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    Just brought her home

    Still have the original motor to pickup, but she runs fine with the one in her. Need to get the insurance and registration complete before I drive around though.
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    Putting It Together - '51 B3B

    My sheetmetal parts are finished and it's time to put it together. I ran into a problem with the engine, so it's back at the machine shop for now. I should be getting the engine back from the shop in a couple of weeks. After the engine goes in, the cab and doors go on.
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    Putting It Together - '51 B3B

    I put the bed together yesterday. The fenders aren't fully bolted on yet. I still need to add the fender welting.
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    Intro- Hi from CA

    Hi all, I've been lurking here for a little while. I bought my first flathead powered car this year and am finding great info on here! Figure I should introduce myself 😊 This year I bought another 1933 Plymouth sedan. This one is an original survivor complete with the original 189 straight six. My first '33 was meant to be more of a hotrod. I learned that building a car from the ground up was just a little too much project for me. It's been mostly sitting for the better part of 10 years. Then my husband talked some sense into me... why not just buy one that's already running. That landed me to my current '33 and we sold the hotrod. If anyone is interested in measurements/ differences between the PC and PD models, I can give you info. I took a lot of details shots of the two cars together while I still could. The hotrod was a PC, the black one a PD. Here's some photos of my new to me car. ~Melissa
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    Roger the Dodger

    Aussie DeSoto

    G'day All, This is my 1955 DeSoto Diplomat Regent. I bought it recently and got a Roadworthy Certificate yesterday morning, and got Club Permit plates in the afternoon. Previous owners have thrown a lot of money at it and all I had to do was replace a defective hydraulic brake light switch. It is a SP25-3 with a 250.6 cu in motor (3 7/16 x 4 1/2) and 3 speed with O/drive. The carby is off a Falcon with aftermarket air cleaner. Electric fuel pump next to tank. It has been repainted at some time and the engine fully recoed. Recently the head has been shaved .050". Now to drive the wheels off it.
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    I slept for dang near 24 hours since since I got home yesterday. I logged 4000 miles....over 43 hours, going to and from my home in California. I took naps equaling 8 hours. I took this trip out to Minnesota to get Mark the large truck parts he bought from a California Bay Area wrecking yard. It was an excellent trip!!! The whole deal ended with a BBQ fire pit party at Mark's. My good friends Jeremiah and Sarah, Merle and Michelle, Mark and Linda*, Ed and his family, Todd,and few of Mark's local buddies....they are all awesome! Todd drove 8 hours for the met up at Mark's and then 8 hours back late after the party started winding down. Merle and Michele drove 4 plus hours from Wisconsin in their 50' truck...spent the night and headed out after breakfast with us. I can't thank them enough for being there. I know I wasn't the only reason, but it added greatly to my trip! ED and his family are the greatest. His kids had me laughing and missing the fact that my kids are all grown up.....I called a few of my kids during the drive...my daughter laughed and asked me if I was ever gonna grow up.....I said "no". The best part was, with all the correspondence on the forum, its no wonder we all spoke as if we were longtime friends who were just trying to "catch up"! Thanks to everyone....it made my summer. *Linda wasn't actually there, but her presence was felt through her preparation and a phone call!
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    Todd B

    48-53 B-series quarter glass

    You would not want me to moderate. All the whiners would be prohibited.
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    I didn't want to embarrass you... but I used to do better burnouts on smooth concrete like that.... with my pedal tractor when I was still wet behind the ears.
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    Mark H

    Steering column wiring

    Thank you for all the suggestions! The photo of the wiring diagram was so helpful! We got it sorted out. A little more context, here's a pic taken the day she came home.
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    And remember to act as a gentleman - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qv2vzMeMCE
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    Ty Rods Show 2019

    Thought I'd share some pics from this year's Ty Rods Old Timers Reunion. Not to disparage other's automotive tastes, as is my custom I'm only sharing the early MoPar's that I was certain were MoPar powered, if modified (there was at least one S10 chassis and a couple belly button motors on the field). A great day, and it was nice to finally meet member Mark and his lovely P15 drop top. Enjoy!
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    Howdy CO Yep I’m good. Last year I was cranking on the truck build so hard it was a little much but I knew it was such a big project that it wouldn’t get done if I didn’t get a little obsessed. Now that it’s more of a hot loud gas guzzling daily driver I have just been mostly enjoying it! I do still check in here a couple times a week to read some ‘car stories’, learn some stuff, have a laugh, and once in a while help somebody out with some misguided advice. Last thing I did on the truck was the passenger side ‘stage 8’ locking collector bolts. The passenger downpipe had lost all 3 nuts and started falling off and leaking badly twice. I didn’t do the driver side because it hadn’t been self-loosening- yet! I took my mom for a ride last week. She loved the interior and the fuel injected reliability but was terrified and actually screaming after a quick half throttle holeshot up to about 30 mph from a slow roll. It was hilarious but I’m not a sadist so I didn’t mat the gas and bang second at redline- just cruised around a little more and went home. When I cranked up to take her out I noticed a new rattly sound so I hadn’t been driving it this week till I had time to check it out. Yup it was the driver’s side collector. One out of three collector nuts had backed off and vibrated all the way off, leaving just the bolt. I replaced that one with a fancy locking bolt at the cost of much forearm cramping, cursing, and a bunch of skin rubbed off my first thumb knuckle. Man who decided to put a big block in this tiny engine bay 😂 Sooner or later I’ll have to do the last two fancy locking bolts on the driver’s collector. I’m going to wait until the skin grows back on my hand that I rubbed of doing the first one. The Driver’s side has the O2 sensor in it that runs the EFI computer so I can’t have it leaking. Which reminds me- once you have a good tune in your holley self learning fuel map it’s possible to set/limit the AFR correction to a small amount. That way you can still have it correct for altitude temperature and and humidity but not go totally haywire if a sensor goes bad. I should probably do that soon. I have about 400 miles on it so far. Next up is replacing the dakota steering rack, pump, lines, and tie rods, along with a trip to re-set the toe afterward. It’s pretty much the only Dak part I didn’t replace (re-used the denso alternator too knock wood) and now it’s leaking. Parts are super cheap so I’m just gonna do all new. My buddy is a chevy dealership mechanic so he’s gonna throw the parts on and re-align at work. It’s only a few bolts and hoses but with a rack and a lift it’s a cake job and he wants to barter for a tattoo. Other than that I have a nuisance vibration in the dashboard just off idle and I think I want to back off the aggressiveness on my shock settings some. Also my headlights are aimed too low and the driver’s side sealed beam has a droopy bulb inside that is a little dim and doesn’t hit the reflectors right to throw a good pattern. So I’ll swap em both soon. The amount of rain that comes in is still significant but much better and I am confident all the metal is sealed up really well so it’s also just a nuisance I can deal with until I decide to get crazy and do a new windshield. Oh and my fuel lift pump hangs way too low out back- I gotta raise the mount by 4-5” and make a new hard line to the surge tank. Just like everything else it’s ok for now. I’m really enjoying the fall weather- in the 70°s or even low 80°s the truck runs nice and cool instead of the mid 190°s it runs in summer rush hour. I’ve also turned some of my attention to getting my ‘73 swinger back on the road from paint shop purgatory (free extended storage at the lazy painter/buddy’s garage waiting on him). So there’s a nice big chunk of mopar rambling! I hope everybody is also enjoying the fall weather and burning some gas! Radar
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    First Plymouth 1949 Special Deluxe

    Had a nice hour long drive around central MN this evening. Haven’t been able to take Myrtle out since Sunday with all the rain! Ran great and got a couple of waves. I also upgraded the door hardware.
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    Tri-power Flatty

    I did some mock-up work today, so as promised here's some photos of the tri-power setup with split exhaust. Tons of thanks go out to Tim Kingsbury and George Asche that made this set up possible. As you can see there is a small hole in the firewall and I've still got more carving to do to clear the rear carb, linkage and air cleaner.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Just bought: 1947 Dodge 4 door

    what did that poor car ever do to anyone???????
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    Valve adjustment methods

    Today I tweaked my valve adjustment using the NOT running procedure discussed here many times. I believe it is available on the tech section. Engine is smooth and quiet ! During rebuild I did set these cold. Then in the car I did the Running method . Although I thought I managed this ok, the valves were still I bit noisy. Certainly recomend the non-running adjustment.
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    Spare Parts Day! A good haul.

    They are many guys here who are bad influences! I am on my way to becoming a parts hoarder. Today I secured: A D32 C 1818C SN engine. I think it came out of a truck. Canadian 25” long block.with clutch assy, flywheel and housing on it. Carb. Manifolds. Distributor. Starter. Etc. It was running when pulled. Stored indoors. Bars over. Think its maybe a 251? We’ll see. A 3 speed manual tranny with park brake assy on rear. Part number 138238-1 DPCD cast in it. Some other giblets too. A 10” brake drum. Another flywheel and bottom tin cover. Clutch linkage etc. Most excited about the oil bath air cleaner that I also took home. It fits my ‘38 Ply very nicely. The ‘38 came with a modern type paper air filter. It just looked wrong on there. My garage is getting fatter. My wallet thinner. So much fun though. Got a great deal for all from a solid local fellow Mopar enthusiast. A good club of folks to be a part of.
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    Sam Buchanan

    P11 full rewire

    I think everyone on this thread agrees that good grounds are very important.
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    Hmm... Those skid marks don’t seem to match the tread pattern on the truck... 🤔 Tire that left the mark had 4 rows of tread blocks. Your Fargo has 5.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Valve adjustment methods

    they were SLAP HAPPY
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    P11 full rewire

    Rhode Island Wiring and YNZ Wiring both offer complete harnesses. They look correct and have all the correct connectors.
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    Passenger mirror mounted finally! Had some help from friends!
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    Looks like a couple guys that are out standing in the field... or are they outstanding in their field?
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    Did the deal on this one today. 1938 P6. Great known history. Solid car. Original interior. D24 engine installed but comes with original P6 engine needing rebuild. Lots of spare parts! Good runner. Test drove it. Looking forward to getting into this car. No plans other than make it reliable, road worthy and safe. Picked up in Victoria BC Canada. I will trailer it home next Saturday.
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    Intro- Hi from CA

    One more
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    John Rogers

    Whistle and Chug

    If your hearing the whistle at an idle and it goes away when throttle is applied I'd be looking for a vacuum leak. Id start with the fittings for the vacuum advance and any vac lines coming from the manifold etc.. John
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    some random Vikings fan following me...
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    Im 16, and I wish this site handled #hashtags# 😜
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    In KC for weekend

    Well, I didn't get to hook up with anyone from the forum, but I ran across this at a car show 20 miles from the hotel today. Really nice guy, not on the forum, was a '36 and it was clean.
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    Dan Hiebert

    pressure washer

    They're kind of like pick-up trucks and basements. Once you have one it's hard not to have one again. We borrowed my brother-in-laws to clean the house when we lived in west New York, twenty minutes to do what would have otherwise taken a day or two. I had to have one after that. Harbor Freight has a run on the electric ones every spring up here. Relatively inexpensive and they fly off the shelves, so they must either work well...or only last a year.
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    Roger the Dodger

    Aussie DeSoto

    Fist drive with the new Permit plates. Drove to Church, but took the long way there and back through the hills.
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Mayhem: Pic 1:. We stopped at "Mangos" in Winona, MN for dinner. We were starved! Pic 2:. Finally home. It was about a 200 mile round trip. Car ran great, got lots of looks. Talked to a few people about it when we weren't walking around. People always seem to like the hood ornament, and the originality of the car. While at the event we enjoyed home made ice cream, fresh kettle corn, browsing through the vendors' things, seeing folks dressed up rockabilly style, and talking to people. The vintage campers were going to have trick-or-treating through their area later in the evening. I'm embarrassed to admit I forgot to snap even one photo of the campers. Must've been 25+ of them.
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    swap a 251 out for a 265?

    Easy direct swap...except industrial manifolds, carb, dist and pulleys etc. Swap them off your old 251.
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    Time for a reading break...The original 1938 shop manual assumes the reader has considerable experience in these engines. I suppose the manuals were written for dealer mechanics. If you didn’t already have considerable experience, well you probably shouldn’t be employed at a CPDD dealer. I’ve started collecting books across 25 years of CPDD cars. I find the books seem to have different images and different levels of instruction on the same topic. Engine won’t bar over yet. Front cover, seal retainer and front main cap are all that’s left holding the crank. She’s stubborn.
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    Lights and wiring done

    Made some more progress in the build. The headlights and parking/turn signals are back in and working. I have ordered new bezels so they will be installed when they get here. I have included some shots of my wiring as well. Shame I had to hide all the cloth wires but I like the results.
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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    Finally replaced the temporary coolant recovery tank with what I wanted. Since the car never came with a recovery tank, I wanted something unique. I swapped out the radiator cap that came with the radiator for a 7psi cap. With 50/50 antifreeze, I should be good to 240 degrees.
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    Just bought: 1947 Dodge 4 door

    So much info getting thrown at you here sorry... Resist the temptation to clean up the block deck with a wire wheel. Or a wire brush. The tiny wires come off. They are prone to drop down horizontally between the piston and the cylinder wall. They can get wedged in place, maybe adjacent to a piston ring. Then the destruction begins the very next time you move that piston. Then expect a dead cylinder with no compression in short time. Seek out a brass wire wheel or brush. They have soft bristles. Put shop cloths in each cylinder when cleaning up and de-carboning the area. Get a shop vac and suck up everything really well out of every cylinder. While the head is off be very diligent about keeping the area clean deck and covered up if possible. Good luck. Report back. Thx.
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    Putting It Together - '51 B3B

    Beautiful work on the paint. 😎 Another pair of running boards that Cannot be stepped on, oh well, I will never have the chance to ride in that beauty anyway! 😉 DJ
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    warning meter 3 out of 5.....
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    Discussions of power, weight, and reliability of potential transmissions swap candidates are perfectly applicable to this board. All three qualities and more should be discussed when talking about a particular transmission swap as it lends itself to suitability of its potential new home.
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    Merle Coggins

    License Plate Collecting

    License plates are too small for Mark... He collects tailgates. 😁
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    Dan Hiebert

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    The rear bolt that mounts the generator bracket to the motor on our D24 has a stud where the positive cable is attached to the engine. Cable is routed under the generator (could go either way, but under is tidier to me).
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    I am sure the truck is capable but mark will have a stroke, I still remember his reaction when I put my foot on the running board (Oh yeah just a reminder don’t do that). I will bring some pigeon river growlers and let mark have a few first.
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    Used mom's rotozip to enlarge the third mounting hole. All set
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    Back fire and blow the muffler out sounds like ignition was cut, fuel keep getting past the combustion chamber then ignition lit off again. (Unless ignition didn't cut out at all) Turning right also could be a bare wire touching ground on right turns. I think I'd chase a wiring issue first
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    Adam H P15 D30

    Gear oil for rear axle

    GL 1 is kind of available. This works better and is safe for the soft metals in the std. 3 speeds.
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    1951 Desoto Custom

    Looks good. Check underneath for any rust and take it for a drive. The price seems a bit high but I’m out of the loop on this stuff anymore. I’d certainly drive it!
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Bench or Bucket Seat

    usually there is no such thing as a quick and easy seat swap bench or bucket as the very mount of each seat is somewhat different and you have to be able to mount these properly and also be backed with an adequate backing plate beneath the floor sandwiching you hopefully good solid intact original floor between the seat and the backer...as for bucket verse bench...personal I like the split back bench in a truck with the fold down arm rest......
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    I built mine to drive and do at least once a week. I must say there are some fine looking MOPARS in this thread. Jim M Clover,SC

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