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    Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    The corner has been turned as I have gotten my 53 B4C frame cleaned and painted. My friend decided to have a car sandblasted and offered to have my frame done at his shop at the same time. The mobile sandblaster actually used a dustless system with glass and it made the metal actually sparkle. After cleaning I found a cross member had some hidden rust damage so it was removed, patched and will be bolted back on. I then painted por-15 and am really happy with the results. When I get it back to my garage I can actually start putting parts back on instead of taking them off! Here are some pics of the frame from dirty to clean to painted. (by the way for you sharp eyed people, some repair work was done on the frame in the past as the driver's side running board supports had the rivets removed and replace with bolts - they will be put back on later along with the cab supports and cross members you see missing in the pictures)
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    Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    Regardless of detractors I stand by POR15. Tough a nails and when used properly it's the best in the field IMO.
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    1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    Some things are just better left to the experts in my opinion At least the old Pop truck is almost back to one color all over after a sand and a quick squirt of 2-pack primer this morning.
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    Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    I remember being at that stage recently on my 53. Keep up the good work Tanda62
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    Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    Nice job! I did exactly the same when I restored my '38 Chrysler. You have taken your truck down as far as you can and now the frame is clean you are on the more fun part of putting everything back together. I imagine every part that goes back on will have had the same treatment as the frame. It all takes time but is more than worth it in the end.
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    Only place I have seen that many old Mopars in one spot is in the garage of forum member Dodgeb4ya http://smg.photobucket.com/user/DonCoatney/library/Billy Austin/day 15?sort=3&page=1