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  1. Cannuck

    Surprise! My Plymouth Wagon Is a Covergirl

    Amazing what a difference.
  2. Cannuck

    1956 Plymouth Suburban 230 fuel pump

    Welcome to the Forum there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here that are always willing to help. I have had good luck with parts from Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts.
  3. Cannuck

    Removing heat control tap on head

    I will try the heat and wax .Does the wax run down the threads and act as a lub? No I have not drained the coolant yet, I thought I would try to move it just a bit first but I see I will have to drain it first and remove the hose . I will do this tomorrow . Thanks for your responses.
  4. Hi again Does anyone have experience removing this tap . I am nervous about too much torque and snapping it off . I have been spraying penetrating oil for a couple of weeks.still will not budge. Thanks
  5. Cannuck

    Oiling the cam in the distributor

    I have been spraying the tap on the head for weeks now with penetrating oil to remove the tap that no longer works . I am nervous about putting too much torque on the tap .I don't want it to snap . My point is i may have a reason to use the stop cock.Instead of draining the rad. Another option is just cutting the hose and putting in a inline tap. Problem is I get heat all summer long .
  6. Cannuck

    Oiling the cam in the distributor

    Thank you to everyone . I won't mess with the Petcock and I will put a couple of drops on the cam . Thanks also for the heads up on the speedometer cable . John
  7. Cannuck

    Oiling the cam in the distributor

    Yes thank you I had already put a couple of drops in the cap . This was a further instruction to remove the cap and rotor and place a couple of drops on the wick that surrounds the cam.
  8. Cannuck

    Oiling the cam in the distributor

    Sorry about that went to correct spelling and away it went . I was going to place the drops on the cam but like I said I wasn't sure . Also i noticed a tap on the block below the oil filler pipe Was wondering what it is for and is there something I need to do or include in my regular maintenance
  9. Hi I was doing some maintenance on my Dodge and the manual call for a couple of oil drops on the wick on the top of the cam in the distributor. I removed the rotor and am not sure where to put the drops because the wick isn't visable
  10. Cannuck

    Light em up

    My signal lights are a recent add on for safety reasons. A couple of close calls did it for me . I followed the instructions passed on from a member of this forum and got my power from the ignition switch and ran all the necessary wires .Replaced the single elements to double .The signal lights work great now I would like to add the brake lights . I get that i need signal light interruption i just don't understand how to achieve this.
  11. Cannuck

    Light em up

    I have already added the double contact sockets for signal lights .Could I not run a wire from the centre B/L and splice into the T/S wire ? It seems too simple.
  12. Cannuck

    Proper torque

    Thank you , I have always just tightened till tight ,but thought i should be using a torque wrench . My manual was no help or maybe it was it said to make sure they were tight. Thanks again
  13. Cannuck

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    I bought mine from Bernbaums and gave it 3 coats of pore 15.
  14. Cannuck

    front crankshaft bolt size

    I unstuck my engine back in the eighties a mechanic had me pore diesel fuel down the cylinders and try to turn the engine a little at a time maybe a sixteenth of an inch no more .I did this everyday for a month or longer ,and eventually got it free . I removed the rad to get enough room .The engine is still running .
  15. Cannuck

    Proper torque

    Hi ,wondering what is the proper torque on the lug bolts on my 48 dodge.

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