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  1. Me and the Meadowbrook

    some people just have a warped since of humor
  2. Show us your Christmas trucks

    Been 30 years since I lived in SV, nice that they still do the Christmas Parade.
  3. Home Made Intake and Exhaust

    racers port an polish their heads and intakes to get them as smooth as possible. smoother means less turbulence and more velocity = more air/fuel in the cylinder
  4. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    do the reservoir(s )stick up thru the floor?
  5. P20 fender welting shape

    typical black, not body color? or does it depend on year/model?
  6. Dim headlights

    no reason to. Tail lights and turn signals are low wattage/amp draw in comparison to the head lights.
  7. car brochures

    This is a website featuring the original factory brochures for nearly every American car you have ever owned. Pick the manufacturer, the year and the model. http://www.lov2xlr8.no/broch1.html
  8. 53 new yorker trunk switch?

    my 51 plymouth the trunk light switch is wired in to the parking light/licence plate light circuit and has a build in mercury switch. so the tail lights have to be on and the trunk has to be open to work. makes since you would not need a trunk light if it was light enough not to need the cars lights on.
  9. Cowl vent linkage

    here are a couple from a 51 plymouth
  10. classicparts4u http://stores.ebay.com/classicparts4u/DODGE-BODY-PANELS-/_i.html?_fsub=2433466011
  11. Draft tube

    this is located on the rear passenger side of the engine of a 51 Plymouth. Should there be a tube that extends down to below the oil pan?
  12. what you need to know is the amount of Amps available at the starter. The dash lights and the starter both require the same voltage but the Amp draw is considerably different. as an electric motor age they require more amps to do the same amount of work(frictional loss as parts wear)
  13. Woodgrain Thoughts

    does anyone have a photo of the grain pattern and color that was used on a 51 plymouth cranbrook. I'm thinking about having my dash hydro dipped ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrographics_(printing) ) and would like to find a pattern close to the original.
  14. What sill mats to get for 48 coupe?

    different from the 49-50? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Door-Sill-Mat-Set-1949-1950-Dodge-DeSoto-Chrysler-2-Door-/222032224069?vxp=mtr&hash=item33b226df45