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    Merle Coggins

    Cracked Manifold

    Got a couple hours in the garage tonight as my wife and mother were out and about, leaving me home alone. All cleaned up and ready to mount... once the paint cures. Saturday morning I want to adjust the free play in the steering box. Between that and a new drag link I’m hoping to remove all of the free play in the steering wheel. Then I can get the front end back on the ground and tackle the manifold change. If all goes well I’ll be test driving it by noon.
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    Ha! I put one right under the middle of the step between the bed & cab and it felt rock solid climbing in and out of the bed area. The one by the door I might need to send outriggers fore and aft so it doesn’t act like a fulcrum when people step in the wrong place but it’s pretty solid too. The fronts catch less of the frame but all 4 hang down. I thought I was done for the day but my kid went to play with the neighbor’s kid for a couple hours and I managed to get all 4 brackets in. The boards just sit right on top. I figure I’ll let the fender locate the rear and do a sheetmetal screw down into the front where you can’t see it. As long as they don’t rattle the brackets can just take the weight. Maybe they should be spot welded after the bed is totally located and mounted? I hate rattles. The mounting structure underneath is toast. I cut it away where it wouldn’t let the boards sit directly on the bracket. She’s a stepside again! The best kind of truck! Next the front bumper then the bed. The engine block should be done any day now too I get to start checking bearing clearances, filing piston rings, shaving the oil pickup boss to clear the stroker, measuring compression height- lotsa fun not to mention mocking up the driveline to mount it and start making a firewall.
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    WC and Pilot House

    I own one of each 42 WC and a 48 Pilot House
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    Jerry Lee Lewis for sure.
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    That is sooo cool !!
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    Yup. I bought it when restoring the Pilothouse, intending to put it in. As I got closer to finishing the truck I felt I just couldn't do it. My truck was really in great shape before the restoration and since there weren't that many made nor many survived, I decided to save the hemi for another project...
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    A couple of years ago I started slowly converting my barn (which my kids used for 4H animals and I for my horses) into a garage/man-cave. Put in a concrete floor, replaced doors and windows and installed a roll-up door. Then I moved anything automotive-related in there. Been "decorating" it over the years with road signs, both old and reproduction. One of my prized possessions is this banner the local Dodge dealer gave me...
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    Thomba...............what I meant was that whilst some things on the car would be convertible specific there would be things such as door seals and the like that would be a shape or profile that would be the same as that used on the normal sedan and in fact would be similar or the same as that used on various other brands of cars...the length might be short or long, but they maybe a much easier fit due to being available .........as an example........in the early 70's when I was getting stuck into my Dodge and well before the internet or anything else showing where to get bits from existed I needed front door 1/4 vent rubber...........I noticed that VW Beetle 1/4 vents looked almost the same shape and were available..........I bought them and apart from having to cut new pivot holes they were a good fit and until recently have lived on the car quite well and to be honest, no one has ever noticed that they are VW Beetle.........you have the same problem that we here in Australia face, high freight charges and the currency exchange rate, we also have our government now charging all imports a 10% sales tax on the converted price plus 10% on the damn freight cost that the US Postal Service charges......then of course there is the US suppliers that will only send stuff via Fed Ex or UPS who are even more expensive..................anyway I hope you get what you need ......sometimes you need to think and look laterally............regards, Andy Douglas
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    New truck arrive yesterday

    Hi Guys, took ok delivery of my new truck yesterday. What I have gleamed so far is the engine is a 230ci from a 55 Plymouth. Anyone in the UK have an idea of where to get parts from? I am thinking I need to rewire the truck and convert to a 12v.
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    New truck arrive yesterday

    Look at the photo of the engine; the hot lead to the starter looks like about the same size as the spark plug wire. Think how much better it would work if it was a 00 cable! Marty
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    I'm liking the old school pencil sharpener! 😁 So many cool things going on in this thread! I recently decided to redo my garage décor from beer signs/neon to automotive(I did save a few beer signs). I've collected some things in the past but didn't have them all hung up. Since this is my first Dodge endeavor, I'll be looking for some new signs/memorabilia. I took this picture after finally getting me taillights to work(no lights worked when I got the truck). Edit: website cut off the newly working taillights in the picture! 😭
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    Jim Shepard

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    Forgot this one...
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    Young Ed

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    getting some stuff up on the walls of the new garage
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    Jim Shepard

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    I have these two in the house so I thought it would be ok to have one in the "cave..."
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    Thomba..........isn't there any aftermarket businesses in Europe or the UK who have listings of rubber windscreen rubber, door seals and the like, sure they will be a generic piece but won't have the fancy price ...............here in Oz there are a couple of places that show the profiles of their windscreen & door seals in their paper and on line catalogs...........as I have mentioned in a thread about cowl vent seals I do not have much of an opinion of Steele Rubber and would not recommend them to my worst enermy.........I would strongly advise that you be VERY careful dealing with them...thats all............I'd try Bernbaums 1st...................andyd
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    Cowl vent dismanteling?

    I think, if I remember correctly,, I didn't want to take my vent apart so I simply cut the new gasket right in the middle of the rear side, then used some trim cement to make sure it stays in place. So far, no problems and it is not really very noticeable.
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    Might want to rethink what your doing and drawing up a list of what must be done to get it back on the road safely. Might be shorter than you think.
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    I found this gas pump last winter from a pub that went out of business, the outside was finished but had no face and was gutted. It was missing a handle and hose as well. So there it sat...looking at me for help. I came up with an idea to repurpose it as a jukebox. I built a new computer for it from scratch and bought both a touch screen monitor and real jukebox software. It took me about a month or so to build it in my spare time. I absolutely love it, the garage is my man cave. I have over a thousand songs on it and it can stream via wifi, so you can listen to just about anything.
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    A Wrenching Weekend Of USA Muscle

    Our closest life long friends inherited a family car. The story unfolds like this: Grandpa bought a brand new car in 1973. A Chevelle Laguna. Then a boy started showing up who eventually married thier daughter. The young man loved the daughter and her Dad’s ‘73 Chevelle. In 1985 the son-in-law finally bought the Chevelle from Grandpa. By now the young man had a few daughters of his own. Today his Daughter is 45 and Dad is ready to let the car go to its new owners. Our friends. They needed help to go over the car and ensure it was roadworthy. We drove 3 hours down a mountain hiway to the Vancouver area where the car was located. We rolled open the garage door and found 5 years of dust, spiders and mice. We rolled it out. I checked over all the fluids, cooling system, electrical and more. It flashed up easily after I installed a new battery. We went through the brakes, wheel bearings and I dipped the diff oil. The engine had been replaced about 10 years ago with a hopp’d up 350. The cam was very aggreassive. In previous 10 years it had about 500 miles on the engine. Wiring problems were rectified with the aid of my multi-meter. Road tests were looking positive. The car cleaned up well. My task was to get it up the mountain hiway 250 miles home. I felt pretty confident the car would make it. Sunday morning we headed out. At a lunch stop and gas top-up I noticed the engine turning a little slower. Uh-uh. We had a good ways to travel yet. My multi-meter came in really handy again as I diagnosed a bad alternator. We charged it back up with our support vehicle. We made it! The car is now safely at its new home. We had a great fun weekend together. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the Chevelle. A good time was had by all. Our friend’s Dad is very happy that the car will be repaired, well maintained and regularly driven again.
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    I keep on adding to my tins and sign collection...but getting harder every year, or should I say more expensive
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    Don Coatney

    oil filter housing leaks

    Look for a NAPA 1062, The cartridge fits but I don't recall if it comes with the O ring. This same cartridge was used in early Hemi V-8's.
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    Don Coatney

    oil filter housing leaks

    The "O" ring should have been in the filter box.
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    oil filter housing leaks

    You need to use the correct fitting O-Ring or it will leak. I've seen and had it happen.
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    Newbie Questions

    Before I had my seat reupholstered, I took the bottom frame off of the springs and replaced the cardboard with 3/16" Masonite. It makes a big difference.
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    Newbie Questions

    Got it in my '50 B2B, but the big gaping hole in my bottom cushion negates any benefits.


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