hobby? Like knitting?

    Sometimes I put on a toque and perform outside during winter in Canada.

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