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  1. Jj1981

    Droopy door handle

    The two springs are different sizes in each mechanism I was able to make one out of cotter pin but wasn’t perfect by no means
  2. Jj1981

    Droopy door handle

    I don’t remember a set screw but mine looked just like yours and would barely catch. You will have to take the mechanism out of the doorand that is a job because of the glass track and all be very careful I cracked my glass not being gentle. The springs are what keep the handle horizontal
  3. Jj1981

    Wood for bed floor oak or pine

    That’s what I want perfect thank you
  4. Jj1981

    Wood for bed floor oak or pine

    Not set on anything really I was just wondering what yalls take on it is thanks for all the info
  5. Jj1981

    Droopy door handle

    It could be the spring or springs are worn out in the mechanism mine were bad and a member hooked me up and fixed the problem
  6. Jj1981

    Wood for bed floor oak or pine

    I would love to find some quartersawn oak or maple but I’m on a no budget so I’m just trying to get something stable definitely not a show truck but my first build
  7. Jj1981

    Leveling a b2b

    Will do thanks
  8. I’m closing in on doing the bed floor. I am thinking of using 2x8 pine ripped down to allow 7 planks at 48.5” does anyone have pics of thier bed flooring also not planning on using strips I hope to glue bed floor together for one solid piece
  9. Jj1981

    Leveling a b2b

    I just want to level up a bit
  10. Jj1981

    Turn Signals Made in America?

    I plan on trying to use it if possible Thanks
  11. Jj1981

    Turn Signals Made in America?

    I’ve been cleaning up my original turn signal that came with the truck has anyone tried rewirong theirs? Mine is very clean on the inside I would like to reuse if possible
  12. I’m just wondering if anyone has leveled thier truck by removing rear leafs only. My question is is there certain leafs that give certain drop thanks
  13. I’m a frugal guy that loves to make things work buying a kit or doing it the easy way for some reason isn’t my style. I’m about to start on the brakes on my b2b I’m wondering what rotors fit our hubs when changed over to studs and the drum assembly removed also what is the master cylinder I need for discs that will fit thanks
  14. Jj1981

    Wheel cylinders need help

    Thanks for the help

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