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  1. how do i get this off

    Well - - that just proves over the years this 1.5 ton truck had a swap-out of the rear end or just the axle / hubs - - more than likely with what was available at the local salvage yard. My front wheels are five-lug. This information helps a lot when I get to taking the axle out to get to the rear brakes. Many thanks!
  2. how do i get this off

    Guys....I'm still messing with my 1.5 ton 1953 truck as time permits. I have the dual six-lug budd 20 inch wheels on the back of my truck. I finally got the rear wheels off and found out one of the wheels was a split-rim - - the other three rear six-lug wheels are lock-ring wheels, which of course are not a problem. My question is - - are the 20 inch budd wheels "generic" and used on other manufacturers trucks? I need to find a wheel to replace the split-rim because no one will touch this particular rim.
  3. Casting numbers under starter

    Here's the number on my block.....
  4. I purchased this carb off of eBay (auction number 263119130739) - - the exact type that is currently on my 1.5 ton 1953 B4G. I curious if I should replace the gaskets or just try it out and see if it holds up.
  5. Discontinued the loaning of my Miller Tools

    Who will get your tools when you pass away? A museum?
  6. Air cooler

    Along with playing with old trucks - - I build AK and AR-15 rifles. You guys need to visit the AK forum to see how thick their skin is when it comes to humor.
  7. how do i get this off

    Copy - - thanks again.
  8. how do i get this off

    A solid answer I can use - - many thanks. I sent you a PM with a few other questions.
  9. how do i get this off

  10. how do i get this off

    Working on my 1953 1,5 ton truck - - I have the 1953 B-4 Shop Manual but it doesn't indicate the size of the bearing socket for the front wheel. Anyone have this information?
  11. Auburn Cord Dusenburg Museum

    My wife and I stopped in the ADC Museum in June 2017.....gave me chills walking into the showroom to see how it would have looked by in 1931. Fantastic Museum.
  12. 1948 Dodge Truck Oil Pan

    Got the oil pan off - - about an inch of sludge in the lower end of the pan. I knew I was in trouble when I attempting to change the oil and nothing would come out. I had to poke a hole through the crust to drain the oil. Also found a part in the sludge.......
  13. master cylinder

    Do the wires coming out of the cap on the MC have any function in this adaptation?
  14. Thanks....just what I needed. All I need now is the adapter plate......
  15. For the Corvette MC - - is there a specific year or part number?