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P15 Spotters Guide

Plymouth P15 Series Spotters Guide

General Characteristics:
Available Trim Models    
DeLuxe (P15S) Standard equipment included:
Tapered springs leave only used on rear #2 & #3 springs. Uses 7 leaves. Included one interior sun visor, one windshield wiper, rubber/painted windshield frame, rear leaf spring covers, oil bath air cleaner, rubber rear mat, fixed rear vent window, pile upholstery, sway eliminator. When equipped with a radio interior dash trim was upgraded to Special Deluxe dash trim. Nine inch hubcaps.
Special Deluxe (P15C) Standard equipment included:
All 8 rear spring leave are tapered, two interior sun visors. Automatic interior dome light, two wipers, stainless windshield frame, oil bath air cleaner, sway eliminator, chrome ash tray, glove box lock, full circle chrome horn ring, stainless door trim bead, front door arm rests, assistance strap and coat hook, rear leaf spring covers, rear carpet, pile or pin striped broadcloth upholstery, moveable rear vent quarter window rear ash tray on seat back. Ten inch hubcaps.
Model Year Changes: 1946 Model Year
Used white reflector in the taillight bezel, also headlight bezels are turned under where the trim meets the fender sheet metal. Early '46 used a link on each end of sway bar to connect to A Frame. Later changed to sway bar rubber cushion bolted directly to the A frame with a retainer. Early '46 may have a cross and roller type U-joint, changed later to trunnion type. Door lock cover shape changed mid-'46 to heavier spring loaded bell shaped cover. Engine dust pans discontinued late '46.

1947 Model Year
Red reflector in the taillight bezel, some '47s had same headlight bezels as '46, price increase

1948 Model Year
Wheel size changed to 15 inch from 16 inch. Price increase. Late '48 and First Series '49 models may lack cross brace between the hinges on the hood. First Series '49 trunk mat changed from rubber to light beige and maroon checkered carpet.

For All Years:
Owners seeking parts were advised "There is no way to positively identify type of body ".

Many thanks to Jim Leman, Jim Benjaminson, Ron Kline, Frank Marescalco for providing invaluable reference information as noted in the Bibliography.
3 Passenger Business Coupe
3 Passenger Business Coupe
Model P15 Business Coupe, available in Deluxe or Special Deluxe trim.
5 Passenger Club Coupe
Model P15 Club Coupe, available in Deluxe or Special Deluxe trim.
5 Passenger Club Coupe
Convertible Coupe
Convertible Coupe
Model P15, Special Deluxe 5 passenger convertible coupe. Available in Special Deluxe trim only. Note lack of rear quarter windows. Top colors were either light gray or black. Outside rearview mirror and top boot standard. Loop pile carpet behind front seat. Standard leather interior, optional leather and cloth. Red leather featured on Sumac Red body color.
2 Door Sedan
Model P15, 6 passenger 2 door sedan.
2 Door Sedan
4 Door Sedan

4 Door Sedan
Model P15, 6 passenger 4 door sedan.
Station Wagon
Model P15 "Woody" Station Wagon. Seating for eight. Available in Special Deluxe trim only. Leatherette upholstery, optional leather seats.
Station Wagon


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