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  1. Make sure the wire that is inside the distributor is good mine was bad easy fix
  2. Nope no cool car for me my dad did get one over on me though. So my dad says I told u I would buy u you’re first car so we go to a local shop and when we pull up he says there it is. I got so excited. Mid 70s Chevy 4x4 lifted big mud tires every 16 year old country boys dream. I said you have got to be kidding. He said yep. Then pointed to a beat up s10 that I drove and learned to wrench on. So to answer you’re post. Yes very glad dad didn’t buy me the cool truck
  3. My dad had a scamp when I was in high school and to say the least it was not the coolest thing to cruise around in
  4. Ok I hoped that was the case thanks
  5. I have a donor Ford ranger that I’m going to use the rear axle to swap into my b2b can I use the original dodge spring brackets or do I need new perch’s.
  6. I had a local guy rebuild mine cost me less than a 100. I can get u a number if you want to call him. We are in S.C. so not sure what shipping would cost
  7. Sorry didn’t realize I have enjoyed his posts during this journey.
  8. Do you have any pictures of the cs130 and the wiring diagram
  9. Did u have to have an adapter to mate up the transmission
  10. I love those cab lights are they factory
  11. Spare tire is held under the bed with bolts and a bar that holds the tire
  12. The bolts with springs, are they for the gas tank
  13. The grommet is what I fixed I made my own bushing using a nut with attached washerback the drilling it out to fit over cone the placed a hitch under cone works awesome
  14. I had the same trouble with my b2b. I found that I needed a bushing around the linkage of the shift rod to take out slop I’ll try to get some pics later
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