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    Today I just completed 80 years of life. I grew up without electricity, telephone, and TV, seen a world war, a president assasinated, a terrorist strike on New York/ USA, a USA Olympic soccer team beat a Russian team, men on the moon and back, and a non politician become President of the USA. Anyone else my age?
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    What sparkplugs are in it? Current Champions are junk. Been running AC 45 , got 40k on the set in there since rebuild. Starts great. How is you compression? What vacuum are you pulling at idle?
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    Chrome alternative

    I check the Alsa chrome and found it was very expensive also that is why I did it the way I did I will takes some pics and post tomorrow. The product from Flood is an oil infuser for paint but the oil in it protects the metal from rusting for a year then just apply another coat I bought a can for 7 or 8 bucks at the hardware store and only used a fraction of it. Listen I would not be telling you guys this if it did not work the only drawback is it is a lot of work the more you sand the better it looks and as you get closer to the end most of it is by hand it is not easy. Garyp
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    1937 chrysler visor question

    Nolan my 37 d5 has a tilt out front windshield. Fulton or any other visor wouldn't be able to attach to the middle. I've had visors before and when your doing 60 mph your going to want it attached well.
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    Don Coatney

    rear axle swap

    I will never forget my visit to Tennessee Clutch. I walked in and found dirt/grease lumps on the floor and 3-4 guys sitting around a pot bellied heater drinking coffee although the stale grease burnt clutch stench out weighed the coffee smell. One fat guy sitting on a stool with a cigar stub and drool hanging out of his mouth asked me what I wanted. I thought I was had! The front office was not an office but looked more like something that you would find in the deliverance movie with no banjo playing. I once again thought I was had! I told the fat guy I wanted my pressure plate re-worked and I plopped it down on the counter. Again I thought I was had and this fat guy would rape my old fat punk butt. The fat guy hollered to the back of the shop and some young kid appeared, grabbed my pressure plate, and disappeared. The fat guy told me it would be an hour so I disappeared out the door before something dreadful happened. An hour later I returned. The kid plopped my rebuilt pressure plate down and he once again diappeared to the back of the shop. There was a girl behind the counter this time although the drolling fat cigar smooking guy was still there and very much in charge. I told the girl I needed a clutch disc just like the one I plopped down on the counter. She disappeared into the rack of shelves and I once again thought I was had by the drooling fat cigar smoking guy. She plopped the required disk on the counter and I shook as I asked the dredded question "how much"? She told me something less that one hundred dollars for the whole deal. I about fell off my stool but I know that if I had done so the fat drooling cigar smoking guy would have had his way with me. I then got brave and said I needed a pilot bushing even though I did not need one. She produced the bushing for me and I asked "how much"? She said no charge. Then I really got really balsy. I told her I want two bushings knowing the fat cigar smoking droller was still there. This is a true story but this business turned out to be a great vendor and many forum members have sent there clutch parts there for a rebuild. 
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    1954 Fargo Clutch Linkage

    Sorry... mine was flipped over from putting it over in the corner. I looked through my pics and found this photo of my current setup. My arm is pretty far foreward and has plenty of room to engage the clutch. I am wondering what throw out bearing and carrier you have and if its installed right?
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    Merle Coggins

    Another 230 build thread

    The explanation is wrong. The filter canister is plumbed correctly, based on that style.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Another 230 build thread

    per the manual and in regards to pic one above the lines are reversed..the line should come in from the galley rail to the top of the filter and the return to the boss that is the oil pressure relieve port...
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    Merle Coggins

    New Project

    What have I done...? My wife fell in love with the little Metropolitans when we were at Back to the 50’s a few years ago. She recently found one for sale, on Facebook Marketplace, in a neighboring town and it was within her budget. It’s going to need some work, and she knows it. But she is willing to so as much of the work on it as she can. I’m sure I’ll be helping quite a lot as well. It’ll need some structural repairs on the body, including the door hinge supports. The passenger side lower hinge mounting point is pretty much non-existent at this point. I’m a little nervous about the metal work needed, as that’s not my strong suit, but I know she knows how to weld too. Between the two of us we should be able to get it structurally sound again. It runs and drives okay. The brakes seem a bit weak, and they just spend around $2000 on brake repair, and other things. I’ll have to inspect the work and get them better. The engine starts and runs good though. I couldn’t get it into 3rd gear though. It probably needs a linkage adjustment due to all of the mounts sagging.

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