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    The 3rd Annual P-15 Picnic was a great success. We even welcomed our first overseas visitor... a P15 owner from Holland who is planning to bring his car next year. It was a good day out...
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    Appomatox - Chrysler 300's

    We were on a trip to Virginia over the weekend and pulled into Appomatox Court House and were pleasantly surprised to see the Chrysler 300 group had included it on their itinerary. There were 300's all the way from 1955 through the late 60's represented. If only I could afford it I would love to take possession of one of those beautiful cars. I like all of them but am particularly fond of the 1956 and 1960. (I owned a 1960 Windsor 15 year ago.) They had a gorgeous day to take their old cars out for a drive in the Virginia countryside. My 1950 Wayfarer is sold and will be making it's way to France soon. I have mixed feelings about selling but am happy it is going to a couple who really wanted a Wayfarer like mine.
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    52b3b Joe

    What would you do??

    Well, I guess I'm a member of the Big Dodge Truck Club now! After over three years of thinking about this truck, I finally made an agreement with the owner. After taking a drive by it with Merle last week, it kind of pushed me over the edge to buy it. I kept going back and forth in my head on what to do, but now that its done, I feel great! We agreed on a price, and I'm hoping to pick it up next weekend. About an hour after I got off the phone with the owner, he pulled it out of the barn and aired up the tires for me. All the wheels roll and tires hold air (I was worried about that). He seemed excited that I was getting it and that I'd get it back on the road. He sent me the picture below. The bad news, it that it's definitely going to have to sit awhile before I can do anything with it. I'm fairly sure my wife would kill me if I start working on it right away lol. She was ok with buying it as long as I park it for a while. I still have my dad's 48 Desoto project to keep me busy in the meantime, but man is it going to tough not to tinker with it! On an side note, my wife and I were on our way to dinner in the 52 when the owner of the cab over returned my call, so I guess you can say I bought the 53 while sitting in the 52. (It was a nice Fall day to take the truck out. We put about 75 miles on it round trip)
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    3.5 inch dropped uprights,3 inch lowering blocks.
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    Dolly got to enter in her first ever car show. There was only one other Dodge pickup at the show (a old Powerwagon, you can see it in the background of one of the photos. She didn't get to be judged on Saturday because on the way home on Friday night the she quit charging. I found the problem on Sat ( a frayed wire), but we missed the judging part. But she got to enter up, drag main street, and hang out with the cool cars. Lots of folks commented on her-most say don't paint her.... the sunset picture was last week. I like that picture.
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    Cracked block now what.

    You can have your your block repaired ... but might be a little costly. I recently just finished this max Wedge up...cracked both sides front to rear.. had to save all the factory casting details and numbers. I stitched pinned it (Lock-N- Stitched it).
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Radiator question

    Do not keep trying to top it off all the way to the top..there is to be expansion room in the top tank...second, do you have a digital infrared thermometer....this will allow you to ascertain the actual heat within the block throughout the cooing system...DO RUN a thermostat..it not only allows the block to warm up but when open the hole is of the proper size to allow the proper flow of water...not to big to prevent water from saturation but big enough to prevent oversaturation..is the timing a bit advanced by chance...makes them run very well but also allow them to run hotter temp wise..and lastly, did you take the time to purge the block before install to properly clean the sludge from the bottom of the block and inspect the distribution tube.....and ensure that the lower hose has a spring in it to prevent suction collapse if you have deleted the metal u-tube...
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    Yes. You can trust the factory shop manual and Motors Automobile Repair Manuals. If they tell you something is that simple,it is that simple. My only additional suggestions would be to tape a piece of cardboard cut to the size of the radiator core to the radiator to keep from accidentally damaging any fins accidentally, as well as to save the skin on your hands. Old radiator cores are nasty things,and they create nasty,infected cuts that make your hands sore. The next thing to do is remove the fan before you loosen the fan belt or do anything else. Putting the fan back on should be the next to last thing you do,and removing the cardboard should be the last thing you do. Don't ask me how I know this.
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    New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    The hook above the steering wheel was probably used for a defroster fan...
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    52b3b Joe

    What would you do??

    Well, it made it home! I took our yard truck and trailer to pick it up. Loading it was a breeze, I used the knuckle boom on the truck to pull it up on the trailer. The truck definitely has its fair share of rust, but it's definitely not too far gone. I decoded the serial number and it's a 1952. It's a B3JM161. I'll post more pictures this weekend of it. I'm just happy I finally have it!
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    Making progress! 325 inches of vintage hemi! New pistons sure look nice. I really like the Clay Smith double roller timing set with 9 way keyway. Running at 2 degrees advanced for a bit more torque. Original engine deck measured .013 difference from corner to corner and the pistons were .090 down in the bore with a calculated 7.0:1. New pistons are .005 down in the bore and will be 9.5:1.
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    I guess it has been almost a year since I bought the puppy. Being a 61 it is not a GT that was the moniker given to the same body I have in 1962..in 61 the two door hardtop was simply called a sport coupe. Pretty basic little car for a 770 top of line trim, it does however sport power steering of all things. Cast iron 170 /6. So far all I have done is clean the points, worked the carb a bit, fixed a door latch, repaired the steering wheel center cover, welded the fuel tank and replaced the rear spring with a set from a 68 Dodge Dart...sits nice now. I have my electronic ignition ready to go on but not yet have done the deed....current distributor has a bad vacuum advance and not worth messing with with the intent to go electronic. I found a parts car afterwards and grabbed it for chump change and it is a 62 GT Hubcaps and trim rings are in the trunk..provide an excellent finishing touch.
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    Eaton springs front and rear. Fatman dropped uprights. Relocated frt shock
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    One coil cut with 2" blocks on the rear, 6x15 and 7x15 Wheel Vintique Chrome Smoothies with 195/65x15 and 235/65x15 Coker Classic Radials, standard wheel backspace cleared front and rear inner/outer and improved steering and general driveability..........andyd
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    1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    My plan was to rebuild the 218 into a 230, with all the nice pep parts ... headers, dual carb intake, hotter cam, etc. So I priced all this, plus the machine work my motor would need during this rebuild, and then this fell into my lap ... a fellow selling a rebuilt 218 from a 53 truck. 40 over on the pistons, hotter cam, langdons headers, offenhauser intake, new water and oil pumps, converted distributor from slant 6 with pertronix ignitor, mopar internally regulated alternator ... nice motor, for the price of buying the parts to rebuild mine. I'll use this with my stock 3-speed.
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    Rolled A pillar?

    just wanted to mention what i did to fix the problem i had with the door fit that was having me stumped. some were maybe wondering what the heck did i do to fix the door fit because i never did get back. took all the info that was suggested and a big thanks to los_control for the measurements. it has been almost a year since i walked away from it because of work, kids and what not. i just completed the repair last week and it damn near made me sick grinding my new paint job. i ground off the weld at the pillar and floor and tightened down with c clamp to bring pillar against floor, measured and welded. when i clamped it brought the pillar back to where it was originally with a little persuasion to give me the correct gap. pic shows pillar is now against floor with a flush fit. door is installed and fits the way it should.
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    Your close.. we were talking canadian 25 1/2" engines.. from 1935 to 1959. My Grandfather was hired by Walter Chrysler himself and was an Engineer. My Dad was an automotive engineer, worked on a ton of different chrysler engines, from flatheads to v8s to Hemis and over all kinds of applications and racing. He did not work for Chrysler. My Grandfather was the GM of the engine plant in Windsor Ontario. I do not have all of the stuff grandfather had.. I do have an entire room 12 x 24 feet, set up like a library with rows 8 feet high with documentation. When Grandfather retired, the flathead was no longer even remotely current and as part of his retirement package he was allowed to take home his personal library from the engine plant of all the obsolete stuff. Honestly I have no clue how much there is. its not dozens of manuals. Its not hundreds of manuals, its thousands. I would guess just his work diaries, notes, drawings etc would be several hundred thousands of pages. At one point he offered to give it all to the Chrysler Museum and they passed. He did donate about a couple of pallets of documentation.
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    Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    My tug with the 218 Industrial.
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    Woodgrain Thoughts

    Finished the P20 dash today. Clear coat, wet sand, last clear coat. Painted the gauge panel and glove box door. I’ll have to do the door and window trim now.
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    Suggest you take a look at the Diamondback Tires website. I bought tires from them for my P15. You can specify the whitewall width you want, since they attach the whitewall to the tires. I don't recall what the price was, except that they were cheaper than Coker. I've been very happy with mine, and they've been on the car for about 6 years now. (Mine are 3" wide)
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    Frank Elder

    Vacuum wiper conversion??

    Rain x works great if you start out with a very clean wind shield and follow the instructions to the letter.....why not hook a vacuum canister up inline between the engine and your wipers to boost vacuum? They really suck.........lol.
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    It's Thanksgiving up here in Canada today. I made trip over the mountains yesterday to help my mother out and brought her back home for a few days. No I did not take my '53. I would have loved to, however its a 3.5 hour drive each way and there was heavy snow falling as we drove back to my home last night. Back here in town today Mom is now scurrying around the kitchen putting together a turkey dinner that the whole family will enjoy. I offered to take Mom for her maiden voyage in my '53 Windsor today. Off to church we went. Mom smiling, proud as a peacock as the orange leaves rustled up behind us under nice crisp fall skies. I am thankful today that Mom was able to join us. Mom needed a day like today. It's been a rocky road lately. The good news is Walter P's efforts are still paying dividends. Big smiles and great memories with the big car. Life's good.
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    52b3b Joe

    What would you do??

    They only offered 6 cylinders in these, and I plan on keeping it stock. I want it to drive like it did when it was new.
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    Since the original post stated lowered cars and trucks, I thought I would add my truck. The question comes up on how to lower them quite a bit. Up front, Nostalgia Sid dropped the front axle 3". Also new front springs with the second from the bottom leaf removed. Out back, new 7 leaf springs from McVeigh spring. Starting at second from the bottom, removed every other leaf and left a total of four. Also used the Willy's shackles instead of the Dodge for a bit more drop.
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    Randy Curran

    Lowered the '41 today.

    Cut 1 and 1/2 coils up front and 3" blocks in the rear. Rides way better no more 'floaty' feeling. Yes that's a technical term. It's getting there!
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    New Flat Truck Owner

    HI, I am looking for any advise people might have about making my truck more reliable. I have just a acquired my 53 fargo pick up from a guy here in BC. I am missing a horn ring and some of the electrics are not working at all. I am guessing the wiring harness and the grounding there of are problems on older trucks. Look forward to being an active member of the forum. Best, Eugene.
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    Let's see your other rides

    I didn't think about posting motorcycle pics!! This is my 1968 Norton Atlas 750. Lots of engine mods, and now that it's finished; still didn't have cables and stuff on in this pic; I've decided it's too purty to ride. I have a '62 Norton 650SS for riding, at least as long as I'm still able to kick it over.
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    Don Coatney

    Over Heating

    That is totally incorrect. The spring on the thermostat goes towards the engine block. When the thermostat opens hot coolant enters the top of the radiator and cools as it drops to the bottom of the radiator where it returns to the suction side of the pump to be circulated through the engine.
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    Most of the people I've known that put after market cams in an engine tend to be heavy on the throttle, and wind 'em up to feel the extra power and acceleration. These flatheads are torque engines and do not like high RPM's. If you put an Isky, or any cam other than stock in, keep the grind mild and don't continually wind it up. The hotter you make an engine, the shorter its life. These flatheads are best enjoyed for what they are. I love the way I can slow to 10 mph in high gear, ease into the throttle, and it just starts pulling. No bucking and jumping, it just goes. An important feature when they were made and the roads were poor.
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    Got myself a 1947 Dodge D24

    I found this car on Craigslist a couple weeks ago. For the price he was asking I couldn't let it go. The PO put quite a bit of money in this car: new tires, gas tank, brakes, interior, starter, generator,exhaust , radiator, I also got an extra engine with it. An extra carb and three extra generators. I replaced the head gasket because it was leaking coolant . The people who put interior in glues the carpet and foam pad to the rusty floor pan. I'm working right now on cleaning that mess up. Rebuilt carb because PO painted it and the paint got into the carb and gummed everything up. Seems to idle and drive pretty good. Need to fix auto choke yet. Paint isn't perfect and it has a few small spots of rust and will need new window rubber all the way around having fun with it!
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    Got a link to that article? FWIW, pretty much every law I've seen or heard about regarding automotive equipment had a "manufactured on or after" clause in it. Heck the last I checked, the California Motor Vehicle Code still has the details about what you need to do to be legal with solid rubber tires (seen that on a big truck in the last 90 or so years?) and carbide headlights (seen that on a car in the last 100 years?). Both of those are legal but may have the same restrictions now they had way back when (e.g. there is a pretty slow maximum speed for vehicles with solid rubber tires).
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    Reg Evans

    265 Engine Color opinions

    You would be bored......they are all Silver. I did do this to one of my 23" 230's just to mess with lookers.
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    Don Coatney

    How to keep the mice away?

    I have never been able to smell moth balls. My fingers are too big to get there little legs apart.
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    Todd B

    How to keep the mice away?

    The only way that would work for me would be to MOVE.
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    Young Ed

    Speak Now or Forever Hold Your . . .

    Mine haven't been used for other's weddings but I sure used them for my own!
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    They will siphon the new road $$$ off like they did to the other road taxes that are currently being charged at the pump so the roads will not get any better but we get to enjoy the honored distinction of paying the highest (by far) fuel taxes in the country. The only reason your cost per mile has dropped is your fuel mileage has doubled. Some of us need to drive TRUCKS. I think the registration goes up an average of ~$100.00, might be mistaken though. The current road taxes should repair the roads, not get diverted.... Electric and Hybrid cars should pay the additional taxes based on mileage. To use their terms, "their fair share." You are braver than me, I'm afraid of plugging it into a spreadsheet. I already know we are getting ripped off. It WILL be repealed. My God, California sucks... Adam
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    Nice truck.....I went to a local car show, I was the only Dodge truck, the only other Car in the category was an old rusted out Plymouth Satilite the owner was turning into a drag car. They had a trophy for Best Dodge I figured I at least has a 50/50 shot.. The rat rod Plymouth won over my mostly original truck...I was quite disappointed, good thing I don’t have the truck just for car shows. I do enjoy every time I show up and I am the only Job Rated in the show.
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    Oh Mom's been on my Harley DJ. She's always up to try anything. I let the Harley go after I fell in love with those early car curves. Took me a minute, but I found it... Derailing my own thread here. It's not Mopar. However it was a stepping stone on my way to my Chrysler.
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    Jerry Roberts

    Need 6v help

    It has been posted here before that Terrell Machine in Deleon Texas will repair your vacuum advance with new parts . You probably would want to have it running like mopar designed it to run .
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    Don't let your dream project sit too long.....
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    1950 Spitfire problems

    I agree with DodgeB4Ya. Sticky valves. Old fuel and lack of running can make for sticky valves. Try pouring some light oil, like ATF down the carb while the engine is running. Let it stall or shut it off and then let it sit for awhile. Removing the tappet covers will reveal which valves are not returning to the closed position but that may not be necessary with some top lube. Be prepared for smoke !
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    Need 6v help

    Sounds like either the coil or the points to me. Most likely the coil. "Point bounce" is more common in engines that turn a lot more RPM's than your flat 6 turns. Since it is a good idea to carry a spare coil,points,condenser,and distributor cap in the trunk anyhow,and a HELL of a lot cheaper than paying a roll-back to carry you home,why not just buy all that stuff new and try it one at a time until the problem goes away,starting with the coil? Coils crack and get burnt out from getting too hot from bad grounds,but it's the cracked ones that operate fine to start an engine and then operate at low RPM's. Once they get hot and the demand on this climbs from higher RPM the crack widens from the heat and you lose fire.
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    48 Desoto Project

    My battery tray looked about the same. I was thinking of naming my car Patches.
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    Robin, great pics, looks like there has been some P15 breeding going on, plus I see that their bigger brothers visited also.....really good to see the variety of colours as well, I counted 11 different P15......enough to fill a dealership lot.........lol................andyd
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    It's paint..if I get tired of it I can strip it and spend forever polishing stainless. So far I've lost 2 caps. A third decided to depart at 50mph or so. The last one I think is going to be a Christmas tree ornament. Went to So cal speed shop to see what I could get get in the way of hubcaps and got a set of moon discs..for now.
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    Scrap Art

    When my knee allows me to return to my shop, another ten days I would guess, I am going to sort out parts that I have no future use fo and sell all, parts that have no saleable value will be welded into creative whatever and peddled at some swap meet til gone. I may not make much of a return on my work, but it will be fun. People like whimsy so why not. I will visit Pinterest for ideas to duplicate. Repurposing is a lot of fun, no rules, just go for it.
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    Well, this guy is prepared.
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    Our trucks were built in a different time.There were no highways and just in general the speeds that they were driven at were much slower. I wish I could find it but a while back I was doing research on posted speed limits during the 40's and I found a page that listed them state by state. If I remember right the average speed limit was 45 to 50. Many states didnt even have a speed limit, it was more of a case of what speed was prudent. The roads were just not designed with high speeds in mind. Personally I have no problem with keeping the brakes, suspension and just my whole truck in general stock but I drive it the way it was intended. I remember what my Dad always told me when he turned the keys to his B1B over to me when I started driving.... "be nice to it, its a senior citizen". He let me drive it every day and it was my daily driver until I got my '69 Charger R/T. I think a lot depends on where you live and the conditions you drive in and of course what your looking for in your truck and how you want to drive it . I live in a small town and outside of town we get from place to place on Hwy 80 which for the most part has a 55 to 65 speed limit. Much of it is lower. We are surrounded by wide open space aka desert and the roads are pretty much flat and straight with a few slight hills and curves here and there thrown in. No bumper to bumper stop and go traffic My B1B has 3:54 gears and is more than capable of traveling 75 or more but but I just stay local. Mechanically it is very sound and all.I will drive to Tombstone or Sierra Vista if I get the hankering and usually no farther not because I cant, but because I think its better to drive my '94 Mazda pickup (Ford Ranger) that Dad left I just drive the speed limit and enjoy every moment of it. I drive it like it was intended and designed . I make sure there is a lot of room between me and the person Im behind which is usually pretty easy to do because Im driving the posted limit (55) and most folks dont. At least until the snowbirds arrive who generally drive 10 to 20 below the speed limit at all times. It is not uncommon for some to drive 25 to 30 in a 55 on HWY 80 . Grrrrrr . I can see why folks would want to update their brakes and front suspension especially if they live in a place or drive in conditions that make it better to have the updated components or just because they want to and can. Me.... Im lucky, the roads in my area aside from I-10 that passes by my town haven't changed much in the past 60+ years so they are just perfect for our trucks . For me a major part of it is the charm of driving it the way it was made right down to the 16" bias ply tires that go bump, bump, bump when they are cold hahaha. If I lived in a bigger city or regularly drove it in a congested conditions or at high speeds I might be inclined to perform some updates too. To me its all about your vision of what you want your truck to be and the conditions that you drive in. John
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Sept. 23 Out for a short 10 mile round trip tonight; burgers and drinks at JT's Bar & Grill in Houston. So good! pic 1: before we left pic 2: back home in the garage 40mph felt right tonight.