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    In a previous thread I showed how I made a brake adjustment tool using a length of steel tubing, some all-thread and a piece of angle. The tool worked fairly well but had some inherent imprecision due to the tubing not being a real tight fit on the axle threads. This was really obvious on the rear axles due to the threads being worn. I've modified the tool and it now works very nicely and accurately. Instead of the all-thread being welded to steel tube, it is welded to a 3/4"-16 nut. This removes any significant play in the indicator. Before removing the wheel drum, one minor cam adjuster is tightened enough to create noticeable drag on the drum. The drum is then removed and the brake tool is threaded onto the axle. The pointer is located over the portion of the shoe that contacted the drum which indicates the ID of the drum and adjusted for a snug fit on the shoe. If you want to get really fancy a 0.006" feeler gauge can be inserted between the pointer and shoe. I tried chalking the shoe to assist with indicating the high point during the initial adjustment but didn't find it to be of any advantage. Notice how these brand new shoes have not yet worn enough to have full contact with the drum. I'll readjust the brakes after some miles have accumulated on the shoes. Once the pointer is adjusted to match the high point of the shoe that was adjusted against the drum, the tool is swept over each shoe so the major and minor cam adjustments can be set so each shoe is concentric with the drum. Hopefully this will remove some of the mystery of adjusting the brakes and provide visual confirmation of proper adjustment.
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    New Car Day! 1938 P6 Plymouth Deluxe

    Did the deal on this one today. 1938 P6. Great known history. Solid car. Original interior. D24 engine installed but comes with original P6 engine needing rebuild. Lots of spare parts! Good runner. Test drove it. Looking forward to getting into this car. No plans other than make it reliable, road worthy and safe. Picked up in Victoria BC Canada. I will trailer it home next Saturday.
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    Don Coatney

    My Plymouth is on the road again

    Don Coatney Jason Hoffman and his girlfriend Tamisha Matus drove my Plymouth to Fort Wayne for a nice visit. Also with Todd Bracik, Bob and Wanda VanBuskirk, Keven Reeves and his wife Kristin Reeves.
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    Dodges are ready for summer

    I got the Dodges ready for the Minnesota summer season. The B3B started right up and was ready to go. The brakes were a bit sticky after setting all winter but after warming them up they are OK. The 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger is all original, except for the rims, and also started right up. It has a 318 engine. This was my aunt's car who lived in CA and therefor it has no rust.
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    I drove a ‘38 P6 forward and back in the driveway many times. Through all the gears. It works well! Finally I said “wrap it up.” I really look forward to driving this one regularly. I’ll be a tough decision. My ‘38 or my ‘53? Darn I love these cars. Every single one of ‘em here. Keep the posts coming!
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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    Thank goodness I've gotten through to somebody. Been telling my wife the same things for 17 years now... she's just starting to understand. I don't live in desperation thinking of my dying moment at all times. But I'll be damned if I'm going to waste the time God has given me, especially since I've been here half a century already. Drive, have fun, love your family and your neighbor, cherish the little things, get that ice cream at Dairy Queen, don't fret when your car gets a scratch in it. Live. Sorry I got off topic fellas, just wanted to throw in my 2 cents😊
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    A few years back I want down state to visit with the late Bob Drown and attend their local car show. Since it was early fall and I wanted to minimize the amount of night driving I would do, I plotted a return trip as close as possible to as the crow flies. I don't remember without a map what roads I traveled, but being it was a nice road and a nice day, I pulled over to set up my camera to record a portion. This road was climbing up the foothills of the southwestern corner of the Catskill Mountains. As I was pulled over a Toyota pick up went by going a bit above the 55 mph state speed limit. By t he time I got the camera situated and recording the pick up had. 30 to 40 second lead. So I made it my mission to see if I could catch him before he got to the top of the hill. Roll down the window, put your elbow on the door frame and enjoy Catch that Pickup.
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    Bubbling Gas

    If it only does it when running, it may not be heat related. Actually, most heat caused issues get worse when the gas is no longer moving. I'd check the line from the tank to the pump for air leaks. It is possible that a small leak can be sending air from the pump upward, causing bubbles in the gas.
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    9 foot box

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    I bought this at auction Sunday. It's a 51 B-3-D. I started bid at $100 and a guy behind me went to $500. I let him buy it. As I turned to talk to him, he was saying to his wife that now he has to get rid of the tractor part. We split the cost, I drove it a mile home, disconnected the Bale Handler and loaded it on his flatbed with my forklift. And my 47 WD-21 in the background.
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    How do you know

    Bad idea. If/when you get your brakes bled you will find that they will lock up on the road almost immediately. When the pedal is released the cup must clear both holes in the master cylinder. The reason my father avoided automatic transmissions for decades was so that he could get compression braking on mountain roads. I was on a Chrysler club tour back around 2000 where we headed down the back side of Mt. Hamilton on a very steep and long down grade. Even with the tiny drum brakes in my '33 Plymouth I was fine. Just kept it in 2nd. The car behind me, a late 1950s DeSoto with an automatic transmission, started overheating his brakes. Fortunately he managed to get it stopped before ramming me and the whole caravan of cars had to wait until his brakes cooled down. Again, just this last March my wife and I took the '33 to car camp in the desert. The downgrade from Julian to Anza Borrego loses about 2000 feet in maybe 8 or so miles on a very curvy road. No problem even with a full loaded car: Just downshift as needed and keep it slow using the brakes only for fine adjustment of speed. If I had an automatic transmission that prevented me being able to use engine compression for braking, I'd seriously consider switching to disc brakes. But with a manual transmission drums are fine on long downgrades. You just have to drive it differently than a new car which is fine by me.
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    G'day. I found your site just now so I thought I would slip in while no one is looking. I have this 1955 D49 Aussie built Kingsway in pretty good nic, not the hemi only a flat six. Im not going to mod it to much just tyres and rims and set her low. so any suggestions on wheel and tyre widths would be appreciated. Cheers
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Here's my 49 b1f in progress start and now.
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    I drive mine as much as possible in the summer. It just traveled from here to Vegas and back for a big show. That's a 500 mile trip on the highway.
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    I went to WI and retrieved my coupe from storage last thursday. Hooked the battery back up -fired on the third try. Clicked off 120miles no problem.
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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    I discovered a clog too,...quite by accident. RTV from a previous sending unit install,.....I think. Dodged a bullet as it hadn't yet completely blocked the filter and left me stranded. And a big "AMEN" to all who have expressed the attitude of "go for it if you're able",....you never know when the big guy might flip the switch.
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    I have noticed some old guy driving my car lately also! What's up with that???
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Found this 1950 Dodge May 19th 2019.....sitting behind a barn in my local area since 1979....I'm going to see if I can get it running.
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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    Cool thread. Somehow it’s eluded me until today. @Worden18 has it figured out. He’s bang-on. Just recently for me, I struggled for three weeks about buying another old car I found. I “slept on it” 21 times. If by then you know you still want it, perhaps you should let down your inhibitions and go get it. Which I did. I am a cautious slow learner it seems. Lol. Life is ours to live. We work hard to get ahead. Whatever brings us joy. Do it if you can. I must have crossed the apex. I too feel I am now in the same place as Worden.
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    Starter Motor Went "Clunk"

    Ralph I would humbly suggest that you buy a new battery first. I have had the experience of my starter not disengaging when I had a weak battery. A new battery might solve the problem... You need a new one anyway 😉
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    Starter Motor Went "Clunk"

    6 year old 6V battery isn't a reliable device IMO
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    Gas Gauge

    Cool, I would like to have your `backward fuel system` , too ! The more mls you drive, the fuller is the tank ........ just joking As Plymouthy said, just swap the wires (red arrow). It will not harm your units. That is not a swap of + / - , but a indication reverse. Ground is (if additionally installed / blue arrow) for example at the body of the sender unit. [2-wire sending unit]
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    I ordered 3 sizes of 3m self stick weatherstripping for $40 off amazon. I redid the door seals, rear hood windlace, window sweeps, and sealed up the cowl vent too. I also glued in the driver’s rear and top window track but still have to make the bracket to hold the back of it inside the door when the window’s down. Now I gotta wait for some rain to see if I sealed any leaks but it couldn’t be worse than dry cracked & missing.
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    This is for entertainment purposes only.....do not attempt at home...lol I'll bet Harvey peed his pants more than once
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    Here’s a little startup video with the efi and laying some stripes in front of my shop 🤟
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    The D.C. P15 Update

    Well - I ran through the points again - fixed the dwell back out the 42* - double checked everything - didn't find anything that stood out to me..... I've been driving the car a fair amount the last few days off and on - and today I put roughly 120 some miles on it (drove it to work, went to lunch, left for home, stopped and got gas, stopped at the farm to fix a lawn mower, and finally back home). I didn't have any issues with it. I HIGHLY doubt that the short changed dwell I had was any cause for the issue.... perhaps I "fixed" something else or even had some bad gas or something..... in any case, it doesn't appear to have the heat soak issue I was having. And I drove it HARD today. When the thermal camera becomes available I will still take some pictures as I think it could be interesting anyway. Car runs down the interstate at 80mph like it was meant to do it. Nice and straight with plenty of power. I got the new headlights and front turn signals installed. Not sure if I like them, but they will be fine for now. Video HERE Still lots of clean up to do - but its cruise ready just in time for cruising weather.
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    A small update - spent a few evenings over the last few weeks repairing the steering wheel. Unfortunately it was in rough shape as the sun had got to the plastic and it was brittle and cracked. In some places the metal was showing. Whilst I loved the look and originality, it wasn’t safe and wouldn’t have been deemed legal and roadworthy over here. I found a NOS green wheel, but it was too pricey for me ($500) and I toyed with the idea of casting a new one in resin, however it would’ve been an expensive experiment with no guarantee of colour match. In the end, I opened up all the cracks and used an epoxy putty to repair it. There was a lot of sanding but it was complete and solid. In an attempt to get the translucent look of the original, I got a paint match and added some pearl clear to the finish. In the sun, it’s hard to tell the difference and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. It’s not perfect, but neither is the car! Some pics for you....
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    As Tim mentioned replacement parts are specific to the distributor not the year. Since it is much easier to change the parts on the bench or in a vise, pull the distributor mark the rotor position and mark the vacuum advance position so it will go back in correctly, then take the number that starts with an IAB,IGS, or other three letter combination followed by numbers. The that info to the store Napa, quality car care and car quest sellers re better sources than auto zone, advance etc. But that number is critical to getting the correct tune up parts.
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    Starter rebuild kit

    You can buy brushes, bushings and starter drives separately as needed. I'm not aware of a "kit". If the armature/ fields needs work, you probably won't have the tools/equipment to test, service or repair them so you may be best served finding a rebuilder.
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    block crack, UGH

    Some radiator /block sealers seal up more than expected.
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    Gremlins again

    Disconnect your battery cable. If it doesn't spark when you reattach it, , you do not have a ground problem. I'm not much more knowledgeable about electrical than you, but it seems to me if you have a ground problem, a fuse should blow or wires should be melting. JMHO
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    On the way to the Mid North Coast Hot Rod Clubs monthly run 3 weeks ago..........theres a pic of some old bastard driving the car there........and in pic #3 between the pink bucket and the green Model A you can just make out the 'ol brown turd at last weekends MNCHRC Lazy WinteRun.............regards, andyd
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    Wow that thing really moves thanks for the ride.
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    Tamisha and I took off work Friday and cruised on up to Fort Wayne to meet up with the Hoosier Plymouth Club for lunch, then on up to the Auburn Cord Duesenburg Museum. Met some new friends, Tamisha fell in love with the Duesys, and had a great time overall. Just short of 300 miles round trip, roughly 14.5mpg. It was a great way to spend a Friday!
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    The Oil Soup

    Starter Motor Went "Clunk"

    I had mine repaired at a shop that rebuilds starters/ alternators/ generators.
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    Here are what mine look like. From their appearance, I think they are original.
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    The Oil Soup

    Starter Motor Went "Clunk"

    That happened to me with a starter that was maybe a year past a rebuild, returned it and was told a faulty bendix drive was the culprit. They replaced it and has been fine for 2 plus years.
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    1938 Plymouth...I like it!

    Save your extra money for stocks; but buy the car anyway and drive it as is. Just the minimum amount of $$ to make it roadworthy 😊
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    Wow I was just cleaning up some papers and found my original cut and paste photocopy from when I was trying to figure out what it was going to look like. I changed some stuff- left the bed long behind the tub, channeled it a little lower, and put different wheels on it but it ended up pretty close.
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    Adam H P15 D30

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Welcome to the rat race or the Bay Area, glad you got in. Taxes are tough here in CA. I live a little north of you in San Bruno but I work in Santa Clara so I'm in the general area 3-5 days per week. Maybe we'll bump into each other at a local show? BTW there is a MOPAR only show coming up in Cupertino at De Anza College June 9th. Adam
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    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Call the garage what you like but the fact he is a homeowner is, IMHO, the really big deal, especially in CA.....
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    It’s loud like a harley with short vance&hines, not like open pipes. The video was from too far on a windy day- I was surprised how quiet the video was off my buddy’s phone. I actually wouldn’t mind a little quieter but with the efi I can start it and warm up on my way out of the neighborhood which is good for neighbor relations vs warming up in the driveway after dark with a race carb. It’ll sound amazing on tight city streets for sure whenever I get around to cruising it downtown Philly and you can feel the pressure on your ears going through 2 lane overpasses on the throttle.
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    Old Flatheads and today's gas

    If you’re rebuilding the engine replace the fuel pump with one with an ethanol resistant diaphragm. Also rebuild the carb with ethanol resistant parts. That’s what I did. I run 87 octane gas and 15/40 diesel oil. No problem.
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    Show of hands, sale or sell; who can tell the difference? Someone grouched because he didn't get an answer concerning rotational mass. As if he really, genuinely, and for true expected an answer. Regardless of what anyone thinks that wouldn't have gotten an answer 50 years ago, either; and don't tell me that it would have. I was alive then, too. If someone wanted to maybe, possibly buy one rotational mass and asked that question and whined when he didn't get the answer he wanted he'd have gotten hit over the head with a not-so-rotational mass and thrown out the door. At least that's what would have happened had I been running the business. I useta be a man of action. Still am but the action's slowed down a bit.. Meanwhile in another corner of the universe is it sale or sell? What's going on there? George Carlin would know and so do I Hoochie mama!!! 😉
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    block crack, UGH

    I have done some serious block cracks and use "Stitch and Lock" threaded pins.... expensive but will be done right.... never ever a leak and can be hidden 100%
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    Plymouthy Adams


    Sharp looking car, and I know many have plans to change even new off the floor models when they take ownership, could be the need to follow the current trend in customizing to fit in with the crowd or car club they are associated. Many think the Plain Jane wrappers are well, just that, Plain Jane...kind like the HD crowd where it is not necessarily a motorcycle you buying, its the cult they seeking...I see that the few commenting are saying that the looks of the car is original and should stay that way. Express yourself as you see fit.
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    Don't drive during winter here in Wisconsin but do get around during better weather. 1-Driving thru Metropolis IL, 2-Memphis, 3-Arrive Daytona, 4-Daytona Beach for the Turkey Run, 5-Talledega Speedway on the trip home. Also have some photos somewhere of the car at Operaland, Don Garlits museum, and in Daytona Speedway pits. 3700 mile trip, just my wife and my 48 P15, 440 powered.
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Here's my '49. sat for 60 yrs in a firehall, original tires 4300 miles, runs like a new one and it should ! it is.

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