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    Cabbage Hauler - WD-21 Build Thread

    The orange paint came out ok. After a couple days drying, I can give the final buff and clean up some of the lines.
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    Carb Kickin' My Butt

    Well @Merle Coggins, I mixed up fifty fifty boiling water and Simple Green. Gave it all a soak, toothbrush scrub. A little poke in any hole I could find. Carb cleaner spray rinse and compressed air blow dry. Put it all back together. Rox fired right up and let me tell you - WOW! Runs so much better. More responsive, more power; highly recommended course of action. Thanks for the suggestions and pushing me towards the obvious.
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    Carb Kickin' My Butt

    A new accelerator pump is very important!
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    … This reference pretty well covers the topic https://www.fastenal.com/content/feds/pdf/Article%20-%20Corrosion.pdf Article - Corrosion.pdf
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    Worse drivers?

    Hi Dan, It seems that many drivers who drive reasonably at home go a bit nuts when traveling out-of-state. Some of the worst are big new SUVs charging up the Interstates headed for a quick weekend at the ski resorts . The locals here have names for them. "Mainiacs" and M*ssholes are a couple. I haven't heard one for Connecticut yet, so maybe the group can make some suggestions. I don't know what Vermonters are called when they drive crazily out-of-state. I suspect it may be "Vermonsters." Pete
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    Do all disassembly/ re-assembly over a clean white towel or rough white sheet so you can easily see all the small parts especially when something falls out.... you will catch it on the cloth and not be on your hands and knees looking for that small check ball.
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    Stockton Wheel in California

    thank you. Rims were 16x7 and the rubber was 235/85.
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    OD trans-one more?

    R-10 OD trans-same seller. $350 shipping after that price? Oh, well! Some newbies beware! Sorry for the Ebay rant but this is over the top for me, hope I am not alone. Over the past 6-8 years ago, Ebay prices have gone stupid and almost nothing as to variety compared to back then. Junk and more Chinese junk, nothing to do with the 1950 Plymouth parts I am searching for !! 😫 DJ Plymouth Overdrive Transmission Dodge 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 MoPar eBay.html
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    Turns out that I needed to crank down on the adjustment a little more. I pulled the top off of a spare transmission to see how the selector worked, now she shifts nice and smooth. Thanks for the help! Bill
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    that will be quite close to the header...will you be able to install a heat shield? A little space between header and coupling will do wonders..the heat will cook any lube quickly and cause tight steering to even a possible binding...
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    Dan Hiebert

    Worse drivers?

    When we, too, lived in west Texas, we indeed watched out for NM drivers. But then when we moved to NM, we found ourselves watching out for TX drivers. In both States, we got off the road if we could when we saw plates from Mexican states coming. I sullied MA drivers earlier, I'm certain folks in MA have ill thoughts of the driving skills of Mainers. Etc., etc. Our primary road scourge up here in northern Maine is the wildlife. If you're an impatient driver, or can't learn to be, then the laid back pace of motoring up here (except for the log trucks) will drive you nuts. Driving up here is kinda like the weather up here, if you wait for perfect weather to do something, you'll probably never get it done, if you're driving and in a hurry, you probably aren't going to get anywhere...
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    You're going to want to cycle the steering once you have the idler tacked in place. The bottom joint looks to be at too sharp an angle for smooth steering. it's going to be real unpleasant driving if those joints bind at all.
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    I think I broke my transmission!

    Turn off the OD! Push handle to disengage if not already done. Trans will Not work in reverse if the OD is engaged! It is supposed to turn off the OD when in reverse is selected manually in the trans but something has happened somewhere during your changes? Hope there is some help here. DJ
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    Merle Coggins

    Carb Kickin' My Butt

    That is a very good probability. On mine, the accelerator pump passage was also blocked so the gas couldn't get to the nozzle. I had to do some extra cleaning to get it to work properly.
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    Stockton Wheel in California

    these are my stocktons for the 1 Ton, bought them in 09, the rim is great.
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    Worse drivers?

    There are way to many people with IQ's like the lady in this video so bad drivers are guaranteed.
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    Worse drivers?

    I cannot defend my fellow countrymen and their driving habits as I have seen quite a few lousy examples on a regular basis all over the state. In my time in West TX, it was understood to steer clear of anyone with NM plates cuz they had a tendency to just wander around a bit and forget about traffic laws in general. Just today, south of Waco, I was travelling along several paved back roads and had to make left turns onto other roads, having to pass a truck that I was trailing at 2 separate intersections cuz one guy decided to pause to look at something for sale in a corner yard, and the other much older guy took the turn so wide (and slow) that he had to stop before turning into the ditch...road construction over every other hill, leadfoots around every corner, and yankees wandering around just a-gawkin' at us simple folk and our backwards ways...it's no wonder that visitors think drivers are bad here, cuz there are A BUNCH of'm that are just THE WORST
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    Disc brakes and no money need list

    The Scarbird kit came with aluminum hubs so there was no need for bearings spacers. The rotors were slip on style for a Ranger and GM floating calipers. The older setups let you reuse your original hub once you drilled out the rivets and threw your drums away. You could still use the stock lug bolts too.
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    Stockton Wheel in California

    I've done two wheel deals with The Wheelsmith (www.thewheelsmith.net/ in Corona, CA. and have been happy with the service and product. That being said I don't know if they will do what you have in mind. If not, maybe they can recommend someone they trust.
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    Don Coatney


    Hummm, My wife plays scrabble on faceplant...
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    I signed up on FB to meet girls...I mean, that's why zuckerberg put that devilish contraption together in the 1st place...amiright?? although these days I use it as a portal to play li'l old ladies on the Scrabble...it's a hoot
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    Worse drivers?

    I heard the knuckleheads up near Beavercreek Oregon are the worst. 😉
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    Flatbed Red Rebuild For Farm Truck Use

    It took a bit of finaglin', but I pried the lock rings off of the rims of the '51 dually and the '49 1-ton. The '51 tires must be from the 70s judging from the DOT numbers and are as hard a rock. The tires I put on the '49 are about 12 yrs old and are starting to dry rot. But since the '49 tires were a li'l newer, they were actually stuck to the rim; the old tires on the '51 were so dried out and hard that they popped loose from the rim. And the dually rims had no flaps...hmmm. Anyhow, from the measurements I took, the '51 does take 6.50x16s and the '49 takes 7.50x16s. I'm only hoping the newer tires, tubes & flaps will go on easier than the old ones came off...I'd hate to straighten & clean up these rims only to beat the tar out of'm trying to install some new rubber
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    41 Plymouth SB Mopar Engine Swap

    I re-assembled my chassis and put the body back on this weekend!


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