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  1. I used the 9n hose worked fine a little work to get on but fit fine thanks
  2. On a 1950 b2b the one at tractor supply is for an 8n but looks close
  3. I need the size of the top hose radiator hose. I can't find a replacement but found one for a tractor at tractor supply. Thanks
  4. I just removed mine and mine had the springs on the rear of my 1950 b2b
  5. Ok thanks I really love the simplicity of this truck
  6. So I live in South Carolina isn't rare to be wearing shorts at Christmas. Was looking at simplifying my b2b. If I'm not worried about running the heat can I cap off the hoses and remove the big box under the dash. Ithanks
  7. I got two on today I went wit 195 75 15s for one they were free from a local shop I will buy new ones when I get this thing road worthy
  8. I was wrong the are 15 s. Sorry
  9. So a 50 through 59 might swap I have the ability to getone I might try it
  10. So in another thread somebody suggested that I swap the lid on my column shift tranny with a lid from a 37 to 49 floor shift is this a straight forward swap what should I expect
  11. Last night I decide I'm going to finally get the 35 year old rubber off the original wheels.of my 1950 b2b Looking at the valve stem noticed small holes of rust that was so thin you could push through with you're finger. So junked those talking to a buddy today he says I got a set of bronco 2 wheels if u can use them you can have them. I had to open a hole for the hangar but fit like a glove. I am wondering if anyone has pictures of their truck on fourteens thanks
  12. So I can use the top of the transmission only is it a straight swap
  13. I have a 1950 b2b with column shift I want to convert it to floor shift. I was wondering if I should swap out the to a top loader which I have several that I can get or use the column shift and build the floor shift
  14. I'll try it
  15. If the plates are seized together can I get them apart by wedging them apart or will I break them I will drop the trans if needed