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    Putting It Together - '51 B3B

    My sheetmetal parts are finished and it's time to put it together. I ran into a problem with the engine, so it's back at the machine shop for now. I should be getting the engine back from the shop in a couple of weeks. After the engine goes in, the cab and doors go on.
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    Putting It Together - '51 B3B

    I put the bed together yesterday. The fenders aren't fully bolted on yet. I still need to add the fender welting.
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    41 Plymouth coupe

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    Roger the Dodger

    Aussie DeSoto

    G'day All, This is my 1955 DeSoto Diplomat Regent. I bought it recently and got a Roadworthy Certificate yesterday morning, and got Club Permit plates in the afternoon. Previous owners have thrown a lot of money at it and all I had to do was replace a defective hydraulic brake light switch. It is a SP25-3 with a 250.6 cu in motor (3 7/16 x 4 1/2) and 3 speed with O/drive. The carby is off a Falcon with aftermarket air cleaner. Electric fuel pump next to tank. It has been repainted at some time and the engine fully recoed. Recently the head has been shaved .050". Now to drive the wheels off it.
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    Tri-power Flatty

    I did some mock-up work today, so as promised here's some photos of the tri-power setup with split exhaust. Tons of thanks go out to Tim Kingsbury and George Asche that made this set up possible. As you can see there is a small hole in the firewall and I've still got more carving to do to clear the rear carb, linkage and air cleaner.
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    41 Plymouth coupe

    It's been awhile maybe 5 since I've posted? Had a 39 dodge coupe and wound up selling it. Anyway life, the shop, other projects...and time flew by. So me loves me Mopars! I've gone through 5 (39-46) dodge trucks and 2 (1.5 ton) COEs in that time. I still have a half ton dodge truck I'm currently building. Anyway it's been too long since I've had a running car to scoot around in. I own a rod/resto shop but always focus on getting customer rides done. That changed this last weekend when I picked up this sweet 41 Plymouth deluxe coupe. It's to solid to go chopping and all that, but I am installing disk brakes and doing the ol' shock relocation thing. I've drooled over this coupe since the previous owner mentioned he may sell it. Half a year later and its mine!
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    I might be done eating the popcorn soon and have to start moderating.....
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    I just wanted to share the latest problem so that others could benefit from my stupidity experience. I had been chasing a performance problem for a couple of months which had prevented me from driving my 1941 Chrysler New Yorker very often. It had a moderately rough idle, difficult hot-starting, a bad stumble when coming off idle once it was warm, and it kept getting worse over time. It had started stalling when coming off idle once in a while. These fluid drive cars with the throttle guard are supposed to be impossible to stall, so that was the final straw. I had been avoiding driving it because of the lack of power when taking off from traffic lights -- couldn't guarantee it would actually go. I tried a lot of different things -- initially I worked on plugs and timing, cleaning plugs which were still relatively low miles, but admittedly 10 years old and had minor fouling. Tweaked the timing to try to advance it to get a little more power -- that just made it tough to start. Cleaned and re-gapped points, which seemed like they should still have plenty of life left in the wear block and the points dressed up nicely. Nope. Checked fuel system to see if was starving for fuel in coming off of idle. Had to run the idle speed a bit high to keep it from stalling, and it required a lot of nursing the throttle while stopped in traffic. I had replaced the fuel tank over the winter, mostly because the drain plug had been frozen in place forever, yet it dripped pretty steadily ... And the tank was not in terrible shape, but I could really never properly drain it easily, and it was pretty nasty on the outside, with some minor dirty stuff on the inside. Replaced scungy fuel line; replaced old fuel filter, realized I was doing the glass bowl fuel filter wrong; re-installed fuel filter; checked the carb, which had only a small amount of sediment in the bowl, but I had thought that a clogged accelerator pump circuit could have been the source of the stumble. Even though I could visually see that the accelerator pump was giving a squirt. Nope, that wasn't it either. Carb is now very nice, but tuning the (2bbl) carb with the idle mix screws was puzzlingly not responsive. Was it fuel flow problem? Did the new gas cap I got (after I left one on the pump last year after a fill-up) vent properly (i.e. prevent a vacuum in the tank from working against the fuel pump)? Nope, gas cap is properly vented for vacuum. Gas caps taste pretty nasty, too. Fuel bowl level? Nope. Checked distributor some more. Free play acceptable. Cleaned vacuum advance, it was basically working, if dirty, and the diaphragm was sound and the spring good. Mechanical advance was basically within spec using a timing light. Distributor slightly dirty inside. Condenser checked out okay with a multimeter. It's about 300 nF, for those who want to know. Finally went to poke around more with timing and I said to myself, "You know, self, what do you really know about that ignition coil? How long's that been in there?" and I figured I didn't have much to lose checking that out. It does require crawling under the dash to get the coil out, because it's got one of those coils through the firewall with the ignition lead to the coil primary on the back side of the coil inside the car. So I pulled that out, and put the coil on the bench with the voltmeter, and it looked "funny". The primary read unsteadily at between 0.3 and 1.3 ohms, rather than a steady value somewhere around 1.5 ohms. The primary-to-secondary resistance was not the expected 7000 - 10,000 ohms, either. It was mega-ohms or open-circuit. It wasn't really a definitive answer that the coil was bad -- I mean I had checked spark previously, and while it might have been intermittent or missing a bit, it still put out a basically good spark, I thought. One of those cheap spark-gap checkers is a nice tool instead of zapping yourself by holding the lead near the engine block. But the local auto parts joint had a 6 volt coil in stock for only $20, so I figured I may as well just check that out, for all the time I'd been dumping into this. It required a little gimcrackery to get the ignition lead to the front of the coil in the engine bay. But it just fired right up and I could not believe how smooth the idle sounded. Quick check to tweak the timing back to TDC. I let it warm up for several minutes, come off the fast idle cam on the choke, and it runs much nicer now. Drove it for a half-hour on a warm day, and it just pounces off the idle now. Whole different car, seriously. Drove it straight up the hill that has the stop sign in the middle of it and no hesitation or stumble now. Where did all this power come from? It's still a heavy car and underpowered by modern standards, but it drove like I remember it running. Practically leaps off the line. Finally. Now re-check the carb tune, and it is very much more responsive to carb adjustment, and the idle speed can be adjusted all the way down to the 500 rpm given in the manual without any trouble. What's the moral of the story? Well, "99% of carburetor problems are electrical," that's for sure. And the coil check was simple, but the annoying firewall installation of the coil discouraged me from checking it earlier. Have to stop getting suckered into checking and fixing things just because they're easy and accessible. I think I'd do almost anything to avoid crawling under the dash. And I also should have trusted my ear when it was telling me that it was missing intermittently (and not on any one cylinder). Smooth running is a good thing to pay attention to. But also, I want to thank the forum for being here and full of questions and for the people who have the good sense to answer "Just keep at it, you'll figure it out. Track it down, these cars aren't rocket science." Of course, I went down some blind alleys based on irrelevant questions... Now I have to make the coil install look a little prettier. There are a few people on the web who have the original style 6 volt coils with the primary lead on the back, but boy, do they want serious money for them. Cheapest I saw was $140, and it's NOS, so who knows how sound it is and how long it'll last? Others want $200. I'm gonna stay with the off-the-rack coil, I reckon.
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    Lights and wiring done

    Made some more progress in the build. The headlights and parking/turn signals are back in and working. I have ordered new bezels so they will be installed when they get here. I have included some shots of my wiring as well. Shame I had to hide all the cloth wires but I like the results.
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    One more:
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    New here :-) 1947 Dodge Custom

    It's running!!!!! I taped up any areas I saw broken insulation on the wires, cleaned connections that looked suspect, put a little starting fluid in and it fired up after a few tries! I couldn't have been more shocked LOL. Some adjustments to the choke and throttle kept it running on its own. I need to look at the starter because it did slip a couple of times. I noticed that it also feels a little loose as I was wiping grime off of it. The motor itself sounds great, which was a huge relief. I spent enough time turning it over by hand, lubricating the cylinders, and making sure it had fresh fluids before starting it. I forgot how much different a flat 6 sounds than my usual V8. I love it 🙂 Next I will address the tranny. Fluid change and then we'll see where we're at. I know my biggest challenge will be brakes because there are absolutely none right now. I've never owned a car without power brakes so this will certainly be another learning experience. I'll try to post a video this afternoon 🙂
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    Now is the time to add turn signal wires to the new harness...........
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Thought I would post up a recent pic. Everything I have dont lately isnt visible since it's been under the hood!
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    I read an editorial in Hemmings Classic Car recently where the editor, who has been fighting cancer, is advocating that if you can't sell your stockpile of extra parts....give them away to people you meet who can use them. That way they will hopefully get used instead of your widow and kids having them hauled to the dump. And, you can ask the recipient to "pay" for the stuff by making a donation to a charity. Not such a bad idea in my book.
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    The car when we stopped for fuel in New Ulm. The mileage calculated to 17 mpg!
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    67 My mother bought me this car in April of 68 it still has my High School parking permit on the winshield and next month is my 50th High School reunion.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Just bought: 1947 Dodge 4 door

    what did that poor car ever do to anyone???????
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    9-10-19: Kids and I cruised (or creeped as I usually say😆) around town for about an hour. 2nd gear, no clutch at stop signs. Lots of stares and waves as always. We have so much fun just putzing around! My son asked me if I had the only Meadowbrook left in the country. 😂 I told him there were likely hundreds, maybe even a couple thousand. He asked why we never see any around? I told him we have the only one around here. 😉 He seemed satisfied with that. Pics when I was putting it away:
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    I had the great honor of driving a very special tractor for a few minutes at our local Labor Day Festival in West Liberty Ohio. Here I am on the "Bathtub D": This was a prototype tractor built in 1917 by the Waterloo Gas Engine Company before John Deere purchased them in 1918. This tractor is literally the first in a long line of prototypes that spanned years and gave birth the iconic John Deere D. This tractor was believed to be destroyed like all of the rest of the prototypes - except the transmission case with gears, axles, and the crankshaft was unearthed in 1992 during the excavation of a parking lot - it was used as fill material.
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    I took a 6 month hiatus to deal with several slow motion disasters that continue to unfold in my neck of the woods...we had a wet winter and soggy spring that had me trimming trees all the way into August, when it is boiling hot and the yellowjackets + bees are hiding behind every obscured object that ya might inadvertently bump into, not to mention the ravenous skeeters + chiggers that caused an insane amount of night itching, and that was only one of the minor problems I had to deal with...the tsunami of issues earlier this year were very stress-inducing, and I figured if a hobby-based community that I liked to participate in was gonna have my concerns ignored then get talked down to then maybe I should focus on other things that have turned my life into the basis for a country song. I was able to spend a few hours last week digging a couple of my parts trucks out of the black dirt that their blocks had sunken 6" into, made some larger-based blocks that are less likely to sink, and pulled the tie-vines out from all of the fenders...been doing some other preparation work that isn't too exciting (such as upgrading lights and electrical in the barn) but has taken a LOT of time to accomplish and I'm in a better position to get some interesting work done in the future. The way things are going, I don't expect to be able to get any major restoration work done this year, but I'm still gonna chip away at the little stuff on the side to get my mind off of all the daily drudgery that gets flung in my direction
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    If I were to add to this thread you would really have some moderating to do. 😇 So I will keep my keyboard silent.
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    Yep it's Hemi orange!

    The engine is an over sized 251 that I thought was a 265, but with help from Tim and George at Aok I've got a really strong and cool engine. George supplied cam, triple carb intake, rebuilt the carbs, crafted the throttle linkage and carved up my exhaust manifolds. Keith Black Racing actually had pistons for this thing not forged but nice cast units. All that's left is about 2000 small and medium sized jobs to finish her. The guys at Pro Stock Performance Machining asked if I wanted the factory engine color for my engine or if they could use hemi orange.
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    Fed Up

    Here is another vote for no aluminum. Go with Nickel Copper. Easy to cut and bend, and holds up a lot better.
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    Brent B3B

    Sun Visor Mounting Bracket Color

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    Note to self...."bring grass from California"......uh, wait.... 48D
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    Ty Rods Show 2019

    Thought I'd share some pics from this year's Ty Rods Old Timers Reunion. Not to disparage other's automotive tastes, as is my custom I'm only sharing the early MoPar's that I was certain were MoPar powered, if modified (there was at least one S10 chassis and a couple belly button motors on the field). A great day, and it was nice to finally meet member Mark and his lovely P15 drop top. Enjoy!
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    First Plymouth 1949 Special Deluxe

    Had a nice hour long drive around central MN this evening. Haven’t been able to take Myrtle out since Sunday with all the rain! Ran great and got a couple of waves. I also upgraded the door hardware.
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    Frank Elder

    Just bought: 1947 Dodge 4 door

    Sigh....already wanting to slop in a shoverolet in it. Look at the front end you already have IFS.
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    New here :-) 1947 Dodge Custom

    Two years ago, I purchased this 1947 Dodge Custom. It's my first 40s car, but definitely not my first Mopar! I only recently started working on it and am finding it adventurous to say the least. 🙃 The car sat for 30 years and the last owner fired it up to show it would run. It did, but I opted to leave it alone until I could invest more time and $. Now I'm trying to get it started and am running into issues. Motor moves freely, battery is new, fuel present at carb, but NO SPARK. I haven't even started investigating, but my first thought is the coil. Except for the fact that it looks fairly new. 🤔 On the fender wall, there is a voltage regulator, and two other fuse blocks (?) Or junctions. No idea. What I CAN tell you is that the original wiring is in place but the fabric covering has seen better days. I will start methodically ruling out one thing at a time and will keep my fingers crossed that it's not a matter of replacing all of the wiring! I bought the manual for this car last year...and of course I can't find it. I'm sure it holds many answers, but in the meantime I'm grateful that this forum exists! Looking forward to getting it running 👱🏻‍♀️ Christine
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    New here :-) 1947 Dodge Custom

    Got it running, now it's moving...now I just need to work on the "stopping" part! 😃 Spent the afternoon cleaning the interior and removing most of the hard water stains on the driver's side. Here's a final pic for this thread and them I'm off to research the brakes!!
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    Young Ed

    47 Dodge Turkey Truck Build

    Part of the delay in this bed is I've been having too much fun with my new "project". However this one doesn't need much. Picked this up end of May and haven't done much other than drive it. I had to replace the battery cables and I swapped to some plymouth division hubcaps. 318 with push button auto and power steering
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    New here :-) 1947 Dodge Custom

    A regular sedan has suicide rear doors and a Town Sedan has rear opening doors like a modern 4 door car. Several other differences but this is the most obvious. At least to me.
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    1946 dodge mail truck

    Newbie here... I've rebuilt old Toyota Land Cruisers but this is my first foray into vintage Dodge trucks. I'm hoping to get some perspective on this mail truck. Are they interesting in the community? (i think it is awesome) Are there gotchas to watch out for? What price range would be considered normal? (i am looking at it tomorrow) Any other input would be welcome. Truck is not running although the PO said it tried to start a few years ago with a battery & fresh gas down the carb. Rust is said to be minimal. (we shall see) Are these "worth" trying to keep stock or is it more normal to swap in a more modern drivetrain? (if so what is considered the "right" option, if there is any kind of consensus) Thanks all, Mark
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    Trying to finish up this duct. I thought I’d post the method I used to close up the duct previously pictured. I was going to use fiberglass but decided to make cardboard to match the original to my best ability. I happened to have some watercolor paper that is 135 lbs. 1st I glued the edge of the cut duct with wood glue. After it set, I trimmed it to allow for about a 3/8” lip, which I then glued. I followed up with 2 more layers of the same paper but trimmed flush with the corner. The 4th and final layer was glued like layers 2&3 but trimmed similar to the 1st layer but after the glue set up, I was able to wet (dampen) the outer portion to form so that it didn’t need to be sectioned. Then a bit of flat black. (Sorry I don’t know how to change the order of pictures - they aren’t in the correct order)
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    Reg Evans

    New here :-) 1947 Dodge Custom

    Try filing the points a little to remove any corrosion that has probably built up with non use. If that doesn't get spark the condenser is the next suspect. Welcome to the forum and good luck ! Very nice looking Dodge.
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    Mountain car show

    The Coronet won best in class at the Highlands car cruise at Seven Springs. Of course it was the only one in its class but technically I still won. LOL! About a125 mile round trip or so. I’m really pleased with how well it performed. That’s the longest trip I’ve taken since the engine rebuild.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Giving Up !

    I hate to see a man throw in the towel but I also know that time, space and money are often very limited resources. Selling a car apart is often a bit more involved in locating that one buyer needed. If you are not open to a quick drop in of the V8, then I would suggest a bolt on of the clip so the car has the "attractive value" of being whole and complete and often that is needed as many cannot visualize a car apart as one compete unit in their eye when kicking tires. Offering the intended v8 drive train as part of the package deal often is a plus. If you do not install the doghouse back on the car...I am afraid many lookers will walk away. Seems they do not mind taking it apart themselves...but to see if off the frame...turn off....many walk on just that.
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    greg g

    Loss of power while driving

    Filter.... Heard the guy who invented auto correct died last week. May he rust in pi$$.
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    Young Ed

    get out there and mingle

    Brent looks like you are getting a thing for those W series trucks!!
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    Plymouthy Adams

    48 Plymouth wanted?

    if a loud busy sounding engine is a bother to you when driving at speed...turn down the hearing aide and press down on the accelerator...
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    My first time taking the truck to a car show was today. There was a lot of really nice stuff there- led-sleads, perfect stock restored model As, muscle cars, even drag race stuff and bikes. My truck was definitely not built as a show poodle but I figured it’d be fun to park in the exhibition area instead of with all the toyotas. I was surprised to win a large trophy- 2nd place for best engine!
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    Frank Elder

    Wired Correctly?

    Heres mine.....
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    I can highly recommend BatteryCablesUSA when you are ready for new cables----Very reasonable prices, quick service and high quality! Made a noticeable difference in how the car starts, especially hot.
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    You’re getting in early Tim 😷 I had hoped to be there in 2020, but life (or my soon to be ex-wife) threw me a curve ball 😩 I’ll be in Canada early next year, but will certainly look at bringing my new life-partner to the 2021 BBQ. She’s just itching to drive my 53 truck when I get back on track again. well wishes to all my BBQ buddies.
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    Here ya go Radar...
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    Todd Build Thread

    done for now, primed and painted...what's next on the list?

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