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  1. Jj1981

    column shifter problem

    The grommet is what I fixed I made my own bushing using a nut with attached washerback the drilling it out to fit over cone the placed a hitch under cone works awesome
  2. Jj1981

    column shifter problem

    I had the same trouble with my b2b. I found that I needed a bushing around the linkage of the shift rod to take out slop I’ll try to get some pics later
  3. Yes sir I think that is the direction I’m leaning towards thank you
  4. Do I need to use the ranger drive shaft and adapt it or use the dodge flathead deiveshaft. Which is best to adapt
  5. This truck is just a putt around the backroads to store or whatever I doubt I’ll be seeing 60 unless the 460 swap happens then total frame swap. Merry Christmas
  6. I had an 8.8 offered after this post so I think the ranger left axle and I’ll pick up another one may work better but thanks for the info. Does the offset make that big of a difference in driveability
  7. I have a 93 ranger two wheel drive was wondering how hard it is to mate up the drive shaft to the rear end from my b2b
  8. Do it yourself I bought the 125 flux core from harbor freight and go at it
  9. Jj1981

    Brake shoe

    Is there a brake shoe that is available at the auto parts store that will work on our trucks b2b
  10. Jj1981

    Wheel cylinder kit

    I agree with the old stuff lasting
  11. Jj1981

    Wheel cylinder kit

    I thought about that but the cylinders are in great shape
  12. I finally got the wheel cylinder off the truck and taken apart the bore is good has anyone found across the counter parts that will fit our trucks b2b thanks
  13. Jj1981

    Droopy door handle

    The two springs are different sizes in each mechanism I was able to make one out of cotter pin but wasn’t perfect by no means
  14. Jj1981

    Droopy door handle

    I don’t remember a set screw but mine looked just like yours and would barely catch. You will have to take the mechanism out of the doorand that is a job because of the glass track and all be very careful I cracked my glass not being gentle. The springs are what keep the handle horizontal

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