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  1. keithb7

    How to change your oil

    31 years of driving so far. Have done countless oil changes in every vehicle I have ever owned. Add my wife's, and both of my son's cars. Add my mother-in-law's cars... That is a lot of oil changes. So far.. I have no intention of paying someone any time soon, to do a half-a**'d job of it for me. I taught my sons how to do things right themselves, and pocket the savings. It adds up to a lot of money over the decades. I enjoy the chance to get under my car and inspect things. Leaks, ball joint wear, tires, all that stuff and more. Then I plan to tackle those items that need addressing. Most memorable oil change? My 1953 Fluid Torque Drive, 265 motor. The torque is engine oil fed. Every oil change I have to line up the torque drain plug and drain it too. The entire change take 13 quarts if I recall. 2nd most memorable? When my oldest son was ready to tackle his own oil changes alone. What a mess he made! LOL. Dirty and clean oil all over the place. He said I made it look easy. Pouring it in the fill spout, lining up the drain pan. Pulling the plug and not getting oil on me. I laughed when he spun off his filter and carried from the driveway into the garage. Open side down. He was cleaning up his mess for some time after the service was complete. Recent oil changes in my "new to me" 3/4T diesel upp'd the game. Black dirty oil. Big drain plans. Bigger wrenches. Generally more grunting on bigger vehicles. I enjoy the new challenges and learning. I just may well be happiest when I have completed my own vehicle repairs, folded my money in half, and put it back in my pocket. How very satisfying it is.
  2. Thanks @wayfarer. I have been doing internet research, studying the service manual, and doing a fair bit of required maintenance in the past couple of months. I serviced & re-sealed the rear diff, tranny oil, engine oil & filter, front diff as well as pinion seal. I bought an ISSPRO fuel electronic fuel pressure gauge to install. That way I can watch fuel pressure off the lift pump slowly diminish. Then address the the lift pump before it takes out the VP44 hopefully. My RF outer axle seal is leaking, I will get to that soon. I love the power and durability of these 2500 Dodge trucks. Mine is quite comfortable too. My dash is not cracked. I will keep an eye on the track bar and take your advice when it comes time to replace it.
  3. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    Out for a fall cruise today. Was a beautiful day. Lots of folks approached me to discuss my car. One of my favourite stops is the gas station. I doddle there checking the oil. Polishing the glass. It seems every single time, I get folks approaching me there. I like it there for some reason. Feels kinda at home there at the gas station, me doing my own self-serve checks. I drove up past my house to snap this pic. Scary as heck leaving the car on a hill. I put the wheel chock in place and set the park brake. But...with no transmission park feature, if she gets rolling there is no stopping her. Especially if I am watching from across the road. Lol.
  4. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

  5. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    If anyone can tell me how to remove the centre caps that’d be great! Thanks.
  6. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    I brought these home yesterday.
  7. keithb7

    Ecodiesel Files

    LOL. No far from it. My thermostat stays at 70 F these days. Gas has gotten a lot more expensive. Also now our government has tagged on Carbon Tax to the gas bill. Another tax scam. See? There are many reasons I miss my wood heat source. @Worden18 we too have in floor heating. It is awesome. I love it. My problem is the fuel source is natural gas. I have no option to earn free fuel.
  8. keithb7

    Ecodiesel Files

    Nice splitter Worden! I sure miss wood heat. I had a wood stove in the basement of an earlier home. We lived farther north here in Canada where -40 F or Cel, was not uncommon. There was lots of birch, pine, spruce and fir readily available for free. You jsut had to work your butt off to get it home. I was 15 years younger and could swing a maul like nobody's business. I kept about 4 chords of wood ready by easter for the upcoming fall. My wife and our two young boys would head out to the bush for a load together, often. Our house was so perfectly cozy and warm. We wore shorts and t-shirts all winter in the house. My Dad would come visit and say "Holy crap son, are you making anchors in the basement?" The only thing maybe better was the sweet smell of the seasoned wood burning. The air dead still and crisp. At dawn or dusk at -40 degrees when I was outside shovelling snow. Mmm. I can smell it now. I miss those days. Today I live in a town where wood burning appliances are banned. No new homes can be built with a wood fireplace, or stove. Older homes cannot install a wood stove. So now I get fat and lazy and pay a $200 gas bill during the cold months.
  9. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    On another note I’ve got a line on a used set of 4 factory option wire chrome wheels. I hope to pick them up next Saturday. I’ll round up some tubes and get the tires swapped over. I am a little excited to get these. They are beautiful n my opinion. Looking forward to getting them on my Windsor.
  10. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    And then it happened. Fall showed up. The sun was out this afternoon. I dropped everything to get out and enjoy my car. The crusing days left in 2018 are dwindling. We can’t waste them.
  11. My plan is to change the fuel filer and the lift pump together. Just waining for the new pump to arrive. Then I will take a new base-line test.
  12. I ordered a test gauge to check lift pump pressure. It is within spec. Minimum pressure at full load up hill was 8 psi. Minimum spec is 5 psi. I I ordered a new spare fuel lift pump. I will likely change it pro-actively soon. I do know the pump in my truck now was installed new in 2011. I will install a permanent fuel pressure gauge eventually. Until then, I will test fuel lift pump pressure every 3-4 months or so and monitor my records. I'll keep the one I pull as a spare. I have been doing lots of research. Thanks again for the tips.
  13. keithb7

    Pulling The Radio In my '53

    @sser2 PM-ing you. Thanks. Keith
  14. keithb7

    Pulling The Radio In my '53

    Thank you @sser2. I will try and find a matched pair of 6AQ5 tubes. My tube tester is thermionic type. The two 6AQ5 tubes and the 6X4 rectifier tube show up as pretty weak. As you said, the tubes are cheap, I will order new ones. I do see a solid state 6V + ground replacement vibrator is available for $30 US.
  15. keithb7

    Pulling The Radio In my '53

    Great news! The schematic is still in place. I will tag radio info here so it will come up in future internet searches. Maybe someday someone will be looking for same info. Philco Models P-5206 D-5207 C-5209 Power Unit and Speaker chassis. Schematic part number 78-0894. 1953 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe. Detroit built. I'm off to refresh my memory on what the vibrator actually dues. It's the biggest metal cylinder can seen in the chassis shot above with the tubes visible. On the schematic it's shown as some sort of coil. Very bottom left of the schematic image here:

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