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  1. Asr89

    1946 desoto business coupe deluxe

    They look perfect, You never see them on the road these days. I wanted to know which serial number should be the correct one. Found 2 images on google. (The driver door post.) Thanks again everyone.
  2. Asr89

    1946 desoto business coupe deluxe

    Thank you Bingster I will take a look at his thread. I forgot about the driver door serial plate. Can anyone provide how the original engraved vin/serial number plate looks like?
  3. Asr89

    1946 desoto business coupe deluxe

    Hi Normanpitkin. You by any chance have a video or some photos would love to see your setup. How does it sound? Can these flatheads 6 sound like v8's?
  4. Asr89

    1946 desoto business coupe deluxe

    Hello everyone and thanks for all the replies everything helped me allot. I have seen one thats needs a full restoration in the link below. Asking 12,995$ but a 1948, located in the States. http://www.fossilcars.com/desoto/deluxe/766190 Anyone have any good links for Desoto parts. What about performance parts for the flathead 6? Still trying to decide. Any links of original 1946 deluxe interiors and any photos just to compare. Hi Mark, Yes you are correct I am in the Netherlands and this is Stolze classics. Send me a link or photos of your P15's. Thank you. Thanks everyone for your opinions and help.

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