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  1. This is what I used works great with a cotter pin to hold it in place. I drilled the center out to fit
  2. Oil pressure Gauge fitting

    Is the fitting bad I cut my line off under the dash and used compression fittings worked great I also have a 1950 good luck
  3. Very interested in you're progress please keep us posted
  4. So if the truck has been sitting for that long and the master cylinder is dry is it worth trying the system or automatically needs he cylinders rebuild including the master
  5. Leave it or paint

    It's interesting to see what others think see what ideas some members have thanks all
  6. Be careful if u do take the starter longest hour of my life trying to get the bolts back in. I'm interested in what u find post back if u rebuild I'm about to do the same with the same truck good luck
  7. Leave it or paint

    I like the stance but a little to low living in the country can't get that low but I do like the patina but I'm also a fan of nice paint just can't decide
  8. Leave it or paint

    I'm just trying to figure out the paint scheme I want
  9. Any tricks to remove

    I had to get under the truck and get some vice grips to loosen it up thanks
  10. Leave it or paint

    thanks for the input this forum has been a god send so much info for a newbie thanks again
  11. Leave it or paint

    Personal taste I guess just a look I like
  12. Leave it or paint

    Lower it to the ground or real close
  13. Leave it or paint

    I do want to level it out in the back. The ultimate would be to slam it but that's way down the roa I'm toying with a matte bronze with gloss trim with gloss black wheels
  14. Any tricks to remove

    I'm thinking of cleaning out the sediment bowl and changing out the lines I know the pump works it was spitting out fuel when I unhooked it from the carb and ran the engine on a small gravity fed tank should I try the pump or replace it