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    Today I entered my 1953 Windsor in a large regional car show. I saw a mixed bag of entries with many classes. I don’t enter to try and win any awards. I like the socializing. I like hearing the stories too. The atmosphere is fun. You can “people and car watch” for hours on end. There is always something interesting to see. Best of all are the people who personally thanked me for making the effort to bring the old Chrysler out to show. As most of you can guess, there are about 10 stock cars here out of the 850 entries. There must be 700 Ford and Chevy products. A large share being late 60’s muscle cars. It seems virtually everything is chopped, blown, or whatever else. I spotted 1 other old stock Mopar. A 1937 Plymouth coupe. We had a good chat. I enjoyed seeing this car. It’s similar to my new-to-me 1938 Plymouth P6 sedan. Great, tepid weather brought out a ton of people. I saw a steady stream of new faces all day. There seems to be no shortage of interest in old cars here today. I have walked and enjoyed all the cars in the show. However I spent a lot of time sitting by my car and speaking to folks about it. Today I had a good mixed group of people drop and enjoy my Chrysler. A wide age group. Sure the majority are 70+. Mostly men who said they had a 51-52-53 Desoto, Dodge or Chrysler as a first car. Back in the 60’s I’d guess. Several folks got their driver’s license in one like mine. One guy smiled as he told me the huge back seat was very convenient back in the day. As he winked. The last generation of people who were around these cars when new, are still coming out to shows. These old guys sure lived in among the best of times. Many folks walked on by after only a micro-second glance of my Chrysler. Some people glanced then stopped to take in the big Chrysler. They realized it was stock. They realized they had not seen one in many years. One guy I spoke with said he almost walked on by. Then thought, no this car deserves a closer second look. He came back and we had a great chat. I really liked the folks who told me that they saw my car in the car parade last evening. Then they came to the show today to find it. Now, there certainly weren’t many who did that but at least 3 guys told me so. That really made my day. One super cool guy walked up and said with authority “Nicest car in the show. Right here. Wow.” While he nodded in approval. I thanked him and we chatted for about a half an hour. I noticed his Mopar belt buckle. He said he watched my You Tube video about how to drive an old Fluid Torque Drive Chrysler. I was smitten that he enjoyed the video I put together. I’m up to 35,000 or so views last time I checked...Crazy There were no other 50’s Chryslers in the show today. Days like today sure are fun. It’s reassuring to see some appreciation for the old Chrysler. Especially to see folks who speak out to say they respect stock vehicles. It builds excitement to get back under there and fix that next little thing. A few pics from today below. These 2 young ladies showed up in 50’s dresses. I asked for a pose they were happy to. There’s plenty love out there for these old Mopars.
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    new way to use old stuff...

    I have used an old Chrysler axle housing to mount my mailbox...
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    I have been working on this car since 2012 and seven years later it is finally finished. I do have a few minor things left to do but it is on the road and being driven lots. It is a Canadian Dodge based on the Plymouth but using a Dodge grille and other trim. They are a very different car to the US Dodge.
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    Frank Elder

    What a birthday present!

    99 and going.....
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    I just noticed that my truck made it into a Gooogle aerial when it was parked in San Francisco recently....
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    My 1950 DeSoto Sportsman Coupe

    It's a 1950 DeSoto sportsman coupe there were only 4600 were made, it makes it the very first year of the official hardtop for Chrysler it has a 237 Flathead six with a fluid drive trans
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    Back to the 50's 2019

    It was a great weekend. The weather decided to behave and we had a great Friday and Saturday, Sunday was pretty much a washout as it was POURING rain when I was ready to leave so we just drove by daily and hit up the swap meet. Good times seeing old friends, making new ones and having a fun. Below is a pic of the line up and of my drive in on Saturday...I downsized them so they'd load, if anyone would like a higher res version let me know.
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    Back to the 50's 2019

    Not sure which forum member owns this route van, but it was friggin' sweet!
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    My dash had rust spots and large scratches. I sanded it down to bare metal, primer and gave it a base beige spray then after doing some research on airbrush techniques, gave it a try .... after all, if I messed up I could always sand it down and start over. Sanding and priming took a day. Base color took a day. Practice with the airbrush on those days (on scrap) and while drying. Airbrush graining took a day and then clear coat (2k). Did the dash and the windshield interior frame at the same time for color/technique consistency. Here are some pics of the dash I did with an older spare I had. If you would like a write up on the colors and technique, let me know and I’ll document it. I also wanted a little redder and brighter finish.
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    Brent B3B

    Back to the 50's 2019

    We made it! Sooo happy.... we all parked in the same “general area” I ‘m keeping a close eye on Merle and Ed. 😊 Hey and there is Joes route van right behind us!
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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    I cut open the old fuel tank this evening after work. Why? I was curious! Confirmed my decision to buy a new tank! Looks like a coating was applied but as you can see, it kept rusting. The top doesn't look to have a coating or it's only got a light coating.
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    Back to the 50's 2019

    Back to the 50's Mexican stand off...Deer wants the straw, Oregonian wants the stainless, Puma wants the deer...
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    Back to the 50's 2019

    Some random oregonian showed uo at my place tonight...might have to hide the stainless grill parts
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    Back to the 50's 2019

    I thought the North Dakota state tree was a telephone pole... Pete
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    The shifter in post #4 will not work on an overdrive transmission. I could not find a manufacturer for this. I have designed and fabricated a shifter, I have it installed but haven’t Road tested it yet. Will do such this fall. It is for the stick three on the tree, car or truck, with or without an overdrive. The photo is an “under construction “ picture. It is proving to be a very exacting mechanism, thus road testing an absolute must.
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    Brent B3B

    Back to the 50's 2019

    Made it to the half way mark last night Billings MT. Ate at “the thirsty turtle” in “ big timber” Got 12.7mpg coming over the mountains in the 3500. beautiful country though 😊
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    ok, we all know that many like to trick out their cars with gismos and gadgets.....here is a new twist on an old stand by favorite add on. Dummy spot lights, we have all seen them...seems great many cars have these added. NOVEL IDEA...instead of having these mounted on a windshield post as bug killlers…(yeah you have to clean the bugs off these things) instead, mount them inside with the lenses removed and adjust them to use as cup holders...you can go a bit further by inserting a center liner and allow you to fill the outer area with ice to keep the beverage cooler for longer period of time. Next trick-add would be little drain hoses leading to the outside of your car at the floor for when the ice melts.... And you think I just sit up late at night drinking coffee just for the taste of it....
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    Wonderful stock job done right... good going!
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    last look he had at that cat...……………………. Note..no animal was harmed in making this pic....and you know it is just a joke...(personally I use a laser sight..lol)
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    Todd B

    new way to use old stuff...

    This is one of several buildings I built on my land with all reclaimed wood, door tracks and metal roofing.
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    Back to the 50's 2019

    Me and the family made it. I didn't drive the Meadowbrook or the B-1-D though. We sure had fun anyway! Best part was meeting ggdad1951, Merle, and youngEd. I got to take a close up look at their trucks and ask a lot of questions. so that really helped a lot in a few things that I need to fix on my truck. It was also nice to put faces to names. Their trucks are spectacular to say the least. Mine will never be that nice, but that's okay as long as it's mechanically sound. Wish I could have stayed longer but I found the guys toward the end of our run and the family was getting pretty tired towards the end.
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    My buddy just got a fully optioned 2019 Ram1500 and I took a picture of my truck with it’s huge younger brother.
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    Brent B3B

    Back to the 50's 2019

    Hmmm, i’ll Keep an eye out.... i only saw this Plymouth today (saw ALOT of pilot houses)
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    Back to the 50's 2019

    Maybe you also keep the eyes open for a black 1939 Plymouth truck .. it belongs to a Forum member, who did a really nice restoration work last year within a few month ! Most likely he will be there. Forgive me Jeff that I publish your PT pictures here, you did a too good job not to show it to the guys here !!!
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    Replace pan gasket & rear seal?

    Dennis, before you drop the pan, I would recommend you pull the side covers off the valve spring area and clean it out. It will have the same kind of mess that you find in the oil pan. Make sure the drain holes into the pan are open. After scraping all the sludge out I could get, I finished up with aerosol carb cleaner. By doing this first the mess goes into the pan, not on your shop floor. You are going to love driving your Plymouth. My main driver is a ‘39 Dodge sedan. Just finished installing a overdrive transmission yesterday. Looking forward to some fun cruising this summer. A tip to help with installing the pan: take 4 bolts same size as the pan bolts and cut the heads off. Screw these in with fingers to be guides fore the pan. Pan can then be held up with one hand while starting the other bolts with your free hand. Keeps the gasket in place without damaging it, and makes the job easier.remove guides after other bolts are started.
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    Todd Build Thread

    Car show? What car show....I wanna hang this on and get to work!
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    If you mean which limit of tightening torque, there is no torque specified. If you mean how deep: Just screw it down until it stops and torque it "hand tight". Do not apply too much force.
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    BandB Carter rebuild kit

    I sit corrected.....I'm 70 and my seal is not as effective as when I was younger.
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    And here's something I just found. This is file stuff, the fact that they made an adapter. The search said 1953.
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    Me and the B-1-D

    I need to start working on either shining up that oxidized paint, or trying to get down to the original paint. Yeah I know, that would be a hell of a project. I also have some ideas for distressed lettering for the doors that I know is going to be really awesome. I'll do it myself. 😉
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    Me and the B-1-D

    Father's Day: I got to do some work on the '48 today. Got my lawn mowed too; which takes about 4 hours. The kids helped with some of that. 😊 Anyway, I removed the nasty headliner that somebody put in there which was just horrible, and those homemade door panels which were equally as horrible. I also took off the license plates because I'm going to run a year of manufacture plate. Found out that the truck really needs a tune-up badly; it just spits and sputters after you get to about 1/3 throttle. But I was able to drive it and shift all the way to 4th gear on the gravel roads by our house. I just had to be extra cautious because I only have the emergency brake 😁. I tried adjusting the idle on the carburetor but the truck really needs the choke closed about 1/3 in order to run somewhat better. Exhaust has a big hole in it as well. I'm going to get a pertronix kit, new plugs, wires, cap, etc.
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    46-48 P15 starter question

    While I don't know which coils your starter will need, I will say they are a BITE in A$$ to change. Check out some of the you tube videos and you will see what I mean. Your best bet will be to take it to a starter repair shop as they have the special tool to get the old coils out. By the way I am a pretty awesome mechanic if I do say so myself and that is one job I will always let some one else do. Joe Lee
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    Keith..........have just come back from the local Wings & Wheels car & plane show put on by the South Grafton Aero Club at their airfield........had about 80 cars, 20 bikes and 30 light aircraft, even a pair of ex RAAF aircraft, a Winjeel, a trainer and another who's name escapes me.........lol...........of the cars there were 6 hotrods, including my 1940 Dodge, one restored a 1928 Chev Tourer and various street cars from the 50's to 1980's, no prizes, just a chance with a fine day in early winter to show our vehicles, talk and meet old and new friends........your report sounds just like what I have just experienced only on a much larger scale but its the same thing...........we get a nice warm feeling from the appreciation and thanks we get and the memories we rekindle..............thanks for the great report..........Andy Douglas
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    Me and the B-1-D

    Pliers work well enough unless the paint or chrome is real nice... them a socket.
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    We and the Windsor 2018

    Well she’s gettin more and more tired as I keep driving her. She’s burning more oil this year and leaking a fair bit more too. I’d like to have driven the car however the confidence for long trips is diminishing. Turned out to be a 5 hour drive one way. Mid 80’s F here. The trip in A/C of my Ram was sure nice. I feel no guilt. The folks will get to see the car. Many come from afar. I figure, better taking it on the trailer versus deciding not to go due to engine/tranny/torque reliability.
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    greg g

    48-49 P15 chrome match

    If it is for an early 49, basically a carry over P15 design yes, if it is from a late series 49 no. They were a new and different car body and frme Because of tooling problems for the new model, Chrysler kept the former p15 model in production through early March of 49and sold them as 49,s.
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    Ram Man 02

    Back to the 50's 2019

    theres always another year. its not like they are just going to stop doing this show anytime soon. its far too successful and draws A LOT of people. occasionally you even seen people dragging trucks in from the west coast...
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    Quietride Rear cab cover kit

    Here are some shots of what I am talking about with the notch in the lower piece and the upper piece fitting into it. Not sure if this is the way it should be done and if anyone has any ideas I am listening - thanks. I have also put in mats and some insulation.
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    Finally running but no brakes.

    The old Lockheed brakes are certainly a little different that what many folks would think of as normal brakes. If you are planning to do your own work I recommend a shop manual, at very least. Does your brake pedal travel to the floor when pressed? And no brakes? Any idea how old the brakes are? Last time they worked? Is there a little circular access plate under the floor carpet on the driver’s side, foot area? In my ‘53 this allows access to the single master cylinder. A 3/4” wrench will open the reservoir cap. Is there any brake fluid in there? Pull the drums. You’ll need a puller for the rear. Is leaking brake fluid present at each wheel cylinder? Further progress means getting into the wheel cylinders. Pull. Clean. Inspect. Probably buying new is the best option for the cylinders. While you are down there look at the rubber flex brake hoses. Dry and cracking? Those need to go. How do the brake shoes and hardware look? Life left? All the parts there? The Master cylinder. A vital piece. Pull. Clean. Inspect. Measure. If rebuildable All new internal pieces. Bleed everything. Rusty old brake lines? Build new ones. Then there’s the cursed adjusting. Shoes must be concentric to the axle. Not easily done without a special tool. When they are set up right they work well. A good start. Report back.
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    Some help on my 1948 D24

    Here's a heater valve for the fancy two-unit heater: It seized up, so I replaced it with a modern unit. Maybe could have found a better configuration. Creative plumbing. Ugly, but it works.
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    BandB Carter rebuild kit

    Bigger ball under the slotted brass screw plug... little ball in the pump plunger well.
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    Me and the B-1-D

    My son wanted to put the license plate on, so I let him do that.
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    I have radials on my 4 tonner also... no issues at all with the lock ring wheels.
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    Me and the B-1-D

    Short video for you guys. I started off in first gear and ground it when I shifted to second. 🤭 I know, better to start off in 2nd gear. shifting from 2nd to 3rd to 4th and then downshifting went pretty well since I hadn't double clutched anything since the late-90s.
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    Got a little help today which was really nice. The trans just fits under the truck lifted as high as my jackstands go, then it has to get slid on the jack while it’s under there. It fits up through the exhaust farther back then can get slid up into position. Then it sat on the exhaust for a second to get some boards between it and the jack for a couple more inches max lift. It mated up pretty easily to the bell then spinning it around was a pain in the butt while I started the flexplate to torque converter bolts, then again to torque them. Speedo cable, kickdown, properly indexed shift cable, and starter with a new blanket on it all went on without a fight. The old small pinion yoke needed some love from a propane torch before the impact started unscrewing it, then I forgot to put a pan under it when I knocked the old pinion yoke free. Only lost a pint or so of gear oil. Torqued the new one on with a dab of red loctite- made much easier with the crush sleeve eliminator kit in there instead of a crush sleeve. I still have to fill the trans with ATF before I set her down but I have high hopes it will all work! Happy father’s day fellas
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Found this 1950 Dodge May 19th 2019.....sitting behind a barn in my local area since 1979....I'm going to see if I can get it running.
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    I apologize in advance to the person I got this from and I will find it and provide them credit at some point. For this one of course it would not work on an r10g1 overdrive, although that is not to say they couldn't make one for that purpose.

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