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    Plymouthy Adams

    art of being a senior....

    Last year I replaced all the windows in my house with those expensive, double-pane, energy-efficient kind. Today, I got a call from Home Depot who installed them. The caller complained that the work had been completed a year ago and I still hadn't paid for them. Helloooo,.......... just because I'm a Senior Citizen doesn't mean that I am automatically mentally challenged. So, I told him just what his fast-talking sales guy told me last year --that these windows would pay for themselves in a year--- Hellooooo? - It's been a year, so they're paid for, I told him. There was only silence at the other end of the line, so I finally hung up. He never called back. I bet he felt like an idiot.
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    I have received approval for DMV to utilize an original 1947 Louisiana license plate! I have owned the plate for probably 20 years but only recently looked into registering vehicle with the plate. After a couple simple requirements I received a new registration today with my new/old licence plate! Plus it is good indefinitely! I have just recently started driving it regularly. I am now semi retired and now have time to drive and enjoy. I have owned it for almost 30 years. Here are few pictures of my car along with my new license plate!!
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    1951 Dodge 5 Years Later

    This is my 1951 Dodge D39 business coupe when I first got it and in its present condition five years later. Pictures taken in same location obviouly. It still needs an interior but I hope to get this done shortly and have it on the road this year. Lots of time, money, and a little blood involved! This is the Canadian Dodge based on a Plymouth body. They only made 345 of this body style in 1951 and the business coupe was dropped for 1952 so it is a pretty rare car.
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    finally ..265 build runs

    I thought I'd share my 265 project since I've spent countless hours reading this forum. I hope I can attach a link to the youtube video. The block is a (T118) 237 from a 1947 dodge 1.5 ton truck. I had to relieve (grind)the block just a small amount to create clearance for the 265 rods. I had a later 251 block to use as an example. The turned crank and reconditioned rods were from George Asche as were the matched set of carbs, cam, and split exhaust. The block had the deck machined and was bored .060 over. New valve guides and cam bearings were installed. The bearings, pistons and rings were from Terrel machine in Texas. The Manely valves were from ebay from a gentleman in Finland. I built the Accel plug wires from a universal set. The Edmunds custom aluminum intake was a craigslist find. The cam is the .380 lift with 242 degree duration that has been mention on the forum from AoK. Valve springs are from VPW. I'm starting with a 12 volt battery currently, although I plan on keeping 6 volt. Currently, I don't own a 6 v battery that has enough cranking power. There are several little things that are not completed to the way I want them, but I wanted to get it running. throttle linkage, fuel and oil lines, etc. I do have one issue. The front main seal drips one drop every 3 minutes but if you rev it, it throws 3 or 4 drops of oil as it decelerates. I'm running 10w30 with a zinc additive. Possibly 30 wt oil help this? Any suggestions or if anyone has seen this before, I'd love to hear from you. I bought a 1929 Chrysler roadster project that hopefully will be the new home for the 265. I'll probably do a compression test at some point just as a baseline. All and All I very happy with the outcome. Thanks for looking and for all the information. If the video doesn't attach , I'll work on attaching it. Rob
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    She came home today

    After months of hiding her from my girlfriend, I finally confessed to her about getting another car. Mainly because I brought it home and couldn’t hide it from her. She’s not 100% original but she’s mine now.
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    I got a late start. I’m going to work on this beer first.. then we’ll see what happens.
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    Why are parts crap???

    I think a lot of it has to do with "it's a mail order world and they never see most of their customers". The "reproduction" radiator I bought for my 51 Ford 6 cylinder coupe came in with a neck the original 4 psi cap wouldn't fit,and the bottom radiator hose extension was shaped wrong. I had to cut it and use bent exhaust pipe to be able to use it. When I called the manufacturer to tell him about this and complain,he just said "Oh,yeah. We changed the necks to modern necks a while back,and a modern 16 psi cap will go right on it." When I told him I had bought it from him and paid him over 500 bucks for it BECAUSE it was advertised as an exact duplicate of the original and I wanted to run an original radiator cap,he just said "Sorry,we don't make those anymore." When I told him about the lower hose and fuel pump conflict,he just laughed and told me I would have to modify it. I used it is spite of this because the radiator came from a company on the left coast,and I live on the east coast. If he had been within a few hundred miles of me and laughed,he wouldn't be laughing any more until he got out of the hospital. I COULD have sent it back to him and waiting for a refund and then ordered the 700 dollar radiator from The Brass Works,but I didn't want to wait another month or two before I could drive the car,so I used it,and am still mad about it. It has been my experience in life that retailers that screw me do NOT laugh at me when I show up in person with a beef.
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    Twenty years. . .

    November is anniversary. Three different forum software suppliers over the years and we are almost at 10,000 registered members.
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    56 c3 & 47 wfa 32 dodge pu

    Our Recent Find

    We recently came across this Chrysler New Yorker deluxe with a fire power motor and yes it belongs to us now. Yes we have projects going on like the special deluxe but we put it on hold since it is far from being done and put it in storage. We focused on our truck which we are having our 235 motor machined right now. No its not a Dodge as you can tell by the numbers I just mentioned. Sorry its not a Dodge but its a good truck its just something that we know we can make it look nice and get it up and running so we can sale to buy a lot more Dodge's. Like our new recent find.... The New Yorker deluxe. We were told it is a 1944 but we believe its a 1954. We just went along with what the guy had said because he had no idea what he had under the hood. He said it runs but that is yet to be seen. We will let you know when we get around to it. It might be a while. We are just happy it is complete trim, hub cabs, interior, and everything. Only thing missing keys and visor....... Just wanted to touch base with everyone.
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    Rolled Roxanne into the driveway at the crack of dawn to polish and wax her all over (she likes that) then drove her into town for the Fort Collins Old Town Car Show. Rox was the only Dodge truck at the show. Plenty of Ferds 'n Chebbies, two GMC and two Internationals. I gave her a First Place award in her class.
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    First let me say Pflaming you are doing your grandson a tremendous service! I speak from experience as my father asked me when I was 14 if I wanted a car when I was 16 and of course I said yes. He said great, there is a pile of parts to make a 1960 VW bug over there - get to work! I learned a lot and all these years later still love tinkering with cars and rebuilding them. Today on my truck I worked on the brakes and installed my new spark plug ever drys along with finishing up my tie rod and drag link. Another step closer...
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    I shared a bit of history last summer – Pilot-House Friends thread that Merle initiated. See that if you’re interested. Following a brief burst of life after 35 years of sitting, the truck has been laid up since early Nov ’17 with rear brake cylinder leak. (Hindsight is clear: all cylinders should have been replaced right from the get-go. Mistake one was not doing that. Mistake two was not replacing rears when fronts were done. Lesson learned). A few other things needed attention so I spent the winter addressing those. I’m close to ready for a reveal and will share more soon. Merle stopped by this morning to provide a bit of education and share his talents (and tools). Cylinders replaced in short order – goes quick when you know what you’re doing. Will be getting shoes relined and drums cleaned up this week. I’m anxious to get the truck back on the road. Several projects are hanging that need the truck and I want to drive it again!!!!!!
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    New 37

    Two years ago I sold my 48 Plymouth coupe. Began looking for something to get started on again. When I mentioned it to my wife she pointed out that I really don't have an adequate place to build another car and she was right. She also pointed out that with my work travel schedule I really don't have time to build another car either and she was right again I hate when that happens. So, my response was "then I will buy one that is already done". Of course that was not the reaction that she was looking for, but agreed. But, the joke is on her because as you know they are never done. Had two absolute must criteria for a purchase. 1) Car must be a Mopar and 2) Must have Mopar running gear. Those criteria limited availability of potential candidates. However, I think I found a good one. 37 Plymouth Business Coupe with a 360 Magnum, A518 OD, Vintage Air, Butch's Cool Stuff complete front suspension, Power Disc Brakes, Nice Paint and Interior. I'm not really digging the interior color, but it was well done and I can live with it for a while. Flew to Detroit to get the car and drove it back home to Dallas with a side trip to Joplin to visit my mom for a couple of days. It does need some transmission work, but other than that it ran and drove great over the 1300 mile trip.
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    Why are parts crap???

    Well,I don't want to get political,but the outsourcing is directly tied to the VERY generous union wages and benefits The Big Three bestowed on Organized Labor back in the 50's. It drove up the price of cars so when the "economic tide" turned as it always does eventually, The Big Three were left with no choice but to shut down a lot of the production in the US and farm it out to Asian companies,or go bankrupt. Unfortunately for Detroit,they couldn't tax Asian companies to cover their tax burden,so Detroit went bankrupt. NOTHING happens in a vacuum. One action will always cause a reaction somewhere. The one Universal Truth is "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch." Don't believe me,ask the cow how much your burger or steak costs. Mods,if this strikes you as being political,keep in mind that everything in life is essentially political,and it is non-partisan. There is plenty of blame to go around with the professional criminal class we call "politicians". But.....,it's ok with me if you choose to delete it,too.
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    Trucker Tim

    Good Morning & Happy Spring!

    Had the 1952 Dodge M37 out for her first event of the year last Saturday. An Armed Forces Day display. Not as many trucks showed this year but everyone had a good time! Our 2 vehicles, the Dodge and our Chevy replica M1008 on display, Wapello Iowa. 05/19/2018
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    Time for an overhaul...

    Finally got the car to the shop today. Spend the day getting the clutch linkage fixed up. Cleaned it and found the holes all wallowed out, so Brian welded them up for me. I got them ground flat today and will redrill the holes next weekend to tighten up the linkage. Also, since I’d found an extra oil galley plug and I wasn’t sure if there was a hidden one I’d forgotten (besides the one on either end of the main galley) we made a tool to run the pump with a drill. Pulled the pump back out and took the gear off, and with the drill cranking some old stock 20/50 Brian said he’d probably never use we found a cold oil pressure of 58psi. With a lighter 30wt and at temp I’m guessing it will settle in around 40-45psi. I’ll need to make (or buy) another pump to block gasket and reinstall permanently next week. Getting the engine in is a kind of a dance with this motor..... The rear mounts are attached to the trans bell housing, so I settled the motor in place and started the front mount bracket bolts but left the rear a bit low and supported it with a 2” ratchet strap. Then I cranked up the rear to a height that would allow the bell housing to be worked up behind the motor and only just started it in place. Then the flywheel has to go in because there’s not enough room rearward if the bell is tightened prior to flywheel install. Once the flywheel is started the bell housing can be tightened followed by the flywheel final torquing. Got the clutch installed too. That’s as far as I made it today, but it’s a huge step to finally running the motor and getting the old girl back on the road. Had I more time today (or had I been more efficient with my efforts) I could have gotten the trans bolted in and made measurements for a new drive shaft to be made which will utilize modern u-joints rather than the old ball and trunnion setup of yesteryear. Reading the forum it seems unanimous that modern u-joints are quieter and smoother, and it just makes sense. Rebuilding the old one would cost at least $250, so I figure I’d rather spend that coin on an unseen upgrade.
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    Not sure if I should applaud Merle for helping or give him crap that it's work on your truck day not work on someone else's truck day....
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    I replaced the fuel pump in the old Fargo today. The truck was idling nicely when I took this photo.
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    Tim Van Pelt

    Shop Art

    know this isnt a dodge but this is out the back side of my shop.
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    Familiar territory

    Home Depot run X 5 per week! My typical evening. Loving the longer days. Seem familiar?
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    Frank's 49

    Dodge Woodies

    I am trying to determine just how many Pilothouse Woody wagons remain. I am primarily interested in a count of those built by Campbell Body Works aka Mid State ). The company was located in Waterloo, New York, and built wood bodies from sometime in the 30's up until at least 1950. The used multiple makes of chassis, but I am interested in the Pilothouse Dodges. Mine is on a 1949 B1B 108 1/2 ton chassis. I have seen pictures of several on the internet, and this forum, but can never get a good count of how many still survive. Several of the ones I have seen were built by Cantrell. There are several differences in the ones built by Campbell and Cantrell. The Cantrell units are four doors, while the 1/2 ton Campell units have 3 (a driver's door, and two doors on the right. The tailgate on the Cantrell cars is a good bit taller, which results in about a 4" narrower rear window. Also the Campbell cars have the gas filler externally, with the gas cap located in the center of the panel behind the drivers door. That is where the rear door is on the Cantrell cars, and I was told the gas filler is beneath the drivers seat. Not sure about Cantrell, but I know that Campbell built units using everything from 1/2 ton to full size "school bus" units, probably on a 1 ton chassis. If you know of one of these units please post the information and a picture if you have one. I am just curious how many are left, and how many are still in operation. I have attached pictures of mine. When Dad bought it new in 1949, and as it appears today. It is a Campbell unit. (they may have been called Highlanders, but I am not sure.) Mike
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    Hi Guys Just an update . Completed my 23" single barrel manifolds to suit B&B today ...Looking awesome and incorporated some of the feedback like leaving bosses to make it easier for the linkage setups. Here is a couple of pics. Next is the 25" setups. Like always Feedback Welcomed......
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    Just an update guys...finished the first of the machining on these bad boys . Starting to take shape and ready to test them soon
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    ‎Michael Warshaw‎ to Classic MoPar: The Early Years - Through '62 3 hrs · As many of you know my company VINTAGE AMERICAN AUTO PARTS reproduces many things for your plymouth / MoPar car and truck I just received the tooling for producing brake drums.. In a few months time new rear brake drums will be available for your Plymouth cars with 10" drums. IF YOU NEED NOS PARTS OR NEW PARTS CALL OR EMAIL US WE HAVE YOU COVERED INSIDE AND OUT. 516 233 7788 MIKE@MOPARPRO.COM WWW.MOPARPRO.COM JOIN OUR MAILING LIST FOR SPECIAL OFFER DISCOUNTS AND NEW PRODUCTS. Like Comment
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    52 b3d "Little Blue Truck"

    Finally got the hole for the lighter drilled. 7/8” hole saw worked perfectly


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