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  1. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    '51 in to many pieces at this time. hope to have it complete in spring 2019. Until then I will have to settle for driving the 72 challenger.
  2. weird connector(?) what is it for...?

    can be bought new from Rhode Island wiring http://www.riwire.com/
  3. Cowl Vent Assembly

    here are pictures of my 51 plymouth not as clean as yours http://p15-d24.com/topic/45105-cowl-vent-linkage/?tab=comments#comment-481145
  4. New owner, 51 Plymouth Cambridge

    I bought all my glass here http://www.vendio.com/stores/autoglassics/category
  5. Old mopar's. What do I need to know?

    where are you located?
  6. hood bumper diamensions- 1947 P-15

    catalog available on line
  7. New to forum

    Another 51 Cranbrook owner here. Welcome aboard
  8. 1949 detective needed to identify two items

    the cable is the ground for the motor. the card board thingy appears to be what is left of the diverter from the heater. on my 51 it is above the transmission hump. diverts the heater air to the left and right
  9. Me and the Meadowbrook

    some people just have a warped since of humor
  10. Show us your Christmas trucks

    Been 30 years since I lived in SV, nice that they still do the Christmas Parade.
  11. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    racers port an polish their heads and intakes to get them as smooth as possible. smoother means less turbulence and more velocity = more air/fuel in the cylinder
  12. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    do the reservoir(s )stick up thru the floor?
  13. P20 fender welting shape

    typical black, not body color? or does it depend on year/model?
  14. Dim headlights

    no reason to. Tail lights and turn signals are low wattage/amp draw in comparison to the head lights.