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    RARE year I can take FEF out for a drive one day after my birthday. No snow left of note and a good solid day of rain to get the salt off the roads followed by 3 days of 60° weather...had the heater on tho....who knows how to tell?
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    That's worth bonus points,I don't care who you are.
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    I went tubeless with my Diamondback radials over 7 years ago. Not even a slow leak.
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    I haven't posted a whole lot lately probably because I'm out enjoying the truck! Here's a couple videos from driving back from a cruise night (about 1.25 hours away from my house). When I left the house the weather was perfect. I got to the show and it started raining, and it rained the entire drive home. My windshield leaks pretty bad, so Saturday it has an appointment with a local shop to seal it better. I've also been playing with the speedometer. It seems to catch around 40 mph until around 50. It also bounces a lot. Last night I changed the cable and it acted different all together (not in a good way). I sent it out to have the mechanical parts checked out when I restored the truck, but it still isn't right so it will be heading back to them. Kevin did the gauge faces and the speedometer face. It still looks great and is holding up perfect! Its been few years since he did it now I think. I couldn't be happier with how they look! Out of curiosity last night, I swapped in a very nice original speedometer that I bought for $15 at a swap meet. The swap meet speedometer works perfect. Its smooth, doesn't bounce, and is accurate (minus the rear end ratio difference). Maybe I can make one good out of the both? Anyway, here are somewhat boring videos. P.S. - I'm really happy with the radio setup in the truck, it sounds great and works perfect!
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    my eyes wishes it had not seen it now.......
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    I was fortunate to find my 36 Desoto for sale a couple of years ago....
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    I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but I've ran into it a couple times, not only with my Chrysler, but also with my 63 Cadillac. Mechanics, even ones that work on old stuff, seem to seem to ignore comments from customers. I have some basic mechanical skills, but I know my limitations. I do try to do a fair amount of research the problems I encounter. On a recent trip to my, what I would call a good "old school" mechanic to have my Chrysler's brakes adjusted, I told him about what I had learned on this forum about adjusting the toe, heal, etc. After a week, out of frustration he finally read the manual and I now have a decent brake pedal. It seems they all think its just nuts and bolts, and I continue to tell them these cars are different. It seems to fall on deaf ears until they see defeat. Had the same problem with alignment on my Caddie. Gave the guy alignment specs for radial tires which is different than the factory specs for bias. He ignored my info, car drove like crap. Took it to one of my local guys and told him what happened so he used the specs I had. He tweaked them a little and it drives great. It took and act of God to get my money refunded from the 1st shop. Ok, entertainment is over and I'm done with my rant! Good luck to all when taking your cars to the shop. Tom B
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    I strongly second all of the above. Additionally as implied elsewhere, I strongly recommend Diamdbacks if you still have that option.
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    well then if you do make that trade I would expect a little $ thrown in with the 49
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    It should be 5 quarts (4.73 liters), or until it reaches the "Full" mark on the dipstick.
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    Just went & checked my1953 Motors Auto Repair Manual........ Plymouth 1935-1941 (All) Crank Journal Diameter...... 2.249 to 2.250 Plymouth 1942-1953 (All) Crank Journal Diameter...... 2.499 to 2.500 .....so it seems your mains ARE NOT as worn or machined as you and me(lol) thought........1942 went to larger mains.......so you have roughly 4thou wear.......lol.........andyd
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    I don't know if there is anything here that will help . This is from a very old Motors Truck & Tractor Repair Manual . I see that for the 1937 1/2 ton truck that the engine model number is T38 . T23 , T25 , T68 , T92 , T105 are 201 engines . T38 is a 218 engine .
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    That Plymouth camper, ('59), is done the same way I put a Tour-a-Home slide-in camper in the back of a '58 Cadillac coup deville. It was real hack job. As bad as you can imagine and worse. Fortunately, a cracked block took it off the road before I killed somebody with it.
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    you are correct on #1. I've got #1 and 2 covered.....
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    1956 first year they got rid of the toothy grill
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    37 Plymouth if I remember right...
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    Today we drove to a neighboring town to eat at Elsie's Kitchen (Mom and Pop diner). When I was walking in, a guy was walking out and he said "nice Dodge you have there." He had seen it through the window. He wanted to know what year it was. When we finished eating my family and I were getting into the car and a woman was crossing the street and she stopped me. She said "I love your car!" Well, we started talking and I found out she lives in Houston, MN (we live 4 miles out of town) and she and her husband own a '70 Cuda that they are restoring. I was dumbfounded when she complained that people don't drive their old cars, and that she notices cars in open garages and the like all over the place; so she was happy that we were driving ours. I told her I don't believe in trailer queens and we will drive it most every day until the wheels fall off. I also gave her a little background on the car and showed her the original keys and medallion as well. So we exchanged phone numbers and she suggested we get together for cruises and try to get some other people involved as well. I happily agreed. It was a good day
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    I've been driving my 50 B2C as a daily driver. I've only had the truck for a year, but got all the needed systems up and running. I live in FL and during the summer last year, it would run around 180-190 on my commute to work and back...not bad since it had a 180 thermostat. When winter rolled around, I found that occasionally the truck would run up to 200+ degrees then settle back down to 180ish. Reading up on the thermostat, originally ithe truck seems to have come with a 160 thermostat, so I thought I would change it out. With the 160, it ran at 160 for the rest of the winter until recently. In the 15 mile one way commute, the truck was getting back up around to the 190s, then cool back off again... I did a block test on the radiator to see if I may have a blown head gasket, and the results were good, no blown head gasket and off to work I went. That evening, it overheated, got up to 200+, so I eased it on home keeping a close eye on the temp gauge. I could see it coming down , the going up,then coming back down again. I thought the thermostat may be getting stuck, so the next day, I removed it completely and drove for a couple of miles and it overheated again. So here I sit wondering what the heck... the only thing I can think of, is that with the daily driving for about a year now, the old girl is knocking loose dirt, crud, rust and God knows what else, and that stuff is plugging up the plumbing... next step is for me to flush everything out as good as possible, without removing the freeze plugs, hopefully... Any suggestions or recommendations on the best way to flush and what I can use to get the vast majority of crap out of the block and radiator? As always, any help or past experience in this matter is greatly appreciated.