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    Could be the job #
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    Reg Evans

    Nostalgia or what

    My first set of wheels was home made by me in 1959 when I was 11. Then when I was 16 I spotted this car in a field and the shape still appealed to me.
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    Nostalgia or what

    I attended vintage car show in Vegas a few years ago. I felt the time was right to get into the vintage car scene. I’ve always loved old cars. My kids were now grown up. It was time to start looking. Originally I wanted post-WW2 type. I like the design. I found a really clean 1953 Chrysler. Lots of chrome. Good price! I bit, and went for it. I’ve been really enjoying it. The whole plan worked out well. As you can see, I did not have a certain car in mind. I was attracted to its looks, price and nostalgia I guess. With one car being so fun, only way to have more fun is two cars. Right? I have been looking at other vintage car options for probably the past 6-8 months. Several options caught my attention. They never worked out for various reasons. Then, another Mopar struck me. Everything felt right and the deal fell together nicely. Pre WW2 this time. It seemed like the right fit for me. I bought it. So that’s two old cars in a row for me with no real significance. I have no idea if my Grandparents had one of either car or not. The way I see it....These cars will be of considerable significance to my sons or potential further offspring! If I’m lucky.

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