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  1. Draft tube

    this is located on the rear passenger side of the engine of a 51 Plymouth. Should there be a tube that extends down to below the oil pan?
  2. what you need to know is the amount of Amps available at the starter. The dash lights and the starter both require the same voltage but the Amp draw is considerably different. as an electric motor age they require more amps to do the same amount of work(frictional loss as parts wear)
  3. Woodgrain Thoughts

    does anyone have a photo of the grain pattern and color that was used on a 51 plymouth cranbrook. I'm thinking about having my dash hydro dipped ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrographics_(printing) ) and would like to find a pattern close to the original.
  4. What sill mats to get for 48 coupe?

    different from the 49-50? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Door-Sill-Mat-Set-1949-1950-Dodge-DeSoto-Chrysler-2-Door-/222032224069?vxp=mtr&hash=item33b226df45
  5. Windshield Washers For P15

    68-74 MOPAR A bodys (Darts and Valiants) http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/282640418924?chn=ps&dispItem=1 seems there was also something similar in the ford falcon and early mustangs
  6. 1946-48 Interior Cabin Colors

    explains why the inside of the trunk lid does not match the out side on my 51 cranbrook. I assumed it might have been replaced early in its life, since dad did say he slid on the snow and had to replace one rear finder.
  7. If the tags are not there jack up with both rear wheels off the ground. trans in neutral spin one wheel by hand if the other wheel turns the same direction you have a sure grip. if the opposite wheel turns in the opposite direction you have an "open" differential. while jacked up turn one wheel by hand, one revolution, and count the number of time the drive shaft turns. 3-1/4 turns of the drive shaft =3.23, 3-1/2 turns =3.55, 2-3/4 turns = 2.73, almost 4 turns =3.91 these are the common MOPAR ratios
  8. 742, the mid size pinion diameter of the 8-3/4 MOPAR. 741 and 489 are the other two casting numbers 1-3/4" large stem pinion (aka. '742')Carrier casting numbers: 1634985 (1957-1964), 2070742 (~1961-1969). This assembly was replaced by a phase-in of the 1-7/8" pinion starting in the 1969 model year. 1970 RW (Plymouth and Dodge mid-size) were the last models to use the 1-3/4" which appeared in a 2881489 case. This assembly was typically used in high weight/medium horsepower applications through high weight/high horsepower applications.
  9. Leaf Spring options

    live chat for pricing was very quick $340. for the pair rear leafs for a 51 plymouth cranbrook $85. for both front coils
  10. Unnamed car, help

    looks like an electric version of a Messerschmitt
  11. Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    62 and restoring a '52 Cranbrook, my dad purchased new. It was running when he passed in 86, but 30 more years of arizona sun cooked every wire and rubber. Of 7 siblings I'm the only one to ever have driven the car. Will never be worth what I'll have invested in it but you can't put a price on heritage. Been a car guy since before I could drive. Owned mostly MOPARS all my life. Current inventory includes 72 Dodge challenger, owned since 74. 74 Duster, father son project car. 05 Jeep CRD, 07 Ram 6.7L Diesel.