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    Fulton visor? No thanks!

    OK, so personally I think a Fulton visor on one of these cars is as cool as. But a decent one on Ebay is around $600, and by the time I get that to the UK, pay shipping, import duty, taxes etc I'm up at around $850-900 and that's before I paint the thing! However, a 1998 Honda Civic hatchback has a rather useful sheet metal tailgate spoiler... So I bought two of them from a scrap yard, removed the plastic parts and the pressed steel liner (only held in with mastic and a couple of spot welds) and cut them to shape. Here's my lad showing that an electrician has no concept of what tools to use to deburr sheet metal after cutting it with a grinder (yes, that's the edge of a chisel): On the other hand, he did prove that he can weld very thin sheet metal with my cheap gasless MIG welder... Et voila! One homemade $60 visor!
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    I will replace this engine with the rebuild, Again, thanks to everyone for all of your input and help throughout this project. Bill
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    Thanks to the endless help from Brent B3B, I got my '51 B3B running for the first time... on International Work on Your Truck Day! For a guy who claims he's not a mechanic, he sure knows his stuff about these trucks. I really can't thank him enough. B3B_first_start2.MOV
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    Plymouthy Adams

    art of being a senior....

    Last year I replaced all the windows in my house with those expensive, double-pane, energy-efficient kind. Today, I got a call from Home Depot who installed them. The caller complained that the work had been completed a year ago and I still hadn't paid for them. Helloooo,.......... just because I'm a Senior Citizen doesn't mean that I am automatically mentally challenged. So, I told him just what his fast-talking sales guy told me last year --that these windows would pay for themselves in a year--- Hellooooo? - It's been a year, so they're paid for, I told him. There was only silence at the other end of the line, so I finally hung up. He never called back. I bet he felt like an idiot.
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    Just bought this 39 DeSoto a few weeks ago from Washington state. Had it delivered to San Francisco. Drive it almost every day. Need to adjust the emergency brake a bit but other than that, it’s a great driver. Nick
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    Hi Guys, New to the forum . Just wanted to share one of my projects. Just completed the intake castings for my triple carb for my Windsor C25 coupe. Just interested to know what members recommend in terms of Carbies to use. Just wanted some feedback , before i start machining them. I will also be casting a duel carb setup for both the 25 and 23 inch block ( I own a few early dodge brother projects). Also any experience with triple setups and what to watch out for would be appreciated. I designed them so there are no flat areas for fuel to gather and have a direct path into the cylinders. Tkxs
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    55 Fargo

    Door Lettering Anybody?

    Hi all, A good friend painted my 55 Fargo door lettering. I much rather like This, it's a nice touch. Been absent for a while figured some of y'all needed a break...lol Tragedy in our community had a severe impact in my household it had a rather negative effect on us all, so did not feel like doing much of anything for a while..
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    Merle Coggins

    Cracked Manifold

    I love my Pilot House friends!!!! Todd hooked me up yesterday. But knowing that Tim was waiting in the wings to back him up was awesome. I was expecting a little work, after work, to get a manifold off one of Todd's "yard art" trucks. But before I could even get out of work I got a text from Todd that he had it off already. 😎 So after supper I took a drive up by him (just under an hour from my house to his) to pick it up. We chatted for a while, and he showed me his newly acquired '67 Buick Skylark convertible. (Very Nice!) On the way home I stopped at Fleet Farm for a can of high temp paint (Aluminum color) and a couple other items. (can anyone in the upper Midwest go to Fleet Farm for just one item?) My Mother is visiting this week, so I probably won't get much garage time until the weekend, but I'm hoping to at least clean it up and give it a coat of paint before the swap on Saturday.
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    Frank Elder

    my first project car at 16

    At some point and time you are going to stall out or get frustrated with the part of the car you are working on......say the fuel system. Resist the urge to move on and deconstruct another part of the car, if you go down that path you will have a pile of parts that more than likely will never go back together again. Pick a task and finish it, then move on to the next one. Lots of project cars out there that will never be finished or worse get scrapped. Not every car needs to be a frame off restoration. Good luck with your plymouth!
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    Drive mine also about 20 - 25 miles a week
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    Don Coatney

    scarebird brake conversion

    I told my wife if I passed she should sell all my stuff as I don't want some other ass hole using my things should she remarry. She said to me what makes you think I would marry another ass hole.
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    I drive my 52 3/4 ton Dodge truck every day. It is the only vehicle I own. I knew when I started on it it was going to be my daily driver so I built it accordingly. I have put over 10,000 miles on it so far....and so far so good. Here it is in front of my shop this morning. We are finally getting a bit of rain. Jeff
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    My grandson just got his drivers license last week so I thought I would teach him how to drive a standard transmission with fluid drive. He has never driven any stick shift car before. When I was his age I had to take my drivers test in a stick shift. When I was about 10 years old I sat next to my dad in a 52 chevy. After watching him shift gears I said Dad can I shift for you? So I learned how to shift a 3 on the tree at an early age. So he jumps behind the wheel of my D-24. I said make sure the transmission is in neutral and he did not know where neutral was. I told him to depress the clutch and I would show him. I look down and he depresses the clutch with his right foot. Took a few moments to correct that issue. Then I told him to start the engine BUT DON'T BREAK THE KEY OFF. I told him to push the start button and it took a few more minutes to explain how to start it. Once started I told him to increase the engine speed a bit to let the engine warm up. So he floors it. Got it backed out on the street and I told him to put it in 2nd gear and while holding the brake release the clutch slowly. He did so and I told him to release the brake pedal and give it some gas. Once again he floors it. He wound it up tight in 2nd gear and I told him to depress the clutch and shift to 3rd gear. So he depresses the clutch and still has the throttle floored. He did not know where 3rd gear was so we pulled over for some more instructions. I left the car in 3rd gear for the rest of the drive. Got home and I told him to shift into 1st gear so we could park the car in the garage. Once again I had to show him where 1st gear was. Bottom line we made it home safely and had fun. I few more lessons and he might be ready to solo.
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    Well it happened! I'm done.

    I am 75 and and had toyed with selling my P15 coupe, but then I drive it or take to a car show and find the enjoyment is still there. I don't go as far as I use to or as often. I went to a car show last Sunday and the met a lot of old friends and made some new ones, and that is a big part of what the old car hobby is about for me.
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    Sitting there after being serviced was - a 1950 Desoto. 1 family car, originally bought by his Grandmother.
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    Robin (UK)

    My son's 'new' car (OT)

    I'm thrilled that my 18 year-old son has chosen to embrace the old car hobby. He's just bought his first car... a 1967 Triumph Herald 12/50. It's got an 1147cc (70 Cu In) 4-cylinder motor, front disc brakes and an incredible 25ft turning circle. And it's almost exactly the same size as a VW Beetle, so it's a perfect little car for running around the streets of London. We just grabbed this picture in the sunshine...
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    I took this old buggy "Gussie" out for a ride over to my brothers house the other day. 12 hilly miles each way.
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    When it's dry and sunny I drive my cars and trucks.....
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    Not driving any of my Mopars now,but will be driving my stock 31 Plymouth coupe this spring. I finally found the parts I need to rebuild the brakes,the car is complete,and it is also in the way under my lift. So it will be the first to become mobile again. Probably put it up for sale next fall. I can't keep them all,and selling it will give me the cash to put others on the road. Then again,that all depends on how much fun I have driving it and challenging local Model A owners to race me. It is by far the nicest car I own.
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    You're always welcome in Clements brother!....I mean, we let Mark in fur pete's sake. 48D
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    I have received approval for DMV to utilize an original 1947 Louisiana license plate! I have owned the plate for probably 20 years but only recently looked into registering vehicle with the plate. After a couple simple requirements I received a new registration today with my new/old licence plate! Plus it is good indefinitely! I have just recently started driving it regularly. I am now semi retired and now have time to drive and enjoy. I have owned it for almost 30 years. Here are few pictures of my car along with my new license plate!!
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    Don Coatney

    Ford to quit NASCAR?

    I enjoyed racing in the days of Petty, Wallace, Gant, the Waltrips, big Dale, Fireball, Allison, Yarborugh, Parsons, Labonte, Bodine, Martin to name a few. The days where you could tell the manufacture of the car by looking at it. So homogenized to day is is boring. I have not watched a race for years.
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    here are a few photo's I took.......
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    I drive my WC-12 almost every day except when it is raining. Those Military Non-Directional tires are not the best in the rain when trying to stop. Don't ask me how I know. LOL.


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