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  1. Cannuck

    pinion seal

    Well I finally got around to changing the pinion seal .What a job it took forever to remove the old seal ,I did as recommended and drilled holes in the flange of the seal and put in metal screws to pull on , still it was quite a gob to get it out . I replaced it with the seal recommended by Desoto 1939 thanks again. It was fun trying to tap the new seal into place,after many attempts i was finally successful.
  2. Cannuck

    Jack Storage

    I know not and I know I know not what to do with my jack.
  3. Cannuck

    This Evening's Cruise...With Running Updates

    That is one nice car
  4. Cannuck

    Dim headlights

    Good Question I will be working on my headlight wiring this winter.The wiring is very brittle and cracks when handled.
  5. Cannuck

    48 Desoto Project

    You did a great job ,good for you. Enjoyed the pictures.
  6. Cannuck

    Charging problem

    Hi Greg Thank you for your help I did as you suggested and still no peg to full charge . i guess my next step is a trip to a shop to have the generator looked at Thanks to everyone how tried to help
  7. Cannuck

    Charging problem

    Hi Greg g . I did the test ,and according to m manual the field terminal on m generator was the thicker of the two. I had no change to the ammeter after attaching the other end of the cable to the bracket that holds the generator and increasing the RPM.I assumed that this was ok as a ground.
  8. Cannuck

    Charging problem

    Hi Don I touched field to batt. got a little spark . With everything back together turned on the headlights with the engine running ammeter wet negative and stayed there even as I revved the engine .
  9. Cannuck

    Woodgrain Thoughts

    That is really good , same colour as my 48 dodge
  10. Cannuck

    Charging problem

    Hi Don My voltage regulator is simular to the ford regulator. Yesterday i thought he jumped from B to A.
  11. Cannuck

    Charging problem

    Yes we tested that yesterday i put the headlights on with the motor not running and the ammeter showed negative one bar of centre. Then i started the car and it stayed the same . when I am driving the car with the headlights off the needle stays on centre.
  12. Cannuck

    Charging problem

    Hi again I am the owner of a 1948 Canadian built dodge sedan. I have a problem with the charging system. I don't know if its a generator problem or a voltage regulator problem. Last evening was the first time this year that i had to use the headlights. They were quite dim by the time I had travelled the 10 miles to home and today i have been charging my battery. The problem starts in the spring when i had installed the battery wrong. I had made it a negative ground .I drove it like that for a couple of months before being convinced the it should be a positive ground. I was told I would have to re polarize the system . We used a jumper cable at the voltage regulator to accomplish this but the gentleman helping me thought there was a problem because there was very little spark . I had to take his word for this because i am no mechanic , Is there an easy way to check the generator ? Where do i start? I could remove the generator but i am not setup to do a bench test .I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks John
  13. Cannuck

    Woodgrain Thoughts

    Great article .My trim and dash all have to be done .I didn't have a clue how to proceed now I do . I thought all examples looked good .
  14. Cannuck

    pinion seal

    Thank you I will check into these seals .
  15. Cannuck

    pinion seal

    Thank you for replying. I took the differential vent off (it was plugged) cleaned it and replaced it I also cleaned up the gear oil of t he bottom of the car and will be checking to see if its a fix. Thank you once again Just an update ,cleaning the differential seems to have solved the problem.Went for a 25 mile dive with no leakage. Will keep my eye on it . Thanks again John

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