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    1952 school bus

    1952 dodge school bus, full size, 2 speed rear end
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    I have owned this truck for just under 40 years! Got it right out of high school.
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    From the album: 37 Plymouth Coupe

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    55 Fargo

    Boats (1)

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    Fleet of H-Duty Dodges
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    170 mile round adventure on December 18, 2011
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    Drv June2015

    From the album: Dodge Route Van

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    From the album: Dodge Route Van

    Ready to hit the shows and wineries
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    ralph with fulton

    From the album: Ralph Cranbrook

    The holes in the window jamb led me to believe there was a Fulton 700 sun shield, but all I had was an 800. Six of the holes lined up so I only had to I drill two additional holes. I discovered a layer of grey paint as I was electrolytically de-rusting the last wheel rim, having already painted the other 4 black. I but do have the wheel covers, but hate to put bite marks on the new paint.
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    Ray's 41 Plymouth 2007

    From the album: my 41 Plymouth Deluxe

    My 41 after being painted and put together by my friend Tim Carbaugh and I.
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    roof install

    From the album: 49 plymouth revival

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    1954 Dodge C1B6

    From the album: 1954 Dodge C1B6

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    From the album: 1947desoto

    1947 desoto coupe ,custom, in hemsby england, in for a large amount of tin cancer at present
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    My 46

    From the album: Trucks

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    1952 Dodge Dually

    1952 Dodge 1 ton Dually with Chrysler 265 engine sodium valves
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    Boss Hog

    Jerry & Holly's B-4-B 1953

    Getting it back after 50 years! From a barn in Arkansas. We are excited!!
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    2 spd Instruction plate on glove box door
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    Starting to make some progress.I hope you guys dont hate me for doing this,but this car didnt even have twenty bucks worth of scrape metal before I started it....and dont ask how much I paid...its embaressing
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    Plymouthy Adams

    new metal welded in place

    From the album: ADO16

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    IMG 1156

    From the album: Miscellaneous Photos

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    BBQ 9th annual - DSCF7086

    From the album: BBQ 9th annual

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    Engine Compartment - Right

    From the album: 49 on Dakota

    Right side of engine compartment
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    Storck's Garage

    From the album: Dodge Route Van

    This is the shop that welded up my track chain bad luck bumper, prius destroyer.
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    Subway doors

    From the album: Dodge Route Van

    It was my idea to use this type of glass in the rear doors. I thought it gave it a more period look.
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    IRS View #2

    From the album: Dodge Route Van

    Just another shot of the back half.
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    Engine Over view

    From the album: Dodge Route Van

    This was the day the engine started after it was put back together.
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    dual intake i made for my 230

    From the album: my 218 to 230 build

    Used and old intake and made a new one
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    Fabricated bracket

    This is the bracket that previous owner installed to align brake/clutch
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    Andy Marocco is the owner of the Rat Wax 1947 Dodge 3 Window Business Coupe. Matte Black Paint, V8 Power, 2" Chop Top, Custom Grille, Custom Body work, 39 Ford Headlights. http://www.ratwax.net

    © ©Route 66 Speed Shop, 2013

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    Oil pan back on...

    From the album: G.T.'s B1 Project Blog

    Bottom end closed up. Pan has been sprayed with Zero Rust primer.

    © GT Koldjeski

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    droopy door handle repair 1

    this photo shows the door latch from my early 49 P15 coup. note the broken spring in the lower left hand corner. The broken piece is next to the latch. The replacement spring is to it's left. The spring at the far left is one of three that are used to control the latch cam.
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    passenger side view

    From the album: Packard

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    @2013 GNRS Drive-In

    nice butt
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    1952 b3b

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    stew's 46
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    stew's 46
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    Mark D

    Engine bay

    From the album: Ruby

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    Desoto Custom

    My '47' desotos

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