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  1. Thanks....just what I needed. All I need now is the adapter plate......
  2. For the Corvette MC - - is there a specific year or part number?
  3. Thank you sir for your suggestion! There's about five pounds of sludge in the pan...can't wait to get it out.
  4. I'm attempting to get my oil pan off my 1953 1.5 ton truck but part of the suspension is in the way. I was curious if the jack up procedure listed above would work on a larger truck? Plus the oil pan won't drop from the transmission end of the engine.
  5. I believe you are correct. I did the ATF and Diesel piston soak routine for a few weeks prior to starting just to make sure everything was capable of breaking free if stuck. Ran like a top once the problem was solved. Didn't have any mosquitoes around for about ten minutes after starting - - pretty thick fog but after a few minutes more no more smoke.
  6. Thanks to several threads on the forum I got my '53 1.5 ton started today. The distributor was out 180 degrees - - I got it as a non-running truck, so how the distributor got out of time is a mystery.
  7. I'm a novice - - but that appears to be a push-type starter switch vs. an electrical type switch that would eventually be used with a push button starting system,
  8. Any idea of the part number / type of switch that would go on a foot activated starter - - to convert the system to a simple electrical push start?
  9. New to dually wheels - is it best to have a Budd four-point socket or can an other socket can be used?
  10. New member - - just saved a 1953 1.5 ton from oblivion. Was a tar truck in Shelbyville, Tennessee from new to the 1980s when it was sold off as surplus. The tires and wheels still have tar over-spray on them. Tar tank disappeared and a commercial flatbed has been added.