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  1. No I know it will surge or jump I've had several std transmission. But was wondering why the clutch pedal having no pressure. Where should I start to trouble shoot
  2. Also no pressure on clutch pedal
  3. No sorry I can put the truck in gear with the engine off without using clutch I did try cranking once didn't realize it was in gear it surged. Just wondering if something is wrong or if this is normal thanks
  4. Ok so I've gotten the b2b to rank the truck will go into gear or neutral without pushing the clutch. Could the plate be stuck or how should I begin to figure out this transmission Thanks in advance I love this forum been a big help
  5. Ok cool I'll let him know thanks
  6. I think it's a 39
  7. A coworker recently bought an old farm while looking around in the woods in back of the woods came upon this and a pilothouse parts truck that I'm getting soon he is keeping this one
  8. I had thought about the same place but wasn't sure about the firewall position but that's what I'll propably do thanks for the pics that's a big help
  9. I am wanting to relocate my battery to under hood any pics or ideas for my 1950 b2b mines rotted out plus I like the idea of it not under my feet
  10. Thank y'all that's exactly what I was looking for
  11. Anyone have the fuel line size for 1950 218 b2b dodge truck thanks
  12. My brother in law has a 1953 desoto 4 dr needs restoration asking 1000 located in South Carolina
  13. How aboutwheel covers on stock rims. Not the hubcaps but full wheel covers
  14. I've been searching for a recent list wheels that will fit our trucks can anyone tell me of newer cars or trucks that will have the back spacing that allows us to run them. I have entertained running full wheel covers if they will fit on my stock tims.
  15. Thanks I got the line fixed y'all were a big help now to start on the radiator flush and cleaning out the old gas tank