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    Sam Buchanan

    Leaving the Nest

    Today my '48 P15 attained a milepost of sorts.....the first foray away from the shop to the other toy box. Thanks to many hours reading archives of your past posts and the helpful hints offered when I asked, the ol' girl smoothly and effortlessly made the 25-mile round trip on a four-lane highway to the hangar and back. She cruises nicely at 55mph and tracks straight down the highway. The only wiggles are due to returning the waves and thumbs-up from other motorists. There is still work to do (house training for one thing...) but after four months of bumper-to-bumper attention the P15 has awakened from its five-year nap and is now a real road car.
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    Brent B3B

    Back to the 50's 2019

    mirrors in "work" position, packed and loaded up, pulling out in the morning. taking I-90 to I-94 (Spokane to Billings to Bismark to MN) if you live on the route and see us passing thru, give a honk and a thumbs up so I know it's someone on the forum.
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    She Runs!

    Got the assembly to the point of engine running for the 53 B4C. Dodge running.mp4
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    Me and the B-1-D

    It was a joy to drive, even at such low speeds. The kids couldn't wait to pile in the cab and go along 😊
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    The shifter in post #4 will not work on an overdrive transmission. I could not find a manufacturer for this. I have designed and fabricated a shifter, I have it installed but haven’t Road tested it yet. Will do such this fall. It is for the stick three on the tree, car or truck, with or without an overdrive. The photo is an “under construction “ picture. It is proving to be a very exacting mechanism, thus road testing an absolute must.
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    Me and the B-1-D

    Father's Day: I got to do some work on the '48 today. Got my lawn mowed too; which takes about 4 hours. The kids helped with some of that. 😊 Anyway, I removed the nasty headliner that somebody put in there which was just horrible, and those homemade door panels which were equally as horrible. I also took off the license plates because I'm going to run a year of manufacture plate. Found out that the truck really needs a tune-up badly; it just spits and sputters after you get to about 1/3 throttle. But I was able to drive it and shift all the way to 4th gear on the gravel roads by our house. I just had to be extra cautious because I only have the emergency brake 😁. I tried adjusting the idle on the carburetor but the truck really needs the choke closed about 1/3 in order to run somewhat better. Exhaust has a big hole in it as well. I'm going to get a pertronix kit, new plugs, wires, cap, etc.
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    B3B Replacement Master Cylinder

    I used Nickel copper lines and found them easy to use with one word of caution...bend them slowly and carefully as they love to kink if you even look away for a moment. They bend without complaint but if you move to fast they will kink. Also be careful when doing the flares as they are soft and again slow wins the day. Good Luck! Here are some pics of mine: ( note I routed the front behind the transmission and then up the frame rail rather than in front of the engine as stock)
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    The Windward 48 dodge survivor

    Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there! So the shifter knob that was on my 48 was not original, it was a big aluminum knob and with each drive, was getting looser. I though the previous owner told me he had the original knob when I bought the car. Luckily, he didn't throw nothing away. The car came with boxes of parts. Including a bunch of new parts not yet installed like a whole box of different wiring harnesses. Anyway, I dug through the boxes and found the original shifter handle. And found why it's not on the car. The threads were completely stripped out. pulled the aluminum handle off and it's not got the correct thread size. It was held on by wrapping the shifter with Teflon and other tape to make a tight push on fit. thought I'd try a heli-coil in the original shifter. Worked great! Nice and tight and should be better then new as far as holding force. took the 48 to the auto parts to buy the heli-coil kit Friday, then to the local cruise in Saturday evening.
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    I had to work today so no transmission install. Tomorrow is supposed to rain but we’ll see. I did get time to finish the door card installation with armrests cranks and handles. I had to drill new holes in the square drives to account for the thicker cards. It feels solid and looks right to me. Now I’m thinking matching kick panels soon and headliner later.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    busting rust

    this is from a little newer car than the P15's of this forum but rust is rust...I took a few days from all the other stuff about the house that is always looming over my head to work a bit on the 62 Polara. These cars are different in many aspects and one is surely it being prone to some rust in odd and often very hard to access areas. While the hood and deck emblems are unique, they are the single most cause for rust in the hood understructure, deck lid understructure and also the trunk floor especially the large recessed center section. I decided not to remove the tire stand as all that was solid..after full perimeter weld, the remaining floor pan got a dose of the magic elixir and cleaned up nicely. Obvious other areas of rust to address.
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    In storage til September

    I really shouldn’t show my unkempt shop, but it will change when we return in late August. I crammed it all together to get both vehicles in the shop. Upon my return, the shop will get a massive cleaning and reorganization so that the 18, space wall to wall is clear. Then I will have ample working room and a two car shop. My right knee is giving out, so I have a last minute appointment with my orthopedic surgeon to get some relief. We leave this afternoon for the Bay Area, tomorrow we fly to Indianapolis, then on the 24th on to Maine. My body needs a long rest then finish it all this fall. Cheers Paul
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    Brent B3B

    Back to the 50's 2019

    Made it to the half way mark last night Billings MT. Ate at “the thirsty turtle” in “ big timber” Got 12.7mpg coming over the mountains in the 3500. beautiful country though 😊
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    BandB Carter rebuild kit

    I sit corrected.....I'm 70 and my seal is not as effective as when I was younger.
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    And here's something I just found. This is file stuff, the fact that they made an adapter. The search said 1953.
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    Young Ed

    47 Dodge Turkey Truck Build

    Still haven't gotten the new bed angles but I got started on the flooring
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    Frank Elder

    Cab Removal

    Terrible advice......why don't you practice on it.....metal work, paint skills, welding....get better at using fillers or improve your sanding skills. Scrapping should be the last resort.
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    Got a little help today which was really nice. The trans just fits under the truck lifted as high as my jackstands go, then it has to get slid on the jack while it’s under there. It fits up through the exhaust farther back then can get slid up into position. Then it sat on the exhaust for a second to get some boards between it and the jack for a couple more inches max lift. It mated up pretty easily to the bell then spinning it around was a pain in the butt while I started the flexplate to torque converter bolts, then again to torque them. Speedo cable, kickdown, properly indexed shift cable, and starter with a new blanket on it all went on without a fight. The old small pinion yoke needed some love from a propane torch before the impact started unscrewing it, then I forgot to put a pan under it when I knocked the old pinion yoke free. Only lost a pint or so of gear oil. Torqued the new one on with a dab of red loctite- made much easier with the crush sleeve eliminator kit in there instead of a crush sleeve. I still have to fill the trans with ATF before I set her down but I have high hopes it will all work! Happy father’s day fellas
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    No piloit houses but some interesting mopar and paint work. https://photos.app.goo.gl/7ejn36QabYQyTm1q7
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    Questions from the UK

    Hopefully some pictures
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    Hi guys, Lots to say... The car was nowhere as near to running as it was supposed to be... The motor was seized and when broken free the cylinders were very badly pitted. The motor wich was not original to the car was the smallest of the 25.5 bloc, a 4 1/16 stroke 218 so i did not feel like it was worth my time to rebuild. I found an industrial 265 out of a portable water pump to replace it. That motor turned out to be in GREAT shape with everyting perfect exept for a borderline timing chain. So I will be using it but... I cant leave well enough alone... So I will be putting a triple carb intake, dual exhaust, HEI ignition, more compression and reground cam I am VERY lucky to have a local shop with lots of NOS parts where I found a new timing chain and 10 inch clutch disc and pressure plate that bolt directly on my 218 flywheel ( wich I will lighten ). So now I have a few parts out for powder coat and still waiting for the cam but should be reassembling very soon More to follow.
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    Me and the B-1-D

    Got it running and pulled it outside 👍
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    Frank Elder

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    If you get ice cream every time you go for a drive you are going to need to go for more walks.....lol.
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    Completed: Rear Suspension with new Leaf springs and Shocks. First time so far that Im not just tearing down, but building up. Leaf springs from Eaton Detroit Spring. Fit well and silent block included. Used rear bracket original to the Plymouth, but replaced grommets with Steele Rubber products Shocks from Kanter.
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    I got my diamond pleated vinyl and 1/4”-24 screws in the mail yesterday. I installed the clip nuts and mocked up the armrests to determine the screws angle- looks like 30°. Now I have to finish making the matching angle into the armrests, paint the metal part, final assemble them, and I can install those. Then whenever my cranks and handles show up I can stick those on with the new escutcheons. It’s gonna be pretty fancy looking and might even soak up a little noise.
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    I love 3onatree, that being said.....if I was going to put a floor shifter in a car that never had one from the factory, it would be a 5 or 6 speed so I could reap the benefits from OD or double OD. I realize this not the OP's chosen path, just my opinion. EDIT. Put one of these on there and no ones the wiser til you start rowing gears.
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    There is no adjustment unless you want to take a chance...
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    Merle Coggins

    Me and the B-1-D

    Look for an "L" on the end of the studs to indicate left hand threads. Lock ring wheels are safe to handle once aired up and locked in. When they need to be caged is when airing up after assembly, or if one had been driven on with low air pressure. To be safe when airing up a tire, get a clip on tire chuck with a long enough hose so that you can clip it onto the valve stem and stand off to the side while adding air. I have one that I've made up for airing up large equipment tires with lock rings. I have a ball valve with a pressure gauge at the other end of the hose so that I can check the pressure and control the air flow while standing away from the lock ring.
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    Nick.........we all have to learn somehow.........tho' just a tip, I never place a stub axle in a vice with the vice jaws clamping on the king pin bush area, to me its just inviting the vice jaws to ever so slightly crush the area where the king pin bush fits...........if you have to remove the bush clamp the stub axle on the upper or lower brake backing plate/steering arm bolts........also a tip is to clean the grease nipple holes and threads and even clean the crap out of the grease nipples with a small piece of wire or ideally replace them with nice new ones, some times its also a worthwhile thing to check that the threads where the grease nipples screw in are fine...........I'd like a dollar for the number of times I've gone to grease something, attach the grease gun, squeeze the trigger and the grease shoots out everywhere but into the grease nipple or pulls the nipple out of the hole.........greasing a car is one of the most unenjoyable jobs there is...................lol..............andyd
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    In the blogs section at the top of this page, there is a topic and pictures of various floor shift conversions.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    230 cu in spark plugs

    I agree Merle, for new application and foreign cars/bikes...NGK is the go to and has been for many years..Champions are best for throwing at the neighbors dog to keep him out of your yard...
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    Plymouthy Adams

    230 cu in spark plugs

    dang that title is wicked... I had never seen a 230 cu in spark plug before......lol correct size is 14mm and the correct number can be one of a few depending on core and resistance style plugs...many here including me do not recommend Champion.....Autolite is the preferred….the NGK if the correct length of thread should prove to be a good plug depends again solely on preference. I like Autolite 306 some listed choices...…(per other threads).....Champion J8, AC R44, AC R45, AC R46, Autolite A7, Autolite 303, Autolite 306, Autolite 85
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    Old CWO

    How do stock headliners work?

    My truck has an aftermarket interior set that is textured plastic rather than cardboard. It tucks into the channels above the visors and in the rear. It had push clips in the four holes on each side above the doors and a single sheet metal screw to the bracket in the overhead. That's all that held it in. My truck is a 5 window and the rear panel and pillars are a single piece that is separate from the headliner. It also clips in with the tension clips. It's obvious where they go when you look at it - there's 1/4" holes where the clips snap in. *EDIT* Mine looks just like Merle's except it's an atrocious 1970s style light blue... In the process of painting/dying it all a nice vintage brown like it should be.
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    Filled her up and went round the block- got all 3 gears & reverse! Heard one scary clunk- the tailgate only had one hook in and from the wrong side and fell down 😂 The latch holes are not so tight on the old girl- it’s why I swapped to carabiners years ago.
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    If it was mine, I may think about filling the bed with fresh cow manure. Just to keep people away from it, and me Just drive the crap out of it. Thats just me though Love your work and results
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    I doubt the water pump is not putting out enough water ... though it may need to be replaced. I would bet, pull the water pump and you will find the water distribution tube behind it is clogged. This will stop the flow of water through the block, can be replaced without to much blood loss. I would also pull the welch plugs and clean the casting sand out of the block while working on it.
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    Start Planning

    Just looked at my latest Plymouth Bulletin, June 17 - 20, 2020.
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    you got that wrong..... Old sailor never die, they smell that way naturally.! glad I was never a sailor...
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    Dennis Detweiler

    Mixing Brake Line Sizes?

    Thanks Sharps40
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    PS - once I get the body off the engine with all accesories, fluid drive, and frame will be posted for sale. Keep watching and hopefully in a few weeks will be available. Engine is locked up BTW so will need work to get it running...but the engine was running when it was new!
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    6-12-19: Out for a cruise with my kids. We "creeped" around town for about an hour and a half, mostly in second gear. We stopped at Kwik Trip for a snack and ate in the car. It's been cool here, perfect for cruising. Pic 1: Main Street Chatfield, MN Pic 2: my son snapped my pic Pic 3: home again
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    Brake shoes for the rebuild

    If you are using a phone, view the pic on your phone. Then take a screen shot of your photo. (On iphone press center thumb bottom and power button simultaneously). It will produce a lower quality photo that is under 3mb. Be sure to upload this lower grade photo. That should do it. PS I am also a supporter of Andy Bernbaughm. .
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    Back to the 50's 2019

    sunny and 80's now predicted
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    drivin dads dodge

    I was in that very parking lot in 1989 with a crew of Boy Scouts and leaders on the way back from a canoe trip. Beautiful location and a great car to be there with.
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    52 b3d "Little Blue Truck"

    Got the lighter and ash tray installed this evening and wired them up. Also wired up the heater switch. what are you guys running your wording for your lighter and lighter light to? I ran both mine to a pole on the ignition switch so when I turn on my ignition my lighter light turns on. Thinking about maybe switching it to the panel light switch.
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    New Car Day! 1938 P6 Plymouth Deluxe

    The temptation to order up every part I want ,and get going on this project is terrible. My goal is to enjoy the experience and take things slow. Currently I am still waiting on a call from the Starter Rebuilder, to get my starter back. I've also been shopping for a MIG Welder. So far I'm leaning toward the Millermatic with Argon/CO2 tank. I've got a long winter coming. I'll be happiest in the garage working on the car on weekends and evenings. Not if I rush and get most things done this summer! Really fighting the urge to tear into this right now.
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    POR-15 on the frame today. start painting suspension parts soon and then we begin putting it all back together.
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Location: Very South of Germany A quick prestory to the pictures ... Today I went to the Lake to go for a walk with the dog and taking some pictures of my 1939 PT ... But first a quick jump to the last weekend. Winter suddenly has stopped, rain had washed away the salt from the roads over night. I went to the lake early in the morning. Sun was just before rising up. I could see a yellow orange stripe along the horizon, super clear water, swans slowly waking up. What a panorama !!! From our side of the shore you can see the mountains of the Swiss Alps, if the sky is clear. That morning they where super clear, white shining snow on top. Simply perfect ! Unfortunately I neither had a camera nor my PT with me. So I decided to come back the next weekend ... Today morning , Feb. 23rd, 2019 something between 6.00 and 6.30 a.m. Knowing that there is just one access to the shore and it is strictly forbidden to enter it with a vehicle, I arrived a bit too early. Drove in with a slight bad conscience. Nobody was there. But today, no mountain view, just a grey haze. No swan just some scattered ducks. No orange horizon. Damned. Since I took the risk to get serious trouble, I yet decided to take some quick shots with the camera and quickly sneak away off of the shore. Jumped into the truck, wrooom, rear wheels scrabbled in the sand, ooops. A bit less throttle, but too late. Rear wheels went deeper and deeper .... then a man walked by, he was looking a bit wrathful / surprised. I probably like a caught little boy. But hey, that was a colleague from work !! I quick explained my situation, he just: ohooohhh. Now to make it short. He rushed to his home, came back with his car and a rope. (Still nobody else came to the shore - biiig trouble, if the sheriff or a conservationist would have appeared). Hooked in the rope and towed me out of my awkward situation. Yesss !!! I asked him what he wants to get, but he did refuse ... "hmm, maybe a ride in the PT !?" he said. So yes, I gladly will take him to a tour along the lake !!! So here some adventure pics I shot, although they are certainly not perfect: Was it worth it ? For me YESSS !
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    1940 Plymouth Truck ,PT 105 ,98 % Original
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    Where's the "dislike" button?
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    Those curved rear bumpers, design wise, look wrong to me on a tail end that's straight across and they hang so low it gives the appearance the brackets are bent down. It looked wrong enough to me, I gave my rear bumper away. I'll build one I like.

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