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  1. LazyK

    A place that will chrome plastic.

    http://www.vacuumorna-metal.com/content/restoration http://gcartrim.com/
  2. LazyK

    Exciting week with the Montana Dodge Boys!

    have to agree, if you have never been to the salt flats you need to add it to your "list"
  3. LazyK

    gas tank installed

    agree 6.3 lbs per gallons is a lot when in motion. think what a 2lb hammer can do when in motion.
  4. LazyK

    how to preserve an old decal?

    you could even go with a satin clear urethane.
  5. LazyK

    butt connectors / whats the deal, pickle :)

    3M company has a broad line of connectors. insulated and non insulated. vinyl and nylon insulated. butted seam and brazed seam. wire gauges from 22ga to 6ga https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/807103O/3m-wire-terminals-2013-product-catalog.pdf
  6. LazyK

    disc brake conversion

    here are two, of many, on the subject
  7. LazyK

    DeSoto 1950 Custom

    i used these people for my Plymouth. I feel as good as Ply Dr and a lot less cost https://www.ebay.com/str/classicparts4u/DESOTO-BODY-PANELS/_i.html?_storecat=2433465011
  8. I would be interested in the Visor, again depending on what can be worked out for shipping. PM me
  9. LazyK

    Had to take my radiator to the shop

    I would say very fair, last one I had repaired cost me 3 times that.
  10. I think I read it here "a vehicle in motion tends to stay in motion, a vehicle in parts tends to stay in parts"
  11. LazyK

    So whattya think of this--P18 with a /6

    looking at the engine bay shot it looks like the inner fender has been "worked on", from that shot I would guess it is not a stock suspension. I would guess some form a GM front frame has been transplanted.
  12. LazyK

    I bought another old dodge !

    how else would you get them from one end of the supper table to the other?
  13. LazyK

    Wedgewood blue

    Thank you, this looks like my best option so far. has anyone used their paint? how is the quality? for the amount of time and work put in to this restoration I don't want the paint to be the low point
  14. LazyK

    Wedgewood blue

    complete stripped and what little remained is covered by a coat of epoxy primer.
  15. LazyK

    Wedgewood blue

    looking for the paint formula for 1951 wedge wood blue. I talked to PPG and they told me they do not have it. They can find the chip, in old catalogs, but dont know the formula. Never though it would be a problem so I have nothing to reference to as the entire car has been stripped. Any suggestions?

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