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    Brent, I live in the large shop building, green roof, 8' Rooster, just to the east of MM 250, in MT. Happy Trails, that's where I am on your route. There's a billboard with a bunch of logo's.
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    Raised in SoCal........on Catalina Island. US Navy Submarine Service 1968-69 carrying SEALS into North/South Viet Nam, on board the USS Tunny, APSS-282. Vocations: carpenter, auto dealer, commercial fisherman, firearms dealer for 35 years. Now....new passion is the old Dodge WWII trucks and 1946-68 Dodge Power Wagons. HAVE A BLESSED DAY, and "keep your powder dry".
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    Your application of this overdrive, may well have driven down the price of a MOPAR OD. Does my sketch roughly represent what you did?
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    We are in Bath, sure would like to meet up. Be here til the 22nd. Paul
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    Jon: I have been collecting automotive catalogs for the past 30 years to help with the restoration of my 39 Desoto. Some of my catalogs go back to the 1910 area and upto 1960. These are a great learning opportunity to know what components will work on my car and other owners cars and or trucks. I am in the process of trying to get a Wolert catalog. This company did a lot of OEM replacement parts for our cars and this one will go back into the 1930's. Thanks for the posting on the forum. If you would like a listing of my various catalogs send me your home email and I will send you a list. I have scanned these onto cds so the paper is not getting used. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com cell 484-431-8157 Live near valley Forge Pa
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    RB, Even if you change the shoes instead of relining the ones you have, you shouldn't need to change the anchor bolt direction. The shoes are all made to the same specs, thus the mounting holes are all in the same place. There would be no need to re-center them on the backing plate. Unless, of course you a re a nit-picker, you will not notice the 1 or 2 thousandths difference. If you get crazy and ask for trouble, I have the Ammco 1725 tool that you can borrow to save your skin.
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    Crusing "Big street".

    Crusing "Big street".

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