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    Gets parked most of the winter. But drive it as much as I can manage the rest of the year. Hits 75 mph almost every drive.
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    Me and the B-1-D

    I know I posted this on the forums somewhere previously, but here it is again. I painted this on canvas in 2017. My B-1-D is looking quite cold and a bit lonely sitting there in that shed. At the time I painted this I knew that someday I'd own a Pilot House truck. 😊 When I painted this my thoughts were the truck is fully tuned and ready to go, and the owner (me) is in the shed making sure the tire chains are secure before firing it up. 😁 Hope you guys like it!
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    Motor and tranny swap

    Easiest? For a beginner? Since you asked. 1. Learn the original intent of the vehicle (work truck, farm truck, tow truck, delivery truck, etc...) 2. Clarify what the new intent is for the vehicle (show truck, crusier truck, race truck, etc...) 3. Find a build that's complete and that you yourself have experienced (ie you rode in it as a passenger or were allowed to test drive it) 4. Copy that build with the help of the person who owns said vehicle. I firmly believe you shouldn't "custom" build any vehicle as your first project....especially if you put in a passenger seat. Keep it fun by keep'n it safe. 48D
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    It was a nice sunny day today... took my pick up for a drive in the warming sun...... Spring is around the corner!
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    Warning... some foul language! https://forums.aaca.org/topic/321934-1960s-car-sales-tv-add/
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    "Farmer fixes"

    you did it wrong. campbells soup cans are the professional way to do it. if you use hormel chili the red cap from the can can also be used as a tail light lense edit: I added a pic of my ramcharger exhaust- this can was goya black beans and lasted a few months before I swapped to headers and new duals! also please note my pebble beach level of fit and finish- the clamps are clocked the same as are the slots in the screws. Professional.
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    Jeff Balazs

    How to keep running board painted??

    I use mine daily.......and I almost always step on the running board. It is what they are for. Stop fretting over normal wear and tear and use your trucks like they were meant to be used. (You car show guys just crack me up) I sprayed mine with a black bedliner product to help reduce slipping. Guess what it works....and I bet if it were around back then Dodge would have used it on our "Job Rated" trucks. These are Trucks...not cream puffs. Jeff
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    The '47 Desoto is the family car. I drive it some weeks daily and some weeks one or two times. If we need to go big time shopping it goes. If we need to run to our place out of town, it goes. If there is an old car event and it is raining and everyone else is bitching about getting their cars wet, it goes. Try parallel parking the 139.5 inch wheelbase car on a steep hill here in San Francisco on a one way street on the left side! Once you master that, you can drive anything and park anything in bust traffic!
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    Who has the oldest B1b?

    Close, Norway. Making a small camper for it. Wife says its the most stupid thing i have ever done...haha...If i really beleave she is going to spend a single night in the bed of that truck i can dream on... Hehe… Guess mye and the dog will have many Nice trips on Our own...
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    I finished the gauge cluster today, not perfect but not bad for a complete amateur.
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    Brent B3B

    B4GA- 152

    thanks Wally, here is a closer look
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    3.5 inch dropped uprights,3 inch lowering blocks.
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    "Farmer fixes"

    Tying the gas pedal to the steering column was probably needed, if his pedal was like mine. The pedal is supported on two bolts on the floor, that have ball-shaped heads. The gas pedal is supposed to sort of snap onto the 2 balls, but as the pedal gets old, it does not stay. It tries to fall to the right side, making the rod that goes through the fire wall start binding. You can't fix this as you are driving along the road; trust me!
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    "Farmer fixes"

    Mine was a farm truck for years, so it was held together with bailing wire. Loose steering due to crappy tie rod ends? Wire them up. Or if the fan falls apart? Weld it together: Not enough fuel flow? Weld it up.
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    plymouth three speed removal

    I found that making a couple of guide pins makes it much easier to install the trans. Get a couple of bolts with the same thread as the original mounting bolts, then cut the heads off the longer bolts and screw them into two diagonally-located mounting holes on the bell housing. Slide the trans into position on the pins you just made, put in two regular mounting bolts, then remove the 'pin-bolts' and replace them with the correct ones. You can also cut a slot into the end of each guide pin to make removal by screwdriver easy.
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    Reg Evans

    Who has the oldest B1b?

    I spent many an night with two different wives in this rig I built many moons ago. It was originally a 52 3/4 ton.
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    Jan 30: I did today. -17F. It started and ran great. Heater worked great too.
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    Just finished the "art work" for my ride down there 😄
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    Todd B

    How to keep running board painted??

    I will never forget the look on Marks face when his nephew stepped on the running board on our way to back to the fifties. “Priceless”
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    Motor and tranny swap

    General Motors has a lot of backwards compatible parts, so swapping engines, transmissions, even complete truck beds isn't that difficult...but Dodge, not so much...even swapping from a 23" flathead to a 25" flathead requires paying attention to starter/flywheel combos, crankshaft/flywheel combos, etc., and those styles of engines have A LOT in common. When flatheads were succeeded by the slant 6 and V8s, the transmissions changed as well, as bell housings and input shafts changed significantly. The absolute easiest engine swap is to take out a non-running engine and replace it with a similar running donor engine, which takes a certain amount of skill in itself...anything beyond that will require fabrication skills and lots of patience, among other resources...
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    Todd Build Thread

    Been TOO long since I worked on TODD. Right now in between wood projects so time to grind down some early welds and redo so I'm not embarrassed by them! And cut out all the cross bracing as it's no longer needed and I can now climb around inside w/o being a contortionist!
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    While I'm waiting for some brakeline and fuel parts to arrive, I had time to try the temperature gauge fix. It went rather well. I found some scrap copper line in my parts drawer to make the patch. Dunked the temp probe in some ice water with salt and left it in there for a good 20 mins. I grafted the new sensor to the old gauge without any issues. Then it was time to test it, so I boiled the kettle and dunked the sensor bulb into the boiling water. Now the gauge works just fine and once it gets out of the normal area on the gauge I'll know the water is getting very, very hot. After that success I moved onto cleaning up the whole gauge cluster and fixed the fuel gauge (a wire had come unsoldered, so i sorted that as well). Slowly hand painting the faces of the gauges, they aren't perfect, but my eye and hand coordination isn't as good as it used to be. So all the gauges are working now (totally happy about that), I'll have to delve into the speedo, cos that's still stuck fast).
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    Brent B3B

    B4GA- 152

    Picked up this 1.5 ton yesterday near the Seattle area for $1.00 (one USA dollar) I named him “Buck” LOL “Swung” by and played “what the heck?” with Dodgeb4ya (what a blast!) This truck is SUCH a rust bucket!.....,. “challenge accepted”. I don’t know who I feel sorry for more, my neighbors or Julie….
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    Cabbage Hauler - WD-21 Build Thread

    It rained on and off all day so I spent the day assembling the front axel. Got the king pins fitted and installed, spring packs assembled with liners, and new tie rod ends. All new bushings and spring hardware - ready to hang back on the frame.
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    Merle Coggins

    Who has the oldest B1b?

    You, your wife, and someone else' wife all fit in there? 😉🤣 🤐


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