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  1. Coolaidcop

    Straight 6 Engine 218 CI - Rebuild

    WOW! Thank you all so much for the input, logged in this morning and found a wealth of knowledge. You gentlemen know your cars. I will get the engine number this evening and put it up here to help identify it. AS for pictures, let me see if it will let me upload some more.
  2. I have a 1949 Plymouth Sedan Deluxe with a 218 CI straight 6. The car is the body style of the 1946-48 Plymouth sedan, and I am told that it was a very early 49, which for a short time, was the same body as the 46-48 versions. My question is this, everything on the car relates to 46-48....I'm getting ready to purchase an overhaul kit to rebuild the engine. Is it safe to say its the 1946-48 version of the P-15 straight 6 engine? I understand there is some type of engine change for true 49's. Anyone have any info on differences of the engine from 48 to 49? Thanks for any help.
  3. Coolaidcop

    1949 P-15 Sedan Deluxe 2 dr

    BobT, thanks for confirming what I had heard. I do actually have the ribbed chrome portion, just lacking the plastic piece.
  4. Coolaidcop

    1949 P-15 Sedan Deluxe 2 dr

    Thanks JohnS48 and DrDoctor, unfortunately mine does not have the piece at all, so I don't have anything to try and refurbish. I will check on that for sale post for the parting out 46, Flatie, appreciate it. I was told my car is basically a 48, but was sold in early 49, so it was titled as a 49. I guess there were a few hundred that were like that. So for pretty much all relevant parts, I have to order based on 46,47,48.
  5. Coolaidcop

    1949 P-15 Sedan Deluxe 2 dr

    I go back every now and then, was there this passed March for a visit. Love those curvy roads. Thanks for the picture Don Coatney ..... I am also looking for the dash plymouth emblem if anyone has info. There is one on ebay but it seems pricey at $225, but maybe thats realistic, I'm not sure.
  6. Coolaidcop

    1949 P-15 Sedan Deluxe 2 dr

    I think I did that wrong.........sorry, Thank you DrDoctor for the information, very helpful. Thanks Casper50 and Ernie Baily, also fantastic info. As far as the Tennessee plate goes DrDoctor... I'm from Greeneville Tenn., The plate belonged to my uncle Sonny, who is in a retirement home there, Sonny Higgins. Kinda one of my heros, so when we cleaned out his place, I kept the plate and intend to run it on the front, but hadn't got my NM plate yet, so I had it there for decoration mostly.
  7. Coolaidcop

    1949 P-15 Sedan Deluxe 2 dr

  8. Coolaidcop

    1949 P-15 Sedan Deluxe 2 dr

    Thanks Silverdome and Soth122003 for the input, much appreciated.
  9. Coolaidcop

    1949 P-15 Sedan Deluxe 2 dr

    Working on my 1949 P-15, encountering different problems, was reaching out for some opinions. 1. The door jam/base plates - I don't have any, I heard they were rubber OEM, is there a metal/aluminum replacement? 2. The third brake light, bulb and wiring is fine, still doesnt work, what does it come on with, tailights? 3. What was the original handle on the end of the gear shift on the collum? Thanks for any help... Here are some pictures

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