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  1. Jj1981

    "Ol Blue" Build

    Ian doing the same also I want to do it all do u have any pics of you’re interior thanks looks great truck
  2. Jj1981

    Mustang gas tank question

    I see what y’all are saying so has anyone that is running this setup had any failures or noticed any damage from removing the crossmember to run the mustang tank setup. Just wanting feedback before I remove it and order my tank. Thanks
  3. Jj1981

    Wiring question

    I am converting to 12 volt
  4. Jj1981

    Mustang gas tank question

    I was going to add support forward and rear of the tank once installed
  5. Jj1981

    Mustang gas tank question

    how do u fit the mustang tank in the rear of the truck without removing the crossmember. Thanks
  6. Jj1981

    Wiring question

    When I got my b2b it had a second battery under hood also that was wired to the starter and the lights
  7. Jj1981

    Mustang gas tank question

    Is there any issue with removing the rear frame crossmember to fit the tank I am going to go this route on my b2b.
  8. Jj1981

    Post 'em if you got 'em!

    well. That was before this is now I’m not too big a fan of patina I’m going to change to a lighter blue color this is now I had to fix the bottom of the door rot
  9. Jj1981

    Disc brake conversion issue

    Do you know the number for the Cherokee master cylinder u used thanks
  10. Jj1981

    Post 'em if you got 'em!

    Here’s my b2b the day I picked it up a year ago it had sat for 36 years
  11. Jj1981

    Can I use remote oil filter

    I really like that setup please keep us informed when u do run the engine thanks
  12. Found this online can I use this with my 218 for ease of use and parts thanks
  13. Jj1981

    218 Oil Filter question

    Never heard if anyone had tried the spin on conversion. I put one on my tractor and really like it
  14. I have been researching all kinds of options. I need a tank and the Mazda b2200 tank is so close but I think the filler neck is way too forward . I’m on a budget which is why I like the Mazda tank also looked at the Nissan Frontier tank. My original tank is too rusty thanks just looking for options other than buying the tanks inc
  15. Jj1981

    Door latch spring b2b

    I made a crude version that works so for now it will do but I will look into getting a true replacement thanks

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