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    There are cooling fins on the coupling. Inside looks just like a grapefruit.... straight fins.. Here's the inside of one I cut apart.... I used to work on them all the time.
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    Bob Riding

    Eureka, I found it...finally!

    I've been looking to replace my incandescent taillights with a brighter LED, but have been unable to locate a 6 volt version- until now. My 1940 Plymouth wagon uses a freestanding taillight that Chrysler recycled from the '37 sedans and coupes, so it is a combination stop/taillight with a Ba15d base (for the technically interested). I know they repo the P15 tail with integral LEDs, but for the rest of us this is great news.The price is reasonable, the guy's name is Chris Bacon and he is in Topanga CA (LA area) and sells these on eBay. I got mine in 3 days. LED Replaces Incandescent 1158 Tail/Stoplight Because the stock taillight also functions as the license plate illumination source, it's important to have a multi-directional bulb. These bulbs have 360 degree illumination pattern and a little optical glass lens that shoots out the foot-candles to the rear. I've tried to show the difference in brightness side by side. I haven't tried it with the brake light, but I assume it will be at least as bright.
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    It’s a possibility...
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    Scare of my life.

    Are the brake lines original or fully replaced? If the rears truly locked up before the fronts, and its an original set-up, I believe that the system might be polluted. Otherwise, if its a modified system, it might need an adjustable port valve. 48D
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    1 ton tires

    Brent is a personal friend of mine......this video is NOT sped up...lol. 48D
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    Ok, I have my mission.....the rear cross member placement. Its good info to have since it would be nice to know 1.5 ton truck enignes could be use in 1/2 ton trucks of that era. Just to add more for others who may not know....the 270 Polys can be turned into Hemi's......just need to make the obvious changes (the heads) and a few others....just to add to the reason I felt this engine would help. I work nights....should have pictures up by tomorrow night (Pacific Time). 48D
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    Don Coatney

    Eureka, I found it...finally!

    I have 12 volt LED's on my P-15
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    First restoration project

    I’m leaning towards a more creative and updated interior. I’m keeping the foam and batting from the seats, the armrests will be redone more plush and door panels will match the seat colors with original accents and a touch of hardwood
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    New to forum

    Picked up a "new to us 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook" for a steal. Did find old registration in glove box with same mileage currently on the car, so who knows how long it sat. Miraculously drained gas , rebuilt carb, changed oil, and battery and life returned. Does appear to possibly be the original 18000 miles, by the very little wear on interior parts. Could use some body and paint work. Will be keeping as original as possible. Been lurking around and figured it was time to introduce myself. Have found quite a bit of great information here. Thanks for your help.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Risk of Mice Nests

    Mouse....U R IN my domain...die sucker die!
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    Tom Skinner

    Risk of Mice Nests

    We were 40 and then 42 when we had these two wonderful children. Jennie is a Firing Range instructor (Lance Corporal) in Japan. Chris is stationed in Raleigh North Carolina (Lance Corporal) They are 22 and 20
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    Tom Skinner

    Risk of Mice Nests

    Set Traps. I caught three in my Garage one Twas the Night before Christmas when my kids were 8 and 10. I bought them to their attention while singing: "They'll go down in history". And they did. No alive mice near my cars - Traps set. My kids today. U.S.M.C.
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    Todd Build Thread

    put in the bracing so I can cut the floor out this weekend
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    Vin's 49 Plymouth

    First restoration project

    If you are going to recover your seat in the original wool as I did, you will need a pattern. The top stitches from the 40's are a bit tricky to learn. also the arm rests in back are very important to keep.
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    Flush convertible top cylinders

    I did not take the cylinders apart but removed them from the car so I could get all the fluid out and also removed the lines from the car too so not to make a mess in the car.
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    pflaming: "I've got my bag, I've got my reservation, SPEND got each DIME I could afford, . . . . . " Cribbed off the internet, from Barry Manilow. Long way from Dinah Shore. Gonna take a sentimental journey, Gonna set my heart at ease Gonna take a sentimental journey, To renew old memories Got my bag, I got my reservation, Spend each dime I could afford Like a child in wild anticipation, Long to hear that "all aboard" Seven, that's the time we leave at seven, I'll be waiting up for heaven Counting every mile of railroad track, That takes me back Never thought my heart could be so yearning, Why did I decide to roam Gonna take a sentimental journey, Sentimental journey home
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    Planning to bring the Coronet if we get the fuel system straightened out in time. It will be the first real drive! Greg
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    Flush convertible top cylinders

    i do not wish to did-assemble the cylinders, but i can take them out of the car and clean and flush to get all the brake fluid out.the film that vintage sent shows how that can be done. the new pump i bought recommends ATF, but brake fluid is also acceptable. the original pump used brake fluid. the mopar film shows the exact system i have, so it is a tremendous help. i never knew how all the adjustments worked. the top mechanisms were always a mystery. not any more. thanks to all who responded with advice. capt den
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    I'll try to get the gas tank in my 48 p-15 4 door by then.
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    First restoration project

    Keep at it, you will get that broken plug out eventually. Can't wait to see you get it running.
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    Coffee cup holders

    Stainless steel, boat style. Folds away when not in use. ...but I think Don might be on the right track.
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    Brent B3B

    1 ton tires

    wow, here is a "blast from the past" I dug this thread up looking for help on our B4D. What are you guys running on your 1 ton? my local "big box tire store" wanted $30. each to remove the old tire from the rims! so I removed the old tires myself the rims are off to be cleaned and coated...... the dilemma now is, do I use a bias tire again ($160 each) or if a 215/85/16 will work for the rears? (same price less $200. for shipping) on a somewhat related note, the cassis in the background of my video is a 51B3D and on one side, they have a home made "spacer" between the duals
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    Tim Van Pelt

    Newbie Introduction

    Im building this thing as a I see fit , no rules at all. I do want to have it be street legal so I'm thinking of a headlight setup that will disconnect quickly. One of the main reasons I joined this forum is to gain some Knowledge about the L head motor and source some parts.