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    Sitting there after being serviced was - a 1950 Desoto. 1 family car, originally bought by his Grandmother.
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    Well it happened! I'm done.

    I am 75 and and had toyed with selling my P15 coupe, but then I drive it or take to a car show and find the enjoyment is still there. I don't go as far as I use to or as often. I went to a car show last Sunday and the met a lot of old friends and made some new ones, and that is a big part of what the old car hobby is about for me.
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    You're always welcome in Clements brother!....I mean, we let Mark in fur pete's sake. 48D
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    The Maestro, George Asche Jr.!

    Every year when I head down to Chrysler @ Carlisle, I make it a point to visit Fertigs PA, 'The Mopar Flathead Capitol of the World'. I found 86 year old George Jr. and his two sons, George III and Rob, all well and VERY busy on many vintage Chrysler L-head and electrical projects. This year there was an additional bonus, of a well know visitor from Germany - blogger "Captain Fred" of 'Das Boot' '40 Plymouth fame! We had a lot of fun discussing our various 265 projects. Pictured below are Fred Bertrand, George Asche Jr., and yours truly, Walt Redmond.
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    Thanking my friends....

    After roughly 12 years on this forum, I seem to read more than post. I apologize for my level of involvement, but it gives me cause to "tip my hat" to the gentlemen who keep at it "day in and day out". If you click on the leader board, you get an idea of who's digging deep inside their cranium on a regular basis to give us all a bit of free gold from the depths of their motorheads. I share what I can, when I can, and look forward to fixing my old threads so the images show again. But until then..... I wanna say Thank You my friends, for the love you show our trucks thru the wisdom of busted knuckles , and for sharing all that damn gold. 48D
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    There's something to be said about the original set of wheels. Even though the mags had a modern look, it still wasn't quite right in my opinion. I finally broke down and ordered the hub caps, beauty rings, and tires. I painted the wheels the same as the running boards and here you have it. So here is my truck back to original form with the exclusion of metallic paint and my preferred paint scheme. At some point I will look for a set of tires to fit my 15" X 6" mag rims that have the same diameter or close as the 6.50-16's.
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    Not quite the worlds fastest but an INDIAN just the same. Tail lights but no head lights.
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    The Oil Soup

    Hubcap lettering

    This be the stuff.
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    Went back to leave the Vette this evening, snapped a picture of the Studebaker "police car".
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    Happy Birthday!

    The build sheet for my car says that it was “delivered” on this date in 1948, so today is its 70th birthday. To celebrate my wife and I took the old Dodge to a local ice cream/snack bar for lunch. When we got home I told the car I would give it some oil when it cools off😛
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    Well it happened! I'm done.

    Guys, I know the feelling(s) - car breakdowns far from home, old, achy body that does not want to contort to the necessary repair configurations, etc. Some day, I'll sell the car and all the stuff that goes with it, or my heirs will. In the meantime, I can fuss with things, and make the occasional car show. Some days I 'm ready to get rid of the car, but at a car show, people tell me how unique and beautiful it is, and thank me for showing it . Here's my car at the recent Rolling Sculpture Car Show in Ann Arbor. Friday traffic on the highways, Friday upper class lunch-hour traffic in town, hour-long staging area lineup, and final spot in the sun - hot, 90-degree sun. My wife and I couldn't walk much, so we were kinda stuck. Left early. Not again. September brings the Orphan Car Show in Ypsilanti - sparse Sunday traffic, verdant meadow beside a river, the beginnings of Autumn weather, lots of DeSoto companionship, club area with canopies, hang-out seating, potluck lunch , club meeting, etc. Good. (Sun umbrella - the struts from the luggage rack secure the top of the umbrella post. Suitable for hard ground situations. Umbrella can be placed in various locations to suit the site. The struts were clunky wood posts in fat conduit, which had to travel on the roof rack. I am re-making the struts from thinner conduit, which can be carried in the car, something to work on, part of my To-Do list that keeps up an interest in the car.
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    Newly cleaned and painted engine

    Got my alternator and fan mounted - another step closer!
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    Great news!!!! I got my permit!!! Yay! Quonset Hut will be in the works.
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    Health scare

    Let me start this by saying I am not looking for sympathy, but instead want to raise your level of awareness. I know many of you are in my age group, I turn 73 this year. All of those years I have been blessed with excellent health. Almost never sick, no allergies, just one good day after another, for over 70 years. I have spent my entire life eating anything I wanted, no problems. About a year ago, I started noticing shortness of breath when exerting myself. I have had a wood stove in my shop and wood burning fireplace for 40 years. Always enjoyed being in the timber cutting wood. Last fall I was only able to cut about 5 minutes and needed a break. Sat there grasping for air. The last several months I have felt very tired all the time. When Life Line Screening came to my town, I signed up. And paid extra for more tests. All tests were satisfactory. Somewhat of a surprise to me as I was sure something was not up to par. Next I visited my family doctor. After hearing my story, he set me up for a stress test (the good ole treadmill). Couple of days later his nurse calls me to let me know I have a appointment with a cardiologist. After consulting with him he said nothing was showing up as a problem, but I might want to do an angioplasty to be safe. I said yes. I am nowhere near being a hypochondriac, but I wanted a definite answer, not just an opinion. I knew something was causing my symptoms beside my age. The angioplasty found 3 arterial blockages. One was 50%, the other two were 90%. All three in the same artery, the one known as the “ Widowmaker”. The cardiologist said, “you dodged a bullet, many men their first warning of this situation is when they’re falling to the ground dead”. Had I not paid attention to what my body was telling me, and not vigorously pursued an answer, that would have been me. I now have 2 stents, but a future ahead. Pay attention guys or someone else may be driving your Flathead.
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    Todd B

    Snap on tool search

    I was raised to show respect to my parents.
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    Hello Everyone, I recently pulled my grandpa's old Plymouth out of the barn and have been giving it the attention it deserves. He bought it "restored" in 1999-2001 ( he can't remember exactly what year haha). The paint and interior look phenomenal but the engine and drivetrain are original and untouched. It runs and drives but after about 30-45 mins of normal driving it stalls abruptly and just won't stay running. I let it sit for 10 mins and then it fires right up and can make it home. My best guess is that it is vapor locking but I don't know too much about these cars, hence why I joined this forum. What are some suggestions? I have read about heatshields, risers, and heatwrap. What works the best? One more question should I install a fuel filter before the mechanical fuel pump or before the carb? I We don't get the best gas around these parts so I want to make sure im not sucking water and dirt into the carb/engine. Thanks in advance and here's some picture of the car.
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    that could likely be listed as an INFESTATION..!!!!
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    Seth g 1947

    my first project car at 16

    When I bought the car it came with a D 50 carb and it works really well and I still rebuilt the original one but I’ve cleaned it up it looks really good
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    I’m admitting, I don’t have the best looking rides or the most popular. I go to the car shows to BS with others and maybe get a dash plaque ….. I don’t want awards or anything…. I am just there to chill and represent the “B” series here locally. With that said, I did spend the last few weeks cleaning up the B4D, wet sanded the rust, took off the running boards and cleaned them up etc. mainly because people keep telling me at the shows I should, so I did. Went to a car show Sunday in a nearby town of 2100 people at the airport. I was ½ hr early, folks that were there were wiping down their cars and preparing for the day. I pulled down the landing strip and there was a guy directing cars to park on the grass. As I pulled near him he ignored me and parked three other cars that were behind me. Confused I pulled over and waited off to the side. Did he not see me? Did he have a preference who parks where? is this for cars only? HMMMM. I waited for a few moments then I got out, asked him “is there was more parking” he looked over at my truck and replied, “are you going to enter THAT?” I said “I don’t know, are there dash plaques?” he said no, “just trophies” I told him to have a nice day and went home and took Julie out to breakfast. Yesterday I cleaned up “Rob” thinking next year I should take him to this event….. the exhaust points at the ground! LOL
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    Newbie Questions

    Before I had my seat reupholstered, I took the bottom frame off of the springs and replaced the cardboard with 3/16" Masonite. It makes a big difference.
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    Nothing racist about it, but fixed just for you, everybody tries to make something out of nothing these days
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    Todd B

    Fuzzy dice

    We have a pair of white fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror in our new (used) convertible. My 6 year old great nephew was visiting so I gave him a ride. He jumped in the front seat and pointed at the dice and said “Cool Dominoes”.
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    Time for an overhaul...

    Have had better weeks automobile-wise.... Seems the timing chain in my Honda Accord maybe skipped a tooth while commuting for work and tweaked all the valves for its camshaft because in a very sudden moment I now have zero compression. So that needs to be addressed. With all my “projects” ongoing I farmed out thr R&R job to a pal of Brian’s at AZ Auto Tech. I’d have to take a week off work to get it fixed, and I just can’t do it. Good news is that Brian can do the head for me for parts. With luck that’s all it is. Engine has run like an absolute champ for 11 years (366,360 miles) with naught but oil changes. But that’s another story for another forum 🤣 Only a few things left ‘til “turn key” on the Plymouth. I wrestled with getting the intake and exhaust to mate up nice and sit flat together on the bench. Ran out of time Friday screwing around with it (after getting my Honda diagnosed and towed to the other shop). When I came in this morning Brian had figured out the ‘37 intake manifold and the later 23” exhaust manifold were making contact here and needed a little clearancing. Now they both meet the block tightly and squarely, and the exhaust riser surface meets square and tight too. He also spot faced the bolt holes on the exhaust manifold because they were far from square. Made a vacuum advance line that looks a little better than the one it came with. Runs around the back instead of over the top. I’ll see how I like it.... fan, pully and belt installed. Waterneck installed. Hope the thermostat works okay.... it’s an old one.... Also, I didn’t realize I had a part missing for my lower hose when I ordered the hose kit. Found a picture of something similar on line and made one up. Brian was excited to have me use the bead roller..... Maybe it doesn’t get enough attention (shrug) but we employed it to roll some retention beads on the elbow. Know there’s no pressure in this system, but this step couldn’t hurt IMO... Also, the original style clamps ordered from bernbaum do not fit that lower hose. They just won’t tighten small enough.... I’ll have to find some different ones. Probably just go with standard fare hose clamps.... Next week: upper rad hose, plugs and wires and fluids. Darn close to seeing what I screwed up when we turn the key for the first time.
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    I am old enough to run chrome wheels with my nuts exposed.
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    They were just trying to class the joint up a little.


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