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    new guy with a new toy 1953 Dodge Coronet ... barn car 33 k original miles came with a parts car
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    Cabbage Hauler - WD-21 Build Thread

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I got the fender in black primer then decided it needed more - I think. I can never seem to leave well enough alone. What do you guys think about the diamond plate? Polished aluminum is too much bling - thinking about going black on the aluminum and the cross bars and the jade green on the fender. In in the end, there will be some kind of step or short running board in both the front and back of the fenders that will tie in to the center piece. I need to get some weight on it before I determine the final height of the fenders.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Chrome alternatives

    thanks for posting y our picture, while it is not chrome and is painted as an alternative, it just proves the point of contrasting color compared to one painted same color of the car....breaks up the lines and defines the body as it is designed. Further, as the plate shop I use always states, protecting them with paint makes it easier to remove and work the piece than allowing further rust and corrosion.
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    Great job Pete. That's my favorite type of fix, using repurposed off the shelf parts to solve a problem. Most people would look at that and never know it wasn't a repop or nos part.
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    Don't be a wimpy snowflake needing syncro transmission. Have fun learning to drive a crash box. So many pansy people today.
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    Man that sounds great, its like sweet lumpy music. John
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    1958 Dodge utility truck

    I found this in Kentucky; its a 58 Dodge utility truck that was retired from a local fire department several years back. Other than some rust here and there and a bad repaint this thing is solid as a rock and runs and drives really nice for a 61 year old truck. 230 inch flathead with a four speed. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet; the guy i got it from had it licensed and used it for a weekend cruiser. For now I'll probably just put a new factory floor mat in it, replace the dry rotted tires, find some matching hubcaps, and cruise it to the local shows.
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    Yes, practice your double clutching. Kencombs lists the technique for down shifting, by reving up the engine between shifts. When upshifting you need to let the engine rpm come down to match the next gear. It’ll take a little practice, but you’ll get the hang of it. Eventually you’ll get to where you can upshift without the clutch. Just manipulate the throttle to break the torque on the gears and shift to neutral, let the engine speed come down until it slips into the next gear, get back on the gas...
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    Cold Blue

    Chrome alternatives

    I got my 48 Plymouth and it had already been treated to a custom look - the bumpers had been painted a satin grey, to match the finish of the satin blue of the car body. I loved the look when I bought it, I still am very fond of it. Just an idea.... The grille and the rest of the trim remains the original stainless.
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    Exhaust baffle spring

    Update. The weather is more conducive to outdoor work here in Nebraska-I only have a MODEL T garage. I put a timing light on it and made an extension so I could advance the throttle while watching the timing light. When I advanced the throttle the timing mark stayed where it was-it didn't advance. pulled the distributor and took it apart. There is a mechanical advance there. It was not visible from the top. The advance was all gummed up with oil and sludge. I cleaned it and oiled it. It now works fine. The truck has more power now-I made it up a steep hill in 3rd gear! Thanks to all. I will post a picture of my truck. Thanks again, Tracy in Omaha.
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    1958 Dodge utility truck

    Beautiful looking truck, pretty much just the way it is. New tires, clean up the wheels some, and leave the rest alone. Looks terrific. Have fun. 👍
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