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  1. Thanks!

    How did you do your front discs.
  2. Any tricks to remove

    I’m wanting to get a fuel line that goes From pump to carb what size are the fittings
  3. Clutch question b2b

    All was good on the clutch I had to build a bushing for the shift rod on the transmission. Once that was done I was able to crank and engage the clutch with no problem
  4. Rotors help please

    Ok I get it. Thanks for the advice
  5. brake drum replacement

    I did hear of that but a guy also told me about using a 96 explorer rotor 4wd using original hub and using the explorer caliper adding wheel studs of course
  6. Rotors help please

    Ok I get what you guys are saying buy the kit but this hobby as you call it is not a hobby at all i own a farm work two jobs plus have ateenager I’m also in my thirties so no giant hurry just looking for some possible tech answers. Thanks
  7. Changing over to wheel studs

    Ok is that common on our hubs
  8. What size wheel studs do I need to order for my 1950 b2b thanks
  9. brake drum replacement

    I read about a guy using 96 4wd explorer rotors
  10. Rotors help please

    I’m going the Ford Explorer route with discs. I’ll make my own brackets thanks
  11. What is the procedure to remove the hub from the drum assembly thanks
  12. Rotors help please

    If I️ remove the drum from the hub. Then press in studs in the hub can’t i then use a slip over disc hat for my conversion
  13. Rotors help please

    Thank you that’s what I’m looking for I️
  14. Rotors help please

    Thank you guys. Agreed with all y’all have said. The issue is working two jobs plus having a teenager is tough on the budget so that is why I️ am going to have to slowly accumulate the parts or try to keep the drum brakes
  15. Rotors help please

    I don’t have the budget for a big kit purchase.i was looking at getting the pieces i need a little along the way having no budget as this was a gift from my uncle thanks