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    Just bought this 39 DeSoto a few weeks ago from Washington state. Had it delivered to San Francisco. Drive it almost every day. Need to adjust the emergency brake a bit but other than that, it’s a great driver. Nick
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    One of the establishments I visit on occasion for a beverage with some live country and western music has a problem with the back walls wanting to collapse, and it's my job to hold them up and lean on them for the evening...at least that's what I tell the bartenders who kinda point out my lack of mingling, to humorous effect... so maybe I was there briefly, but so far in the back that folks didn't see me...keeping away the mountain lions and unicorns
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    Here are the first group of photos I took from the 2018 award ceremonies:
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    Engine back finally

    It’s now sitting in car. Won’t be long now
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    I found a Spitfire ... in France!

    Hello everyone First, I would like to thank all the guys on this forum who post information and advices, this is real help for beginners like me. Here is the reason of my post: I found a Spitfire 251 engine in France and “cherry on the cake” like we say here, it is a full flow. I can’t believe it! Few weeks ago I was dreaming looking at your engines and today I have a Spitfire in my workshop. The previous owner told me that it has been rebuilt long time ago but never used. I think it’s right according to the clean cylinders and pistons but I found a rivet into the head when I removed it, so a check will be useful. The identification number starts with C48 so I guess it is a 1950 De Luxe or Windsor. I think it is the original grey color. My regret: I don’t know the history of this engine, how did it come to France? When? What’s happened to the car? I don’t know. Here are some pictures: Regards Michel
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    And some more! (Can only load so many at a time):
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    Big block install

    Been a running & driving machine a couple/few years now.☺️
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    Ok...hope I shrunk this enough and not too much! I'll get this down yet!!
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    Todd B

    Todd Build Thread

    Looks to be 1/32” out of center. Keep up the great work Luau 2020 is approaching !!!🤗
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    Photos in the classified

    Cause I end up paying for the bandwidth consumed and some abuse the privilege. By abusing I mean using this site to host their images for other things like craiglist ads or ebay listing.
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    Nothing to panic about. Hammer it out and weld it up,or cut a piece to fit and weld it in place.
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    My wife found this for me! I love old ads!! Hanging it the garage by my 48'
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    Merle Coggins

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Looking good Paul. Maybe this new concept of painting things will have a good influence on you... 😁
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    Merle Coggins

    Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    Lookin’ good... Are you trying to convert your flattie into a slant 6?
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    I bought another old dodge !

    I just got to this thread, nice. But the age thing. . . , Double your 33, and raise it 14 more to get to me. I'm trying to even remember 33, 1971, Nam war, peace nicks, draft dodgers, you probably don't know what the draft was! Hippies in VW vans, Woodstock, 1969, line was so long I turned back!
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    Young Ed

    1952 Dodge B3B

    If you want to reuse it just for some testing spray it with silver paint and then go ahead and reuse. For long term I wouldn't reuse it.
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    1950 Special Deluxe

    Show your Goodies!

    Doesn’t make it go faster, but I think it’s cool. And you don’t have to open the hood to see it.
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    55 Fargo

    New Tire and Rim Look For Spring

    Hey repainted my rims in RM Miracryl White Acrylic Enamel. I kinda like the look and this stuff is smooth and shiny.
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    1/4" or 3/16" Brake Line?

    The volume of fluid that moves is based on the displacement in the master cylinder, nothing to do with the lines. The lines, regardless of the size will always be full of fluid. Unless there is air in there IMO.
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    greg g

    1939 Plymouth

    I have changed a half dozen hydraulic switches from motor cycles, to foreign and domestic cars and trucks and never needed to bleed any of them. This is a personal experience observation. Your situation might not yeild the same results.
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    Making my Airflow a daily driver

    Well, iCloud will finally let me have my pictures. Here is the car in question.
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    trip to a yard

    so took a trip to Windy Hil yesterday. They put up a pic of a 1.5 ton on fb they just got. I had planned ongoing anyway, but it was icing on the cake. When we got there I found actually they had gotten several more trucks since my last visit 3 years ago. Oddly, many had lots of swag left: knobs, engine parts and the like. SADLY badging had been taken alread. I did grab some of the stuff but left some for others. the haul: Front fenders for TODD a reall rotten out tailgate to hang on the shop 2 matched sets of door locks/ignition (one with key) door lock headlight ring B1/2 parking bucket set B1/2 parking bucker doors a pile of the ACME style threaded fastners couple of center divider bars trucks tags full fresh air package pile of B1/2 door handles knobs accessory pod with knobs several other items as well as my 39 grill from the BBQ some eye candy
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    Spot light switch One of the last things that I always had on the “want to do list” for my truck … My truck is equipped with a spot light on the driver side. But every time I am entering the cockpit I see that missing spot light switch. The market offers a lot of aftermarket and NOS spot lights. Easy to buy a complete replacement - so why plan B ? Then I still would have an incomplete (original !) spot light laying around. And although it shows its wear of life (which my whole PT wears with pride) it is not an alternative for me to exchange it for a new one. The www. search revealed that there exists a lot of different types. Of mine I just got one usable hit. But what was that ?! The pictures showed that the original switch housing is made of a plastic piece, which doesn`t look that nice for my taste. I am not that guy who needs everything absolutely 100% original. But at least it should look like it was made in that era. So I decided that my only option was to fabricate a switch unit myself: Ahh, I am sometimes a bit impatient once I have an idea, so I like it to use materials that are laying around.
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    Frame, dirty, clean, painted

    I've used the POR15 chassis product and there are several other brand products on the market that are designed for similar use and their chemical composition is similar. Sometimes you're buying the name and sometimes the quality. POR15 has probably done the best job of marketing it's products so it's the name more people will be familiar with. Regardless, the prep work has to be done correctly before any application to best ensure product success.


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