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    There is my car. Not the best angle but you can see where it's at.
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    junkyard fresh but no steering wheel to really show the gap.
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    Ed, do you have a photo of an original factory installed T/S switch for the P15? and if not factory...the one supplied to the dealership?
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    thats where I have my signal stat 900. However it seems to be a little shorter than your vintage yankee. Mine is at about 10oclock. Maybe you just need to find a factory unit!
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    Enjoyable Christmas decorations.

    Most will get into some xmas spirit trying to get enough empties. lol
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    Could you notch the band in the center for clearance of the wheel and shift lever neutral position?
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    As far as locating indicator lights some place else, I seem to recall reading some place where someone had incorporated two small lights (LEDs, maybe?) in the speedometer, maybe in the lower outside corners. I haven't had mine open, so I don't know what exactly is behind the face plate there. But if that is a possibility, they would be barely perceptible when not flashing, and if done 'right' would look like they were original.


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