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  1. Found this in an old dodge school bus on my buddy’s farm wondering if it will fit my 218 only numbers I could find c-3866 thanks
  2. I need to know what the inlet size and outlet size is for the carter fuel pump I want to buy all new lines since mine have been lost to oblivion thanks dodge 218 1950
  3. Fuel pump to carb 218

    Will any of the poly armor lines that advance sells be a direct fit as far as the fittings. Thanks
  4. Fuel pump to carb 218

    Can anyone give me a size of the fittings needed to go from the fuel pump to the carb on my 218 thanks. I have misplaced the original
  5. Hood vent question

    Thank you was there a handle that was pushed mine is broken at what looks to be a handle
  6. any Body have pics of the fron vent linkage for a b2b
  7. Need transmission info

    I’m not giving out his number but I will be going by there in a few weeks and will post what I find
  8. Floorboard Metal Repair How To

    I say get u a flux core welder a good grinder and go at it It ain’t rocket surgery but there again I can’t stand to pay somebody something I should be able to do
  9. Need transmission info

    I will try to post as much as I can here is one pic I have from a quick previous trip
  10. Need transmission info

    Thank you. I will look around while I’m there and will help if possible I will report my findings thanks again
  11. Need transmission info

    I want to stay original 3 or 4 speed if possible
  12. A friend of mine has bought a farm recently with a bunch of old dodge trucks from 40s to 60s and a school bus full of motors and transmissions. I am going to go look for a floor mount transmission .i am needing pics of what transmissions will fit on my 218 thanks
  13. Spring under axle rear b2b

    Do you have any pics of the shackles
  14. Spring under axle rear b2b

    Could the brackets be flipped from left to right to get the springs under axle and keep the shock mount in line
  15. Thanks!

    How did you do your front discs.