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  1. Cannuck

    Plodge Bumpers.. What is compatible?

    I am wondering would an american P15 bumper be different than a canadian P15 ? Could it possibly be a front bumper?
  2. Cannuck

    changing pinion seal P15

    Hi I also had problems with my pinion seal leaking . I should point out that my car is a Canadian 1948 dodge which is basically a P15 with dodge badging. I also ordered a replacement seal from AB . it leaked from day one .I got a tip from Desoto 1939 to try a NationalOil seal for a 1946-1948 D0dge #5851 which crosses over to the Victor Seal 49230 . I tried it and it hasn't leaked since . Good luck
  3. Cannuck

    Brake lights conversion

    That is nice .Is it one of yours Plymouthy?
  4. Cannuck

    Brake lights conversion

    Thanks White Spyder I was wondering how you managed placing them in the taillights. I have already purchased the lights and will wait for warmer weather. Thanks again
  5. Cannuck

    Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone
  6. Cannuck

    Brake lights conversion

    Thank you White Spider that is definitely another option.
  7. Cannuck

    Brake lights conversion

    Thanks to you all for all your suggestions .Its great to have this forum to help non mechanical people like myself.I do a It looks like I will be looking for the 900 series after Christmas . Thanks again for your patience.
  8. Cannuck

    Brake lights conversion

    Thank you Plymouthy Mine is a Signal stat 400 I will look on line for the wiring diagram. It is my understanding that I should be using the turn signal bulb side for the brake light. So the Brake light switch has two wires that push on, one from power and one to the centre B/L. I attach the black gray wire to the power side. The black gray is attached to my power source presently. Then I run two more wires back to the tail lights from the centre brake light side of the switch. I do enjoy working on the car but the signal lights was my first stab at wiring. Thanks again
  9. Cannuck

    Brake lights conversion

    Ok last year I wired in the new old stock signal lights I got my power from the ignition switch and ran new wires ti both front and rear park lights changing the bulbs to dual filament . This year I thought I would add the brake lights .My car is a 1948 dodge sedan with the old wiring harness, Not sure what else you require I do appreciate you taking the time .
  10. Cannuck

    Brake lights conversion

    Thanks for the reply Yes I am aware that this topic has been discussed before , The reason I ask is because I was confused , I already have the dual element sockets andI thought I was missing some steps . First running a wire from the centre BL to the signal lights isn"t going to work Am I to run a separate wire from the S/L switch to the rear signal light wire You mention a second dedicated wire on the S/L switch one going to the centre brake light which it already does correct.and the other to the T/S switch This is what confuses me . You can tell I am new at this .
  11. Cannuck

    Brake lights conversion

    Hi I am in the process of going from one brake light to three. Before I cut any wires, I understand I splice the brake light wire and run it over to the right and left signal light bulb wire. This seems quite simple but I have a feeling I am missing something. Thanks
  12. Cannuck

    Brake lights

    Hi I know this is a topic that has been discussed a few times . I am in the process of wiring my brake light to the signal lights bulb but before I cut any wires .The way I understand things i just splices the centre brake light wire and feed it over to the right and left signal light and presto I will have three brake lights.. This seems quite simple but I feel I am missing something . Thanks
  13. Cannuck

    Surprise! My Plymouth Wagon Is a Covergirl

    Amazing what a difference.
  14. Cannuck

    1956 Plymouth Suburban 230 fuel pump

    Welcome to the Forum there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here that are always willing to help. I have had good luck with parts from Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts.
  15. Cannuck

    Removing heat control tap on head

    I will try the heat and wax .Does the wax run down the threads and act as a lub? No I have not drained the coolant yet, I thought I would try to move it just a bit first but I see I will have to drain it first and remove the hose . I will do this tomorrow . Thanks for your responses.

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