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    readjusted timing and carbs.

    Since I got the points bounce fixed I readjusted the timing a bit and then had to resync the carbs.
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    Thanks for all your responses. There are some real nice humane people here. I am often reluctant to post personal things like this on the internet. You never really know the audience. Obviously there are some real classy folks here. The company you have given has been great. I already know today that yes, I will own another dog. They just bring so much to your life. True if we never get attached we are not pained when they pass. However it is worth it. A man's best friend. This was Abby's last trip to the park yesterday. Staring down the donut bag. LOL.
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    I did get started on an adapter for the tire changer, but wouldn't ya know it, my neighbor wanted his ATV tires swapped out...I was still kinda dragging from a lingering sinus infection, and coupled with the 100° temps, I was totally gassed by dinner time, so that's been put on hold again for a little while. A week later, I got back to organizing my parts inventory I started over a year ago. I need to clear out that workspace to prep two exterior doors I need to replace on the house, so I was motivated to move this back to the top of the priority list. The work table was covered with layers of boxes of completed project parts and supplies that dated back to last Spring...once I got that cleared off and squared away, there were the rotting boxes and ripped bags and rusty coffee cans and splitting butter tubs of bolts, screws, etc that I had collected from a few trades back in 2012. It took the better part of 2 days to go through everything, identifying hardware that belonged to certain parts of the trucks, hardware that needed to be scrapped, and hardware that belonged elsewhere. There was quite a bit of International Harvester parts mixed in with several bags of Dodge Truck bolts, as well as lawnmower parts, electrical junction box parts, and generic sheet metal screws. I filled up the big coffee can with rusty hardware that was not worth using , probably about 20# of scrap to sell. After separating the good from the bad, I realized that I needed to get all the door hardware out of the deteriorating plastic containers...so on my next trip to town, I picked up a few of those hardware organizers and filled them up. I also had several years' collection of peanut butter, mayo, lemonade mix and peanut plastic containers that I finally got to use, and several larger tubs to compartmentalize all this hardware. It's been a tedious task that was long overdue, but now I have an organized hardware inventory and freed up a shelf on a storage rack...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
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    My first classic

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    Mark D

    Electronics wizard needed...

    I'm to blame, I revived the thread seeking details of the latching relays used. Mission accomplished, will see one in the mail when I get home.
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    Very sorry for you’re loss. Sounds like she will be missed. I been there a few times. You know what they say!! You can lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car for 6 hours and who will be excited to see you when you open the trunk???
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    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    A great compromise between aerosol bombs and powdercoating is this stuff I get from my local auto body supply. Before you spray, you insert a provided tool into the bottom of the can. A hardener is then released into the paint and a super hard finish is the result. They mix any color of your choosing. I pay $23 a can at Finishmasters. Expensive but no reducers, hardeners, strainers, formulas, etc. and goes on smooth and opaque to the bottom of the can. Great for cab interior work too.
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    Wow, great to hear the history on red color drums for left side! Duh...after I put that writing on the hub thinking I came up with a great idea it hit me that you wouldn't see it with the wheel installed! Brain fart! But after reading your posts I think I will paint the center hub too and write "LEFT" on it there as well so it's viewable with the wheel on the car. Again, not so much for me, but the future custodian who will inherit this car. You think many Millenials have ever changed a tire, or even done an oil change? HAHA! Jim T
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    I do not want make bad your idea, since I do not know what rims you have. My Plymouth rims don`t allow to look through it onto the brake drums. So if I had a reminder inscription on the drums, I would only see that warning when the wheel already is off and I just have teared off a lug ... I would have to put that note under the hub on the rim. Anyway, a reminder never hurts.
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    I've been a bit busy with night shifts at work, and then packing shipping containers with hospital and school charity items in every bit of my spare time. I did get time to get the blue truck out recently and picked up the 'best old school' trophy at the local NAPA car show. Hopefully the FaceBook link works... https://www.facebook.com/pg/napaautosuperstorelogancity/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10155288563680957
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    Don Coatney

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    I did on my dual chamber master cylinder.
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    JB, I'm very envious, I desperately need to do that. Great job and great example.
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    Just some pictures off a goggle search_ _ do not know if this is a help- one pic is Chrysler but appears to be the same- almost?. Where the speaker mounts is not shown. Maybe some has the 1953 Plymouth accessories book that shows some more? DJ 1953 PLYMOUTH MOPAR 608 RADIO PHOTOFACT eBay.html 1953 CHRYSLER 824 , DODGE 820, & PLYMOUTH 819 RADIO PHOTOFACT eBay.html
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    Stupid carburetor!

    Got a fresh kit in hand, carb is completely disassembled and soaking overnight in a gallon of lacquer thinner. For what it's worth, dwell, timing etc is all set. No vacuum leaks. Just a clog somewhere, I'm sure.
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    John Reddie

    Movie Plymouth

    "War of the Worlds" made in 1953 features two of these Plymouth's, a 1951 police car which unfortunately gets vaporized by the aliens and either a '51 or '52 convertible. These cars only appear in the beginning. Like you, I have always found them most appealing. John R
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    Not to be different but I used POR 15. Hard as a rock and not in the sun enough to fade.
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    When I saw the post about Jim painting his drums it reminded me of reading "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive" for the first time. For those of you who aren't VW nuts it was a great book and I think the author, John Muir; was every VW freak's hero and a greasy copy of it was a given. At least that's how it was for me. At one point he wrote something like "Paint each piece of your engine tins a different color and it'll give you something to smile about when you check your oil in the mornings." Great memories!!
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    you said head snapped off...am I to assume you have some body of the bolt sticking above the head? If so, run this bolt trough a few heat cycles with a torch and get it cherry red and allow to cool....on the third cycle of red, just as it loses the read...use a stud remover tool or a high quality vice grip and try to move it..working it back and forth a few times prior to trying to take it out one fell swoop..if it gets snug, again heat it..little back and forth when it loses the read and repeat as needed. If flush with the block...you can easily blow the bolt with a cutting torch or drill and use the better square extractors after the cherry red cycles...the torch in either case will dissolve the rust bond...wicking with candle wax is a good lube...better than oil when heating with the torch...
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    There are lots of places that do conversions, even 6 volt. Not inexpensive, though. https://www.vintageautoradio.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54&Itemid=64 http://www.taymanelectrical.com/stereo.htm http://www.ricksradioconversions.com
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    I started mine (forgot to post) and lamented the fact the the fuel gauge no longer works. But it was sure easy to start and idled wonderfully. (Pats self on back for putting in a 6v electric fuel pump). Locked the truck again when I was done cuz I CAN! Cobwebs successfully burned off. Phew! A full day's work indeed.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    My first classic

    never said that there was not a purpose for the 4 door sedan, for the family man there is really no substitute for the ability get the gang from point A to point B with least amount of headache as possible. Having raised a family I can attest to the fact that hauling goats in the back seat is a more pleasant road trip...they will lay on the floor, regurgitate a cud and be content to the next stop.
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    I restored this truck over a 2 year period, but sold it several years ago. I would like to know if anyone knows where it is today. It was sold to a person in Maine then he sold it to someone else. I anybody has seen it, please let me know. Thanks
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    Steering box bracing

    If it helps, this is a video I made about the PH steering brace. 48D
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    Radiator overflow tank: bad idea?

    Good morning. I believe that the overflow tank is designed for a pressurized cooling system-which our flathead vehicles do not have. Since the system isn't sealed-it wouldn't be able to create a vacuum to draw the fluid in the overflow tank back into the cooling system if and when needed. The overflow tube's purpose is to get rid of excess coolant that would otherwise boil out the cap and cover the engine once it "hit the fan". If I'm wrong-someone here will surely correct me. Just my 2 cents. Mike
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    Matt; I used E-Z Cool in my '45 Dodge pickup cab. Very easy to work with and about 10% of the price of some of the more popular brands. I do not have mine on the road yet, but may by the end of the year. Here is their website: <http://www.lobucrod.com> Paul H


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