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    Dennis Detweiler

    Brake Bleeding Problems

    Success! I rebuilt the original master and did quick bleed with a vacuum pump and I got a solid pedal after engaging the brake pedal about 2 inches. I could never get the sponginess out of the Wilwood 1 inch bore after running 3 quarts of fluid through the system and using 3 bleeding methods. It must be a factory defective master? I'm sure the 1 inch bore wasn't large enough and that accounts for the longer pedal travel. However, the spongy pedal has to be a defective Wilwood master. The only thing I salvaged from the Willwood was the two remote reservoirs. I'm using one of the remote reservoirs with the original master. I removed the 6 reservoir top plate screws and replaced them with stud bolts and used nylon washers under nylon locking nuts to keep the fluid from seeping through. I installed a threaded brass nipple into the filler cap on the old master and connected one of the two Wilwood remote hoses. So far, so good. I'll do a two man bleed on the system and run another quart through it. Maybe find a 1 1/4 bore dual master next year or maybe not. I'll have to re-work the Wilwood mounting plate to fit something other than Wilwood. I spent most of the Summer trying to get the dual Wilwood to work and I'm burned out on it. Emergency brakes work great, so I'm not too concerned about single reservoir brake line failure.
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    California Dodge, spotted in an employees parking lot.
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    Valve adjustment methods

    Running the engine up to operating temperature is important. The valves operate at different temperatures. Iron expands as it heats up. Clearances change and vary from a valve toward the front of the engine compared to the rear. What I did was jack up the front wheel. Remove the inner fender window. Reinstall tire. Leave jack and tools in the driveway at ready. Go for a good drive to warm everything up. Pull in the driveway and jack up RF tire again and remove. Then you’re quickly ready to set hot valves. I turned off my engine. Set all the valves. Then I started the engine up and checked clearances while running. I could hear and feel the difference with a feeler guage, if the valve needed further adjustment. Then I shut the engine off, adjusted the valves again that needed it. Then double checked them all one more time with it running. When I was satisfied, I re-installed the inner Fender window and tire. Been enjoying the car ever since. The results turned out great.

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