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  1. Hi folks. I have a few questions about my home boiler heating system. In floor hydronic heating. Natural gas fueled. Hoping we may have a resident expert here. Thx. Keith
  2. keithb7

    Greatest Barn Find Collection...

    I did not watch every bit nor listen word for word. I skipped around. From what I saw, I have mixed feelings about all those cars sitting there doing nothing. No person in their lifetime could get through them all to make them somewhat usable. The collection is beyond excessive. I think it makes sense to sell them off and let them be enjoyed by the car enthusiasts around the world. Let fanatics bring them back to their stock new condition. Let us all see them at car shows around the continent. In the current state they are in, and where they are amassed, what does this bring to the owners? Empowerment? Having a collection full of cars other people covet? Seems somewhat pointless to me. Left long enough, will they become less desirable? I think so. The way the world is going us vintage car owners will be punished and need special licenses to even drive our cars to and from events only. It's time to get the ball rolling and get those cars rolling ASAP in my opinion.
  3. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    First short drive of 2019. Around the block. It’s hard waiting for spring. The heater sure adds an interesting element to cruising...Seems like there’s an “Old Car Smell” air-freshener tucked up in the heating duct. Smells that can trigger memories. Somehow it smells like going for a drive with my Grandpa in 1975, in his old car. Well I guess his car was probably 10 years old in 1975!
  4. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    It seems some folks are unable to see the pic with my new rims. I will upload it here in a different way.
  5. Thanks @homer41 . That's interesting. I will contact them to see if I can get just the 2 I need.
  6. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    Today I installed my used "new-to-me" rims. In my opinion a very classy improvement. I went to a friend's home-garage who owns a tire machine and balancer. I helped and had some good learnings. I happily paid him for his time and tool use.
  7. keithb7

    Just Discovered Dyke’s Auto Encyclopedia

    I can't say why, but I get little enjoyment from reading a scanned book. Printing the scanned material, binding it into a book, and thumb flipping...Now we're talking.
  8. When Mention buying on e-bay I am referring to NOS Mopar parts only. Not offshore built will-fit parts. I still fail to understand why Bernbaum has 4 different part numbers.
  9. keithb7

    Just Discovered Dyke’s Auto Encyclopedia

    Be sure to check back and report. Either confirm or suppress my enthusiasm...I'm carrying on reading sections daily. Maybe it's just my age and I missed a ton of cool stuff about old cars and how they worked. For example I did not know that old cooling systems did not have a water pump, nor thermostat, and were non-pressurized. I would have probably grasped that pretty easily being as at some point everything had to be engineered. Go back far enough and old cars had 1 HP, and ate hay. The thermo-syphon principle is lost on most people today. Neat old stuff that we had to learn and live through to get where we are today. Did you know that old cars used to have manual control levers to open and close air fins on the front of cars? To control air flow through the rad, from within the cab? Sure, you probably did. I didn't and I'll be ogling over the next car equipped with air fins that I see at a car show. I have never owned a car with that awesome feature. Today we make winter fronts to cover our radiators up here in Canada. Today we seem to have gone backwards in some ways. How about those neat cooling system thermometers that screw into your rad, replacing your rad cap? I'd wager that less than1% of the population today have ever heard of one. Let alone how they work, how to read them, or how they react with non-water pump, and water-pump equipped cooling systems. My point is, the book takes many of these interesting topics and breaks them down for a very good depth of understanding. Using common non-engineering type language. Akin to maybe, car mechanic language. I'm not implying that grease monkeys are dumb, but I am no calculus wizard and this book suits me just fine. These are a few examples of what I took from the cooling system section. Maybe this is all useless stuff to most people today. However for a car nut, someone who enjoys shop talk at the car show, who wants to preserve and maintain old cars, this book is indeed a must have.
  10. Hi folks, my tie rod ends are a little sloppy so I am going to change them out with new. I found an NOS pair on E-bay. # 1243629. These are LH thread. My 1953-54 parts book shows and confirms that 2 are needed. I also need 2 qty 1315410 RH thread ends. So in total a pair of each. I have not yet found an NOS pair of the RH threads, so I reached to my Andy Bernbaum parts catalog. They show 4 different part numbers. Outer right D-143, Outer left D-144. Inner right D-145. Outer right D-146. How is that I wonder? As the OEM parts book show 2 part numbers, a pair of each required. Can anyone able to explain the discrepancy? I'd like to order a matching pair of RH threads, as per the OEM parts book. I emailed a supplier and I am not convinced they understand. They replied by instructing me to buy an inner right, and an outer right to meet my needs of 2 RH thread ends. I am confident I'll know what goes where when I begin to install them. However I would like to have all 4 in hand before I start the job. I am not clear what I need to order from Bernbaum. Unless of course an NOS pair of 1315410 comes up on e-bay real soon. Thanks for any help in brining some clarity to this.
  11. What an incredible book. The amount of great info is mindblowing. The illustrations are like candy for a car junkie. I can’t put it down. I found a 20th edition 1942 year in excellent condition. Paid $15 US for it. Worth a ton more to an old-car car nut. Since it arrived in the mail I’ve burned 4-5 hours with my nose in it. (It arrived yesterday) If you’re a gear head, or not, and just want to learn more about our old cars you’ve got to get a copy of this book. Highly recommend. I am so glad I bumped into this book. https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2016/02/03/recommended-reading-dykes-automobile-and-gasoline-engine-encyclopedia/
  12. keithb7

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Unfortunate to hear about your new Ram Truck problems. The good news is you get to enjoy the Meadowbrook. I finally have heat in my Windsor but have not yet to driven it this winter. Still doing more work. I tend to stay off the winter roads, spoiling the Windsor. Does this look about right for your headlight ring?
  13. keithb7

    Heater Core & Control Valve Access ‘53

    Yahoo! We have gobs of marvelous heat blowing in the cab today! Oh so warm sitting here in the back seat warming up as I type this. -10C here this morning.
  14. keithb7

    Spoke Wheel Tube Liner?

    Hi folks, with spring around the corner I am getting my rims ready. I picked these up used last fall. I am getting ready to swap my Coker radials on the spoked rims. I ordered new tubes from Coker. They offered some sizes of rim liners, but not for my 15" rim. Is there something I can use to protect the tube, to prevent a tube puncture due to contacting the spoke ends? Is a layer of duct tape adequate? Thanks, Keith.
  15. keithb7

    Give em a brake

    I shared some of my experiences doing some of these jobs last summer. If interested see here: https://youtu.be/E4FiF6h5mtQ?t=2 https://youtu.be/UOni7Udv7jU https://youtu.be/2TlQvMxLeEY Thanks to the input of several members here, they helped me through my questions as I go through this job.

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