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    Todd Build Thread

    Well, wood projects wrapping up for the winter. After almost a year, I'm getting back to TODD. Last night I cut all the bracing out I had in for the roof build. Now I can weld in new bracing so I can cut the floor out. Then I will weld in new sill beams (2 X 4 x .125 tubular steel you can see them laying in the cab) and some cross members. Hopefully in Feb I will be pulling the 94 into the shop and start tear down so I can get the cab set this spring. Sure opens the cab up inside!
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    Coffee cup holders

    Made this for my '36 Plymouth.
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    Jeff Balazs

    Scare of my life.

    Fiddy; I drive my 52 3/4 ton daily in relatively heavy and fast moving traffic here in SoCal. As you are already aware these trucks are from a completely different era of traffic and road conditions. I knew as I began my build of this truck that there were some serious upgrades required to handle the traffic conditions it now faced. Good reliable and predictable braking was at the very top of the list. Some people will tell you that the original brakes are more than adequate. I don't agree. The folks you share the road with these days have no idea and don't care if your pride and joy can stop as quickly as their new whatsit can. I get constant reminders of this almost daily. I went to the extra effort of putting 4 wheel disc brakes in my truck and I am very glad I did. I have had to use them to their full capability more than once. As a bare minimum I would suggest putting discs on the front of any of these trucks that anyone intends to use in regular traffic. It isn't that expensive or complicated. And done carefully it may just save your day...... Jeff
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    Help !! truck shipping

    It sounds like you missing a chance at a great road trip which, in my opinion, is one of the really great reasons to buy an old vehicle. If you have a good pickup truck you could drive to the truck and rent a U-Haul trailer and off you go. Or fly to the truck and rent a truck and a trailer and come home. Maybe you have a job or something that would preclude you from being gone for 10 days? Bummer. There is no economical way to get your truck so you might as well have some fun while you're at it.
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    Jeff Balazs

    Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Here are a couple of photos of the tie down Eye-bolts I have been using in my truck. These are good for heavy loads down in the bed and are actually through bolted into the frame. Keeps stuff from shifting around during transit and wont bend the bed sides. There are 4 of these on each side of my 3/4 ton truck bed. Hth., Jeff
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    There are cooling fins on the coupling. Inside looks just like a grapefruit.... straight fins.. Here's the inside of one I cut apart.... I used to work on them all the time.
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    Visited Brian's junk yord

    Just left a great visit at Brian's junknyard, American Canyon, California. Hundreds of 40's and 50's cars and trucks. Some 60's. Spent about 5 hours with him and his wife. Absolutely delightful. And - I finally found spare wheels for my 1924 Dodge Brothers roadster. He has quite a few Dodge trucks from 40 into the 50's.
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    Merle Coggins

    Off topic hobbies

    For me it’s motorcycles...
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    Off topic hobbies

    hunting and collecting antique English and German rifles.
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    52 ply pics

    Ok guys im hoping for an early spring so i can go get her off the hill were she has been for over 40 years and out of the sagebrush and weeds! But i did manage to get to her and get some pics. Time wasn't on my side tho as you can see a storm was coming so i only got a few....
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    Bob Riding

    air cleaner conversion

    I found 2 old Crosley oil bath air cleaners, which look remarkably like the stock dual carb air cleaners from the B-Series Dodge trucks. I cut out the bottoms and welded in the Plymouth diameter bases from 2 junk air cleaner that I had lying around. They work great and keep the stock look.
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    Jeff Balazs

    Water distribution tube

    Y'all are too wimpy. You havent lived until you have been through a real stinker of a WDT. Here is what came out of mine Jeff
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    Wish i could make it again this year, but will be travelling to London later in 2018. Hope that those who attend will post up plenty of photos. I'm aiming to be back at the BBQ in 2020 (with wifey this time).
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    I've been clearing out projects, equipment and trucks from the shop area....my wife calls it "nesting"...lol I call it getting ready for the BEST show of the year! I got a call from the 3 different COE guys...looks like they will be back this year... so I guess I need to work on the wife's project, or I might be in a bit of trouble...:D Also heard from a local ford truck club...they'd like to come....I said "yes" of course, "we need target practice".....just kidding, every one is welcome, trucks, cars, COE's, muscle cars, vintage wagons, etc.....we'll show our Dodges off to anyone who wants to show up...:D Its getting closer....time to GET'ER CLEANED UP,TUNED UP AND READY TO ROOOOLLLLLL!! WOHOOO!!!! 48D
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    Brent B3B

    Mystery project

    I have a couple guesses 1. it is for the lid to my brooding area or 2. it's a shield for you and Linda to sit behind when you go to "Stillwater" for lunch and the Wisconsin's are throwing stuff at you from across the river or 3. it's an tonneau cover for FEF
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    pflaming: "I've got my bag, I've got my reservation, SPEND got each DIME I could afford, . . . . . " Cribbed off the internet, from Barry Manilow. Long way from Dinah Shore. Gonna take a sentimental journey, Gonna set my heart at ease Gonna take a sentimental journey, To renew old memories Got my bag, I got my reservation, Spend each dime I could afford Like a child in wild anticipation, Long to hear that "all aboard" Seven, that's the time we leave at seven, I'll be waiting up for heaven Counting every mile of railroad track, That takes me back Never thought my heart could be so yearning, Why did I decide to roam Gonna take a sentimental journey, Sentimental journey home
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    Mystery project

    So I've used what little spare time I've had in the last month or so to work on this project. Can you guess what I'm doing? Ed, you don't get to answer, you know!
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    Planning to bring the Coronet if we get the fuel system straightened out in time. It will be the first real drive! Greg
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    oil pump question

    Yes, you should prime the pump before installing it. To do so, submerge the body of the pump in oil and turn the gear until all the air bubbles disappear from the suction and discharge ports and then install it.
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    I'll try to get the gas tank in my 48 p-15 4 door by then.
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    Need one of these...
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    New to forum

    Few more pictures
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    Scare of my life.

    The point of using the brakes is not to lock the brakes. When the brakes are locked then you lose steering control and it actually increases the braking distance as the tire is sliding along on a patch of molten rubber. The term is "lower coefficient of friction". If the brakes lock they are working fine except that you pushed the pedal too hard. We folks that are old enough to remember brakes prior to anti-locking style drive accordingly.
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    D24 Original front and rear track.

    All, I'm currently in the process of getting my D24 re-registered. I don't know what you guys have heard about vehicle standards and registration here in Oz, but it varies state to state and modifications from the original baseline can be problematic on where you are and which official you speak to at the time... My D24 has already had a number of modifications performed by previous owners. Specifically I need to know the original hub to hub/track widths front and rear. Is anyone able to provide these dimensions? This is so i can compare to what I have now. I note a few books and online references have mentioned a 'wheel tread' of front: 57" and rear 60" for the D24. Is this dimension the same as track? For the Australian readers, mine has a '94 Ford Falcon 3.23 rear diff with disc brakes and front hubs and discs from i think a'71-'74 HQ Holden and Calipers from a '97-'00 VT Commodore. Leary
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    46 degrees today so I elected to fire up the D-24. She started quickly with no battery problems or getting fuel. Used the manual choke and a few short starter bursts and she sprang to life. This engine is not pretty but runs like a sewing machine quiet and smooth. Did stink up the garage a bit but that just keeps my smoking hot wife in the house
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    1 ton tires

    After watching that video I'm so tired I'm going to bed! Someone must have pushed in long studs to use those spacer plates...
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Scare of my life.

    here where I live they would refer to that as PECISION PARKING
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Coffee cup holders

    just to let the forum know that I take my poor humor seriously and will inflict just punishment, I have sentenced myself to a couple hours in the back room sanding and mudding drywall....almost as fun as getting your teeth drilled.
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    Don Coatney

    Coffee cup holders

    This works for me.
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    Hello.....at 6:11 AM this is morning.... but I know what you mean, in the morning after coffee and breakfast and putting mums back to bed explaining it is the weekend and not to over do herself and relax (more correct than saying go back to bed and stay out of my business)
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    Clock repair recomendations.

    When I had my 41 Plymouth I found that original 41 Plymouth clocks were a kings ransom........so when a nice NOS one was ebayed for $800 US I got a nice pic downloaded, cut it to size and made a holder and a clear plastic cover for it and stuck it in the dash...........was perfect, never wore out the battery, kept accurate time twice daily and looked pretty...........and me being a tight arsed aussie cost me about $1.00...........lol..................andyd
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    Off topic hobbies

    Gardening. Recently have also developed an interest in what some are calling 'cyclekarts' - mini cycle cars with 6.5 HP one lungers as the power source. (The biggest problem is the cost of the wheels - 17" motorcycle wheels are specified.)
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    Clock repair recomendations.

    Take your clock apart. What have you got to lose? (besides some critical screws) I fixed a broken solder connection in my clock (Lower left, coil winding to brass strip): The clock is working again. The clock has two major components: the clockworks and the winding mechanism. The solenoid moves the winding mechanism, and when the mechanism reaches the end of its travel, the solenoid is energized again. Tick tick, tick, and every few minutes, clunk. Tick, tick, tick. Music to my ears. Sometimes I reconect the battery, just to hear the clock. (Edit: I should say that the two parts are the clockworks and the solenoid mechanism. The winding arm, seen in the second photo above, and the winding mechannism, are part of the clockworks, and are not seen in the first photo of the solenoid and its switches. )
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    Search Help

    Ok, this may get moved or copied to the other forums, but I know people get a little lost on the search function. MAYBE this will help clear things up. So, say I want to search "tail light". FIRST I have to decide if I want to search the MAIN forum or within a SUB-forum. If you want to search them ALL, then make sure to search while on the Forum main page (where all the forums are listed). This is a MAIN forum search: but I KNOW I want something in the truck forum so I will go to THAT forum and search there: enter my search term "tail light" and hit the looking glass to search: This search returns this: You can be even more detailed in your search if you go to the "+ More Search Options" and enter information there: I this case I remembered a post by "ggdad1951" that had the info in I needed so I select "Search by author" and enter that search term: that results in a more defined search like this: Of course you can do all sorts of advanced searches with the check boxes to help you find things and you can also do a Boolean search to help refine early on in the process. Boolean searches include the "+" or "-" to either include or exclude things you are looking for. In the example below in the red box I put the "+" in front of tail light and truck. This will return ONLY search that have BOTH terms, see the yellow boxes. It will also pop up the GREEN box to further help you. More about Boolean search can be found via Google or your favorite search engine. Hopefully this helps! IF you have a suggestion to make this tutorial better, PM me. Thanks!
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    im planning on it again as well
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    head bolt just tell me how many and where to ship got many from lots of tear downs jesse
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    Plymouthy Adams

    First restoration project

    use the heat, oxy acetylene will get it cherry red the best...heat it through two cherry red cycles for best results, do not attempt to remove while cherry red..the metal will be too easy to distort...allow it to return to a normal color. the square easy outs are the best and as the plug base in now like a hollow pipe, the square extractor was designed for this application...just take your time...let the heat and the tool do the work...
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    First restoration project

    And heat the head around the outside of the hole when trying to extract it as well. The heat will make the hole expand helping to break things loose.
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    Mystery project

    DING DING DING we have a winner! Wink, tell him what he's won.... I'm not molesting the hood (much) just two holes to bolt the wings down to the frame. Otherwise it's 4 mounting bolts on the center section. I need to fab up a fill piece for the cowl area and I've talked Ed (I hope) into painting it for me. He can use it for practice before he hits his next truck.
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    First restoration project

    Wow maybe my interior isnt as bad as i thought.. work on the flathead make it run.. OH and have fun
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    I'm in regular contact with the 90 year old fellow I bought it from. He used it on his wedding in 1950 and has described how every blemish it carries came to be. I'm going to get it running and driving safely and enjoy it as is.
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    First restoration project

    Day 1 I hand washed him and tore out the headliner. Spend a good couple hours cleaning the floor and trunk, filled up the tires and hopefully they hold for a little bit.
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    door sill 49 Plymouth

    I made sills for my 50 Ply wagon out of 1/8" aluminum. They do have a taper and making a template from cardboard was needed first. After getting them done I had them powder coated in a flat aluminum look.
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    Tom Skinner

    Risk of Mice Nests

    Set Traps. I caught three in my Garage one Twas the Night before Christmas when my kids were 8 and 10. I bought them to their attention while singing: "They'll go down in history". And they did. No alive mice near my cars - Traps set. My kids today. U.S.M.C.
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    First restoration project

    Congratulations on your car. It will make a great ride. Where did the plug snap off? Above or below the hex nut?? If below you may be able to use an easy out. Get the square kind not the spiral, one that will fit and make certain the piston is down. plenty of penetrating oil. Some pics of the broken plug??
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    these are available most any shop stateside, can use small block chevy item if you wish. Summit will sell a set of 25 new in box for this application for about 25.00 I think it was...make sure they proper grade, undercut so not to seize. Many like to upgrade to ARP studs at this time and finish off with chrome caps...we just had a good discussion on these less than two weeks ago..a search should reveal the recent posted data update....link
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    Reg Evans

    Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Here are mine.
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    Self parking car

    Yea they should have a section on the drivers test where they put you in a 3 speed on the column and let you parallel park it with no power steering, while eating a ham sandwich and drinking a hot cup of coffee ( full, with no lid, from McDonald's) and no cup holder. If you do well on that I think you might be good. It's either that or you have to drive down a street in a 3rd world country under heavy fire. About the same as getting off work of the evening when 2 or 3 factorys let out at the same time.
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    An even bigger rarer Imperial.. A 1935 Chrysler CW Imperial Custom Airflow LeBaron Limousine with the 385 ci eight.... first use of the one piece windshield